Monday, February 18, 2008

Mayor Conklin. PENS WIN.

4 - 1

Since Pittsburgh teams have the propensity of losing on Sunday,
this game had letdown written all over it.

The last time the Pens visited Buffalo, the nation was watching.
This time around, eh, not so much.

One day if you ever need to write a thesis paper on big-time regular-season goaltending performances, this game would be your first.

Ty Conklin not only won this game...
he may have built up his case as the Pens number-one goalie at exactly the right time.

Whatever the case, the Pens got two points to kick off the toughest week of the year.

Bring the noise.



-- Jack --



FSN tells us Conkblock is 3-0 lifetime against Buffalo.
His GAA is like .065 against them.

We're not into seeing someone's lifetime stats against a team, because teams change from season to season.
But for some reason, that stats just seemed like the most important thing of your life.

We see Lord Therrien was up to his usual ways, juggling the lines big-time.

Things were chippy early on.
Armstrong leveled someone with a sneaky elbow.

On the next shift, some guy no one's heard of sees Georges Laraque vulernable and decides to lace him with an elbow as well.
BGL takes exception...and takes a penalty.

That no-name jobber was Kaleta.

On that powerplay, Buffalo dictated everything; getting shots off, getting the loose pucks back to the pointmen.

Conk had to make more saves than Dennis Eckersley as the Pens killed it off.

After the PK, it was all Sabres, all the time.
Sabres goalie Ryan Miller remembered he left his garage door open and actually left the arena and went home to close it.
No one even noticed.

Conklin had to weather the storm by himself.

Staal's line got things going, but that didn't even result in getting a shot off.
Conk had to make a solid glove save later on that shift to keep the Pens above water.

The first period went over the hump, and the Pens finally came alive.
Talbot induced heart attacks by hitting the post on a one-timer.

The Sabres had a wide-open net when it went back to the Pens zone, but Letang comes up big at the last second.

That's what you're supposed to do

During the rest of the first period, you waited for Buffalo to score, but it didn't come.

The Pens went nuts in the last 40 seconds, with their best chance coming on a little 3-on-1.
Malkin couldn't pull the trigger, and it just wasn't gonna happen.


Everyone knows Crosby's injured.

But the Penguins have new "Experience the Evolution" commercials that make no mention of him.

If he was in the commercial, would someone sue for false-advertising if they bought tickets and Crosby didn't play?



Rob Scuderi takes a penalty early in the second that no one even knows about.

During that PK, a Buffalo fan gets hit with a puck that sailed over the glass.
He holds onto his beer and gets a bloody head for his efforts.

Sykora decided to go nuts after the Pens killed it off, with one slapper that hits the pipe.
Almost a goal.

The game almost had a flow, but then Ruutu gets sent to the box for a slash.

Malkin goes to town on a 1-on-2, but no dice.
He gets jobbed and takes out the net.
The puck goes back into the Pens zone, and the refs finally blow the whistle for the dislodged net, which wasn't dislodged at all when the whistle blew.

The Pens were forced to take another defensive-zone faceoff, which they naturally lost.

Butterfly-effect blog:
That defensive-zone faceoff turns out to be a blessing in disguise, since it allowed Ryan Malone to feed Ruutu on a pass coming out of the box.

It was 1-0 by the time he reached the Sabres blue line.

The Ruutu move ™
Money in the bank.


Right after that goal, Buffalo gets sent to the box for something.

Jordan Staal sets up shop in the Sabres zone and nails the ref in the hand.
You half-expected Staal to get a penalty.

After a stoppage in play while the ref changed his tampon, the Pens powerplay jumped into action again.
Gonchar carried the puck through the neutral zone, and it was fortuitous bounce blog after that.

His pass to Sykora deflects off a Sabre to Malkin.
Malkin shoots it, but it hits Tallinder's stick.
The bouncing puck finds Sykora's stick, and he trickles it home.


Before the Sabres could fart, they were in the box again.
Fittingly, Jordan Staal drew the penalty that the mandible-claw ref blew the whistle on.

The Sabres kill it. Huge kill in front of a restless crowd.

That Kaleta toolbox jobs Malkin.
Armstrong goes over to give him the how-do-you-do.
Unfortunately for the Pens, Kaleta is soft and doesn't take Colby up to the task when he drops the gloves.

It turns out to be big, as Tomas Vanek wipes the cherry juice off his mouth and is finally rewarded with a goal.

How many open nets did Vanek miss?
Kevin Lowe is laughing somewhere.

Bob Errey says you can't take stupid penalties like the one Armstrong did.
He is the same guy who would call out the Penguins for not sticking up for Malkin and Crosby.

