Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bigger Picture. PENS WIN.

If there was ever a game that you could liken to an out-of-body experience, it would be this game.

You couldn't get the name HOSSA out of your head.
You were waiing for Colby Armstrong to job someone.
You were expecting EC to miss a wide-open net.

It was a palpable feeling you couldn't describe.

And no matter how you feel about the trade,
love it or hate it, this is want we have longed for.

February 26th last year = It looked like we wouldn't even have a team.

We don't have to talk about Arena deals anymore.
We don't have to worry about salary dumping.
Our GM just rolled the dice.

The Pens could have lost this game.
There would've been a collective "whatev."

But for the good of the cause, the journey continues.
Next stop Beantown, man.

Pat Lackey of [ Fanhouse ] said it best:

Here's what I know as a Pens' fan: four years ago I sat outside for two hours on a freezing cold night to try and get student tickets to see Ramzi Abid, Michel Ouellet, Sebastien Caron, and leading scorer Dick Tarnstrom. When I woke up today, the Pens had an awesome young team that had a chance to make a deep run into the playoffs. Tonight, they still have that same team, along with Marian Hossa, and we now know is their GM ballsy enough to make this kind of move to win a Cup at all costs. I fail to see how this is a bad thing.


National Anthem

-- Del Pen --

--Sean from [Going Five Hole]--

--Jeff H--

It still amazes us how everyone pulls through with at least one pic every game.
It makes our eyes well up.

Jeff H. and Del Pen. Know each other?



Penaltyblog started early, with the Pens having to kill a Jordan Staal penalty for maybe the 20th consecutive game.

After some more penalities back and forth, Malkin danced out from behind the net.
He backpedals and holds the puck for an hour.

If you sent us a PS if him moonwalking, the pic didn't open.


Gonch went to the box for holding, and then Whitney threw the puck over the glass like 30 seconds later.
An Islander player hit the back of his stick, which helped the puck along, but it is what it is.

Thankfully for the Pens, the only penalty kill on which one of their sticks didn't break was during that 5-on-3.
They eventually killed it all.

Richard Park headed to the box for being a joke.
After the Islanders had 23 shorthanded chances, Jeff Taffe was able to put some trash home.


Somewhere in the first, Islanders assistant coach Gerard Gallant got douched in the face.
Always scary. But too bad it wasn't Al Albour when he coached that game.

And that was it.
Props to Conklin in that first period, stopping all 23 shots he faced.



Penaltyblog stayed alive and well early in the second, when Jordan Staal goes to the box again.
The Pens kill it.

Conklin was out of his mind.

The action went back and forth for a while, and it was solid.

And the Laraque went to the box.
The Islanders power-play ineptitude for the all night resulted in the boo birds making an appearance.
And they were loud.

The Islanders are mud, so you knew they were gonna score some cheap-ass goal.
Some turd throws it to the net, and it hits something.


Check out the guy in the top right-hand corner.
Looks like he's adjusting his pager or possibly doing something more awesome.
Too bad this isn't 1990.

The Islanders public-address announcer decides to give an assist on the goal to "#44 Brooks Opik. M-M-Meyer. Assist to Meyer."

That just shows you how disinterested that guy is.

The second period had flown by.


Between periods, you felt an obligation to go into your NHL video game and trade away Armstrong and Christensen for Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis.



Malkin made a move sometime during the third that turned adjectives into verbs.
But DiPietro says no.

Halfway through the third, the Islanders had racked up the shot count to 45-13.

Time clicked down.
The Pens were gonna get a power play.
Before they can get there, Malkin makes an unrealistic pass to Staal.
And finally, a goal.

Father Time was officially banging the Islanders' wives when the Pens get another power play late.
Just not good times on Long Island.

If you want to know why Ryan Whitney is a big deal, check out the pass he fed to Connor James.
It's sad to show up Connor James on his first NHL goal, but what a pass.

He entered in a taxi.
He a hero.
He also dropped the F-bomb. Solid.

Right after that goal, Tyler Kennedy and Mike Comrie drop the gloves.
Kennedy gets some solid punches in.
But all that matters is Comrie got some practice for when he gets home.
Why was he so mad anyway?

The trade deadline turned Charlie into a bisexual.
The deadline has that effect. Don't expect this to stick, though.

Some jobber penalty to Malkin results in some cheap Islanders goal. 4-2.


  • Malkin: 1G, 1A
  • Conklin: 94 saves

  • Hossa
  • Who gives up 50+ shots and still wins? These Penguins do.
  • What a time to be alive.
  • The circus starts Thursday.
  • This trade shook our foundation.
  • Pensblog Guarantee: Staal's domination begins now.



At one point in time, you'll search images of Marian Hossa for the first time to make a photoshop of him.

We are still struggling for a nicknames for him.

For right now...

The Big Hossman

We also have Hossa's Steak and Sea House, as well as Hossanah in the Highest.
Nicknames are no picnic. This will have to be a collective cblog effort.

Here are some fresh new photoshops of Hossa:

[The first PS we got in of Hossa]

--Patrick K--

--Eric H--
(Any Abbey Road PS is good in our book.
Respect the artistry done to cover up for the absence of Ringo.)

If we ran Penguins marketing department, there would be a pic like this of Staal, Malkin, MAF, and Crosby on Center Ave.

--Nicholas S--

--Dan T--


And finally.

Before all this madness started,
the following comment was posted in C-blog Monday morning and has haunted us ever since:

Phil reminded us when the Roberts news broke that he had broken the news 15 hours before.


We think it is either Ray Shero or Phil Collins.

Go Pens


PittHockey said...

awesome work, again.

can't wait for hossa

PittHockey said...

also, I did try the hossa trade in nhl 08. I got denied.

Shero could've pulled it off , though.

nu said...

Forgot to mention how we were getting outshot 21-3 at one point. Yeah, I know the final difference is actually greater, but the fact that the score was 2-0 Pens at that point was unreal.

And despite "only" having a .96whatever% to Tim SensJobber Thomas's 1.00, the NHL was actually smrt enough to recognize it for what it was and CONKBLOCK! (yes, it needs capitals. and bolding. and an exclamation point.) is finally! a First Star of the Night.

Mike Lange: "The record in shots against the Penguins is 62. Tommy Barrasso won the game. I think the score was 1-0."
"No, wait, it was 6-5. Old school Penguino hockey." Lol

New-school Penguins hockey ain't half bad, either.

Jules37 said...

It is totally worth staying up for these updates, no matter what time I have class in the morning.

