Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hossanna In The Highest

Here's how we think things went down on Tuesday.

2:56 PM

Montreal GM Bob Gainey and Ottawa GM Bryan Murray are talking to Atlanta's Don Waddel.

Jim Ross: Well, looks like Hossa will be going to the Canadiens. The contract is being signed.

Wait a second.... What is that?...

--"Boys Of Winter" comes over the loud speakers.--

Shero: Hey Yo. Hossa's a Pen.

--Throws mic down--

Jim Ross: Good God! Good God Almighty!

We have reliable sources who've told us that is how it truly went down.

What else might have happened?

[ Orland Kurtenblog ] has an intriguing breakdown of TSN's Bob McKenzie's latest blogpost that offers the possibility that Mario Lemieux, not Shero, was calling the shots to get Hossa.



Brass of a Riverboat Gambler
[J Schiff]

"I was sleeping sound, getting ready to play ." Armstrong said.
"And I woke up to that. I didn't have a clue it was coming."

"No booing me," Armstrong said, smiling. "It will be strange.
It was tough to look my friends in the eye when they came to say goodbye to me.
It's a weird thing." [ PG ]

"I've really enjoyed my time here," Christensen said. "But I think in the end, I'm more excited than sad. I'll miss the guys and I'll miss the organization ... but I'm excited about the opportunity I'll possibly get in Atlanta. More than anything, I think it will be good for my career."

-- Richard R --

-- Mike Shoey --

[James C]
This was the most popular photoshop picture by far.


--Kevin D.--/ -- David B.--

--Doug H--



[ Empty Netters ]
Seth made some waves by strictly opposing the trade.
Those waves actually went all the way to NHL Home Ice Radio on XM.

[ Joe Starkey -- Trib ]
Shuts down the "we mortaged our future" camp.

[ Taking One For The Team ]
The trading deadline through the eyes of Loser Chris.

[ Do the Thrashers Have Large Talons? ]
They said the Thrashers got bigger, cheaper, and younger as a result.
They're thinking EC will battle for a center spot on the top two lines next season.

[ Atlanta Journal-Constitution Blog ]
Craig Custance, the guy who writes AJC Blog, is a machine.
He reports that the Penguins sweetened the deal at the last minute,
but Thrashers GM Waddell wouldn't disclose what that sweetener was.

[ Fire Wagon Hockey ]
A Pensblog reader in Atlanta.
They promise to bring us some solid pics of Army and Crusher.

[ Ross McKeon at Yahoo ]
He gives the Pens trading a D+.
He seems hung up on giving away draft picks.

Ray Shero has no clue who Ross McKeon is.

D+ in life


In final, Fire Wagon Hockey mentioned there were huge rumors in Atlanta that goalie Kari Lehtonen and Hossa were gonna be shipped off somewhere together.

Considering Montreal traded away goalie Cristobal Huet,
it's safe to say where Kari Lehtonen was headed...

...until Ray Shero showed the hockey world who...he...was...

...And pooped on Montreal.

Eric P. hooked us all up with a video of the new arrivals.


[ WPXI ]

Bethel Park and Mt. Lebanon will square off tonight at the South Park outdoor rink.

Faceoff is at 8:00PM
$5 Admission with proceeds going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

And since one of the Mt. Lebanon players is a confirmed reader, we'll pull for them.


:: Rob Scuderi out a month possibly. [ Trib ]
Not good.

:: Hossa says he's not thinking about his contract. [ PG ]
Adam Hall's out for the season, too.
That frees up #18, although Hall had already agreed to switch to #28.

:: Hossa's with Staal and Malone for now. [ PG ]
:: Dupuis is with Malkin and Sykora. [ PG ]



The Sens fired their coach. [ TSN ]
Our old friend Bryan Murray is back behind the bench.


We will forever have a connection with Bryan Murray.
Last March, Pensblog Charlie made his first-ever appearance in a Bryan Murray slam.
[ Penguin Equinox ]

And more fall out, as G-Dub from [ Deadspin ] found.
Ottawa is underwhelmed by only getting one guy at the deadline.



-- Standing O-blog --

We don't call him the DOCTOR for nothing.

