Wednesday, February 13, 2008

66 Problems, But The Pens Ain't One

First thing(')s first.
First thing is first?
First things are first?

It is almost spring. Drug-dealing sales are low.
So the Hill District is up to its old tricks. [PG]

They are threatening to appeal the approval of the new arena deal, as if anyone cares.

Hill leaders argue that since the neighborhood will be the site of the $290-million replacement for Mellon Arena, it should get development funding, an inside track on jobs, a grocery store and community center, more parking space and input into a redevelopment plan.
[Mike P.]


Malkin wants Crosby bizzack. [ PG ]

Lord Therrien's reign. [ Trib ]

Scott Cullen at [ TSN ] breaks down the Pens salary-cap issues and crap.

Everyone has hopefully seen the Bob Errey/Gary Roberts/Water thing from the the Flyers game. [ YouTube ]
Eric P. was nice enough to turn it into a [ ringtone ]

Does the NHL need to start hiring minorities to the front offices of teams? [ Fanhouse ]
And by "minorities", we mean Europeans.

NBC has to think whether they want the NHL next season. [ Globe Sports ]
Do they nix the NHL because of low ratings? Or keep it as a lead-in into the 2010 Olympics?

John Buccigross wipes the slate clean and starts up the NHL from scratch. [ ESPN ]

In Bucci's fantasy world, Crosby gets drafted first overall by the Los Angeles Kings.

In an ironic twist, Crosby trained in Los Angeles before his rookie season and donned the Kings jersey.


Best random Photoshop of the night



Adam Graves is mud and shouldn't get his number retired. [ Windsor Star ]

Sheldon Souray is done for the year. [ Fanhouse ]

Kevin Lowe tried to sign Souray's injury to --

Never mind.
It's time to stop piling on the hapless Oilers.

The Senators are a circus.
Ray Emery makes some pretty big time accusations against the Ottawa police. [TSN]

I've hit at least 30 (times) in the last two years," he told TSN on Monday. "It could be because it's licensed to a dealer, so when they (the police) read the plates, it doesn't show up, 'Ray Emery.'"


The Sens also lost last night to the Sabres.

This isn't from the game tonight.
But wow.
[Thanks to Jeff B.]

Got a chance to watch the Ducks game on Versus last night.
They are the team to beat in the West. Mark it down.

[ Photoshop by Battle of California ]

Philly is the 5th most miserable city. [dig]

One of the recent posts on the [Flyers message board ] :

Good times.

[Thanks to Kelli and Kyle for the link]



We added some crap, including some sick drawings Stephen S and we also have a "Cotton Candy HEEEEEEE" shirt on the way,
but we'll need people to vote on how to correctly spell "HERE".

The newest shirt is an ode to every hockey blogger's first stop.

[Dr. James. Mirtle M.D.]



Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

F lyers are awful.
I can't wait to hurt Bahstan.
R oberts will be back soon.
S ykora is money with Malkin.
T herrien is underrated.

:pats self on back:

Flyer Hater said...

Seriously, would anyone care if the Hill was totally demolished today?

Hip said...

Cotton Candy Heeeeeere has already changed my life. A tee would put me over the top. I need to get an order together but yinz keep adding stuff I want! These are going to be my official work shirts - can you make a Pensblog Charlie, MD Proctologist, with him and the stethoscope I can wear to the hospital???


Fred Jones said...

If they make that shirt I'll buy a couple! Especially if it mentions Ottawa Hospital or team MD.

Anonymous said...

Second picture in the espn article of starting the nhl from scratch...I think it speaks for itself.

Mike Georger said...

coicendantlly i just picked up kane off waivers in my fantasy league

everyone be safe out there today if youre dealing with this weather, shits pretty hairy

Iceburgh said...

Therrien Article = Solid

RyanOShea said...

New Jersey plays Ottawa tonight.. Pens are 3 points behind Ottawa with a game in hand, and the Devils are 3 points behind the Pens. Who do you want to win that game?

I was thinking that if the Pens win, I'd want New Jersey to win. Pens would keep that cushion and still gain on the conference leader

..But if the Pens drop the ball tonight, Ottawa better win.

any thoughts?

Stoosh said...

Karmablog - Yesterday I made fun of the Pittsburgh newscasts for making what amounted to a slush storm sound like the end of the world. This morning, it took me almost two hours to drive 30 miles from my house to work. Normally, I can make that trip in 45-60 minutes with morning rush hour traffic. What a disaster.