Great Blog.
Great Game
it was defiantly Conkblock city..

and HOSSA!

Mike Georger said...

ive been up for the last half hour suffering through the result of what i think was bad pork from giant, and this recap has made me feel 110% better

Nick said...

Sid's rookie year, a buddy of mine and I went to see the Pens play the Lightning at the Mellon over spring break. The Pens were down 4-1, scored 3 times in the 3rd and then lost in a shootout. I remember my friend and I questioning how exactly you could call Konstantin Koltzov a professional ice hockey player, why Jani Rita was shooting in the shootout. Looking on Eric Boguniecki and Tomas Surovy enjoyed over 13 minutes of ice time that game. The outlook for the season was hopeless.

Last year over spring break, I was in attendance as the Pens beat the Sabres in a shoot-out on the night Mario announced the Pens would be staying in the Burgh for the next 30 years. We dominated the best team in the NHL that night, and the outlook for the season and the future was bright.

This season, when I go to see the Pens play the Sabres over spring break, we'll be featuring 3 all stars on our top two lines, perhaps the two best players in the NHL and another who many consider to be one of the finest all around players in the game. We have to be considered one of the, if not THE team to beat in the Eastern Conference. The outlook for the season and the future is hurting my eyes.

Thank you, Staff, for reminding everyone just how far the Pens have come in the past 3 seasons. It sure sucks to see fan favorites leave the Burgh, but hockey is a business and there's a reason these men are professionals. Chemistry off the rink didn't translate to much chemistry on the rink for Colby, hopefully we'll see him back in the black and gold in the near future...Talk about the real rental player in this deal.

Let's Go Pens.

diabeticsRcooler said...

Great work with the Hossa photoshops already

everyone hates to see a great guy like army go

but this deal changes everything we know

We now have by far the best 1-2 punch in hockey

anyone think there will be a problem with Hal Gill and crosby? (remember the punch to the face in Sid's first game?)

i think that if he bakes Sid a sheet cake and then throws Andrew Ference into the 5th row of the Fleet center thursday

that should suffice

sh0ez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sh0ez said...

Good game. Conk is unreal. I knew they would get some cheap ass goal at the end just to throw a little wrench in Conk's work. Still pulled a 1st star. Who is tied for 5th in the Three Stars Standings? Conkblock.

I hate the version of NHL 08 on the PC. It was developed by some lame ass company and EA slapped their name on it. Conkblock isn't in the game, and Crosby is still making 900K. C'mon. I moved the right people onto the team, but it's all screwed over. Oh well.

A man dressed in a rabbit suit came to me in the middle of the night to show me this picture from Sunday:

Ha ha. Had to.

Great post again. Let's spend tomorrow recovering from today's craziness.

P.S. Hossa.

Nick said...


That's because Crosby still is making 900k this season. The new contract doesn't come into play until next year.

sh0ez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sh0ez said...

I could swear the my friend's 360 version has the salary higher than 900k. I dunno. I went back in and checked and I'm missing a few more players (no where to be found in the game) and the whole WB/S roster is screwed up.

ada520 said...

Haha. Great comment on the NHL video game trade. I did it before the game though. Great post.

He does have a rough name for nicknames too. Good luck.

IndianaJohns04 said...

Does anyone know when Crosby is going to return? Is the Capital game the earliest?

Christina said...


that is all.

Hip said...

Yeah I thought of Phil's comment as soon as my cousin txted me the news. Damn him and his prophecy bullshit.

Hossa's Steak and Sea House - I want me some of that make it yourself sundae bar!!!!!!!! And the salad. And the shrimp. Dear God. It's so Pittsburgh you have to love it.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Hossa = Big Poppa Pump

I believe John Buccigross gave him that nickname way back when on NHL2Night

sh0ez said...

I got the Hossa's Steak and Sea House covered. It's too perfect. Hopefully the Photoshop that I made of that is in the next post!

daismog said...


I still get chills.

bbakersmith said...

A solid 24 hrs of posts...

Greatest/Most Pathetic Line this year... Depends if it was serious or sarcastic.

"When you photoshop someone, you gain a bond with them."

Either way I laughed out loud.

Fleury29 said...

Boss Hoss?

BlacknGold66 said...

WOW, cblog is getting bombarded with noobies like it's the new MySpace or something.

Jumping on the Penguins bandwagon eh, people? We can smell your stink from here. Trust us.

What an emotional few days it has been personally. I went from the ER Friday, to the Igloo Saturday and Sunday, to sugery Monday... to sitting at home all day yesterday on percocet watching the trades. Then watching that surreal Alice in Wonderland win last night.

I need a break.

It'll come in late June...


Flyer Hater said...

First off, Hossa

Second off, I love how a lot of people are saying Atlanta totally got the best end of this deal. Let's see we give up future prospects and third liners for a world-class winger to play with the best hockey player on Earth. If we can re-sign Big Hoss Man, it'll looked like we have raped Don Waddle.

Not BigRickPSU said...


1.) Hossa

2.) We should welcome all newbies. Just because they are new to cblog, doesn't mean they are new to Pensblog.

3.) Don't forget that Staff just recently made it so you have to log in. These could be people before who were just lazy and posted as anon. No big deal.

4.) Why does it matter anyway?

5.) Hope the arm feels better.

6.) Welcome to all new cbloggers, regardless of if you are new, old, or whatev to the greatest blog on the Gore.

7.) Hossa. Again.

PO said...

put Hossa in the same position Christensen has WHIFFFFFFFED in so many times on so many open nets and its a difference maker... put him with Sid and he's a game changer

love it

also, does anyone else cringe when John Burton on WTAE calls Crosby "El Sid"? It just sounds so phony and forced and weird (and not because JB is a brother)

Jersey Bill said...

If 6 points in 3 games, I vote for Hossana in the Highest.

Patrick said...


anybody from new england area going to the bruins game tomorrow night? i will be in boston for the long weekend...


Stoosh said...

I woke up at 5:15 this lovely Wednesday morning to 10-degree temperatures, about six inches of snow and ice on the ground, about six inches of snow and ice on my car, pending traffic jams heading into Pittsburgh and the knowledge that I still have three more days of work before the weekend.

But we got Marian F'ing Hossa.

Malone, Sid, Hossa, Malkin, Sykora and Staal. That's what we're going to throw out there on our top two lines.

Does that at least rival Mario, Jags, Hrdina, Kovy, Lang and Marty Straka lineup from 2000-01? I think it could.