[Jame Mirtle] rattles off 38 posts during the trade deadline.


And lastly...

Pittsburgh mourns.



Go Pens


J.S. said...

I bet Hossa scores on the FIRST power play tonight, assisted by Malkin and the Gonch.

NWO photoshop = wow

stokes said...

i agree with j.s. NWO shop was classic. I thought my computer was about to collapse when the WWE/F storyline broke. luckily for my computer, it stopped. WHEW.

The photoshop of Shero crapping on Montreal could change your life.

James Mirtle is a beast. His math is top-notch and its obvious he's a Pens fan. I mean, seriously, is he going to root for Toronto? Would you?

The Outdoor Classic would be fun, but there's a guy playing tonight for the Pens.....i dont know if you ever heard of him....Dupuis....Oh, and some guy named Marian.


Ujval said...

Watching the Dupuis shortie made me we now have the best collection of counter-attacking penalty killers in the NHL? There's another dimension to our game the trade has added right there.

Just looked up the stats. Dupuis, Hossa, Staal and Talbot have a combined 23 short handed goals in the last two seasons, and that's without a contribution from Jordan this season. If he picks it up, watch out.

pensblog jeff said...

And with the Shero crapping on Montreal shop, he's back.

Ladies, form a line.

Maal said...

Disturbingly, the most credible Hossa/Lehtonen rumour was involving Ottawa. Some guy in the Montreal media sees dog crap in the sidewalk that might resemble Hoss if Hoss was Mr Poo, and then reports that a credible source told him Hoss is on a plane.

Thanks for the links. Trafficblog like whoah.

demondg1 said...

The NWO photoshop was clutch.

And there can be no doubt that Shero makes the panties drop.

Jonny V said...

Lemieux runs Pittsburgh.

Sinops said...

The NWO photoshop, Ray Shero poop, and Sylvester/Murray photoshops were awesome.

I still will miss Colby and am anxious to see what Esposito is made of, but it was just shock after the trade. In Ray We Trust.

Kristen PB said...

King Ray deserves his pick of virgins after this Hossa deal.

Of course, Hossa's arrival may mean an even bigger number of fair-weather fans. Personally, I'd rather share the Pens' success with someone who can tell me what it felt like when Mario came back and how Mike Lange changed their life...not the people who wear a Steelers jersey to a Pens game and think it doesn't matter. But I suppose sales are sales and business is business and the core, die-hard fans will always be here.

I am anxious to see what kind of chemistry there is among the players, especially after Sid comes back...

Not BigRickPSU said...

Does anyone else get on here this early and refresh the comment page every 5 minutes or so? Then get bummed out when no one has posted anything new?

Me = patheticblog

Fleury29 said...

Do you know what a Hossa is, Frank? A pig that don't fly straight.

sonofatruckload said...

i do the same thing bigrick. i think being at work has something to do with it...

i am confused about MT's calls on the lines tonight. i see dupuis on staal's line when sid gets back (that is, if staal doesn't end up being sid's left wing). why put a roleplayer like him on the 1st line? i thought we had fixed that problem by getting hossa. i understand not putting him on the first line until sid returns, but then why break up the malone/malkin/sykora line? screw "spreading out the scoring," i want one line to rule them all.

J said...

Thrashers fan here...I'm really high on Pascal Dupuis. And I love that he's getting a chance to play on a line with Malkin. For some reason, Douchbag Waddell never gave Dupuis the chance to play with either Hossa or Kovy other than on the PK. Dupuis is a very hard worker and is lightning fast. He has trouble finishing though. But maybe playing with a superstar will let him flourish. I'll try and get some Crusher/Army pics for you guys tonight. if anyone cares, it seems Crusher will wear #9 and Army #19.

Go Pens, my new 2008 2nd favorite team. Love the photoshops!

Lady Jaye said...

don't worky bigrick, I'm an early bird, too. My work morning doesn't start until after I'm done reading Pensblog... and whenever I don't feel like looking at my work anymore, I come and refresh.

heh, great beginning to the post. I love the GMs sitting in the ring and the NWO photoshop was great. Good job!

Sinops said...

I check comments at least 10 times during my work day. Then the next day, I have to read all of the nights comments (Dont have internet at home). We are not alone in our obsesiveness(?) with commentorblog.