Me = Stunned.

blufftalk said...

  It's just "things."

FireFox said...

Most of the items in the store haven't excited me so far. But that Pensblog T-shirt with the logo by Stephen S is solid. I may have to take the dive on that one.

I would still love to see Stephen's other logos on a T-shirt. hint hint

hyzdufan said...

Cotton Candy man has been known to sell other things before, you know...

"Pepsi heee!"
"Lemonade heee!"

He's crazy at Pirate games (or at least he was 3 years ago when I still went to them)

Dr. Turkleton said...

it appears getting to the game tonight will be an adventure....heres the message the PG is giving this morning: Traffic patterns on Centre Avenue near Mellon Arena will be altered this evening due to the St. Francis Central Hospital demolition project, according to Pittsburgh police.

Police are expecting traffic to bottleneck in the eastbound lanes of Centre when the lanes are altered starting at 4 p.m. until the conclusion of the Penguins hockey game, which begins at 7:30 p.m.

Police advise fans attending the game to arrive early. Traffic will be affected between Washington Place and Crawford Street, and police urge fans to seek parking below Washington Place and walk up to the arena.

The upper lot of Mellon Arena between Bedford and Centre avenues will be accessible only from the Bedford Avenue side.

I hope there is still a spot for the "Bucket Band" to perform on the Centre Ave. sidewalks tonight....

EmDubs said...

I can't believe Canaan didn't pick up on "First things first" and offer the correct grammar on the sentence as the first comment. Although the FIRST poem was a nice touch.

Andrew said...

Stupid Hill District needs to shut up already. Also, I'm really glad they put the Bob Errey water comments on youtube. That's spectacular.

wilsmith said...

What happens if the guy who is actually Pensblog Charlie stumbles across this site?

malkinian said...

If someone could get cotton candy guy's pic on a tshirt that would be money. So last night Philly & Ottawa lose, as well as Montreal & Boston. This could be a nice lil 4 point swing against those teams if we handle business tonight.

ryanoshea: I agree completely. I'd rather gain ground on Ottawa because I think in the long run we can hold of jersey anyhow. But ya if we lose definitely keep the space in the atlantic

Pensgirl said...

Ryanoshea, I'm pullin' for the Sens tonight. Overtaking them in points doesn't mean shit if we don't ultimately win the division. We need all the Atlantic losses we can get, what with March being all-division-all-the time like November was.

dying alive said...

Does anyone know for sure (as opposed to speculating) if what the Hill is threatening could actually delay the arena?

They had me on their side for a long time. I thought it was a good idea to redevelop the area and put a grocery store there. At this point, they can fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Nothing good will ever come from the hill unless the people from the hill are move somewhere else. Then they can proceed to ruin some other neighborhood. You never fix the problem, you just move it about. Until those people want to take responsibility for their own lives nothing will change.

Lady Jaye said...

Is the Hill still demanding a blank check? I've been trying to tune them out because it just annoys me.

Anywho > glad I'm not driving in down town tonight! Redirected traffic + weather = bad times. Be careful y'all. (And yes, I say y'all rather than yinz, you'll have to beat the pittsburgh back into me. I also say soda.)

Anonymous said...

No "I'll allow it" Charlie T-shirt in the Storeblog???

Ashley said...


You were right, as always. The powers that be smiled upon me and cancelled classes just one minute before my class began.

So if the Pens win tonight, and the Sens lose, then we'll be just one point away from leading the Eastern Conference (knock on wood). And to think, they're doing it without their best player, their starting goaltender, and Gary Roberts - the most-feared athlete in the world.

Isn't it great to be a Penguins fan?

Stoosh said...

DYING ALIVE - The short answer to your question is "no." If this could in any way derail the arena, you'd be hearing a lot more about it in Pittsburgh than you have been. But all the funding is in place via bond issues and stuff like that, so we're good as far as the arena project goes.

I'm not sure the One Hill group is bickering with the Pens as much as they are the City and County right now. I haven't followed this a whole lot, but it sounds to me like this One Hill group wants the Hill District to have development rights to at least some of the property because the arena borders on Hill District neighborhoods. That obviously creates some disputes because the arena will also border on the Uptown neighborhoods as well as what is generally considered to be "Downtown Pittsburgh" neighborhoods.

