Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hold Your Breast. PENS WIN.


[ recap]

Not only is the view up here pretty nice, but it makes it easier to partake in one of our favorite hobbies.

What a way to wrap up a solid weekend.

There are so many little pleasures in life.
Beating the Fyers just feels good.



--Durbano-- --Lauren--

--R. Richter-- --Jimmy T--

--Nicholas E-- -Fleury29--


--Lloyd J.-- --A Bizz--




The early going of the first period was mud and a half.
Neither team was doing anything. It was a joke.

But that all changed when Maxime Talbot decided to go to the box for a double minor.
Slash = Not a good decision
Job to the face = Not a good decision

Flyers powerplay is unreal.
And the Pens paid for those penalties when RJ Umberger found a loose puck and gave Conkblock sweet chin music.


The Pens killed off the second penalty, but the damage was done.

The rest of the first period was turning into snoozeblog, with the Flyers almost putting one home to make it 2-0.
But Conk was making the routine saves.

The first frame hit the homestretch, and you were contemplating another loss to the Flyers.
But the Jesus comes out of nowhere.

The Pens worked it up the ice, all five Pens touching the puck.
Letang takes a hit, gets it to Gonchar. Gonch jobs it up the boards to Malone.
Malone one-touches it Malkin. Malkin glides into the zone.
Sykora was waiting for it on the right wing.
He holds in the wrister button and beats Biron far side.


The Pens were beasts for the rest of the period.

One of those stretches of beastality was shortened when Jarkko Ruutu and Steve Downie threw down.

Both guys got in some solid punches, but the story of the fight was Steve Downie skating away from the fight like a schoolgirl.

There must have an offer in the locker room shower he could not refuse.

Seriously, though. That's Philly's enforcer?
That's funny.

All afternoon, the refs were afraid to call penalties on the flyers.
Jordan Staal got a stick to the chops, but apparently that means Erik Christensen did it to someone, too.

During the 4-on-4 action, Ryan Malone takes a shot on net.
Derian Hatcher deflects it into the stands.
No biggie.

But then Hatcher cross checks Malone for no reason at all.

It starts a huge skirmish in front of the Flyers net that saw Malkin get blasted with a left hand from Scott Hartnell.

Did anyone see Ryan Malone's face when he saw that? Oh man.

Naturally, the Pens came out of that with a solid 4-on-3.
They had 40-some seconds to work on it in the first, but no dice.


Severe Weather Advisory

The high winds in the Pittsburgh area today baffled local meteorologists, until the news came that today was Gary Roberts' first full workout since going down with a broken leg.



The Pens cashed in early in the second on that 4-on-3.
Malkin gets it to Gonch, who floats one to the net. Big goal.

Picture: John Stevens ask the refs to disallow the goal because a little boy in the stands distracted goalie Biron.


This was the Pens first lead against the Flyers this season.

After a couple minutes, Scott Hartnell comes in and gets a shot off on Conk.
In the background after the whistle, you see BGL giving Hartnell the how-do-you-do for that Malkin punch in the first.

For the second time in the game, a Flyer grabs Daryl Sydor's stick and has sex with it.
Holding penalties (and intereference penalties, for that matter) don't exist anymore.

Since that Sykora goal, the Pens had dictated the action.
They spent about four minutes in the Flyers zone during one stretch in the second.
Malkin was everywhere again.

Mark M.

That stretch was followed by some more great Penguins hockey.
They Flyers couldn't get in deep, shots were coming from the perimeter.

Around the middle of the period, Armstrong completely annihilates some pour soul.
The Flyers cry about it.

Special delivery for the flyers

That hit didn't disrupt the Penguins' ongoing domination of this game.
What a second period this was.

This period was punctuated by another unreal display of the Malone-Malkin-Syko line.
Malkin takes advantage of Vandermeer not having a stick, swoops around, one-knees a one-timer past Biron.

Malkin's parents have been in all weekend.

Get them a house to stay in.
[ Thanks to Matt N. for the screenshot]

During the announcement of the Malkin goal, another anomaly happens, when Barbero has to stop between announcing the goal and assists to announce the "One minute remaining in the period."

They Flyers don't know what hockey is, so they just start trying to light people up instead of playing positionally sound hockey during that second period.
Just a terrible display by the Flyers.

Just before intermission, Flyers officials issue an Amber Alert for Dorothy Briere.
Does he still play for the Flyers?



The worst possible thing to happen to start the third period...happened.

Umberger got things going, grabbing a rebound in front of the net.
Conklin makes a solid save, but the rebound goes back to Umberger's stick.


Then another mistake comes, when the Flyers catch the Pens on a line change.
Jeff Carter gets a semi-breakaway, but Whitney hooks him.

Huge PK on the way.