PS: I occasionally would log in, but would mostly post under anon. Too lazy to login.

Brigid said...

I heard a rumor from a reliable person that there was a trade prank pulled on Colby early Tues. morning. I guess a few of the players packed his stuff & told him he got traded as a joke only to have it really come true hours later. Did anyone else hear of this?!

Not BigRickPSU said...

It is nice to hear I'm not alone. The Pensblog -- slowly destroying productivity one commenter at a time.

I just can't help it though. I leave it up in the background and refresh every few minutes. Oh well.

I do the same thing, sinops. I check all day, but rarely ever have time to check at night so the first thing every morning is to read the rest of the comments from the previous day. That is no easy task with cblog blowing up lately.

As far as lines go, I don't mind seeing Dupuis getting a shot with Malkin and Sykora. Let's see what he can do. Then with Sid, Hossa, and Malone on the other line -- pretty sick if you ask me.

And for a nice "oh by the way" we'll have any combination of Staal, Roberts, Kennedy, Talbot, Taffe, Ruutu and Laraque on our third and fourth lines. Wow.

Brett said...

I also find myself wondering why the Malkin line was broken up. I don't like that idea at all. I don't care if Hossa has to play with Kennedy and Beech with the cast on his arm until Bing gets back. The Malkin line has been nothing short of Godlike. Don't mess that up!!@#$

NWO photoshop changed my life.

BlacknGold66 said...

I wouldn't really worry about what the lines are until tonight's game. What are we talkin' about here practice? Practice?!?! Not a game. Practice? We're talkin' 'bout practice.

I love how at work I can't get MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, etc. but I can check cblog non-stop. If they only knew...


shubedoo66 said...

Malone has been on and off the top line the past few games, I guess that no one else noticed. it started when Therrien wanted to "spread out the scoring". I like the Staal and Malone combination, they have some serious chemistry. Also I don't think Staal is over going to be back on wing. Right now, I think that he is a center on the third line and with Kennedy and Talbot, form a solid third line when sid is back. Dupuis should be just as good with malkin and sykora as talbot would be.

The Seeker said...

Here's a great rock style adaptation of the Pens' theme song, "Boys of Winter" by a band called Paradoxph:

Paradoxph - Boys of Winter

David said...

@brigid: I heard the same thing when watching the Isles HD feed on Tuesday night. Don't know if it HAPPENED, but it's what they said.

Mike Costa said...

I Just Watched The Monday Night War Before I Went To Bed Last Night Which Makes That nWo Photoshop Even Better. Finnaly My Hero (Jim Ross) Made It To Pensblog, Tis A Good Day. Go Pens

homesprout said...

That settles it!! I'm going to learn how to use Photoshop!! :-D

Go Pens!!

anonBILL said...

I know this was posted a few months ago. But can anyone help me find that link to the free photoshop-ish application? I cannot seem to find it anywhere. (its tough trying to do it at work and still look busy). Thanks.

The Bryan Murray PS was GOLD.

Go Pens!

Caroline said...

That reference back to the first Pensblog Charlie picture? Had me cracking up in the library.


Not BigRickPSU said...



chris e said...

@ Not BigRickPSU


The Shero plopping on the Canadians photoshop changed my life.

Lloyd said...

Great photoshop on the NWO photoshop. Well done.

Mike Georger said...

so i write a blog for the admissions office here at penn state, i definitely just submitted one suggesting that our new law school building is in the best shape of its life.

sh0ez said...

As everyone has already said, the N.W.O. Photoshop is clutch. Bringing JR into this was amazing. Did anyone else read that and actually hear him saying that in your head? WE have an on going joke between my friends where everything we do we have JR commentary.

Tonight's game is one of the most anticipated games of the year for me. This will rule.

Let's Go Pens.

Doppler said...

Here is a youtube clip of the guy winning the million dollars in Vancouver.

Sakic19 said...