One Hill also seems to want the Hill District - either through the One Hill group or some other representative - to be given control over how the funding for the Hill development is allocated. That creates some other problems - who makes the decisions on how to spend the money, who controls the money, who approves the allocations? I think the City and County are arguing for more clearly-defined terms on this kind of stuff.

However this works out, this won't jeopardize the arena project at all.

dying alive said...

Stoosh - thanks for the info. Good to know that these clowns can't hold up the process.

I wonder how early I should plan to leave to get to the game tonight? annoyanceblog.

J.S. said...

Crap, I can't view the Gary Roberts water video.

Youtube isn't blocked at work (yet), but I just realized that I have no speakers on my PC.


Canaan, I'm surprised you missed the first yesterday.

Stoosh said...

ASH - Hah!! That's awesome, although now YOU get a day off and I'M still here for another five hours. What the hell's up with that? Why can't I make this work for me? Oh's lunchtime anyway.

This is a very good time to be a Pens fan. Here's an idea of how bad Ottawa's struggling. Since 2008 began, Ottawa's played 19 games. That's 38 possible standings points, of which they've only taken 18.

In that same time span, the Pens have played 18 games. Out of 36 possible standings points, the Pens have taken 27. That's an unbelievable pace for any team to keep up over six weeks, much less without its top player, top goaltender and top ass-kicker.

canaanregulatesblog said...

JS, i like to share the 'first' wealth with other cbloggers from time to time. =)

Stoosh said...


I jumped onto WTAE's website as I was checking for some sort of report on the One Hill fiasco. On the main page, they have that "Top Stories" window, which cycles by as a slideshow.

It happened to get to Top Story #5, which was a link to a WTAE special feature called "Links N'@" (haha, Pittsburghese). This link apparently takes you to a video clip where two WTAE-paid journalists highlight a handful of goofy internet links.

Staring back at me was a "Links N'@" screen capa which said "Rap-Sports Lookalikes? Jerome Bettis & Biggie", with respecitve pictures of each.

First off, who even gets someone to sign off on the possibility that Jerome Bettis and Biggie Smalls look ANYTHING alike?

Second, who's the tool over at WTAE that made the executive decision to put this in the "Top Stories" feature on their website?

Third, should I be afraid of the very real possibility that somewhere out there in the WTAE broadcast area, this little gem popped up their screen and someone was instantly glued to their television screen?

And it's no wonder so many people I know are getting more and more tired of the Steelers by the second.

Stoosh said... command of English in that last post = not so good. Proofreadblog.

I must've been possessed by the spirit of "jmmul1" over on that YouTube clip from the other day.

Mike Georger said...

ive got a class that goes until eight forty five tonight, i am REALLY banking on the penn state powers at be to cancel late classes today. i hate missing the first period

Dr. Turkleton said...

Good Luck to 'The Flower' on his 1st rehab game for WB/S v. Norfolk tonight

Ashley said...

jason, are you posting that link on everyone's blog? you posted it on mine this morning, acting like i know what you're talking about, but all it is is scam..oops, i mean SPAM.

Pensblog Staff said...



Jonny V said...

Jason, may Gary Roberts find you and make u scream for mama. Fuck off, bot!

Nothing like acting like a hardass with malicious computer software. Take no guff!

Ashley said...

jonny v - my thoughts exactly.

wilsmith said...

Mike Georger, never in my college career at PSU did we get a day off class because of the weather. Don't bank on it, set the DVR.

Anonymous said...

nobody mentioned....


Jeffry said...

why does one hill care about arena parking? do they think people will park in the hill if theres nothing left for arena parking?

Lady Jaye said...


Hill District group files appeal

Forgive me if somebody already posted.

Mike Georger said...


they canceled class yesterday once the storm rolled in, and they canceled them last year right around this time too. pretty big storms both time

but im in the law school and all of my classes are teleconferenced from carlisle to university park so if shit gets canceled at carlisle they cancel the law school classes here, which is awesome.

but it looks like ill have up in class

Jonny V said...