The Pens kill that off, and unreal end-to-end hockey ensued.
Christensen had the Pens best chance, but instead of just unleashing a wrister and praying, he was thinking about doing the dipsy-do and lost control of the puck.

There was 10:00 left, and it was survivorblog.
The Flyers were pressing, and the Pens were on the heels.

Later on, Jeff Taffe jumps onto Malkin's line out of nowhere for the 20th time of the game.
He almost puts one home.

Before the Flyers can get it out of the zone after that chance, Malkin grabs it and feeds a wide-as-balls-open Letang on the right point.
Letang jobs in, Derian Hatcher decides to screen his goalie.
LeGame just picks his spot.


The next time Malkin was on the ice, he picked the puck up with his glove and threw it out of the zone.
That's a penalty. We'll put the blame on Kris Beetch just because.

Kimo Timmonen ruins the Flyers PP when he hooks up Jordan Staal on a shorthanded chance.
What a mistake.

Father Time became a big deal, and the Flyers had to pull Biron.
Conklin gets jobbed by the zamboni door, and the Flyers get a big cheapo goal.

The makes LeGame's goal even bigger.

The Flying Penises call a timeout and almost tie the game up, making you hold your breast. But no dice.
Ryan Malone runs into Timmonen at the end. Great thing to see.


Flyers fans = STUNNED



--R.Richter-- --BlacknGold66--

-Lloyd J. the scoreboard says " Fyers = stunned"--

--Jason G--


Potash has a solid interview with Malkin.
Did anyone get this on youtube yet?

--A Bizz--

  • Malkin: 1G, 3A
  • Sykora: 1G, 1A
  • Gonch: 1G
  • Conk: 27 saves

  • PFC Louden Downie is a joke. What a vaj.
  • If this Malkin line stays hot, who else from the Pens gets promoted to the top line with Sid when he returns?It's a solid problem to have.
  • If Derian Hatcher played for the Pens, we would kill ourselves. What a liability.
  • MVP chants for Malkin should be sprouting up in the next week or two.
  • Again, Daniel Briere. Wow.
  • We'll always hate Mike Richards. But at least he shows up.
  • Pens have sent MAF down to the baby Pens for rehab.
  • Congrats to readers "blackngold66" and "Fleury29". They came in from out of state to see two wins.

Flyers photoshops we didn't get to use:

--Cody G-- --Rick S.--

--Jere-- --Will Smith--

--J Schiff--

--Amber and Nikki --

--David K.--

--Allison N.--


--Justin-- --Eric H--


Go Pens


Flyer Hater said...

Best recap of the year. I LOL'ed every 5 seconds.

Go over to the Flyers message boards, there's an extreme hatred for Danielle Briere. I think they signed this bum to an 8 year deal with a no movement clause. What a mistake.

seeker said...

BlacknGold66 & Fleury29 need to come into Pittsburgh more often to attend games....two games, two wins.

You bring us good luck!!

Ryan said...

The flyers are mud. Downie is a girl.

Great recap.

My two cents on the who's on Sid's line when he gets back debate...

You can't break up Malkin-Malone-Syko right now, and even though the all center line isn't scoring, they're getting great chances consistently.

I say put Colby back with Sid, along with either JFK or Roberts, depending on when they all get healthy.

Whatever though, it's a great problem to have.

Geno = MVPBlog. The scoring race with him and Ovie down the stretch is going to be unreal.

Mike Costa said...

He He I'm 2 - 0 Ushering Section E29, I'm Gonna Ask To Stay There For The Time Being. Onto The Game, Soild. Playoff Feeling To It And It Was Amazing. Stand Up And Give Yourself A Round Of Applaouse Pens Fans. You Deserve It.

David said...

WHHHOo! great game, great reacap, and great photoshop by me(if i do say so myself lol).

seeker said...

Is there anywhere that might have a copy of that video clip from 'Animal House' shown on the Jumbotron where they are voting for prospective frat pedges and everyone boos the guy in the Flyers jersey?

PS: I hear AO had a 3 pt game today putting him at 76 and Malkin at 73.

J.R. said...

1. Senators - 72 points, 56 GP
2. Penguins - 69 points, 56 GP

Both teams have five games before they meet on February 23 at the Igloo.

CBC-televised game.

#1 seed. Do it.

Anonymous said...

definitely started busting out laughing at this recap, the photoshops are dice. my roomies just don't understand what i'm laughing at and it's impossible to explain how funny this shit is.

i'm glad there was a photoshop and reference to charlie awaiting downie in the locker room lol... but I also had an idea when the 3 flyers were in the penalty box that charlie was in there as well.... need to find a pic of them cryers and photoshop that.

go pens!

Anonymous said...

I remember reading somewhere that Malkin's parents are in for 2 weeks, hopefully he can keep up the monster performances for them!

Lloyd said...