Was at the Baby Pens game last night, Connor James missed a penalty shot but was up and down the ice all night...Bonvie got into another brawl adding another 15 PIMs to his AHL record, one would almost have to wonder if Gary Roberts was an older cousin who taught him how to use his fists...there are definetly alot of great prospects in W-B/Scranton, so any so-called "analyst" who says the cupboard is bare is totally wrong

Mike Georger said...

philly just signed that guy to a six year 42 million dollar deal.

Matt Gajtka said...

Thought I should introduce myself, continuing with the theme of the rest of the formerly anonymous commentors.

I'm 22 years old, born in Pittsburgh, grew up in Weirton, WV, currently living in Charleston, WV. (Yes, I get FSN Pittsburgh, thankfully.)

Started watching the Pens at the end of the 1997-98 season, didn't take a serious interest in them until the next season though. Saw my first game at the Mellon (then Civic) Arena Dec. 20, 1998. They lost 3-0 to the Kings but nonetheless I was hooked forever.

Mike Lange changed my life, to the extent that my life's goal is to be a play-by-play man in the NHL. I try to spread the hockey gospel here in the Mountain State.

My anticipation for this game tonight rivals the first game after the lockout/Sid's debut, Mario's comeback in 2000, and last year's first game of the playoffs.

Do it.

Matt Gajtka said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that I've been a devotee of The Pensblog since January 2007. I believe I followed a link from Empty Netters at the Post-Gazette's Web site.

LargeFarva said...

Would LOVE to see some points go to the "new guys" tonight, but would be satisfied with Gill laying someone out.
I've been a fan since the mid 80s and can only remember the excitement of the early nineties rivaling what we're in store for coming down the home stretch now.

J.S. said...

georger, I thought that Philly made him an offer for that price, but Kevin Lowe signed him for 8 years, 90 million.

J.S. said...

brigid, a friend of mine who also visits pensblog said that they mentioned it on the isles broadcast. But like somebody else mentioned, there's no idea how true it is. Something like that has to come out down the road from Colby. As much as that would have to suck at first, i'm sure he'd be the one to mention it when the time is right, if it did happen.

dying alive said...

Love the photoshops. I think the "Don't Hassel the Hoss" is my favorite. Ridiculous.

Is anyone else watching the clock more than usual today waiting for the game to start?

PittHockey said...

goddamn, I can't wait for the game

demondg1 said...

You wanna talk clutch, check out these shoe's Hossa's wearing.

lis said...

god damn....I hate school on game night!

BlacknGold66 said...

I was watching the game with "Brigid" so I also heard that Colby rumor. We have Center Ice so it was the Isles feed.

When I heard it, I didn't so much feel bad for Colby as I did for the other alleged players involved in the prank.

We may never know if it happened though. Besides, if it did, I would imagine Army's the kind of guy that can take it in stride.

Is it 7:38 yet?

chris e said...


You had better not wait until 7:30 to turn the game on...7:00 start tonight!

Dr. Turkleton said...

hope you're feeling better...mentioned a couple days ago, tried to see you up in E28 on Saturday-pregame...but didn't see a yellow hat in row 'G'...catch you next time in the Burgh

phil had some good predictions for trades, but...I went back thru C-blog & found what might be the winner: FLYER HATER

What would it take to get Hossa?


Ruutu-some joke-Laraque

Those top two lines would be the best in hockey.

2/25/2008 8:03 PM

talk about spot on !!!!!!!....

blueline said...

For as much as I liked Shero photoshopped as the Hulkster, the picture of Ray taking a fat smash on the Bell Center (not 're' if f'ing hosers...) makes my day.

Dr. Turkleton said...

here's an article summing up ATL's peeps thoughts of the trade [Hossa]

hope Geno keeps his head up if he ventures skating around the net...think Army would get Boo'ed then???? [Hossa!!!]

IceCold... said...

everyone needs to bow down to King Shero. and what i'm sure is a gigantic crap.

also, if i knew for sure that Lemieux ran the burgh i would sleep so much better at night, knowing that no evil could ever befall our beloved city ever again. i bet the rivers would even run blue!!! we need to make it so.

i think everyone should bring terrible towels to the game on sunday for myron. double yoi!!!

Ashley said...

If anyone's interested, I just posted a piece on the Million Dollar Shootout on Faceoff Factor

Pensblog Staff said...

Great job Ashley.