If there's one good thing about Mellon Arena, it's not seeing the jackasses on the near boards standing up and touching themselves so they can get on TV.

At the end of the period, Jarkko Ruutu almost single-handedly killed someone as he flies up the boards and eventually gets a golden opportunity, but he misses the net by a pube.

Oh man. O-men...?



For the first couple minutes of the third period, the Pens were on acid.
Malkin-Talbot-Sykora were insane.
And then Connor-Taffe-James went nuts.

It didn't stop there, because Malone-Staal-Armstrong dominated.
Colby had a semi-breakaway.

No dice.

The Sabres finally get it out of there, but they just didn't have jump anymore.
They were waiting for the knockout blow.

And that came with about 12:00 left in the third.
Sykora and Talbot fly towards the net.
The puck bounces around, and it's just sitting there.

A white streak comes flying into your television screen.


Your mom's so fat, she might actually make a save.

Father Time made an appearance, as Armstrong went to the box for saving a goal.

The Sabres turned into the Harlem Globetrotters during their PP, except that they aren't black.
Conkblock made the routine saves as the Amstrong penalty disappeared.
Thomas Vanek is a waste of time.

Right after the PK, Malkin draws a penalty.
Another big Pens powerplay goes to the wayside, though.

By the time that powerplay was over, there was 3:00 left.
Lindy Ruff pulled Miller, giving the Pens about a minute and a half to seal the deal.

Amstrong, from way downtown. 4-1.
You couldn't see the rest of the game due to all the fans leaving.


  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A
  • Sykora: 1 G, 1 A
  • Conkblock: 36 Saves

  • Talbot killed penalties and complemented Syko and Malkin nicely.
  • Buffalo is in trouble.
  • Where the hell would we be without Ty Conklin?
  • How much money does Vanek make?
  • Malkin one point behind A.O.
  • First Place City. And Conklin's the mayor.


Buffalo Stunned--- Alex C
Pickle Stabber--Eric H rumor:

Crosby is back Tuesday night against Florida.
Also, the Pens may be signing Diamond Dallas Page for the stretch run.


canaanregulatesblog said...

noticing the stunned guy is what this blog is all about.


canaanregulatesblog said...

Oh, and crosby's rumored return is because of something the MSG guy said. He said he talked to Crosby and he could be back as soon as Tuesday. It wasn't a definite, but I wouldn't be extremely surprised if he came back on Thursday v. Montreal.

p.s. it took me clicking on the picture of the lone penguin fan (after the first goal) to notice the 'hot' arrow. ...lolz indeed.

Anonymous said...

Crosby is coming back already? No need to rush him

...That would be sick if we could land DDP at the deadline, Downie would get crushed by the Diamond Cutter

The Emo Cow said...

"The Sabres had a wife-open net when it went back to the Pens zone, but Letang comes up big at the last second."

is this a throwback to the mariah carey cooch comment? haha.

Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid to admit I stay up for these updates, geniusblog as usual

Amanda said...

I'm curious about why you think the Sabres are in trouble. I'm a Sabres fan who was at the game, and I saw a great performance by Conklin and Malkin that won the game for you.

Before this weekend the Sabres were 8-0-2 in their last 10 - I wouldn't call that trouble. They're not the team they were last year, but who can sustain that kind of domination for more than two seasons? Well, ok, the Red Wings and oddly, Ottawa, can (odd cuz their goaltending sucks monkey balls).

BTW, Thomas Vanek is a cap hit of 7M per year. He's got 22 goals and should hit 30 for the year. He's not as young as your superstars but he just turned 24 himself. He'll be fine. At least he's not Daniel Briere, with only 10 more points than Vanek and a -20. His cap hit, I believe, is 10M.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your explanation about why the Sabres are in trouble. And just so you know, I'm a Pens fan too, which is why I was at the game, so I'm not asking because of any malice toward the Pens.

Steve In Denver said...

First Pens on acid comment all season. Wooooooooo!

Psychedelics + playing sports = pretty damn good. Psychedelics + sitting in the Igloo watching sports = pretty harrowing, regardless of the significance of the playoff game or the number of beers you have.

MAF better bring his big boy pants back from WBS. Do you think Conklin's nailing his girlfriend while he's stealing his job? Or is it taboo to conkblock your goalie partner?

canaanregulatesblog said...