Also on the jumbotron in the 2nd intermission:

Gary Roberts counted to infinity... twice.

Gary Roberts killed the dinosaurs.


the cotton candy guy is my homeboy.

and some jobber wrote something on there and didnt spell zamboni right... spelled it zambohi.

We need to spam that thing one game when we know someone will be there for pics. Staff, can you guys set up a date to do that? and is it always in the 2nd intermission (my first game this year)?

seeker said...

mike costa:

I was in your section today! I even tried to tip the usher (don't know which of the two you are?) as I always do, but he wouldn't take it.

Ryan said...

From espn's recap:

"When we play against them, we have problems like people throwing popcorn on our bench," Malkin said. "I don't really like to play against them. ... I don't like that team. It's something that's a little bit extra."

vinnie said...

Lloyd, yes, the guy who manages the incoming text messages regularly runs them between the 2nd & 3rd periods.

I was howling at the flyers = stunned text. Way to go whoever got that through.

Great recap, guys. The guys on the Pens Patrol are faithful readers, by the way.

Ryan said...

hey I think that Brian dude was just on the Grammys...they showed the 3 finalists and said to call in and vote for the winner.

No sign of the WWGRD wristband, but he had a suit on so the sleeves were probably in the way...

Anonymous said...

Wooo saw Brian Fitzgerald on TV...hope to hell he wins :)

Killadelphia said...

You shitheads win one fucking game and you act like you've just won the Stanley fucking Cup. Blow me.

Nathan said...

I was trying to think during yesterday's games exactly why any intelligent hockey fan would rather have Mike Richards than Sidney Crosby. Then I remembered that only Flyers fans feel that way and answered my own question.

@killadelphia: You stay classy, Flyers fans. Just like your joke of a hockey team.

bigray said...

it may be one game, but it was a 4pt game pal

and no one really loses back to back games in the atlantic...except philly

geezer said...

Hey Pens fans guess what? Pens getting better and better. Good. Flyers getting worse and worse better. Pens beat Flyers in alley and on ice, priceless.

Malkin=Beast! Penguins=Heart!

BlacknGold66 said...

Just got back to Cleveland. Warning... the wind and snow are coming.

Thanks Staff for the kudos. We had a great weekend. 99.9% of the Pittsburgher's we met/talked to/etc. were kind even though we're Clevelanders.

We sat in the same seats for both games with a clear view of Mario's suite. Gary Roberts was up there for both games. He made eye contact with the gentleman next to me.... God rest his soul.

Saturday's game was great... but today's game was just unreal. Great crowd!!

I love this team!!!!


bigray said...

the downie getting on the bus photoshop was great

Anonymous said...


I'm surprised you still remember how fans of Stanley Cup winning teams act. Someone's been taking their choline. :)

32 years and counting, baybee.

Anonymous said...

Who says Crosby gets to center the first line when he's healthy and ready to play again? If Sykora/Malkin/Malone keep getting things done, they're still the #1 unit.

Flyer Hater said...

Anon @ 9:02, Crosby centers the first line, period. He's the best player in the world.

Jess said...

Here is the link to the Malkin's a little rough but good for him for trying!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, that was Brian Fitzgerald!

We, a lot of his fam, live in the burgh and love the Pens.

He loved making the Gary Roberts song.

He especially likes the lyrics...
"Coo, coo, Ruutu
Mr. Roberts, sir
Pens’ fans love you more than you will know" - haha

Thanks so much to all of you out there in C-blog who have voted for him and commented on his vid.


Pensblog Staff said...

We heard that Brian tried to wear the WWGRD wristband and CBS wouldn't let him.

But he did say that he is getting a picture with the foo fighters and wwgrd.

Hopefully he sneaks the wwgrd band on if he wins

christina said...

bravo, gentlemen. great recap for a great game.

malone was ready to kill hartnell when he sucker punched malkin. holy shit that was scary. gotta love him for having malkin's back like that.

malkin is just at another level right now. imagine what happens when sid comes back - we already know he'll be possessed, but with if the malkin line keeps this up too...oh man.

excellent photoshops, all - the Le-Tang one is gold.


Anonymous said...

the game was amazing, no doubt...

but the comment about hold your breast...

just one more reason I have a love/hate relationship with FSN.

EmDubs said...

Malkin and Letang look like they are figure skating in the pic of them celebrating Letang's goal.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the shot of Gary Roberts in the luxury box with Mario? Bob Errey starts yelling about Gary drinking water. awesome.

Anonymous said...

Well Brian, I tried :(

Emily said...

So how lucky am I that this was my first Pens game? (Yeah, I'm a little slow on the upkeep, despite having been born and raised in PGH)

Killadelphia...your nickname alone proves what an ignoramus you are. Boo hoo, the Pens beat your precious Flyers. Philadelphia = scum.