It will be a shame when that guy's wife leaves him for Kevin Lowe

FijiH2O said...

Since everyone seems to be introducing themselves...

I've been a season ticket holder for 14 years - I'm only a "newbie" here:-D

I found this blog when someone sent me a link to the Sid's ankle blog...I love it! Soooo much better than the Pens message board.

I received my WWGRD tshirt and mug yesterday (I really wanted a wrist band, but they don't have them in the store). Later in the evening, I read that rumors of GR's early demise were greatly exaggerated! WHAT A RELIEF! I love the fact that he has so many fans here. I was an admirer whn he played for the Panthers. I usually tune Steigy out, but when he started talking about GR, my ears perked up. I'm a sucker for a comeback story - he'll have another come back soon!

I'm right with all the others who check in several times a day for updates here. I might need a 12 step program soon:-D Last night the sight was down and I couldn't get a fix before going to bed. My butt should have been on the treadmill or at the gym this morning, but instead it was here! Now, I have to go and get ready for work...but I'll be back after the game!!!

RIP Myron

Stoosh said...

Because I'm insanely busy at work right now, this is the first time I've been able to check the blog all morning and quite honestly, my morning felt absolutely incomplete until now.

Like Lady Jaye said, this has absolutely become the first site I visit every time I jump online. The community here is great. Maybe it's the laid-back approach. Maybe it's the company of hockey fans who all have generally the same sense of humor.

I've typically found hockey fans to be among the most fun people to be around anyway, and I first discovered this when a much younger, much more svelte version of myself began attending Erie Panthers games with my Uncle Rich. He was a season ticket holder with our old ECHL team up in Erie, and going to games was like walking into a room full of 6,000 people who all knew each other and who were all happy to see you there. It's because of those games that hockey became my favorite sport.

I love hockey fans because we all harbor some level of a genuine appreciation, respect and understanding for the game...yes, even those who yell "SHOOOOOOT" way too much on the powerplay. We know how difficult it is for these players to do what they do. We're the last major pro sport whose players still seem to genuinely appreciate their fans...mostly because many of these players come from humble, common backgrounds and they remember what it was like to be a fan (a big reason why most hockey players aren't the egomaniacal pricks that most NFL, NBA and MLB players seem to be these days).

We're not an inherently hostile crowd who only use the game as excuse to get hammered out of their minds. We may very well be fueled by alcohol, but we're more like the happy drunk that everyone has as a friend, and even in our drunkenness, we are there for the game. In fact, we often shout down the people who treat the hockey games the same way some Steelers fans treat Steeler games.

Being a hockey fan is like being a part of one giant inside joke. People who aren't in on it don't quite understand what all the fuss is about. But once you let them in on it (take them to a game), they love it and they want to be a part of the same thing.

My wife seldom ever watched hockey before we met back in Oct. of 2001. Our first game was against Florida in the 2001-02 season the night Marty Straka slid into the boards and broke his leg. Since Sid's rookie year, Pens games take precedence over anything else on TV. She was mad when she missed the Sharks game last Sunday because she forgot it was on. She's still upset that Army was traded.

My mom and dad went to their first NHL game in Buffalo on February 10 (yes, they were at the Zednik game). I've talked to them probably five or six times since then, and every time, they mention how much fun they had and how they can't wait to get to a game in Pittsburgh. They want to see Crosby and "that Russian kid." They've watched just about every Pens and Sabres game that's been on TV since they went to that game a few weeks ago.

Maybe this all has something to do with the reasons why we all stick around here and make this a place to waste some time and bullshit about the Pens and other stuff. Or maybe I'm just overtired and in need of a nap or something. I'm not sure.

Hell of a way to waste time, though.

Ashley said...

Staff - hopefully she'll leave the money with Darwin

Nick Saia (usa) said...

the guy winning a millions buck was beautiful...

Pensblog Staff said...


Don't think we forgot about the shirts either, once things calm down
we are making them.

Thanks for the love all. We'll always say it. Without every single commentor in here, we would be nothing.


Ashley said...

I, too, am a Pensblog addict. I refresh C-blog every few minutes if I'm hanging around my room. It's nice to get the chance to talk about hockey because, even though I live in a hockey-mad place, the people here at school either don't give a damn about it, or hate the Penguins. I know, shocking eh?