The Sabres, in their last five games, have reverted back to the late october, early november Sabres that have been detrimentally inconsistent. Have they won some of the past couple games? sure. Is it going to catch up with them? absolutely. The Sabres either come out passionate and sloppy, positionally speaking -- or they come out like they did against the Rangers and get absolutely smoked. Against mediocre teams like Florida and Toronto (and to a lesser extent, a slumping Ottawa), they've gotten away with that passion covering up their lapses in defense and goalie protection. Ryan Miller stopped tonight's game from being extremely lopsided.

Buffalo will have more Ranger-type games in the near future unless they get their defense in some semblance of NHL order and actually get their forwards to forecheck. i doubt that Buffalo has the leadership for that to happen, at least not this season.


Fred Jones said...

great post! nice to see Charlie playing D for the Sabres.

stokes said...

Solid recap with some classic lines and love the pickle stabber 'shop. The Eckersley line and especially the garage door line were golden.

When Geno scored that goal, it was just like Staff described it: Geno out of NOWHERE to poke it in. That's why Geno is a big deal.

I hope The Lone Penguin fan made it home ok, given that everyone on here knows how Buffalo fans are: Douches.

Canaan goes Stoosh on Amanda. Solid.


Flyer Hater said...


Anonymous said...

You want to talk shutdown lines, it doesn't get much better than Malone/Staal/Armstrong. Three men who have spent time this season on the top scoring line, the top powerplay unit, and the top penalty kill unit.

some guest said...

i had to watch the game on the buffalo feed (brutal) and when they put the goalie stats up, they had Conklin as 11-14-3. someone screwed up.

and harry neale has to do something to wake him up. but i guess after watching leafs hockey for god knows how long, you would talk like him too.

Anonymous said...


Kristen PB said...

While I'm looking forward to Crosby's return for the obvious reasons, I'm also dying to see how hopped-up he'll be to get back on the ice.

We've all seen how he explodes out of the penalty box after sitting out for 2 minutes...what will he be like after all these weeks?

Armstrong and Ruutu were due for goals, so that was good to see (even though Colby's was an empty-netter). It also was good to see Ruutu's Voodoo Move during regulation.

spidermonkey44102 said...

Rope-A-Dope. TWICE!

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Armstrong's work on that empty net goal is representative of the reasons why he won't be traded. It's the reason why he has value to this team that extends well beyond the scoresheet. It's the reason that contrary to what you read over at, not just any hack from Wilkes-Barre or anywhere else in the minors can step in and do his job.

The strongest parts of Armstrong's game center around his hockey sense and his willingness to embrace his role as a forechecking forward. There isn't anyone on this team better at forcing turnovers on a forecheck. On that last goal, he pressured a Sabres forward all the way into the corner, followed the puck all the way back up the wall towards the bench, and then used the help of another Pens forward in the area (Malkin, maybe?) to clog the Buffalo skaters up, force the turnover, and then get the puck to the net.

2. Caufield really gave it to Kaleta in the post-game for punking out of that fight with Armstrong. As the two were getting ready to square off, Kaleta appeared to start to shake his gloves off but stopped as soon as Armstrong dropped his gloves. As Armstrong lunged at Kaleta, Kaleta skated away and Armstrong was left to take the penalty because he dropped his gloves.

Like Caufield said, did Kaleta do his job by goading Army into a penalty? Yeah, probably. But Kaleta also lost a lot of respect points as well and set himself up for some potential retribution down the road, especially since Armstrong is certainly within Kaleta's class as a fighter. Kaleta doesn't have to answer to anyone, but doing that kind of stuff is also the equivalent of stamping a "Please Cheapshot Me" sign on his back.

3. By the way, according to, Vanek is a cap hit of $7.14 million a year beginning this season and running through the next six seasons (he'll be an unrestricted free agent following the 2013-14 season).

Danielle Briere is a $6.5 million cap hit beginning this season and running all the way through at least the 2014-15 season.

4. Just my own speculation...I think Cros sits Tuesday and Thursday but comes back Saturday at home against the Sens.

dying alive said...

The pickle stabber photoshop is what makes life worth living.

Lady Jaye said...

Good to see Conk ranked #4 in GAA and #1 in save percentage. Seriously, I know MAF is supposed to be our number one, but how can you sit a goalie with numbers like that?

Oh, Standings question for those more knowledgeable than me> According to NHL's standings the devils are above the pens with the same amount of games played and wins (I assume they're on top because of head to head wins, no matter). If they lose this afternoon against Carolina, do the pens go to #1 because they have less games played at that point? Not sure how it works. Not that it matters, I'm just happy we're above the Flyers.

Quingo77 said...

How come no one wants to talk about this topic, even the Buffalo jobbers didn't want to mention it on their broadcast.