Go Pens.

GordyHowitzer said...

"If this Malkin line stays hot, who else from the Pens gets promoted to the top line with Sid when he returns?"

If the Malkin line stays hot, who does Sid play with on the 2nd line? Nothing wrong with Sid easing his way back into game shape taking 2nd line minutes for a few games.

canaanregulatesblog said...

richard zednik video from his neck getting sliced tonight...

FireFox said...

Wow, what a game! Beating the Flyers was a must today. Not only did we beat our rivals but it solidified our first place standing in the division. Great stuff.

I too am someone who traveled from out of state for these games. I am going to the Boston game on Wednesday as well and then I have to go back home. :( Still, this was the time of my life. I called in a favor that was offered to me not to long ago. That favor got me "Wives Room" passes to the arena. I can't tell you how embarrasing how it is to be 2 guys (me and my brother) walking around with passes that say this. Turns out they all say this. Still, why can't they say "family pass" or something. Whatev.

Needless to say we managed to see nearly every player on the team, even Geno. However, since we were rounded up with the team's families, we didn't talk with to many of them. I am a fan, but I am not going to be a dick and go autograph jobbing while they are with their kids. Being there was cool enough.

When it looked like all the players were gone, we walked out the same door they do and went up to the spot outside where they stop their cars to give autographs. There 3 people there with a backpack full of shit being autograph whores. They were fighting with each other about what to get signed. Then when Kris LeGame pulls up to sign a couple, the whores cut in front of me to get all there shit signed. All I wanted was my Ice Time signed. Then one of them actually asks to use my sharpie. Seriously? However karma was on my side when the guy in the group bitches about LeTang smearing the signature on the goalie helmet he got signed. Suck it you ebay autograph whore...suck it.

Anyway great game, great times and a great big steaming pile of shit on the Flyers.

Pensgirl said...

Brave Steve Downie ran away,
Bravely ran away, away.
When Ruutu reared back and hit his head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Steve Downie turned about
And gallantly, he chickened out. Bravely taking to his feet,
He beat a very brave retreat,
Bravest of the brave, Steve Downie.

And yes, Malkin's parents are here for two weeks.

Ashley said...

I caught the game on the radio with Lange and Bourque. Good times. They commented on how they never said Briere or Gagne's name all afternoon. I guess that's what happens when you don't get up for the game. That's fine, we'll take the division lead.

What was up with Downie wussin' out of the fight? When Bourque said that Downie just turned around and left, I had to laugh. Guess he just can't take Ruutu.

Offtopicblog - I know Kanye West is good at what he does, and he probably does deserve all these awards, but holy shit could he be any cockier??? I hate it when people think that they are God's gift to everyone...

Jonny V said...

Continued from last post, with a special thanks to Gary Roberts for the early send home from drill, but a big WTF for knocking my cable and interwebs off. Not cool dude.

"The first frame hit the homestretch, and you were contemplating another loss to the Flyers.
But the Jesus comes out of nowhere." And everyone knows nobody fucks with the Jesus

Don't know if she'd see this on the last post, but Lady Jaye's updated namesake.

Holy shnikies, would it have killed the Grammy people to let all three of the finalists play? It's awesome he got to go there. Holy shit what the hell is Kanye West wearing. He has like neon necklace things glued to his vest.

And This Last Paragraph Is Going To Be Done Mike Costa Style...Can Anyone Remember All Of The Moaning And Question Marks At The Beginning Of The Season? Our Backup Goaltenders Are Dany Sabourin And Ty Conklin?!?!? What's Wrong With Fleury? Why The Hell Is Recchi On The First Line? What's Isn't Malkin Scoring? Gary's Showing His Age! All Of The Injuries We've Had. All Of The Questioning Of Therrien And King Shero. Where Are We Today? Top Of The Division Baby! Marinate A Little Bit On That Till Wednesday...

Andrew said...

Anon @ 9:20:

"There's Gary Roberts. Look at him drinking the water!"

Maybe he was just surprised it wasn't the blood of his victims.

Great game, great recap, "Flyers = stunned" made my night, as well as the pictures of the stunned Flyers fans. Awesome.


Jonny V said...

Canaan, good God. He lost so much blood he collapsed into the trainer's arms by the time he made it to the bench. All prayers should be with him.

Firefox, sounds like you had a good experience, and good looking for not being one of those lame autograph hoowers. Those people are on my list of most loathsome, right behind paparazzi and Shaun White. Flying Tomato can kiss my ass.

wilsmith said...

Yeah somehow I missed that Zednik thing.. has anyone heard anything else about it yet? That's scary, I don't know how many times playing I've been in the same situation with the check and the feet flying in the air. Freak accident, hope he's alright. It's hard to watch even though you don't see a whole lot of blood clearly, just knowing the situation makes it tough.

and killadelphia -- whatev.
When the Flyers won the earlier games Philly fans acted like they had the cup locked up because they beat the Pens. We're not celebrating beating the Flyers, we're celebrating winning a divisional game, and getting a four point lead on those clowns.