So tPB and FF and my own itty bitty blog have become my way of talking about hockey with people who don't automatically call Crosby a 'whiner' every time the Pens are mentioned.

My best friend told me last week that I'm obsessed, and she is right. I haven't been a fan of the game my whole life, but it certainly didn't take me long to become a fan after sitting down to watch my first Stanley Cup Finals.

Those NHL "Just Like Me" commercials make us all laugh because 1) they're funny as hell and 2) we can't see how we're just like Joe Thornton...but at the same time, we DO see that there is not much separating us from these superstar athletes. Sure, they make more money in one year than I'll ever make - ever - but they're down to earth and not stuck up pricks like Stoosh was talking about.

Maybe the attitudes of hockey players rubs off a bit on hockey fans. We seem to be a friendlier bunch of people. It's all about having a good time.

So here we sit in front of our computers, posting comments on C-blog about our favourite team and sometimes about various hoser teams in the NHL. If that's patheticblog, then I guess that describes me as well.

Go Pens!

Lady Jaye said...

Anybody have an extra possible $1700 I can have for Pens playoff tix (that is, if they go all the way)... Ug, having a real hard time with needing to decline my playoff tickets when I know I'm going to pissed not being there... my sister's wedding is taking up all my extra $$. ARG. She's been holding off her wedding... why this year does she have to do it when the ending of the season is so exciting?

IceCold... said...

stoosh, love the blog. i feel like you really captured a true hockey fan. and i appreciate how you made me feel less insane, cause i'm probably not the only one who yells at the TV or dances around when something good happens even if there is no one else watching with me,haha.

i've only been at my new job for two months and i'm already known as that "crazy hockey girl". yesterday i was talking to a patient's parent about hockey and when a co-worker walked into the room, she looked at me and laughed and said " there she goes again, that crazy hockey girl". i have to say, i was elated to be known as such. and i love getting to share that here.

i don't post that much, or post anything of consequence really, but this website to me is the embodiment of everything i love about being a hockey fan.


Kristen PB said...

Wow, Testimonyblog today.

Maybe it has something to do with the "Hossanna in the Highest"'s got everyone in a spiritual mood, all feeling led to share how they came to hockey...talking about new converts they've won. I love it!

It's great to have this forum with other (true) fans of the game!

Sinops said...

lady jaye,
I feel your pain. I have season tickets in level F and there's no way I can afford to go to every game. I started selling some of my tickets on Ticketexchange through the penguins. Hoping to offset the playoff costs. I know everyone else will think I am a dick, but tickets are going for alot of money right now. That is an option to save money.

Greg said...

this too is the first site i check in the morning when i sit down at my desk. I don't post much but read it everyday. Right now the excitment of tonights game is getting to me. I have not done a thing since noon, (and that was check all my other normal reads) so all in all I have done pretty much nothing.

for all that are interested check out this link:

lets go pens!!!

sonofatruckload said...

wow it's weird to see them in different uniforms

Ashley said...

greg - that pic is still a little painful to see :(

Dr. Turkleton said...

heres a Boston article about, it's written by a guy (or gal?) named Fluto...

Will be renewing my tickets tonight online when I get home from bout those Igloo Seat Playoff Prices: Round 1-$150, 2-$180, 3-$215, Finals-$290....put me down for 2, please [my E level seats don't seem so bad when I look at those prices.....]

...everybody in the Greater PIT area: Make sure to stop & get Milk, Bread & TP for the 'Big Storm' tonight/tomorrow...

1-3 inches = mass hysteriablog


chris e said...

Crusher is supposed to be the one that was happy to go...Army looks happy as usual. (I think he will be ok, he is probably feeling better than most of us by now)

Lady Jaye said...

sinops > if i can convince the others in my plan to ditch our tix over the next four games, that's not a bad idea. I don't think they will though :) Ug... it is so going to pain me to click that "release my playoff tix" option. I could just get them and sell them, but if the rest of my group knew I had them, they'd never let me sell them. What to do: be financially responsible or go to pens games. lol.

wilsmith said...