Roberts should be back this week as well. I say put him and Sid on a line together ......

Nathan said...

@ Lady Jaye: The Penguins will indeed move ahead of the Devils if Jersey falls in regulation this afternoon. Superior points percentage is a higher tiebreaker than head-to-head in determining in-season standings.

That said, Let's go Whalers.

Jonny V said...

Mankind "mandible claw" reference. Solid.

malkinian said...

This was a Top 5 Post-of-the-year nominee in my opinion. Awesome stuff guys. Anybody see Sykora talking to Potash about his suit after the game? Hilarious. And Stoosh I agree I think Sid comes back vs Ottawa as well.

Let's Go Pens (and Whalers)

Stoosh said...


I love the fact that the Sabres built that team up the right way...that group has grown up almost entirely together for the last four or five seasons. But I have to wonder how much the Campbell situation combined with the fallout from the Drury and Briere departures is affecting this team. They seem to be dealing with some identity issues because of that, and it really looks like it's affecting their play.

To be honest, this team (and the fanbase) seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop, and they know it's coming with the Campbell situation.

Neither Regier nor Golisano can afford to handle Campbell the same way they handled Briere and Drury. Drury may have left anyway because he reportedly wanted to get closer to home. I make fun of Briere now because he's a Flyer, but he was also a perfect fit for Lindy's system, especially with some of the other pieces in place there. If Golisano needed to lock anyone up, it was Briere; Vanek is a great talent who wasn't going anywhere, but Vanek is even better when he has someone to get him the puck. That someone should've been Briere. Those two could've been the new generation's Adam Oates and Brett Hull.

And it now looks as if Golisano's playing the same games with Campbell, a guy he could've locked up prior to last season with a deal probably similar to the $5M per year that Gonchar got. He's gone now; Campbell is going to get upwards of $6.5-7M a year now when he hits the market.

Darcy and Golisano really need to deal him within the next week. I know that could signify waving the white flag on this season already, but there's nothing about the Sabres that screams "serious playoff contender" to me right now.

The key is, they're not that far away from being an elite team again. There's a very nice core there that could use some support and balance, and that support and balance could be acquired with a couple of young players in exchange for Campbell.

Steve In Denver said...

I think another huge reason Army isn't going anywhere is that Sid (as well as the whole locker room) loves him.

If push came to shove, I think King Shero keeps him to keep Sid happy and he probably has more slack than some other players.

I'm suprised that he only has 7 goals so far this season. His talent is bigger than his output.

I noticed something else funny looking at stats today - Staal, who is one of our best defensive forwards, has the worst +/- on the team at -7. WTF is that about?

Dave said...

It might have something to do with Staal having 14 regular strength points this season in 59 games played. I want him on Crosby's line when he gets back, so that Sid can "fix" him.

Mike Georger said...

wow check out molinari's q and a today

Q: Do you think Ray Shero dropped the ball when it came to not getting a deal done with Evgeni Malkin before signing Sidney Crosby (if not very shortly thereafter)? Seems like a dimwitted non-move by Shero when even those of us who aren't NHL GMs knew that it wouldn't be long after Crosby's deal was in place that others would be raising the (salary) bar.

Matt, Pittsburgh

MOLINARI: Yes, Shero really made an unforgivable gaffe when he decided to follow the regulations established in the league's collective bargaining agreement, which stipulate that a team cannot negotiate a contract with a player until his current deal is entering its final year. Which, in Malkin's case, means talks can begin July 1.

Hopefully, in the future, Shero will not be so dimwitted that he fails to seek guidance from people who don't know the rules before making any personnel-related decisions.

dick move to publish that just to make that dude look stupid, but hilarious regardless

seeker said...

Copied from the NHL website's "Monday @ the Water Cooler"

Fit To Be Ty-ed – While we all wait to see what happens to Ty Conklin when a healthy Marc-Andre Fleury returns, the Pittsburgh Penguins continue to benefit from Conklin’s play.

Conklin made another 36 saves on Sunday in a 4-1 win over the Buffalo Sabres. With the victory, Conklin improved to 15-4-3 since Fleury went down with an ankle injury.

''When your goalie's giving you the performance like Ty gave us, it gives your team some confidence,'' Penguins coach Michel Therrien said. ''He's a big part of the reason why we had success.''

Pittsburgh has also experienced a large amount of success despite the absence of captain Sidney Crosby over the last 13 games. Sunday’s win helped the Pens pull even with the New Jersey Devils in the Atlantic Division. But when a reporter asked Petr Sykora, ‘Who needs Crosby?’, the Penguins’ forward’s head nearly exploded.

