Wednesday, January 2, 2008


What a time to be alive

If someone can experience a game like that once in their lives, they would be happy.

As we type this.
We just got back home as of 4:30 am.

Thanks to the jokes that run Ralph Wilson Stadium parking, a dumb girl at some Red Robin, and Mother Nature, the road home was insane.

We are starting PENNDOTBLOG tomorrow.

I-79 was a war zone around 10:30-2:30 Tuesday night. Cars were everywhere.

Apparently they don't plow during winter storms anymore.


We hope everyone made it back safe.

Recap sometime today.
Buffalo fans will be unloaded on big time.

All Penguin fans stood together for one shining moment as Sid scored.

If it doesn't give you goosebumps, you should jump in front of a snow plow.

Go Pens


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Sabre fans have always been classless dickheads, no surprise they were in true form yesterday. What a time that game must have been, WOOOOOOOOOOOO

some guest said...

thanks for the clip. awesome game.

is it just me, or does the guy say boston at the end?

yea, he does. dolt.

Fleury29 said...

Awesome clip. Watching it again just makes me realize how craptacular the weather really was and how amazing the players were to be able to play like that in such poor weather.

And yeah, it gives me goosebumps. That goal is etched in my memory now.

Why does Mike Emrick still have a job? He's a joke.

Spencemo said...

Glad to see you all had a great time at the game...that had to be the best day ever...

King Gorilla said...

I was luckily in the only Penguins section in the whole place. Sabres fans were OK, I got called fag about 13-14 times.

I wore a pretty sweet black & gold wrestling mask to stay warm and lots of Pens fans were treating me like a celebrity. Good times, I hope all your pioctures of my drunk ass turned out nice.

I did give a shout out to Pensblog, and Empty Netters on the big screen, I hope you guys noticed it.

Anonymous said...

Great Pic!

Korn said...

Outstanding game yesterday. The whole thing was surreal and for some reason, I was as nervous at the end as I would be during a playoff game. Pens just had to come away with the W.

Looking forward to hearing what the stadium experience was like for folks.

Anonymous said...

the cbc feed was much better than nbc one. sid screaming "yeahh" right after he scored in the shootout is very's amazing!

Sinops said...

Sabre fans were mostly assholes. I can't wait till March 12. I am going to rip them all apart like they did to us. All I heard was Pittsburgh sucks, Crosby is gay. Did you notice how no one said shit after the game. Fuck Buffalo and its faggot fans.

Lady Jaye said...

But but, it was scripted :-) Hehe. Thanks for sharing the vid guys. The replay of the shootout was almost as good as watching it yesterday afternoon :)

Glad everybody got home safe.

B said...

Not just the fans were classless. It was entirely classless of the in-game hosts to give that little boy they kept putting on a puck and tell him to throw it at a Pens fan, and not let up until he did. I hope the NHL is going to address this, because I'm complaining about it. The Sabres should be fined for that display.

wilsmith said...

How dare you make a joke on the previous C-Blog, Fleury29. HOW DARE YOU.

and yeah, some guest, Emrick is awesome like that. I bet Buffalo people were pumped to hear that.

Sinops said...

I stopped at the Angola exit on the way home and people were saying Gary Roberts was there. I looked but did not see him. They said he was with his daughter. Anyone hear this and/or see him?

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. You know it's a good event when Mike & Mike are talking about it in glowing terms on ESPN Radio.

2. What a game...what a way to spend New Year's Day. We really need to do this every year. Just a bang-up job by the NHL this time.

3. After that first goal, I had to wonder if Sid wasn't in for about a seven-point night. It seemed like he was moving twice as fast as anyone else was on the ice when he made that move into the zone.

4. Sid's game-winner was a thing of beauty. I've never seen a player with quicker wrists in the NHL, ever. He made that look way too easy.

5. Dear Ed Olczyk...The rule says the ref blows the whistle when HE loses sight of the puck, not when YOU do. Maybe the puck was still a bit loose under Conklin's pads, but the ref couldn't see it, so he blew the play dead. That's the way the rule is written. Sometimes you broadcast like you coached.

6. Emrick was great for most of the game yesterday, but too many times he made some ridiculous mistakes...maybe he's just overwhelmed because he was watching two teams that actually, you know...try to score once in a while (Emrick normally broadcasts Devils games). Too many time he had me wishing for the days of Thorne and Clement...or better yet, Tom Mees.