If yinz (sorry lady jaye haha) didn't read down a little further on buccigross' column, he made some predictions. One of them concerned our very own Malkin:

4. Oilers GM Kevin Lowe will begin outlining this summer's offer sheet to Malkin -- 20 years, $200 million and the keys to Fernando Pisani's place. A chagrined Pisani will move in with teammate Zack Stortini. Pisani will be put on a line with Malkin and score 50 goals, eventually leaving to sign with Pittsburgh and play on a line with Crosby. He will score 93 goals in the 2010-11 season and make so much money in endorsements from The Olive Garden that he will buy the Oilers, fire Lowe and buy Malkin's place. Malkin will move in with Dustin Penner, and their conversations will be nonstop and riveting.

Stoosh said...

RE: One Hill

I just read the PG article and I have to laugh at some of this. First off, they claim their appeal is not designed to halt arena construction, but will do so if necessary. Unless they plan on marching to the arena site with an injunction in hand signed by a judge to halt arena construction, there isn't much they can do that won't border on trespassing. The most they can really do without an injunction is picket the jobsite.

They're asking a judge to vacate the approval of the master plan because 1) a commissioner gave his approval to the plan without being present at the Jan. 14 hearing and 2) the master plan fails to provide adequate parking for the arena and failed to consider societal and environmental impacts on the area.

First item will depend on whether Reidbord had access to the master plan prior to the meeting, but I'm not sure that alone would've been enough to vacate the commission's approval of the plan because Reidbord didn't miss the entire meeting.

Second item...what's the standard they need to meet? Unless the arena plan promises in writing to turn the Hill District into Shangri-La or give each resident of the District a cut of the revenues, I can't imagine One Hill is ever going to give their approval to this. Let's not forget, this arena is supposed to compensate for a half-century of injustice and unfulfilled good faith claims brought about by Mellon Arena.

The arena is supposed to HELP revitalize the area by bringing revenues to the area. HELP implies some cooperation on the other end to make it work. Sounds to me like One Hill either wants the city, county and Penguins to guarantee in writing that the arena will either save society or function as a subsidy program.

Johnny Wrath said...

I'm 100% indifferent towards the wants and needs of the Hill District. Ignorance and poverty are cousins; hence, The Hill and Lawrenceville shall face immortal squalor. Go Pens.

I want NJ to loose, but not by too much. I want to secure the first of ~17 straight division titles this season. I want home ice, and I want to play a team with shitty PK%, such as Philly, Buffalo, or (ewww 78.6) Boston. I don't think NY Rangers™ are gonna make it, but, oh, would I love to knock them out.

I would like NJ and Montreal to be #s 4 and 5 so that we may avoid them until they've been through that war. SE division is just horrible. Either you're getting a lottery pick or home ice in the playoffs... Philly's 24.5 PP vs. Carolina's 77.6PK would be amusing.

My cafepress order arrived, so I'm off to the Organic section of whole foods. -Cheers

pensbeergeek said...

Ahh, tonight is the first game against Boston since Marcia Sturm's slewfoot on Mark Eaton.

I can't wait to see what's going to happen to little Marcia tonight! Who's going to get Eaton's back on this one?

Jersey Bill said...

I can only remember the Hill area as the place I didn't want to wait for the bus back to Oakland after the game. The gimme, gimme, gimme attitude is the problem there, not the lack of "cooperation", which implies back and forth, not just I want or else.

After the Winter Classic, someone posted a link with Yahoo photos. Would that someone post the link again? I can't find it.

Johnny Wrath said...

Christina Simon skating/traveling with the Islanders. He can play in the NHL again on the 21st.

February 26th, a day after my birthday, we play those despicable, sorry fellows. WWGRD?

Flyer Hater said...

Fedko said today on Junker and Crow that Kovalchuk and Ovie are better than Sid.

Fedko is a joke

Twinkie said...

Since you're speaking of ignorance, johnny wrath, I should ask you when the last time you were in Lawrenceville was. In the past 5 years Section 8 housing has been removed above 41st St and one bedroom condos are selling for more than $200,000 in the wake of a major revitalization effort. Dozens of restaurants, art studios, and business have opened and a lot of wealthy people have moved into the neighborhood. Immortal squalor indeed. It didn't take handouts from local government or an arena to open there either. Maybe the Hill should take notes.

Pensblog Staff said...

i almost moved to lawrenceville last year b/c they had some awesomely renovated lofts/apts that were gorgeous and nicely priced.

canaanregulatesblog said...

crap. i was logged in to the wrong acct. the above post was mine. oops.

wilsmith said...


Doppler said...

WWGRD. Add the ring tone for a friend who is a Leafs fan.

My phone nearly exploded.


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