Or do we even go all the way back to, say, 1995-96 when we were trotting out Mario, Jagr, Saint Ron, Nedved, Sandstrom and Smolinski? How sick was that top six? Francis had 119 points and he still finished THIRD on the team in scoring, 42 behind Lemieux and 30 behind Jagr. And Nedved fell one short of giving the team four 100-point players.


- Dupuis shouldn't have any problem bringing back #9. Shades of Rene Corbet!

- Hall has #18. My guess is the next time we see Adam Hall, he'll be wearing a different number.

- Not sure what's going to happen with Gill and Talbot, as it was pointed out above that both have #25.

Lady Jaye said...

Can phil predict a stanley cup for us? And does phil also know if Nathan has been killed off on Heroes (god I miss that show)?

Anywho... good morning all, welcome newbie folks. And Hossa... oh yea, and thanks, for all of the Hossa's Steak House references... now that's all I'm friggin going to want to eat today.

Don't stress over Hossa's nickname. It will happen randomly in Cblog. It always does. :)

Congrats to Connor James on his first goal. It was pretty sweet to see. Good story to tell too about having to drive to the game, get there late, and put the exclamation point on the game.

dying alive said...

"Don't forget that Staff just recently made it so you have to log in. These could be people before who were just lazy and posted as anon. No big deal."


I can't wait to see Hossa's first game in black and gold. I think there's pretty much no doubt he'll be getting #18, but I don't think Talbot should give up #25. He's been with the organization for a long time, coming up through the system and working his way onto the roster. He's earned the right to keep his number. Plus I'll be pissed, because I have a Talbot jersey.

Brett said...


Thanks for giving some Hrdina love out. He was my fave player for a couple of years there. Probably why I liked EC so much, because he reminded me of Hrdina in some ways.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Myron Cope - R.I.P.


Lady Jaye said...

My mother swore yesterday she'd never go to another pens game because she is so upset Army was traded. I asked her why she does like Hossa... and her responses was something along the lines of him always scoring on the Pens and being rough on the Pens... so isn't that a good thing that he's on our team then? Ug. Army is and was an awesome guy. I hope to see him as a Penguin again. But Hossa... it's Hossa. I'm sure I can find somebody to go to the games with me if she really chooses not to attend ;)

PittHockey said...

Myron Cope... wow


Jason said...

Hossana in the Highest...winner winner chicken dinner

and this should be played after every potential goal...

wilsmith said...

blackngold, new is a relative term. undoubtedly, you are the newbie to someone here.

That out-of-nowhere statement was crap and does not reflect what the rest of c-blog feels, I'm sure.
Drop the "We" next time you say something like that.


Not BigRickPSU said...

And a +1 to you Wilsmith

BlacknGold66 said...


Lighten up fellas. It was a tongue-in-cheek joke about how everyone is suddenly going to be rooting for the new favorite in the East.

Take a joke for Christ's sakes.

thegreenseas said...

Yeah, bad form blackngold. Just because people didn't sign up with a user name doesn't mean they haven't been avid readers of The Pensblog. I'd like to think that all Pens fans are welcome here..old and new. So please, no more elitist don't want to look like a flyers fan now do you?

blades09 said...

Malkin made a move sometime during the third that turned adjectives into verbs.

Lines like that are why this blog is a religion.

In Shero and Phil we trust...

Dwayne said...

ripblog myron :(

marcetta said...

Potential Hossa nicknames or at the very least post titles:

'Hoss' the man? or 'Hoss' your daddy?

or perhaps "the Hoss with the Moss". I picture Therrien saying "the host with the most" when I think of that one.

I, too, am a longtime Cblogger who is now forced to use a different name due to the new sign-in requirements.

BlacknGold66 said...

Seriously folks. Chill.

It was a JOKE.

I didn't say anything about people being new to cblog and not new to tPB.

I didn't say anything about people not signing in before, etc.

I was poking fun at how people are going to be jumping on the Pens bandwagon. I'm sure that can be appreciated by people who are more-than-likely like me and can't stand the phony fans at the games. The "new" fans that are going to pile into the new arena just to say they were there, as opposed to us whom have followed the Pens for awhile.

I'm all about newbies to tPB. I constantly ask for people to join "us" over at gamedaychat. Also, I'm on here before every trip to the Burgh to see if anyone wants to meet up before the game.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the humor that was intended in a silly comment on cblog.


Brando said...

Hossa = Hossenfeffer

Side note, I'm not a Steelers fan, but raise an Iron for Myron. Love him or hate him, his voice IS western PA.

destinyunbound23 said...

Roberts may return.

StuporDave (doesnt know how to create a link even though I am an IT person)

marcetta said...

David Hassel'hoss'..... there is a stellar photoshop waiting to be made there

Jason said...

Quoted from the Trib Article:

" Writing off left wing Gary Roberts -- as some local reports did Monday -- was apparently a mistake."

you bet your candy ass it was...

Nathan said...

Even right now, Myron Cope is a better announcer than Steigy and Errey. We'll miss you, Myron.

Man, it's good to see that the Pens can win ugly. I'm not a fan of Hal Gill, but it'll be nice to see him demolishing opponents in front of the net.

And I really don't think two career third-liners, a potential head-case first-round bust, and a draft pick going to the guy who once drafted Patrik Stefan #1 overall was overpaying for Hossa at all. It looks a lot different when you remove the names, doesn't it? I'll miss Army, but that's the life of a third-line character guy -- you'll have a place in the NHL for a good long career, but you'll get traded a bunch of times.

Can't wait for Thursday night. Let's go Pens!

Dave said...

Thursday night is going to be great. Any one hear about Crosby recently? I only heard that he won't come back until at least after the Sens game.

Myron Cope will be missed. But Geno would probably be a better announcer then Steigy, so it's not saying much.

Sinops said...

charlie hasn't gotten much action lately. stuck on 6. maybe this weekend he can "get it up"

M. Vanderlasser said...

CAN'T WAIT for Sunday's game...we're driving over from Ye Olde Historic Carlisletowne and are staying near the Igloo Saturday night; any suggestions for where to watch Saturday's game?

Still going through mood swings about THE TRADE - very excited to see Hossa and others but bummed to lose Colby and EC.

Is there a formal protocol for how I'm supposed to treat my Colby bobblehead now?

pensaremygods said...

Marian "The Barbarian" Hossa...Now that's a nickname....

wilsmith said...

What does all this this mean for Beech?

wilsmith said...

oh, I'm lovin some of these nicknames people are throwing about. Photoshop is going to be a fun time tonight!

c-sting said...