7. Am I the only one starting to get this "Shades of Hedberg" feeling with Conklin?

8. Dear Rbk...the NEXT time you overhaul a uniform, how's about a lot more attention to the old-style jerseys and a lot less attention to striping patters that induce vertigo? If you could pull off vintage looks like that with the classic Pens and Sabres jerseys, why'd you have to sign off on half the crap you trotted out this summer with the new jerseys?

rwarner174 said...

The buffalo fans wern't that bad hebrew hammer. I am sure you will run into an idiot here and there, for instance someone threw a hotdog at my brothers girlfriend. But I didn't expect for them to roll out the welcome wagon and red carpet. It was a fairly peaceful affair.

They were no worse then pens fans are to leafs or sabers fans when they come down here. Don't get me started on how steelers fans treat opposing team fans.

It was a great time though. Hope the pens get to be involved with it again sometime in the future.

John said...

Sabre fans hated my Elvis costume. Ha! It was awesome to be there!

Nathan said...

Funny you should mention how much you despise Sabres fans after personal experience with them. When I went to opening night in Carolina back in October, the Hurricanes fans I was sitting by mentioned how much they hate Sabres fans too.

Hell of a game yesterday. If they end up doing another one of these things at Beaver Stadium, I'm going to have to get to it.

Erica said...

Sabre fan= classless. Ive been told that they are bad but seriously, woah. But no way were they gonna ruin that win and that game. Absolutely amazing :)

Stoosh said...

Thanks to Jesse at for this one...

As they say, sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

I'd call these Caps fans pathetic, but "pathetic" just whacked me on the head for calling it a "Caps fan."

Anonymous said...

I love Lemieux as much as the next Pens fan, but that hat makes him look like the bird lady from Home Alone 2

Anonymous said...

Most amazing game Ive ever been to!

Buffalo fans=complete asses

I loved watching all their pissed faces as they walked out after all the shit they gave us during the game.

What a great feeling watching Sid get that puck in!

Anonymous said...

how ready were you guys to start severing throats everytime they did that STUPID let's go buff-a-lo chant? because i know i was about 10 seconds away from it before we shit on ryan miller in the shootout. it was so great being there because i felt an instant connection with every other pens fan in that stadium the minute i walked in. even though we were outnumbered, separated, and dealing with the elements in that shithole city, it felt like being home in mellon arena the moment the pens walked out, as all of the pens fans in my section started screaming and putting their arms around other pens fans. amazing time.

one good thing: the fire entrance. how sick was that.


Anonymous said...

Sabre fans were truly vile-I'd rather go back and face a sold out Wachovia Center again then go back there. I guess it's all that pent up Buffalo anger - always the bridesmaid. As for Penndot, I90 was no prob until we hit the PA line. Looking forward to the Penndot trash talk blog.

canaanregulatesblog said...

its a shame that the NBC feed didnt get a quality shot of the pens/sabres saluting the crowd. ho hum.

Seeker said...

I'd like to ask those Caps fans that think the game was scripted if getting a lame penalty on Colby that put the Pens shorthanded in OT was also a part of the script.

Hard to imagine they are such babies even when it's not their own team on the losing end.

PS: You'd think those announcers could at least get the player's names straight! Eric Staal?

Kristen PB said...

What a freaking awesome game.
I was so glad to hear a decent level of cheering after Sid scored that shootout goal. NBC occasionally found a Pens fan in the crowd, but left doubt as to how many Pgh fans were actually there.

Mike Emrick commented on the size of the snowflakes at least three times, by my count. And, annoyingly, Edzo giggled at almost everything Emrick said, which anyone knows is a sign of either being insane or being high...or perhaps both. I know it was an exciting event and everyone was thrilled to bits, but geez, guys, the twittering schoolgirl act was irritating.

Anonymous said...

Our section was full of pens fans so everytime they started the lets go buff-a-lo, all you would hear was the -lo at the end cause the lets go pens chants were loud from where we were. It was great, too many assholes trying to start shit though...

