Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It Ain't Over

-- WilSmith --

Operation Pittsburgh Screwjob commences Tuesday.



Sidney Crosby is practicing.
That's all there is to know.

The Pens are getting secondary and third-ary scoring. [ PG ]

-- N. Streets --

It's coming.

MAF had another solid outing down on the farm. [Wilkes-Barre]

Wilkes-Barre Insider says MAF went with the yellow pads. [Baby Penguins Insider]


That midseason lull between ASG and the trading deadline is quickly coming to an end.

The NHL GMs have begun meetings. [ TSN ]

They are talking trades, but they're also talking about other crap, like making penalties in overtime 1 minute instead of 2 minutes.

Brian Burke will most likely say something stupid.


Ladies and gentlemen, your Philadelphia Flyers.
Losers of 7 straight. [ TSN ]

--Nick E -- --sh0ez--

They were dealt another blow when they overhyped Peter Forsberg is leaning towards not coming back to the NHL. [ TSN ]

Another team on the suck was the Detroit Red Wings.
They finally won a game after losing 6 straight. [ Yahoo ]

It was the first time since the '90s that they lost 3 straight at home or something.

The Joe Louis faithful react to the losing streak.

Rob Blake says he wants to stay in Los Angeles. [ TSN ]
Interesting. So does every other NHL team.


::[Puckthathit] takes a look at shots on net.
Solid read.

::[TheOnDeckCircle] writes a letter to 66.

::[Mirtle M.D] has some nice stats on goal scoring.



So Mark Recchi gave us all a headache.
But now, thanks to his brother, we can all have a good laugh.

Double A aka "Fleury29" found this.

[Matt Recchi Voiceover Commercial]

The ending sounds like a terrorist message.
This is easily the best part of this post.

Which is sad.


Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

matt recchi has made my life whole.

stokes said...

Its apparent there are only two conclusions to be drawn from MAF returning to the yellow pads to for last night's WBS game:
A) the white pads just aren't broken in well enough yet.
B) It has often been discussed what a fashion-forward stud MAF is. Yellow totally goes with yellow.

He looked like a banana. I hope King Conk doesn't eat him.

Once you got to the Flyers logo in the post, the post changes your entire day. Excellent shops on the Cryers and excellent jobs on the Wings and Rob Blake. Fantastic.

Excellent 'shop of Charlie as well.

That's a solid find on the Matt Recchi VO.

Let's Go Pens......

Fred Jones said...

Who to root for tonight? Flyers or Sens? Unfortunately they both can't lose.

What would you rather see in April, Pens atop the conference, or the Flyers missing the playoffs?

I vote Flyers missing playoffs.

Flyer Hater said...

It's kind of funny that Filthy Flyer fans don't come around here anymore. Wonder why...

Only 7 more years of Danielle Briere!

IceCold... said...

seriously, MAF is a crack-up, he would make sure he matches. still love him though, and that silly chin-patch-thingy.

and seriously, if forsberg doesn't sign with the flyers it will almost make any outcome to this season awesome no matter how far we go. my philly friends won't shut up about how good they are gonna once he signs with them.

and...happy bday whit!

Fleury29 said...

Solid Briere photoshops. I wonder if Danielle will ever step up?

I kind of like MAF's "bananna" look but I think it will be interesting to see him with the white away jerseys and all white pads.

Barrasso used to rock all black pads and with the old black diagonal PITTSBURGH jerseys it looked pretty sweet.

I'd be awesome to see MAF pull something like that, maybe with just a hint of the Vegas Gold like the hint of silver he's got on his pads right now.

Emily said...

Kill Point photoshop = amazing.

Anonymous said...

"He looked like a banana. I hope King Conk doesn't eat him."

lol, love this blog.

snoopyjode said...

re: "Operation Pittsburgh Screwjob"

i really, REALLY wish i lived closer to pittsburgh right now...

sh0ez, you have scarred me for life with that "danielle spears" photoshop. YIKES.

seeker said...

PSA Announcements

Traffic Restrictions

Because of traffic restrictions on Center Avenue, the Penguins will open the gates at Mellon Arena 30 minutes earlier than normal. Usually, fans can enter the gates an hour before faceoff, but they will open at 6 p.m. for the 7:30 p.m. matchup with the Florida Panthers.