I must say that I love the Abbey Road PS. You don't get the full effect until you enlarge it and see Charlie in the background.

Nicholas said...

Cash Money Hoessas

Korn said...

Offtopic: Does anyone know how Center Ice handles the playoffs? Do they continue to show all the games (other than the ones exclusively on Versus or NBC)? First year with Center Ice and I'll be very unhappy if I'm stuck in Virginia with no playoffs games.

The Falconer said...

Enjoy Hossa. The Thrashers are out of it in the East so I'll be rooting for the Pens to come out of the East this year. Good luck versus OTT and MON!

Fleury29 said...

Double yoi.

R.I.P. Myron.


Dave said...

Thanks falconer. I'm worried about New Jersey at this point more then anyone else.

Enjoy EC and Army. Maybe EC will finally get some confidence, as he'll have more responsibility in ATL then here. And enjoy Army :(. You'll love him. We all do.

BlacknGold66 said...


Center Ice is ends usually ends when the regular season ends or after the first round of the playoffs. They've done it both ways over the years.

It sucks royal monkey balls.

Stoosh said...

Per Rob Rossi on the Junker & Crow Show, Hossa has convinced Adam Hall to give up the #18. Hall will switch to #28.

Just keep in mind that the #18 on the ice is Hossa and not Joe Beranek.

GwinTheEskimo said...

anyone see the fan in the "rangers suck" jersey?

Old said...

pensaremygods said...
Marian "The Barbarian" Hossa...Now that's a nickname....

That is a good one. Very cool.

My only hope is that Hossa does not poke anyones' eye out, and that he can score many goals. I will miss Armstrong, and Christenson, but we have a Cup to win.

Hopefully I have not offended that one fellow by having the audacity to post.

Johnny Wrath said...

I’ve been talking to some guys I know in Montreal, and they convinced me that Huet was dealt to make room for what everyone expected to be an inevitable Hossa addition. The deal breaker was that Gainey wanted Hedberg. How silly do they look? Phil, if you’re reading today, will Habs fans raze the building?

Raise an Iron indeed.

I’m not worried about anyone in the East. Ottawa lost their last 2 games by a combined 9-0, they were very fortunate to beat us. Think about what Hossa is going to want to put them through in a playoff series.

Montreal is… Their goalies are… We schooled them. Go Pens.

New Jersey. How I despise them. I think we’re bigger, faster, more skilled, hungrier, and thankfully don’t have to wake up and look at Aaron Asham every day. Naturally Brodeur doesn’t care about any of those things. They are way more experienced and perhaps deeper than us in the narrowest of margins.

We trail them by one point. Ottawa and Montreal are looking up at us. Wouldn’t it be funny if Boston, motivated by losing to us 9-0, came back in that division and snuffed Ottawa’s playoff berth? Six points back, two games in hand. I hereby coin the verb “To Philly”, hence applying it to Ottawa. I hope they Philly to tenth place.

odmE. said...

@dave from 11:42

I had an amazing visual after you wrote that Geno would be a better announcer than Steigy which caused me to burst into laughter at work, so...thanks for that. Good pick me up.

I'm looking forward to Hossa, and the win last night took a bit of the sting out of losing Army. It sucks, but hey...Hossa.

I'm another person guilty of posting without signing in. I do an awesome job of forgetting I even have this account.

Can't wait for the photoshops of Hossa.

Patrick said...


i have had the center ice package for 2 years and i have gotten every playoff game that has not been on versus or nbc. these would be the first 2 rounds. the conference finals and stanley cup finals are all national games.

chris e said...

I was going to say the same thing...I remember getting all first 2 round playoff games last year.

Brett said...

thank god somebody spoke up and said that Center Ice includes playoff games in rounds 1-2.. I was freaking the f out that i wouldn't get to see anything but Devils playoff matches (i have the horrible trait of living in jersey, currently)

Not BigRickPSU said...

Anyone think it'd be a good idea if we could convince Staff to put together some kind of mass Eulogy/Wake for Army and Crusher?

Maybe let the cblog masses send in photoshops and emails on their behalf? Maybe coincide it with the game on Sunday in the game day post?

Just a thought. It seems everyone wants to express their well wishes to those guys.

hyjynxok said...


Conklin is the real deal.
If there were any doubters let them forever hold their peace after last night!

Nice to see Fleury in the gear but he should be prepared to be the backup for the rest of the season and the playoffs, at least.

Do we send Sabu down to WBS? Or does that mess things up for Curry & Brown?

Long live the Pensblog!

WWGRD? He'd get his leg replaced with a cybernetic artificial limb so he could be ready for the playoffs. We have the technology...

Dave said...

Pending early performance, does Hossa replace one of the photos on the grid at the top of The Pensblog? My vote is replacing Whitney. Obviously, Roberts and Charlie stay.

dying alive said...

It's going to be hard seeing Army (and EC) in an Atlanta uniform on Sunday. I really hope that the fans are classy and give them the treatment that they deserve.

jlcrazy80 said...

i just started reading this blog, and i must say it is incredible. thanks to you guys who run this blog, and to my good buddy stokes for turning me on to it.

racheleyos said...

yahoo: trade winners and losers

22. Pittsburgh Penguins – Grade: D+: No one can accuse the Penguins of being shy at the deadline. Pittsburgh changed more than any team by adding three players and deleting two from the roster and one from the pipeline and parting with three draft picks in two separate deals. Pittsburgh got rental Marian Hossa to play alongside either Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby. They got versatile and dependable Pascal Dupuis in the same deal with Atlanta but surrendered young, popular teammates Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen and prospect Angelo Esposito. You have to wonder what team chemistry will form out of all these moves. In addition, Hal Gill comes aboard to add size and a physical element on defense. First-, second- and fifth-round picks were dealt away.


Patrick said...

and that is why I don't go to yahoo for my hockey needs...

wilsmith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

someone post two pics:

Colby's reaction to Sykoras milestone point against the Devs, and his reaction to that hit Staal had right in front of the bench.


I think an Army and a Crusher chant would be in order at the game sunday

Flyer Hater said...


hyjynxok said...

definitely glad Hossa is on our team and not Montreal... while sad to see Army and even EC the shootout stud go [cuz there aint no shootouts in the postseason, bub]

If this works out how we all dream it will, it will be time for a Stanley Cup parade very soon!

Looking forward to having a 6 foot 7 defenseman who can PK.

Is Dupuis a good faceoff guy?

Flyer Hater said...

LOL, some people are suggesting an opening ceremony to honor Christensen and Armstrong before Sunday's game. Wow

roast83 said...