''Oh, come on, how can you even say that?'' Sykora responded. ''I'm not even going to answer that because Sidney's the best hockey player in the world. And he's going to be the key guy for us in the playoffs.''

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ mike georger

I liked it. If your going to call out someone with the totally incorrect info...then, you deserve to be put in your place as done nicely by DM in that Q & A...I'm sure there are a few out there wondering about why Geno hasn't been given an extension they know why

Along those same lines, though...does anyone think Ray Shero & Co. will try to resign any UFAs & RFAs before the seasons over? (Malone, Conk, Orrpik) Haven't heard from the salary cap 'guru', Jason Botterill all season & wonder how/what he's been up to

Mike Georger said...

conklin will depend on what happens with sabu, if im not mistaken isnt his contract for two or three years? and i seriously doubt orpik will get re-signed during the season, annnnd the same for after the season

Gordy Howitzer said...

That girl is not hot.

Dr. Turkleton said...

sabu contract is thru 08-09, then 525k for next year, you could start him in WB/S....with Conk & MAF on the big squad....
without Orrpik, this soff d will be even soff-er, if that's even possible.....looking at the UFA crop of d-men, they're either out of the pens $ range or worse than ian moran at his prime

Mike Georger said...

is orpik really worth 3.5 million a year though?

and starting sabu in wbs would be massively retarded in my opinion because it would hinder the development of curry and brown. its a shame but sabu hasnt done anything to justify a position with this organization for next season

Emily said...

Conklin: Unreal.
Letang's crazy save: Beautiful.
Malkin: Miraculous.

But the highlight of my night was all was really great to see him fly out of the box and make a woman out of Ryan Miller.

Killer game. Talbot looked great on the Malkin/Sykora line.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Seeing Ruutu score is so awesome! I love Ruutu and watching him get a goal finally makes me happy.

Hey, Stoosh, it wasn't Malkin that helped Army get the empty-netter, it was Malone.

Does anyone know when Robert is coming back? I miss him ...

Conklin rocked last night! I love him ... if he's looking that good, MAF will improve his game so he will be even better.

Malone better stay or Shero's gonna get a piece of my mind. He's looking good on any line he's been on. Plus, I think Staal and he are great on PK together.

Is there potential Hall will get traded? I like him, he plays with all his heart, but I haven't seen him since his injury. Also, curious on Eaton. As much of a hero he is to me, he has been injured 2 consecutive yrs and I'm not sure what they'll do. I know there isn't going to be any bog trades, but I'd hate to see any of my guys go.

It would be pretty amazing if Crosby came back for Ottawa game. It would give Charlie another reason to watch the game closely, too!

FireFox said...

I doubt that Shero will sign anyone before the season is over. I don't think there is any advantage to it at this point and he has the trade deadline coming up. Shero has got to make a move to get a left winger that can play with Sid. Honestly I see Christensen as someone who will be part of a trade for that winger. He is someone who does contibute but not consistantly. He is a monster on shootouts but we now have LeGame for that role now. It is obvious we have too many centers when we were running a line with all centers (Talbot-Staal-Christenson) for several games this year. Not only that, we have Espisito in the farm system developing. #16 has got to go for a left wing.

Dr. Turkleton said...

start sabu in WB/S, as in not initially being on the main roster & calling him up, if necessary....he could split starts w/ Curry &/or Brown if need be cause were not talking about stunting the development of Roy & Brodeur down in WB/S, are we?
Orrpik for 3.5? = let him walk
Orrpik for 2.5-3 = must sign

Game On!....Let's Go Canes!!!!

Anonymous said...

have you even lived by buffalo? that is the closest to hot they have up there. otherwise she'd be a 2 out of 10 with that crazy man jaw

dying alive said...

I have a whole new respect for Molinari. There is nothing more irritating than someone who tries to be condescending toward Shero/Therrien/any player and has no idea what they're talking about.

I should be over my dislike of the Sabres and their assbag fans by now, but I'm not. The only team I'd be happier to see miss the playoffs is Philly.

Anonymous said...

Only problem with send sabu to WBS is that he would have to clear waivers, and with his low salary and some starting experience that is not a guarantee.

I'm not saying that he's not the one that will have to go i'm just saying its not as easy as just sending him down.

Anonymous said...

Steve in Denver:

Staal was a -15 or -16 at some point mid- or late-november, when we were all wondering if the team would make the playoffs at all this season. He's been even-or-better in nearly every game since.

Dr. Turkleton said...