Starting Time Announced

The Penguins' home game against Atlanta on March 2 will start at 3 p.m. The Penguins had not previously announced a starting time because the game was under consideration for an NBC telecast. The game will be televised locally.

christina said...

re: the GM pic...wtf is up with Bryan Murray's skin??? someone let charlie apply a little too much cheap self-tanner for the trip to naples....

seeker said...

Jarkko Ruutu fans:

Ruutu basking in glow of goal

- Scuderi is the only Penguin who started this season that is still without a goal

hyzdufan said...

Third-ary = tertiary

High school teachers represent!

justincredibleh said...

is matt recchi dead serious? fuckin retarded.

Nathan said...

Forsberg's not signing anywhere in the NHL this season. His agent made the announcement yesterday. His foot's not in good enough shape for him to play.

Briere or Drury. The Flyers chose... poorly.

Pensgirl said...

Hyzdufan, staff used "third-ary" intentionally - it's a Bob Errey Creation.

I bet the real issue with Forsberg is that nobody was buyin' what he was sellin'. He was probably asking for too much money and GMs weren't willing to risk it for a creaky old junker.

Stoosh said...

Gotta love Philly. Two weeks ago, Flyers fans were falling all over themselves in a rush to take down the Rocky statue and erect one of Forsberg in its place (PB Charlie approves the usage of the word "erect"). Now they're saying they don't need Forsberg. Hysterical.

And the hits just keep on coming. Now Lupul and Downie are also both out - Lupul will miss like 3 weeks or so with a high ankle sprain and Downie is out indefinitely with a concussion.

Pensblog Charlie was seen leaving the Flyers locker room clad only in a towel. Makes you wonder about Downie's concussion. Is anyone in the Flyers locker room out with a sprained wrist?

Nevertheless, mired in the middle of this lenghty losing streak, it just absolutely breaks my heart to see Philly dealing with injuries to key personnel like this.

I'd like to say I have sympathy for them. But then I look at the calendar and realize the Pens have been playing the last five weeks without one of the top two or three players in the game, a goaltender who won 40 games for them last year, their best positional defenseman, and their top ass-kicker. For portions of that time frame, they were also missing three of their top energy/role players as well (Max, Army, KENNEDYYYYY!).

In the face of some season-changing injuries and with everyone - even some of their own fans - writing them off, the rest of the team looked around, shrugged their shoulders, said "Fuck this" and began playing with a chip the size of Ontario on their collective shoulders.

The Flyers? Well, we see how that's worked out so far, eh? When the going got tough, it appears the rest of the team simply followed Downie's lead and just decided to...run away.

I said when it happened that the best thing about Downie quitting in that fight with Ruutu was that it was a perfect microcosm of the myth that is the Philadelphia Flyers - all talk, no walk. I didn't realize the entire team would follow suit as well, but perhaps maybe I gave the Flyers too much credit.

Are they getting a two-month head start on their typical May "El Foldo"? I'm not sure. I do know the last time anything choked harder than the Flyers are choking right now, it involved a ham sandwich and Mama Cass.

And we all know how that turned out.

(cue "Creeque Alley")

recchistillsucks said...

stoosh, just unreal esp. mama cass comment

Pensgirl said...

ESPN has a quality read on Badger Bob.

iceburgh said...

idk if anyone already posted this but if so it needs to posted again

We all need a reminder of what Gary Roberts is about,


chris l. said...

Huge win. Huge. Needed to start the week off right. Momentumblog.

Briere mag cover = still laughing. The magic is in the subheadlines. Sneaking in the Charlie pic was gold. As always, The Pensblog and its contributors exemplify the pinnacle of blogosity (Yep, I borrowed some vocab from Tommy B.).

@fred jones: tough call, but I have to go with the Sens. Beating them this year should be our own sweet revenge, but watching the Flyers lose to anyone is always a treat.


Lady Jaye said...

pengirl > thanks for the link. That was a really good read.

J.S. said...

OK, who's responsible for this?


Comments section

J.S. said...

Matt Recchi: Is this the guy?

one more

lis said...


Pensblog Charlie making the rounds through the hockey community!!!

That made me laugh out loud at work and now everyone is looking at me funny!!!!!

BlacknGold66 said...


The Cleveland Jobber Bus is making a return trip to Pittsburgh this weekend for both games!!!!

We'll probably be staying in Cranbizzle Townshizzle again... but are more than willing to meet up with anyone before or after the games.


Anonymous said...