Are we extra-pumped its against the Flyers? Yeah, sure. It's a four point game. If anything, you're trying to call out people for doing exactly what you kids do. The pot calling the kettle black? Dishing it out but not taking it? Take your pick. You're acting like a Downie. He can throw the cheapshots and the punches, but he'll just walk away when it's time to go with a formidable foe.

I've never met a Flyer fan with any sense of perspective. One game is game 7 of the finals, no matter what.

I've used this line before, but hey, c'mon, talk shit when your entire city, franchise and fanbase isn't the punchline for every poor sportsmanship joke.

Doppler said...

Don't know if anyone posted this yet. Video clip of Downie giving up.

You have to love how Ruutu hangs in there and takes the punches and was looking to give back some more.

I would love to see Downie try that crap on Roberts. Oh wait he's finding out he can't fight real men.

Madden said...

I hate RJ Scumberger

DeathByEmu said...

..if Geno passes Alex..will they notice? I listen to Hockey coverage all day on XM..they will barely bring it up. But I'll know if Mats Sundin bats his eyes. I'll know if O.A. has gas. They'll tell me if Spezza is considering changing from whole milk to 2%. your backside Vechie, if you are gonna take a run at your buddy, be prepared to have him run you down in the points race.
..and a big "Hi Mom!" to Mrs. Geno..welcome you and mr. Malkin to the Burgh!

ps omg Shitnik almost died tonite..scary stuff..jugular vein=serious

Stoosh said...

My mom and dad were at that Buffalo game tonight...first NHL game they've ever attended. I'll have to ask them what it was like there.

Scary, too, that this happened in Buffalo. I remember watching the news reports of Malarchuk's injury when I was a kid, and I still have a hard time watching it on tape. I can't imagine sitting in the arena and seeing that.

TSN says Zednik is in stable condition and will be kept for observation because he lost an awful lot of blood, but it sounds like he's going to be OK.

Kudos to the medical personnel for attending to him so quickly there.

Anonymous said...

BlacknGold66 said...

Anyone know where I can find that video of Malone being interviewed after a game while Malkin is waving at the camera and face washing Malone???

Anonymous said...


Stoosh said...

KILLADELPHIA - How's the view from third place, chump?

Other than that, Wilsmith pretty much said it. No one here is acting like we won the Cup. We won won game against an archrival and, oh gave us a four-point lead in the division over that same archrival. Fans of your team had no problem coming over here and spewing your crap when the Flyers were winning earlier this year.

Your squad did everything today but play hockey. When the Flyers weren't running their mouths or engaging in their little push-and-shove-fests after EVERY SINGLE WHISTLE, they were bitching to the officials every time the Pens gave it right back to them. And more often than not, the officials were giving the Flyers the benefit of the doubt today, either with calls that went against the Pens or with non-calls that clearly should've been calls against the Flyers.

And then the coup de grace...the grandaddy of them all...the large nacho with extra cheese...was your franchise's new golden boy, Steve Downie.

Yes, Steve Downie...this was the multi-talented, edgy prospect who was the perfect fit for the Flyers organization. This kid was the fearless, physical grinder who would stand up to anybody, punch them in the mouth AND score a goal or two on the way. This was the kid who every Flyers fan would love because he harkens back to the glory days of Bobby Clarke and the Broad Street Bullies.

He ran his mouth during the first period. He finished a couple of checks and then tried to get some stuff going afterwards while the play was still going on. And when Ruutu - who MIGHT be the fourth-best fighter on the Pens behind Laraque, Malone and Roberts - finally answered the bell and decided to take him to task, Downie got punched back a few times and what happened? He punked out like a little kid. He picked up his ball and went crying home to mommy. He quit. He fucking quit.

Like I said in the other post, Steve Downie's example today was a perfect microcosm for the Flyers team. The Flyers deserve a cheap-shotting, loud-mouthed, all-talk, no-walk fraudulent piece of crap like Steve Downie. Steve Downie deserves a no-class organization like the Flyers.

Whistler said...


Best recap over. The tampon delivery made me bust out laughing.

Great job on the Shopjobs.. You guys are awesome. The School Bus one has to be an instant classic...

What a win guys. It's sweet living knee-deep in idiot country. My drive to work tomorrow will so much sweeter...

snickerdoodles said...

Great recap, fellas! I was laughing my butt off.
As for killadelphia, maybe downie can give him/her/it a hug.

wilsmith said...

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Briere was absolutely invisible all game, even moreso after getting decked in the face by Whitney (yes, Whitney) during one of the many post-whistle scrums. (And just think, Flyers fans, you get Briere and his $6.5-million-a-year cap hit for the That's gotta sting.)