2-0 NJ early on the Canes

@anon 1:15p

im talking about sabu for NEXT year...this year he either: has to get traded or stay on the big boy roster for the remainder of the season...Shero can't afford to lose him (again) for nothing....he's a good 2nd/3rd string goalie that has proven he can do the job when called upon....Curry & Brown 'might' be able to fill that role, but are totally raw with this being their 1st year out of school

Anonymous said...

Rutuu song courtesy of dave damesheke

Brett said...

Pickle Stabber pic.. what is this, is Bob Errey the "Where's Waldo" of the hockey world? LOL

BlacknGold66 said...

I'll be the first to admit that I was bitching about the lines Lord Therrien had out there last night... but when you win 4-1 with what some jobber in Cleveland thinks are "poor lines" it explains why I do what I do for a living and why Vigo does what he does.


canaanregulatesblog said...

3-0 NJD.


canaanregulatesblog said...

steigy probably has a boner.

oduya make it 4-1 nj

Flyer Hater said...

I hate the Debbies

J.S. said...

I have no problem with the Pens making Eaton an offer next season. If you look at his injury history, most of them are "fluky"

11/06 - Shoved into the boards by Cheechoo. Missed 35 games with a broken wrist.

3/07 - Sprained knee vs the Rangers. Missed 12 games

12/26/07 - Slewfoot by Marco Sturm causes Eaton's ACL to tear. He is out indefinitely.

This is not a pattern of injuries limited to one area such as a knee. I want to say that the sprained knee and the knee with the torn ACL were on separate knees. My offer would be to give him a 1 yr offer at the same salary, see how he plays throughout the year, and go from there.

Flyer Hater said...

Crosby says he definitely won't play tomorrow against the toothless Cats but wouldn't speculate any further. How ironic would it be that the first game w/o Crosby was in Montreal and the first game w/ Crosby back in the lineup could be in Montreal.

Not BigRickPSU said...

I don't have a problem offering Eaton a contract, but consider:

1.) As of now, without Eaton, the Pens have 6 NHL D-men, and one solid call up guy (Nasserdine.)

2.) They have 2 young guys (Goligoski and Lannon)that, from what I've heard, will get serious consideration next year in camp and at least one of them could/should make the leap.

3.) Assuming we lose Orpik to UFA or trade, there goes our one and only physical d-man, which as much as I like Eaton, he does not replace.

My opinion is that we save ourselves the 1.x million or more it would cost to resign him, and focus on locking up some of our other free agents to be (Malkin, Malone, Fleury, etc.) Then we see if Goligoski or Lannon can fill the void next year or find ourselves a cheaper, less polished version of Orpik and go from there.

If we keep the same crew intact, and with the money saved from Eaton/Orpik we can keep some of our other UFA's and future FA's, as well as possibly find a cheaper physical d-man to sign too, then I'd have to say let Eaton go.

BlacknGold66 said...

Watching the Devils game on Center Ice.

Could've turned into a sloppy ending like we saw the other night in the West, but the Linesmen did their job.

Jesus, they just scored while I was typing this. Zombie Nation in Jersey.


Dr. Turkleton said...

Floppa decides to stay home = Yawn

Johnny Wrath said...

Forsberg not returning to the NHL.

Look for rumors out of Toronto claiming all interested parties now turning their focus on Sundin.

Rangers™ continue to try and trade for everyone. Jokeblog.

malkinian said...

Thanks for helping on Canes. Forsberg not coming back, what a shame. Curious if you guys think he's a hall of famer. Of course he's won 2 cups and 2 olympic golds. He also won the Calder, Hart and Art Ross once each. But in my opinion "greatness" needs to be sustained over the majority of a career. I acknowledge he was arguably the best player in the world for a few years, but the truth of the matter is that he only has 248 goals and his art ross/hart came during the same year. I know stats aren't the end all of voting, but if he were to be done right now I don't think he's in.


Pensblog Staff said...


412 - 333 - 7262

Monday night
PCNC Channel

Stoosh said...

Eklund = Stunned.

What a clown. Three weeks ago, this guy told XM204 that Forsberg would be back in the NHL within a wasn't a matter of if or when, but where.

Keep throwing crap at the wall, Ek...eventually something will stick and you can take credit for it. Asshat.

Anonymous said...

I think we should offer the guys over at The 700 Level the services of our old friend Chicken Little. Losers of 7 straight with Ottawa and San Jose up next, no Forsberg, and injuries piling up. That's gotta be rough. Let's hope Marty scared him off for good and he never comes around here again.

J.S. said...

Staff, is that what I think it is? lolz

I'll hang up and take your answer off the line.

Johnny Wrath said...