What about those of us who braved shitty weather to watch Jeff "fucking" Daniels bang in a hatty in front of 8,000 at least Ronnie Franchise got a star that game. Pens lost 7-2 I believe.

J Dogg 44 said...

Did anyone read Rick McKeon's article on yahoo regarding all the trades that recently took place? This guy is obviously mentally retarded... check it out;_ylt=Ao4AF1QFbT.9cKP1xaYlVVp7vLYF?slug=rm-tradegrades022608&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

He has us ranked 22nd with a grade of D+
i feel we must douche/job this man as much as possible because it seems he has a personal vendetta against the pens after reading his previous articles

J Dogg 44 said...

and i see that racheleyos already posted that ... my bad for not reading prior. i was in a state of rage

Pensblog Staff said...

@roast83 -- 2:52 --

Is a hatty a hat trick?
If so, Jeff Daniels is sick if he accomplished it in a 7-2 loss.

If we had gas in the tank, we would do a People vs. Ray Shero trial.
It deserves one.

Sinops said...

Another trial would be awesome.

Flyer Hater said...


The Seeker said...

hyjynxok said...

"Do we send Sabu down to WBS? Or does that mess things up for Curry & Brown?"

It was announced yesterday that we will continue to carry all 3 goalies.

I think that was the best decision anyhow since one never knows who may get hurt PLUS, it's so close to the end of the regular season that you wouldn't be saving any cash and would stand to lose one to waivers.

The Seeker said...

dying alive said...

"It's going to be hard seeing Army (and EC) in an Atlanta uniform on Sunday. I really hope that the fans are classy and give them the treatment that they deserve."

A standing ovation for them is a MUST!!!

Show them that Pittsburgh appreciated their hard work while they were here.

We OWE them that much.

malkinian said...

You would think Rick Mckeon would spend a little more time douching us than saying things like "versatile & dependable" dupuis & hall gill "adds size and physical elements to the defense" if he gave us a D+. Probably another one of those jobbers that is convinced we've sacrificed our future because we gave up 2 3rdliners, a prospect who people seem to be getting more skeptical of day by day and a late-1st round pick. Learn the Pens.

I'm liking the Marian the Barbarian.


malkinian said...

And definitely a big DOUBLE YOI for Myron. It's sad that I can honestly say I've had a couple post-2006 Superbowl bandwagoners that didn't know who Myron Cope was. Wow.


Doppler said...

I just saw this reported. Scuderi has surgery to repair his finger. Out 3-4 weeks.

Adam Hall also has surgery, he is out 4-6 weeks.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Guess the Pens don't have to worry right now which D-man to sit....Scuds & Hall have surgery

heres the link to Dopplers catch

The Seeker said...

Late Breaking News from Ottawa

Senators Relieve Paddock Of Head Coaching Duties

Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray today announced that John Paddock has been relieved of his head coaching duties. Murray, who will return behind the bench as head coach, will continue to perform his duties as Senators general manager. Assistant coach Ron Low has also been relieved of his coaching duties.

Read the whole article:

Sens' Murray Back Behind Bench

The Seeker said...

Conklin was honored by being chosen the 1st Star of the Night last night by the NHL too.

Chris M said...

I'll be at the game on Thursday, in the balcony but at least I'll get to watch the debut of Hossa & Gill in person.

Dr. Turkleton said...

heres an article mainly about the brass Roberts that King Shero has in landing Hossa [HOSSA!!!!!]

its by Eric Duhatschek who,IMO,is one of the best hockey writers out there

The future is now for Pittsburgh

Ashley said...

wow, I feel special.

I said this morning in the previous thread that Paddock would be fired and then I come back from lab and voilà, it happened! Like magic! Maybe I should predict that I'll win the lottery...

Not that the firing of John Paddock came way out of left field or anything. My dog knew he was done.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@chris m

have fun at the game....was Hal Gill liked/disliked in Boston ????

totally separate note: did anyone see the tribute to Gonch on Saturday on the Jumbotron???

showing his 1st goal with the Caps, but wearing #17 ??? kind of an odd sight...wonder why/when he changed it...didn't Mike Ridley wear that # for the Caps at some point?

Dr. Turkleton said...

ashley > or < phil ?????

got any Powerball #'s for tonight ???

The Seeker said...

Dr. Turkleton said...

did anyone see the tribute to Gonch on Saturday on the Jumbotron???

I have that Jumbotron video uploaded to YouTube:

Sergei Gonchar - 600 Points Tribute

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Between Phil predicting the trade of Armstrong and the delay in Roberts's return, and you predicting the demise of Paddock in Ottawa, I'm starting to wonder what the hell's in the water here in C-blog.

But your dog knew Paddock was done in Ottawa, too, eh? That's awesome! I was watching Bruins-Sens highlights on the NHL Network last night with my dog Buddy. After the highlights, they showed a shot of Paddock on the bench. Buddy looked up at me and said, "Shutout by the B's? Yep, he's f*cked."

Nathan said...

I think Hal Gill was just kind of there in Boston. He's a Massachusetts native, though, but I bet people probably thought he was a member of the Celtics if they saw him in public in Boston.

The one Bruins game I've been to in Boston, I saw him get the crap kicked out of him by Zdeno Chara.

Matt Gajtka said... the short article on the Penguins site about the new players practicing with the team, Hossa is quoted as saying the Pens are "a highly professional team."

Maybe it's just a guy giving a weird quote in his second language, but what does that say about the Thrashers? LOL

stokes said...

My nomination: The Hossinator.

Lady jaye: does your mom happen to sit in E16 often?

Phil: I was astounded at your comment, satisfied with your response and pleased with the results.

We were talking about the Sens coaching job just last night and my brother suggested that Paddock's time was going to come soon if they didnt turn it around. and that it would have already passed if the Pens didn't let them back in the game on saturday. I dont think its going to matter much. It just means that we may have to hear Murray and that whiny damn lisp again. Suffering succotash!

RIP Myron Cope

Ashley said...

dr. turkleton: The numbers 8 and 7 keep popping up in my head. Not sure if that means anything. :)

stoosh: I watched the highlights/lowlights of the Sens-Bruins game this morning and saw Paddock bolt from the bench as soon as the game was over. I think he knew what was coming. Murray said as much earlier this week.

PittHockey said...

boston photos will be from a shitty P&S that I don't know how to use.

They don't allow "professional cameras" which I explained to them are "real cameras".

daismog said...


I still get chills

Ashley said...