Gagne reportedly left after the first period (I think it was the first) with recurring concussion-like symptoms. I think we can blame Downie for that; it may have been the concussive reverberations caused by those four or five punches that Ruutu landed on the back of the skull of Downie that may have made Gagne dizzy. Or perhaps it was just the very sight of Downie taking said blows to the head.

(I'm my disgust for the Flyers shining through here just a smidge? I feel like that might be the case.)

Jonny V said...

Eloquently written StooshpronouncedStush.

And am I mistaken, or while Potash was doing the story about the ice below the arena, did he say "it doesn't take a brain scientist..."? Just thought that was funny.

Wow. There's a naked guy walking around in the snow on KDKA news right now.

canaanregulatesblog said...

malkin interview @7:10 mark.

Whistler said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the most National Anthem shots we've had all year.

Good Work!

Stoosh said...

Three more thoughts...

1. Ray Shero's first three moves this offseason in no particular order - re-sign Ryan Malone, extend Evgeni Malkin's contract, and convince Conklin to stick around.

2. The dude who had the "Losers Since" #75 jersey is a shining example of why the "customized jersey" feature on was created.

3. Dear Sirs,

I would like to politely ask that you refrain from making any further correlations between my name and that of Flyers rookie winger Steve Downie.

I saw the game today and not even PFC William Santiago would've run away from a fight the way Steve Downie did today. Louden Downey thinks of his unit before himself. Louden Downey respects the code.

Steve Downie does neither and quite frankly, Lance Corporal Dawson is starting to make fun of me because my last name sounds like Downie's.

PFC Louden Downey

Stoosh said...

JONNY V - Who the hell is drunk/crazy enough to be walking around outside, period, right now? I took our dog out a little while ago and even he said, "Fuck this, man!"

Excellent last paragraph - Mike Costa-style - on your 9:51 PM post, by the way. As the PB staff always says, it's a long season.

stokes said...

Jonnhyv: Eight years olds, dude, eight year olds. Nice Mike Costa style.

Did Braydon Coburn get his rectal injury in a little "locker room accident?" maybe involving Dorothy Briere?

The Zednik Cut: pukeblog. Wow. i can't belive he made it to the bench. What a tough MFer. Thoughts going out to him and his family.

Staff, what a fucking solid-ass recap. I laughed my ass off. I don't even want to think about how lame the 700level post was. probably bad enough for Al Gore to regret ever inventing the internet.

I thought that Riley Cote was the Cryers enforc...oh wait, that's just as bad. Why don't they hire a Girl Scout Troop be the their enforcer...

Stoosh, c'mon man! everyone knows this isn't a rivalry! ask the flyer fans! they told us so after the last game we played against them. you know, after 40 years of playing each other and being across the state from one another and fighting for the division lead, everyone knows this isn't a rivalry! what a bunch of fucking idiots. philthy makes me want to puke.

Durbano said...

"I was howling at the flyers = stunned text. Way to go whoever got that through."

Thanks, that was me ... but I somehow missed the photo op.

What a great weekend. 500-mile round trip and spent too much money, but seeing back-to-back wins in person is tough to top.

blades09 said...

Watching hockey since the 70s, and I've never seen a guy walk away from a fight like Downie did. Jay Caufeld's post-game comment was gentle: "Yeah, you don't see that very often." LOL.

@ Blackandgold66: "God rest his soul" comment made me lose it!

Jonny V said...

Stoosh, apparently naked boy waaas on something...who'd've guessed?

The link Be sure to click on the video on the right of the page. He wasn't even shivering! And imagine your at Arby's, eating your roast beef, and looking up and seeing this weirdo. All that can be said is, drugs are bad...mmmkay??

Bert said...

Looks like my prediction, made in the cblog the day after Crosby went down, may come true. "From All-Star snub to being mentioned in the MVP race."

Great win!!

I knew as soon as I heard Errey say "Hold your Breast", you guys would name the post after it.

I'm so glad I have two tickets to the Sens game on 2/23!!!

Lady Jaye said...

I'm lagging behind in my comments...

jonny v > Hehe, thanks for that pic. I actually have the figure sitting on the shelf in my cube at work next to a Care Bear my daughter gave me for christmas ;) I'm a total 80s child. I'm looking for a Scarlet figure now.

Staff > Excellent recap. This one had me laughing more than usual... I think that might have something to do with it being the Flyers.

Guy w/ Losers Jersey > That guy was awesome. he sat a few sections over in F and it looked like folks kept coming up to him to get a picture of the jersey. My b/f got the one on here while he was out smoking ;) Although somebody mentioned in my row that it would still kill them to put on a flyers jersey no matter what it had on it.