Forsberg is definitely NHL and IIHF Hall of Fame material.

He wasn't necessarily dominant when winning the second Olympic Gold, but the 2 medals were won in Lillehammer in '94, and in Turin in '06. I think those are great "bookends", as 94-95 was his Calder season.

The thing that escapes memory is how dominant he was in the playoffs; 166 points in 144 games. 103 of said points are assists, but he was one of those players who made those around him a lot better.

The 871 points in 697 career regular season games isn't bad either. Great 2-way player, so-so on face-offs. Always had good +/-.

Then there's "that move". Its' on a postage stamp. Immortalblog.

PO said...

"The Penguins have shown interest in Maple Leafs D Hal Gill, according to the Ottawa Sun."
- Rumor Mill

ESPN = Joke

Stoosh said...


Forsberg, to me, isn't even a question for the Hall of Fame.

Three things stand out for me:

1. Forsberg only scored 248 goals, but he only played in 697 regular season games. Yet he still scored 871 career points and his career pretty much coincided with the Trap Era. That projects to an average of 1.25 points per reg. season game. Project that over an 82-game regular season and he produced at a pace that would've been good for 102 points a year. Again, most of his career spanned an era where 100 points really said something.

2. His playoff numbers. 166 points in 144 career playoff games. 1.15 points per playoff game. That's the very definition of clutch, again in an era where points were not easy to come by.

3. From probably 1995-96 through the 2002-03 season, I think he was easily one of the five dominant players of his era (Jagr, Lidstrom, Roy and Brodeur being the others, with Federov on the outside looking in). When you can say that about an eight-year window of a player's career...

I would definitely put him in the Hall of Fame.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Forsbergs as solid as entering the HOF as L.Lohan is to posing nude ☺

stokes said...


As soon as i saw The Bus, i knew it was on!!!!!!


wilsmith said...
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Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Haha! For the first time in forever I'm going to watch PCNC. Awesomeblog!

Flyer Hater said...

Bit of advice, don't jump right into your jobbing as soon as you get on the air. Start to make a legit point about the topic you called in about and then about 3 lines, bring the pain. Also, call in about the Pirates, he loves baseball calls.

wilsmith said...

oh yeah, for sure. Gotta bring hook em first.

stokes said...

You probably can't go wrong with Tyrelle Pryor and Steeler football either. And Roger Clemens. Hoo boy, i bet that one would make it right through. And NASCAR. I mean, the Daytona 500 is their Stanley Cup. Shit, i should just make a call myself.....

Yeah, PCNC's numbers are going to be sky high tonight. Somebody please DVR it because i'm going to miss the first half of it.

Mike Georger said...

from a hurricanes board

"yeah we had really no chance today....

I mean we had 6 AHL guys on the ice...."

so did the penguins last night you fucks. maybe MAYBE its because your farm system sucks and you have an inflated record from playing in the worst division in sports this side of the nl central. stop making excuses. jesus i fucking hate hurricanes fans

Pensblog Staff said...

412 - 333 - 7262

412 - 333 - 7262

By 7:00, all comments referring to the Operation Job will be deleted

BlacknGold66 said...

I think you're all forgetting the first two rules of Jobblog....


(But if this is your first night at jobblog... )

Christina said...

the tour bus is ready to it!!!

Anonymous said...

You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of hockey loving people everywhere march with you.

wilsmith said...

You should probably just delete this section of comments.

seeker said...

WTAE just aired an interview with Sid after today's practice...he denies that the rumors of an early return are true.

seeker said...

Gotta LOVE this 13 year old's channel on YouTube:

Philly Sucks

canaanregulatesblog said...

please, for the love of christ, someone ask fedko if skylights will be at the ceremony for him being crowned the biggest dickbag in all of sports.

wilsmith said...

wow, seeker. just wow

I like he opens each one with "sup philly suckas?" and ends with "philly sucks", *wave

some guest said...

can someone record the events we should not speak of and put them on youtube? i live out of the pittsburgh region and sadly can not help our cause in anyway.

BlacknGold66 said...

Yes, completely agreed.


Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) I don't get that crap-ass show in Cleveland.

Johnny Wrath said...

Fedkogate continues indeed. I moved away from Pgh nearly four years ago, but I remember well the mass of Only-pro-Steeler types who run the media outlets there. The truth is, they really would have preferred hockey leave Pittsburgh so that they may continue to dominate the sport atmosphere. Pleading that casual fans ignore the NHL is status quo.

It is clear that we’ll never stage an outdoor game at either taxpayer-owned outdoor facilities, as this would somehow threaten the stranglehold, much the same way Rooney Inc. has repeatedly injected themselves into Penguins’ business.