I loved hearing them still talking shit about Sid and how he sucks after the game, ahh, jealousy is a bitch buffalo, you can keep your shitty team and your shitty city! I'll stick with my City of Champions and my "gay" Hart, Art Ross, and Ice Bowl winner

po said...

sabres fans = a poor man's non-threatening cleveland browns fan

all of the people who were being extremely vulgar were either really old trash balls or young kids who just tasted their first molson... i heard alot of "go back to pittsburgh" to which i responded i couldn't wait, and alot of "f*ck you" which was funny... a few of them motioned towards us like they wanted to start something physical but quickly turned around when they realized we are both in the over six foot and over 200 lbs club and we weren't scared of a bunch of drunk 20 year olds... however i did encounter a TON of very nice, very curteous and very generally happy people in the stands and in the parking lot as well... they were happy we all made the trip and looking forward to a great game and having a great time, it was refreshing... in our experience i would say that for every douchebag there was five or so generally nice people... had a great time and a great experience, cant wait for more pens hockey, we are on a hot streak baby!!!

Bloggy McBlogerblog said...

I must say, it was great to be in the presence of a city completely stunned. I got called some nasty things from those assholes, including a 15 yr old girl saying she was going to "Stab me in the neck" when the game was over.

Terrible fans, great game.

Penndot blows, so does the Ralph Wilson Stadium Parking facilities. Honestly, how do you have a 71,000 person game and not have ANY cops directing traffic.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe people say that the game was fixed..."crosby on national tv, crosby wins on last shot in the shootout." like seriously, go home and eff yourself. that's how i feel after reading that winter classic game day thread. some people are unbelieveable.

King Gorilla said...

I think it depended upon on how drunk the Sabres fan was that I dealt with.

I think the people who were true assholes weren't used to hockey and how hockey fans are.

The Sabres and Pens are not a rivalry as much as it would make sense. The Sabres don't have that one hated player, a horrible past with the Pens, and they play a pretty clean/open game.

I was called a fag a ton of times for my pens jersey but it didnt matter. I know some of us Pens fans booed Lindy Ruff, and that guy is bad ass, no matter who he coaches for.

The stadium atmosphere was almost overwhelming. 71,000 people going crazy. Our section were all jumping during the shootout like a college basketball game, it was nutty.

Too bad I have no idea what the pensblog guys looked like so I could have given them a "hey".

christina said...

wow. just wow. kickass game to watch...i swear i must have been a hockey player in another life, because i was practically giddy as the game started. what a cool atmosphere.

wish i could have gotten the CBC feed instead of NBC...i found some of the HNIC clips online, and it was definitely much better. i'm so over emrick/edzo.

the predictions were flying like crazy in my family - my grandfather had geno for the game winner in OT, dad went with a staal shortie, sis had buffalo pulling out the power play goal for the win, and i had it going to a shootout with a legame winner. i was close....

bing = sicknasty.

i'm starting to think we need to send out an amber alert for geno - he's been MIA recently.

hope everyone had a great time, and got home safely! happy 08, c-blog!

Mace said...

gary roberts ate at denny's at the angola exit with his daughter and wife. he was so awesome the waitress tipped him.

overall the winter classic was a lot like bad sex... its awesome just to be there and things start off great ya know? but then it just keeps... dragging... on...and you can't seem to stay excited with all the zambonies driving over top of your bed. still you hang around because i mean, at least for me, how often does this happen right? but then in the end everything works out just fine, and all you want to do is sleep.
i guess the whole analogy is kind of flawed about the zambonies though, because that usually means you're having sex on a hockey rink which would just be really awkward but not necessarily bad. go pens!

Staff said...

King Gorilla -- Absolutely. It was high fives all around when we saw it.

We also saw a WWGRD.

SINOPS -- Angola has that effect. It's the most inviting rest stop on the interstate system.

STOOSH -- I was pumped when I heard Mike & Mike this morning. They had Sean Salisbury on, too, I think. They all loved it.

Bird lady reference. Unreal.

Mace with a sex comparison.

Douchebaggery was out of control.
It's 1:43 right now.

We want the recap up by 4.
It's a beast.


EmDubs said...

That whole experience was officially awesome. No one sat down the entire game..... even pregame warm ups. I met some great Sabres fans and some real losers. The aftergame traffic management and road conditions could not have been worse.

Did anyone else notice how completely miserable Tyler Kennedy looked? I think if there's another outdoor game next year he might fake an illness.

some guest said...

oh, i forgot this. i watched most of the game on CBC, which had a better feed. i just wanted to say to any one who went to the game and chanted 'lets go pens', you were heard a few times. great job.

anybody read the sabres message boards? wow. a few of the jagoffs sound like they might off themselves later this week.

cdubbs said...