By the way, if anyone is looking for a late night game to watch, tune in to see the Vancouver/Colorado game if you get the TSN feed. During the first intermission, there will be a guy named Darwin Head from Saskatchewan who will be shooting pucks into an open net for the chance to win a car and a million dollars.

Here's how it's going to work:

Darwin and two of his buddies will each have 15 seconds to shoot 10 pucks into an open net from centre ice. If they score 5 goals, Darwin gets a brand new 2008 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. If they score 10 goals, all three win cars. If they score 15 goals, all three PLUS a fan at GM Place will win cars.

Then, Darwin will move to the far blue line and will have 24 seconds to shoot 20 pucks into the open net. He needs to score 15 goals in that time to win the $1,000,000.

Sounds a bit hard, but the guy last year was one puck short of winning the money. And Darwin had an hour-long practice session with Bobby Orr earlier this month and scored 16 goals in 24 seconds, which would be enough for the cash.

Should be fun to watch.

chris e said...

To all the other losers out there-

I pulled off the trade in NHL08. I still had Recchi on the roster so I moved him, Army and Crusher and got Hossa and 2 duds. Couldn't pull Dupuis though...

Flyer Hater said...

Sufferin' Succotash, Bryan Murray is back

BlacknGold66 said...

@Chris E

Now all I can think of is you belting out "Let's Do This Shit!" in front of your tv before every game you play of NHL08!!

This blog has ruined my fragile little mind! lol

Johnny Wrath said...

Ottawa fires head coach. John Paddock, unemployed. Now the players have to deal with Murray, complete with lisp and turkey neck. Isn't this the first time since season's beginning they aren't first in the conference?

Speaking of which, only three teams have more points than us. We just got Hossa. Detroit is on a 1-7-2 skid, but Dallas is 8-2-0 and just got Brad Richards.

I only wish we had more games remaining against NJ. Oh well, I'll settle for jobbing them in 5 games.

coffeytalk said...

I guess with all the talk of newbies joining I should represent and introduce myself:

Hey all. I've been a Pens fan since I was a wee child. I've been a Pens Blog fan for quite some time now and an anonymous cblogger every now and again. Paul Coffey is one of my alltimefavorite Penguins.

anything else, just ask.

oh and, you can call me annie.

anonBILL said...

Long time reader. Relatively new poster.

Seriously excited to see Hossa

Ashley said...

Since Fleury is supposed to be starting tomorrow night in Boston, I thought I'd put up a photo of MAF with my dog on my profile...or MAF's mini goalie stick and photo with my dog.

I hope he kicks ass tomorrow night.

wilsmith said...

Lovin the fact that all the people have registered names now. It doesn't feel like anonymous is just one guy anymore.

Shooting 15 pucks into a net from the far blue line? c'mon. Why can't I ever get picked to participate in something like that?!

Ashley said...

wilsmith -

I certainly tried to get myself that trip to Vancouver to shoot for the million. I've never played hockey, but I planned to get myself on the ice for 3 weeks, practicing my shot. After all, a Maritimer like myself could surely win a scoring contest.

I signed up, played the online game to get more entries...but when they choose one name out of over 10 million ballots, the chances aren't so good.

There's always next year.

wilsmith said...

so is this guy going to win or what?

J.Maxwell said...

Any news on cros's return? He looked promising in the past few weeks.

PittHockey said...

crosby probably needs at least another week. probably 2.

Colin said...

Getty images has some sick pics from last night is anyone is interested.

JYo said...

Like a lot of folks today...long time listener, first time caller (at least when using a user name.) Anyway, I haven't see this info here, but thought it was interesting, via PSI:

Here are the line combinations that Michel Therrien used this morning at practice. PSI was also told that it’s likely Therrien will start Marc-Andre Fleury in net vs. the Boston Bruins.

1st Line: Dupuis - Malkin - Sykora

2nd Line: Malone - Staal - Hossa

3rd Line: Taffe - Talbot - Kennedy

4th Line: Ruutu - Minard - Laraque

They don't say anything about what happens when Bing and WWGRD return. I could see a Sid-Staal-Hossa line and a Malone-Malkamania-Syko line, but with Lord Therrien, who knows???

J.Maxwell said...

Sid should center any line he is on. Sid is a center and that is where he thrived I doubt MT will change his position.

J Dogg 44 said...

BGL vs. Hal Gill vs. Chara in a cage match...

Who wins and how?

daismog said...


An article on the Pens site hints at Conklin getting the start, though nothing was finalized.

And TSN speculates that once Crosby is back in the lineup, he'll center Talbot and Hossa, with Staal centering Dupuis and possibly Roberts (once healthy) on the third line.

JYo said...

@j.maxwell: who said Sid would move away from center? If Staal was on his line, Staal would be a winger, as he has been in the past. I thought that was pretty obvious. Sorry if the order the players I listed confused you. (This all assumes you were referencing my last post.)

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ ashley

thanks for the lottery #'s...

I'm not doubting you psychic abilities: maybe you know something that the penguins website doesn't know, but they say: "Penguins coach Michel Therrien indicated Ty Conklin will get the start in goal Thursday when the Penguins take on the Bruins."

maybe HCMT is tryin' to throw the B's off & ashley knows what the TRUE story is!!!! ☼

J.Maxwell said...


Yeah, yeah. I just figured by the order it was left wing, center right wing. My bad. The lines could work. I don't want to break up the Malkin line at this point though. But I guess it's MT's choice.

JYo said...

@daismog: I saw that article about Conkblock getting the start too. I was more interested in the lines, but just copied the whole thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see either one of them start. As for TSN's lines when Sid gets back, they are guessing no less than I am. Therrien changes lines on a whim anyway, so who knows what will happen on any given night. I'd like to see them keep the Malone-Malkin-Syko line together leaving Sid-Hossa-anyone else as another line. I figure Staal is as good a choice as anyone to be a top 6 guy, but I wouldn't complain with someone else here and Staal centering the third line. Time will tell.

Krinkles Montgomery said...

this is the season fans dream of

J.Maxwell said...

@ krinkles m. :

all I can is....

Is this the year?

gabneatblog said...

from the Sudden Death wikipedia page:

Most have cited its domestic failure due to its ill-timed release date in the crowded field of Christmas blockbusters and the lack of a cameo by Gary Roberts.

Glad to see that's still there

ps also longtime reader, occasional anon-er

Steve In Denver said...