Flyers trade a third-ary round pick for defenseman jaroslav modry .... his career becomes a joke, effective immediately.

Stoosh said...

From a long-time poster on LGP.com who happens to be a Flyers fan:

"A defensive defensman. About 4 years past his prime. Used to play the PP quite a bit and had a pretty decent shot from the point. Other than that not much but he's an upgrade over a couple Flyers stiffs right now."

Nothing like sheer, unbridled honesty.

Stoosh said...

That was the resident Flyers fan over at LGP being asked to give his assessment on Modry, by the way...

Spencemo said...

"Third-ary"? That is just another reason why it hurts so much when I don't get to watch the games...all that intelligent color commentary from Errey. Like the night he said "They really need to figure out how to penetrate Cam Ward". Wow.

Perhaps he should ask Pensblog Charlie about that!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Mike Ramsey > Modry > Cory Cross

This leaves the Cryers with .42¢ under the cap
Not even enough for Holmgren to buy a shot of Jack
speaking of the Cryers, they just lost (again) to the Oilers in the 1987 Cup Finals on the NHL Network....
but what was up with the Oilers song after a goal?:
Still The One by Orleans ???
You are still the one that makes me shout
Still the one that I dream about
We're still having fun, and you're still the one...

Was PB Charlies Uncle involved???

stokes said...

Stoosh, that's a great call: only Mama Cass chokes as hard as the Cryers, although i have a feeling that the Wings will be close behind this year....

Here's the thing: It seems to me that the Flyers "rebuilt" their team after last season's abomination by trading and buying players. Its artificial and almost irrational(Briere) and how often does it work?
So, this latest trade- it is supposed to fix the team? break them out of the current slump they are in or what? Because i just don't see it working.

and that is why King Shero is the man with the plan.

The Pens are money in the bank tonight.


Flyer Hater said...

FlyerNation is hilarious. He hates the Penguins, Crosby, and the City of Pittsburgh with more vigor than maybe anyone on Earth.

stokes said...

Uh, i was only joking this morning when i said Fleury wanted to match, but check out this link...

WBS Blog

stokes said...

I forgot: credit Seth over at Empty Netters for that find.

Hip said...

Stokes - "He looked like a banana. I hope King Conk doesn't eat him." I laughed so hard I cried.

Pensgirl - great article. Thanks for pointing it out.

Stoosh said...


I think Philly did things the right way, but only to a point.

The Biron acquisition was huge for them because it gave them their first real goaltending talent since Hextall. Biron has tailed off since his hot start, but he's still better than anyone in recent memory. If Philly wants to go further, though, he needs to keep his emotions in check a little bit better. He runs his mouth a lot.

They absolutely stole Coburn from Atlanta for Zhitnik. Zhitnik never struck me as much of an elite defenseman during his prime, and he was fading before the lockout. Imagine the Pens giving up Whitney for Hal Gall...that's about the equivalent of the deal.

They also made a nice deal getting Upshall and Parent from Nashville for Forsberg. Parent could develop into a very solid stay-at-home guy for them. And Upshall is a top-notch energy player.

Where I think they made their mistakes were managing the cap. The Briere signing may prove to be a disaster. He got franchise-player money, but is he really a franchise player? And if so, is he suited to be a franchise player in Philly? Briere was a great fit for a smaller, quicker, up-tempo team like Buffalo; he's not cut out for that system in Philly. It seems to me that Drury may have made more sense as a target there.

For next season, they're going to have more than $36 million tied up in Briere, Timmonen, Gagne, Hartnell, Biron, Knuble, Lupul and Richards. Hatcher, Kapanen, Niittymaki, Upshall and Coburn are going to cost an additional $8.5 million. That's $44.5 million right there. There's no a lot of room left to manage. There's not much they can do this year.

They're likely going to lose Umberger and Carter this summer. Carter may be gone by the deadline, in fact.

For better or worse, this is the team Philly's going to be going to battle with for the next two or three years.

Chase said...

even if the pens would have lost 100-0 tonight, I would have been ok by just listening to that Matt Recchi commercial. I haven't been that embarrassed for someone in a long time.

stokes said...

Stoosh. There's no waaaay i am going to debate you.

But-and even though no one is going to read this- wouldn't Umberger look great in a real uniform, i.e. the black and gold? you couldnt expect him to crush other teams like he does the Pens, but he's a solid-ass player.

stokes said...

word hip.


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