I appreciate the new building’s design plan in terms of it representing the “new era” Pittsburgh; one that only embraces its’ steel-coal industries as an undercurrent, and pushes forward a fresh disposition. I maintain that Pittsburgh Hockey should be once again played in Blue and White.

Penguins are still black, and the Golden Triangle is still gold… but continuing to align ourselves with organizations which mean to underscore and segregate Hockey from Pittsburgh’s culture as a first-class entity shouldn’t be tolerated.

I look forward to shattering the glass ceiling. Conn Smythe will live here. James Norris will live here. Art Ross and Bill Masterson already have bunks in the Strip. Frank Selke is going to be the fifth Staal. Southwestern Pennsylvania is going to need two hands to count to “Lord Stanley”.

As always, thanks for such an outstanding community, and for reading.

Johnny Wrath, Eloquent Naysayer, Gentleman of Leisure.

Flyer Hater said...
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Flyer Hater said...

February 18, 2008, a day which will live in infamy. The Pensblog and PensNation was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the forces that make up the Fedko Empire.

Anonymous said...


malkinian said...

Stoosh in retrospect I can't disagree w/ your Forsberg argument. I didn't really consider his playoff ppg either. I don't think he's as much of a lock as many think but he definitely has a good shot. Since I'm at PSU I'm very anxious to read about the "events" of this evening tomorrow

Anonymous said...

A particular pittsburgh sports talker is about to be called out by the true penguins faithful

I'mNotMarkRecchi said...

Did someone just say Nasreddine is a solid defenseman? That got a good laugh out of me.

BlacknGold66 said...

Does anyone know how to/if you can cancel on an eBay bid?

Hate to ask on here, but I figure some of you other regulars might know.

Trying to get back to Pittsburgh for the weekend again.


canaanregulatesblog said...


click me

Fleury29 said...

Since SnoopyJode hasn't said it yet, I will.


This Riot Job Is Going On Tour!

YouTube is a must, gentlemen. Please, think of your out-of-state readers.

Gary Roberts is God but can someone please mention Tom Barrasso for me?


I fucking love this blog.

cragger said...


cragger said...

who's jobbing fedko, what did I miss?

POOP! Two days I'm out of commission and you guys running down fedko!


Brett said...

i am totally confuzzled.. wtf is going on?

wilsmith said...

Nothing is going on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, no Fedko! Ox instead. He's already confused. No calls???????

wilsmith said...


Jonny V said...

And the proverbial monkey wrench gums up the works.

jaos said...

omg, wtf!

Lloyd said...


MadMax said...

Was he tipped off or something? haha

wilsmith said...
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Lloyd said...

Well.. at least i get to go to bed early... they are obviously fucking with us now

Lloyd said...
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jaos said...

these jobbers can't even wing it properly. raincheck!

Lloyd said...
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MadMax said...

next time do it unannounced then youtube it just to be safe. The show is more of a joke than normal tonight

Lloyd said...

...glad this isnt the first time i watched this... i sure as fuck wouldnt watch this abomination again.

Chris said...

It's President's Day. Maybe Fedko's off?

Anonymous said...

well I need to get on this group email... how do I go about doing it?

Flyer Hater said...

Fucking unreal, I stay up an extra two hours to job this fool and I see fucking Oxenjoke and his lover talking about how big their balls are. No calls, that's the way to get viewers, dipshit. Fedko will be back tomorrow and our goal should be to wreck his show, the jobbing tour will not die despite this setback. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No, we shall overcome.

jaos said...

lol, the lines are busy

Lloyd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MadMax said...

we definitely must persevere just like after the Germans bombed pearl harbor. What was David johnson just doing?

Anonymous said...

way to go, lloyd, way to go.
can't you read?

Flyer Hater said...

David Johnson is such a joke. Would you ever see Stacy Smith or Ken Rice making out with Bob Pompeani on the Nightly Sports call? KDKA>WPXI

Fedko has a yeast infection said...


Lloyd said...

whatev, anon. we have been already outed...

wilsmith said...

You know, of all the equipment stuff people complain about, why are cat-eye goalie cages legal?

Nabokov could have found himself in some real trouble tonight, and I'm surprised more stick blades don't end up going through.

Matt said...

Hey, I'd look at this as a victory. I stayed up for it too, but if this cult has the power to make this joke of a network waste a half hour block, i think we're on to something.

stokes said...

I guess this means we have to go up to television hill tomorrow with picks and torches and Job fedko in person!!!

Let's Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

do not panic...



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