And any of you guys Pensblog reader in F4 row C around seats9 or 10 or maybe 11 or 12? You guys are in front of us and just cracked us up ;)

jt said...

Briere's only good on the PP which basically sums up the entire Flyers team. Lange said 39% of their goals are on the PP. Yeah, good luck keeping that up in the playoffs (if they make it). I've never seen so many lucky bounces go the Flyers way, it's been like that all series this year.
Great recap. Huge win. Malkin = MVP

ripney66 said...

Hubby and I were in B16 yesterday proudly sporting our Conkwear. It got lots of laughs and more than a few puzzled looks. I didn't see any other shirts. Where was everyone?!?!

The Malkin interview is on the FSN Pittsburgh web site.

Ahhh gotta love Phillysmackdownblog.

Fleury29 said...

I hate to post this, since we're at 66 comments and that's a great number but I saw three wins. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

This has been the greatest extended weekend of my life.

Brett said...

LOVING that white flag photoshop at the addendum.

Lady Jaye said...

ripney > I didn't get mine yet. But I got the shipment confirmation today for our WWGRD shirts! I'm still debating on not wearing my jersey one day to sport it... but then if we lose I will feel like it's my fault for breaking tradition :)

Mike Costa said...

Seeker, That Was Me. I Don't Take Tips Because It's My Job And Knowing That I Got You To The Right Place Is Good Enough For Me

ripney66 said...

Lady, glad to see I'm not alone there. Took us 20 minutes to decide between the old-faithful jerseys and the new shirts. It appears we have chosen wisely.

Does anyone know if any players are aware of Pensblog, and now storeblog, for that matter?

seeker said...

You're OK Mike!

But, I've been tipping ushers at the arena for 40 years now. My Dad taught me to always do that.

Crappy seats, but I was just so glad to be at that game no matter where they were.

My kudos to you and the arena staff.

Anonymous said...

Malkin Is Overrated and Overhyped

1. O.K. Which one of you assholes told me that MALKIN WILL MAKE THE ALL STAR TEAM and to get used to it, when I said that every team had forwards that were better than him.

2. You fucking idiots should listen to people who know something about hockey. Malkin the All Star. Rolley Eyes

3. I could find anther dozen forwards who are infintely more valuable and play a much better overall game than Malkin. Every team has at least two or three.

4. Take away Crosby, and we'd likely lose more than we win.

5. People give Malkin credit for being a setup man, yet he can't manage his own line.

6. You know what. I thougth about it today, and I was too busy. At least I waited a couple days before opening my mouth. I came here right now to do it. I'd like to know how he moved up. Did they take points away from someone? He sure as hell didn't do fuck. If they gave him an assist on either of Malone's goals, I protest. Those pucks were touched by Devil players after Malkin touched them. Yep. He's tied but has more goals.

7. He's just piling up PP assists as usual.

8. They stuck Malkin in a position now where points just add up. He still can't create squat at even strength.

9. Malkin is nowhere near a superstar. Or star.

10. I think when Fleury comes back, this team will be solid heading into the playoffs, as long as we're not relying on Malkin.

11. I think the team is better all around with Malkin gone, Whitney gone, Staal and Fleury here, and Phaneuff.

12. Jordan Staal, He's a better hockey player than Malkin already. 2 years younger and two years less pro experience.

13. J.C. I always said that Malkin piles up assists on the PP. He doesn't score many goals because he's afraid to go where you need to go on the PP. And Ed. That's why I don't think he belongs there. The only place I'd consider using him on the PP is at the point, to take advantage of his shot. But then you risk shorthanded goals. And now that we have Gonchar and Letang, I think he should be watching the PPs from the bench. Even though he's lightening in a bottle, he bogs down the PP in my opinion. And piles up assists doing it.

14. Stop the phony Malkin hype machine and start doing what's good for the team. Either stick him on the point, or get him off the ice. And with Letang and Gonchar, I'd say the bench is looking good right now.

15. Staal is a better all around hockey player, hands down. No question about it.

16. We could still be a good team without Sid, but not with that lazy Russian fucker at the helm.

17. What a fucking joke that guy is. I wonder if he saw any games. Staal is clearly a better hockey player. That fucking asshole saying because of Malkin. What a fucking joke. Nothing happens because of Malkin.

18. Staal's game is almost complete. Mallkin, two years older and two years more experience in the pros isn't at that level.

~ Penglose

seeker said...

anonymous douche @ 12:14 PM:

Do you only don your kneepads for Jordan or all the Staal brothers simultaneously?

You should 'head' to Ottawa.

greg n said...

just got my new gear delivered and it looks great, solid recap

malkinian said...

anonymous douche @ 12:14...