I made a nice post, I thought, and when I hit send it failed and now I've lost it.

React to this as if you've just read something pleasant and insightful and it'll all be the same, I guess.

Sinops said...

lady jaye,
It is hard to go to almost every game, then have to sell most of the last eight games. But, we are talking about the playoffs, possibly cup finals. You have to go. My plan is to sell the first game then go to the rest (sell game 1 go to 2, 5, 7) or go to 4 and 6 sell 3. if you understand what I am talking about, looks confusing.

Lady Jaye said...

sinopes > Don't worry, I understand. And, oh yea, I agree. These playoffs are going to be so exciting... I am going to kick myself if I don't buy them. Yet, if none of the others in my package help me pay, then I'm broke :( And I have to build a fence this year in my yard for my kids. Hehe. Choices choices.

wilsmith > That was a very well thought out and written post. Your insight is always valuable. :) And that is all tongue in cheek.

Lady Jaye said...

sinops, I mean. Sorry to add extra unneeded vowels to your user name.

Flyer Hater said...

Anyone checks commentorblog throughout the entire day is not alone. Whenever I'm at a computer, it's the first thing that I open up. We're all c-blog addicts.

Flyer Hater said...


Tim Thomas=stunned

Sinops said...

lady jaye, I already have 4 vowels in my name, don't need anymore :)

sonofatruckload said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sonofatruckload said...

hossana in the highest is a brilliant nickname when you think about it

blessed is he who comes in the name of lord stanley?

BlacknGold66 said...

@Chris E

You're a life saver! Seriously!

@Doc Turk

Thanks man! I'm in a helluva lot of pain but it's healing nicely. My finger looks like it was taken off the set of "Friday the 13th" though. Nasty. Too bad I missed ya on Saturday.


Stoosh said...

GREG - I can see Army now in that pic...

"This isn't what I meant when I told Mario I wanted to be wearing the baby blue jerseys next year, eh?"

SINOPS - Where are your seats up in F? I occassionally meander up to F-balcony for some games, and I end up in F1, Row 1...right next to Dickie Dunn & family, in fact. Just curious.

hyjynxok said...

Greetings fellow Pens fanatics [the greatest fans in hockey - remember when that was on the ice & we were scared we'd lose our team?]

I am a reader of thepensblog for about a year now, a Pens fan since '93 [there wasn't much hockey where I grew up in Ohio... discovered the Pens late - still HUNGRY for experiencing cup win #1]

I posted yesterday in my excitement without introducing myself first. You can call me Hyjynx [my dj name] - I've been supporting the Pens in Hollywood, CA since 2001 [time to switch to DirectTV next year, I want the NHL network not just NHL Center Ice on Time Warner...] originally from around Youngstown Ohio.

First let me say how thankful I am for thepensblog... its the first thing I read every day to get my daily laughs & Pens stuff in.

Ok, now on to my actual post:

We are 1 point out of 1st in the conference/division & we just got better while the other teams at the top were mostly stagnant...

Seriously, we havent been this awesome since the late 90's, I keep pinching myself every day to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Here's a fun video to get your blood going for tonight:

This clip gets my vote for #1 youtube video ever. So many quotes from Mike Lange all in one game! Classic.

Sinops said...

I am on the other end of the arena. F19.

mizzdz said...

Stumbled upon this site about 2 weeks ago and was going to post something regarding my addiction. I see now that others feel the same way.

E30 season tix here (4) and feeling the pain in my purse for the playoffs and next season's deposit. There goes our tax refund, but hey. Life is too short to not drink beer and watch hockey, right?

My name is Mizz and I too am a Pensblogahololic.

stokes said...

yes not bigrickpsu. i completely understand your patheticness. Its what keeps me up at night and makes me late for work.

Dr. Turk: as soon as i heard what the trade deal was, it snapped me back to Cblog, where i knew i had read it but i couldn't remember who said it. i was not about to track it down on tuesday. but yeah, flyer hater and phil may be the same person: Gary Roberts.