1. I guess Gill comes in at the right time. Maybe he can just lay in the slot and block everything.

2. It will be more fun beating Murray than Paddock. Much more fun. He looks too much like Leslie Nielsen, though.

3. That same dick that gave the Pens a D+ also gave the Avalanche something in the B range. I sent him a rant for being so stupid. In his defense, he developed his hockey writing skills in California.

4. H O S S A

roast83 said...

@Pensblog_Staff -
Regarding the Jeff Daniels Hat Trick - He was playing for the Hurricanes at the time. The Pens were in full collapse mode at this point, and I may have been wrong on the Hat Trick. Looking at the game logs from 01-02 it appears the game the Pens lost they got shut out 7-0, not lost 7-2. Daniels did, however, pickup a short handed goal, which makes me just as sick...I was there...but I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ashley said...

hahaha great wikipedia page for Sudden Death.

I keep hearing about that movie, but I admit I've never seen it.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Regarding those lottery numbers...I think we need to throw a "1" in there as well.

You throw the "1" in with the "8" and "7" and the two-digit combos become perhaps a bit prophetic...Sid, Geno, Hossa and Sykora. All we'd need is an "81". I don't believe the Pens have ever had a #81.

Ashley said...

Good call, Stoosh.

Me thinks me sees a '1' in the near future, along with the previously seen '8' and '7'...

PittHockey said...

sudden death is a must see, only then will you truly appreciate the igloo

quentin said...

Since Marion Hossa is dangerous in all 3 zones at any given time in the game, and has life-altering abilities, i'm recommending the nickname - Inspector Gadget.

It would definitely be photoshop gold.

Go Gadget Go.

wilsmith said...

Also a solid human being

Krinkles Montgomery said...


i won't be a staggy and say it, but i bet you can guess me answer

daismog said...

According to WBS Pens Insider, Minard and Kennedy are both officially on the AHL roster, so we shouldn't be too surprised to see Kennedy sent back down once Roberts is healthy.

stokes said...

its great to see Cblog blow up, but if the first time you can check tPB is at 3pm or 8pm, you're reading atleast 80-100 comments nowadays. that's some serious reading. give yourselves a pat on the back for being part of the coolest community on Al Gore.

Patrick said...

@ chris m:

i'm excited too. should be an awesome usual. looking forward to some boston night life afterwards!

Flyer Hater said...

Stokes, I read every single comment during the day. Dedication or pathetic?

Flyer Hater said...

Phil Collins is the best musician of all time

stokes said...

Dedication. Absolutely.

i read every comment, as well. you have to so you don't miss a monumental moment on Cblog. They happen often.

Dedication, for sure, Flyer Hater.

If Gary Roberts were a musician, he'd be Phil Collins.

tenaciousD said...

Who is this Phil guy, with all his wisdom???? An insider/ray shero? nostradamus? dionne warick's psychic friend? Sweet baby Roberts, he's good, too good.

@ flyer hater's 8:38pm comment:

me = stunned

wilsmith said...

We have a running joke at work about Phil Collins, glad to see I can come here and get the same thing.

Flyer Hater said...

Phil Collins=Chills

dying alive said...

@ gabneatblog - way to represent the best breakfast in the city!

Mayor McCheese said...

Phil=Rico Fata.

Like he's doing anything else.

Hip said...

wilsmith - those pics are literally the backgrounds on my two laptops. Rip my heart out. I'll admit it, I'm completely devastated by this. I understand I understand but I'm still heart sick.

J.S. said...

gabneatblog, I cannot confirm or deny the time of that entry, but I can give you (and the rest of c-blog) a screen capture:

Sudden Death

Hip said...

PS - did someone already says Hossalholf? I'm sure I'm thinking of it because I heard it from one of yinz. Granted the Hoff is beyond a joke, but at least he played a bad ass character.

Jonny V said...

Agree with yinz flyer hater and stokes, I can't believe how much this place has become the highlight of my day. Going on a year and a half in a couple months. Call me Pookie from New Jack City, Pensblog is my crack.

Welcome all former anonymi, to the greatest blog on Al Gore. Like wilsmith said, it's nice that you all have to register, it did get to seem like all anonymous posts were from one guy. And remember I was talking about a grassroots campaign to get the arena rockin'? All of these new people, plus all of the people they know, and all of the people they know, get what I'm sayin'?

Anyone still thinking about going to the outdoor game at South Park? It starts at 8:00 and admission is five bucks. Prolly be a good time.

I kind of like the "Barbarian" nickname for Hossa, but it seems like a rip off of Marion "The Barbarian" Barber (NFL running back and only player outside of Steelers players we have that I would love to see become a Steeler). But I digress. I found this on the websearching tool thing thing:

STARTS AND STOPS: When Marian Gaborik gave Marian Hossa a souvenir stick in Minnesota last week, he signed it: "To Fero." Fero? "That's what everybody calls me back home," said Hossa, referring to the nickname originally given to his father Frantisek, a famous man in Slovakian hockey circles. "They've been calling me that since I was a kid." The Hurricanes, meanwhile, probably have a whole bunch of different names for Hossa. Last night, the Senators' No. 18 scored his fifth goal in five games vs. Carolina this season. He also has three assists vs. the all-reds, to give him an average of two points per outing against them

From this website

I think it would be cool if one, or two, or how many of yinz lucky sonsabitches that could go to the game on sunday could put that on a sign. That'd impress the hell out of him me thinks.

The Seeker said...

The firings in Ottawa really shouldn't surprise anyone since ole Pierre was saying (while talking with Errey and Steigy during the game) that he might lose his job if they didn't win that game vs the Pens.

I think he just got a small reprieve after them pulling that game outta their butts and winning.

BlacknGold66 said...

Total dedication on your part Flyer Hater. Stokes said it best. You don't want to miss something monumental (Like my joke turned gaff turned motivator today. Btw, I can totally see how it was taken wrong people. My bad.)

After going to the burgh last weekend and not having internet access I felt so out of the loop on here. I was beginning to think it was pathetic too, but there's nothing wrong with having this as a hobby.

Gamedaychat with cbloggers has become my other form of Al Gore crack. It's seriously the greatest thing to have a chat room full of cbloggers "watching" the game with you and making references to Pensblog Charlie, etc.

When I met Stokes over the weekend it confirmed my belief that people that read this blog are on a different level than other websites. We were complete strangers, but within two minutes it was like we had been pre-gaming it for Pens games for years.

I highly recommend a Pensblog Get-together for all those interested.

as always...


p.s. I'm seriously bummed about Scuds. He's had such a solid year.

stokes said...