...go away. I'm guessing w/ the "we" talk you're a pens fan, so I have no idea what your pure hatred is for Malkin. The guy is 3rd in the league in scoring, on his way to 40+ goals and is averaging 2+ points per w/ sid out. Because of him Sykora and Malone have caught fire. Pretty much all season the only person on the team to match his intensity game in and out is sid. He's become extremely more active in the defensive zone. He's certainly not gonna be a silke finalist but give it up. Right now he's arguably the best player in hockey and potential mvp. What more do you want outta him?? Just enjoy what he and the pens are doing w/o half their team. If you don't like it just get the fuck outta Pittsburgh. Nobody will want you here. Like Seeker said, try Ottawa. They have 2 scorers in the top 10 that I'm sure you'd have a problem with.

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, Malkanian, don't waste your keyboard. That whole post boils down to this:

lazy Russian fucker

Three brain cells and they're all fighting. No point in arguing with that type. But hey, who knew that Don Cherry read cblog?

Anonymous said...

"You fucking idiots should listen to people who know something about hockey"

You're right!

That's why we are ignoring you.

LJ said...

lady jaye - F4, row C seats 8-9 here... I'm almost afraid to ask why we amused you at the game :) We have the B plan, so you'll have to introduce yourself next time we're there. ~ Lindsay

Lady Jaye said...

lj > we're on the A plan and the folks around us generally crack us up between general quips and pensblog references. My group is in F4 D 9-12. I know the guys next to my mom in 7 & 8 are pretty funny as well. I just like seeing most of the same folks over the course of the season because you know what to expect each game ;)

In general > And don't feed the trolls. :) They just keep coming back.

EmDubs said...

ha ha, pensgirl beat me to it.
Penglose = Don Cherry

stokes said...

all i read was stillernation at the bottom of that ass hat's post and i knew that everything they had to say was invlaid. i dismissed that douche faster than i dismiss cryer fans. that's saying something, pal, congratulations.

what an idiot.

emdubbs and pensgirl: you both beat me to it. nice!

Nathan said...

Tradeblog: Cory Stillman and Mike Commodore to Ottawa for Joe Corvo and that yutz Army killed during the playoffs. Ottawa's equipment manager needs to see to it that Commodore gets #64.

Mike Costa said...

A Few Things

1.) Seeker: Thank You. If I Usher There Again, You'll Get A Kick Out Of How Involved I Get In The Games.

2.) Even Though My Name Keeps Getting Thrown As "Mike Costa Style" I Don't Get It? I'm Slow I Know

3.) Poster At 12:14 . . . . -_-

Anonymous said...

lol i tried to read anon @12:14's case of tourette syndrome but none of it made any sense what a bunch of blah blah blah douchebag. do you even kno what you just said?

8. They stuck Malkin in a position now where points just add up. He still can't create squat at even strength.

Oh, ok, so Therrien just stuck Malkin in A position? try his natural position at center, you asstard. you know nothing about hockey. seriously, you should get punched in the ovaries cause I bet you ain't got a dick.

Brett said...

anon 12:14 is joking... right?


Anonymous said...

anon 12:14:

did Geno nail your mom and not call her back or something?

Tree said...

wow that anonymous asshole has some pretty ludacris ideas i mean honestly where the hell is he getting the shit that he thinks are good ideas....damn

Anonymous said...

i love how his main argument is that malkin sucks because he gets a lot of assists.. THOSE LEAD TO GOALS WHICH WIN GAMES DUMBASS
not to mention he's a natural goalscorer to boot
and extremely attractive

canaanregulatesblog said...

stillernation is the yinzer capital of the internet. going there only makes the yinzers rub themselves with their iron city and think they are important.

here's looking at you, edog.

diabeticsRcooler said...

I tried to respond to that douche's comments but i decided to puke all over myself instead

it was a lot more fulfilling

Gondosh said...

I do really hope the guy back at 12:14am posted that as a joke, because if you can't see malkin's insane playmaking ability through passing and deking through defensman you're either a retard or a stillers yinzer.

Tho, both are the same on many layers.

I've already given that fudge packer too much of my time.

I say good day.

Stoosh said...

Canaan pretty much said it all a few posts up, and Penglose is pretty much the Crown Price of Stillernation.

Penglose said...

i touch men and have no actual hockey insight. i should be taken into the woods, sodomized (yummy!), and then murdered.

Fred said...

I guarantee that Penglose is 45 years old, still lives with his parents, cooks fries at Burger King and jerks off to Rush Limbaugh and Guns n' Ammo magazine.

The only time he feels important in his worthless life is when he gets a rise out of someone on an internet message board.

In other words, he's Kenny Melvin's father.

snickerdoodles said...

Wow. Anonymous@12:14 has quite a few issues to work out. Perhaps some "me" time in a quiet room, or some nice tranquilizers. Or the slug should just crawl back under the rock he crawled out from under and start drinking heavily.

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