I think that people regard hockey players as genuine because i really think they are. Hockey is the ultimate team sport and everyone on the bench has to pull their weight, or the team won't succeed. in a place like The Burgh, we can dig that; moreover people anywhere can dig that because most people work hard at what they do for their chunk of change they get at the end of the week(or two). Hockey players go balls out for :45- 1:00, they play hurt, they laugh at pain and they'll the most skilled guys in sports. that's why i love hockey.

i've been on here for a while, like august or something, but the only thing i will share is this: i was three when Mario was drafted. i used to play hockey in the garage with my Penguin give-away hockey stick and pretend i was Mario except i couldnt pronounce his name. it was mario mamiuex. i had a problem with "L's" apparently. and i've been a Pens fan ever since.

Cblog+Pensblog= Killerest site on Gore

The Seeker said...

This all reminds me of the old 60's song, "I Wanna Testify". OK...I'm again showing my age.

I must be the "old guy" around here?

My Dad was a WWII Marine Gunny Sergeant who loved the game of hockey. We used to take the TRAIN to Erie, Hershey, Johnstown, and Cleveland to watch hockey games before the Pens had an NHL team. We'd go to the Civic Arena to see the Hershey Bears play the Pittsburgh Hornets from 1961-1967.

When Pittsburgh got an NHL franchise, I was at the first home game versus Montreal 40 years ago (2-1 loss).

My Mom thought it was a brutal game and used to hide her eyes when someone spilled blood, but I'll always remember my Dad saying: "It ain't a hockey game til there's blood on the ice". Of course that happened a lot more often when goalies didn't wear masks and players wouldn't wear helmets.

I remember the Pittsburgh Hornets sweeping the Rochester Americans to win the Calder Cup....our third championship!

Anyhow, I've skated and played the game all my life...even before you could BUY hockey equipment in Western PA. Back then, Firestone Tire also had appliance (refrigerators, radios, TVs) and sporting goods stores. That's where we'd get sticks, skates, pads, and pucks. I still have a pair of pumpkin-colored leather hockey gloves made by Rawlings that are over 40 years old!!

BlacknGold66 said...

I think icecold suggested it earlier about bringing Terrbile Towels to Sunday's game...

But the Penguins have officially announced that they are going to honor Cope before Sunday's game and asked that people bring or buy a Towel at PennStation.

As if Sunday's game wasn't going to be emotional enough with Colby back on the ice in a Thrashers uniform.

Hip said...

Hossanna in the Highest is just brilliant. Seriously. Kudos to whoever thought that one up.

Glad to see Army looking as goofy as ever. I'm feeling better about it all... just a bit nervous for Sid. In all honesty he's kinda a tightass dork. I get the sense that Whit and Max and the rest do like him, but I've always seen Army as a bit of a lifeline for him. As long as they stay friends - I'm obsessed with male bonding and I just have to picture them visiting each other this summer for shits and giggles.

Lady Jaye - I'd jackslap my sister if she tried to pull that stunt. Fortunately I don't have a sister. But still.

Robert Edward Healy, III said...

Unreal NWO theme.

Pensgirl said...

Lady jaye, how about finding people to buy a couple games with you up front so you can buy the season ticket holder's playoff package. I don't live in Pgh anymore, so that would probably be my only chance to see some playoff games. I bought a six-game pack despite living in Baltimore (do what ya can to see 'em, y'know?), but I don't know if we're offered any type of playoff package. If any season ticket holder would be willing to let me join in and rotate a game or two from them, I'd absolutely do it. And I'm certain I'm not the only one.

Yeah, it means you'd miss some of the games, and yeah, it means you wouldn't make a profit like with reselling them, but it would be up-front cash and you'd be helping people who likely can't afford the scalp prices.

coffeytalk said...

Glad to see Talbot got to keep #25. Gill has taken #2.

Is it 7:00 yet???


Doppler said...

So living here in upstate NY I don't have the game on tv tonight. I will be listening to the X on line though.

No I don't have center ice either. I'm on the road for my job most of the time so it would be wasting money. I will be away for two months starting next week. Thank Gary Roberts I have access to a satellite.

I do watch the Pens as much as I can.

I do get the New York teams on my cable of course, the Thrashers will be on against the Isles, so I will be watching that game while listening to the Pens. Curious to see how Army and Christensen do.

Would love to see Hossa get a hat trick in his first game.



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