Johnny V: i believe i am going on sunday. Even if i do make that sign, no one will ever see me up in the far reaches of the E balcony. Plus the douche behind me will just yell "Down in front!!" 100 times and his buddy will job Gonchar all game and talk about his purse. Dicks.

BNG66 said it. It was just like meeting up before any ol' game. Its a good idea for the Cblog to maybe meet up one night and bring name tags (although i always made fun of "myspace night" when they do it at some random bar).

And yeah, losing Scuds stinks, but now we don't have to sit any defensemen and maybe that's a good thing.

Does anyone miss Hall, except in the face-off circle?

Davy D said...

Hmmm . . . Hossa born in the CSSR. Wonder if he speaks Russian?

"Fero" is a good find. Signs are a must.

Hossa's heroes = nice

Mirtle says Pens get three greater-than signs:

The Seeker said...

"Penguins coach Michel Therrien indicated Ty Conklin will get the start in goal Thursday when the Penguins take on the Bruins."

stokes said...

So, my old man was out in Vegas this past weekend and i asked him to put twenty on the Pens winning the Cup. Odds at the time were 15/1. then we trade for Hossa and i'm wishing he would have put a little bit more down. on some betting sites, the Pens' odds are at 8/1 now and have some of the better odds of the league. their closest competitors are anaheim, ottawa and dallas. not that it means anything, but its kind of interesting.

Ashley said...

buddy just won the million dollars and the cars. good on him :)

Eric K said...

Hossa is sick on NHL08.

The Abbey Road photoshop is brillaint.

looks like MT is answering the #1 goalie questions....

seems like Crosby talk has been real hush-hush lately, besides Steigy and Bob who beat off about it every 2 minutes, smell like a surprise return to anyone??

wilsmith said...


Seriously?! That's awesome. I would be pumped to shoot for the $50 gas card at Sheetz, can't imagine how pumped him and his friends are.

@johnny v: I will be there tomorrow.

@bng, stokes, etc: pick a bar and a weekend game, and I'm there, no questions asked.

stokes said...

wilsmith: i think that can be arranged. march 9th away Crapital game. i think that may be a good one to pencil in. we can job AO about his new gf and watch as sid, geno, the hossinator, and the rest of the boys combine to destroy washington's play off hopes, just like it was [insert any year in the 90s].

ashely: that's super cool. kudos to that dude. btw, i still hate your canadian mcdonalds. damn you canadian mcdonalds!! ;)

Eric K said...

dont think any1's mentioned it yet, could be wrong, but NJ is off tomorrow, so a Pens win = 1st place in Atlantic/East.

in the words of Myron Cope "who'da thunk it?"

Jonny V said...

ashley, cool find, keep us posted on the eventual youtube clip that'll pop up.

stokes and wilsmith, march 9th would def. work for me, my drill weekend is the week after. Let's do it...

PittHockey said...

I've read every comment also. I try to leave one of my own to know where to pick up the reading from.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

wow168 comments later, im all caught up... I wanted to contribute to about 6 different topics, but you know... its already been beaten to death by now. anyway, as a newbie myself I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself

The name thepensblog staff has given me is Nick S. I have been a loyal longtime fan of the pens through many moves around the country in childhood. I've seen the pens play many times in Chicago, Dallas, and Phoenix. (sucks living in the western conference for a pens fan)

My family thinks my obsession is a little weird and borders insanity. My girlfriend knows not to call during games and has a schedule for that very reason (she's from DC too... and when we met the first thing I said to her was, "sid's better than Alex")

My favorite pens game I have ever attended was last year in PHX (I went to ASU). Sid scored on his ass...
and thats me (only on the pittsburgh feed) with the inflatable penguin cheering after the goal. Im wearing the Jagr jersey and I made my buddy go and wear my straka jersey.
pens fans dominated in phx by the way as you can see...

the inflatable penguin's name is herb and he permanently wears my kasparaitis jersey. He watches all the games and sits in the corner after losses.

i found this blog a week ago as i said in a post yesterday i think and have found it very warm and inviting. great hockey IQs and funny as hell. Ill be here for the long haul.

Steve In Denver said...

Between the 25th, leading up to the trade deadline, and today (which is technically tomorrow for most of you, but I'm in the Mtn time zone), the cblog fanatics have posted over 720 comments.

Dedicationblog or ObsessiveCompuslivePensfanblog?

sh0ez said...

I'm definitely one of the newbies. I think I posted a little introduction about myself before, but I have a horrible memory. So here we go (again?)

The Penguins are the only team in Pittsburgh I am a fan of. I dislike baseball (though back in the day I was a Pirates and Marlins fan) and I have had a dislike for the Steelers since I was a kid. Why? No idea. I'm from Johnstown, PA originally. Yeah. that town with a flood that killed a bunch of people. I came to California, PA to obviously attend the University. You'd think I'd like the Steelers, but I don't. Instead, I'm randomly a fan of the Titans. Oh well. Heh.

As for my history of being a fan of the Penguins, I started watching when I was about 6 or 7 back in '92-ish. I remember them winning the cup and everything. I watched them up until the year the Avalanche came around. '96, maybe? Then I, for some reason, stopped watching it. Crazy . . . I know. Then the lockout happened. Then play resumed. And when it resumed, I started getting back into it. Last year here at school, I met some new friends who are die hard Pens fans. This was able to help me really get back into the game and watching the Pens. I just hate that it seems I probably started watching only because they're becoming a major contender team. The beginning of last semester (around October) is when those friends introduced me to Pensblog. Then I got addicted. I love Photoshopped images, whether it be this kind of stuff on here or LOLcats. My one friend came up with some ideas and that lead me to starting doing my own Photoshops. And this brings me here now. I figure why not start to mingle in Cblog. If I have come to learn anything, Pittsburgh sports fans are some of the best in the world. I wouldn't mind getting to be out there with everyone.

As for actual games, my first game was when I rushed for the Buffalo preseason game. The second game was the Philly game in November where they did the Rush Appreciation. Finally I got to go to my third game this past Sunday against San Jose. If weather keeps me from going home, I think a group of us will be rushing on Sunday to see Army and EC play against us.

I think that covers everything. I tend to type a lot. You will come to notice that once you get to know me more here in Cblog. So hey everyone, and Let's Go Pens.

P.S. Hossa.

sh0ez said...

I saw someone posted about Marian obviously getting rights to #18 and Adam Hall having to switch to #28. Just to let every one know, they let Talbot keep #25 and had Gill become #2. This is according the NHL Shop. Where you customize jerseys, the pro drop-down list has the new three on it and their numbers.


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