Daren Pang saying "How'd that feel when you put it between the legs?" to Crosby, was probably the greatest thing I heard in that game.

TMGB said...

Still waiting for the National Anthem... wtf?! God Bless America is cool, but it isn't satisfactory, and it wasn't even sung by an American?!

adam vacancy said...

my thoughts...

1 - game was amazing. the atmosphere gave me goosebumps from the second i came out of the tunnel up in the nosebleeds. not to mention those of us that had tickets up in the 300 section, the seats werent that bad. that was my biggest worry, that we werent gonna see anything from that high, but i dont think i would have changed my seat for nothing.

2 - watched nbc's broadcast on tivo and they did miss a couple of things that should have been captured, like the players saluting the fans at the end during the fireworks. that was something that should have been captured for everyone.

3 - buffalo fans were pretty dick the whole game. i guess i was wrong in hearing they were pretty nice people. i couldnt even take a piss in peace. i should have just pissed on the ground in there and walked out straight faced.


1 - why didnt they sing the national anthem but they sang oh canada with no canadian team on the ice?

2 - does anyone thing they are going to put the remaining winter classic merch on sale online? i was kinda waiting for the game to buy all my merch but they had no selection and now i dont have anything i wanted.

3 - do you have to attend a game at mellon arean to shop at pen station ? whats the best pens store in the pittsburgh area?

4 - is it likely to have a winter classic dvd in the future?

A non-asshole Sabres fan said...

I just want to say that not every Sabres fan is an asshole, BELIEVE me. When you put alcohol into the bodies of people at a sports event, which is played on their turf, obviously you're going to get the whole "YOU'RE A FAG LOL!" "FUCK YOU! YOU SUCK!" insults because they think they're clever when they're inebriated.

I'll admit that I was angry after the game, when I heard my brother say that it went in (I wasn't watching :X), my stomach dropped, and I was super upset, but at least we pulled out with one point. The Pens definitely put up a fight, and WOW, Conklin is playing very good (which leaves me wondering why he couldn't play like that for us :P), and I'm someone that gives credit where credit is due. I just won't kiss Crosby's ass (I know he's amazing and all, but I hate that he's a cry baby, and that ruins his talent for me).

Getting to the point, congratulations to the Pens fans and the Penguins (you have no idea how much it hurts for me to say that), and maybe next year, I'LL be traveling to Pittsburgh to watch an outdoor game there.

Oh, and I'd like to apologize on behalf of majority of the Sabres fans that gave any of you trouble; games at the arenas are MUCH more controlled (except for the game itself).


Jonathan Grant Keller said...

I think your impression of the Buffalo fans is starting to take a groupthink mentality. This is the only blog I've seen with any bitching.

As a Buffalo fan and ambassador---I didn't see any shit talking. We had 3 groups of Pens fans near us and they EACH said how wonderful the Sabres fans were.

Say what you want---but I think the comments calling us assholes are fake.

Doppler said...

As a Pens fan living in upstate NY, I must say that every time I have been to Buffalo for sporting events there are a large majority of rude fans, especially football fans. I stopped going to football games there and haven't been to a Sabres game in quite awhile either.

Not saying there aren't rude fans in every city, but there are some really jerks in Buffalo.

Alcohol is not an excuse.

Anonymous said...

1.) if youre a pens fan and youre screaming "fuck yeah pens, sabres you fucken suck!!!" then dont expect buffalo fans to be all ned flanders with you.

2.) yeah there were probably a lot of assholes at the game. 71000 people and a shitload of booze tends to bring out the worst in some jackoffs, no doubt about it. but before you blame it on buffalo, consider the atmosphere at any sporting event with 71000 people and a lot of booze.

3.) you won, so why do you even give a fuck. besides, i didnt realize you went to competitive professional sporting events so you could play fucking nancy-pants with the other fans, you fucking women.

4.) get some balls. "i should have pissed on the ground then walked out straight faced." while why didnt you? cause you're a pussy who writes about it online.

5.) i was there. it was fun. pens fans were being dicks, too. no big whoop. all in all, it was about 10 percent as obnoxious as an NFL game. so deal with it, you penguin vaginas.

Anonymous said...

Good game, for all those complaining did you really expect 70,000 Buffalo fans to roll out the red carpet for you? I'd like to see how I get treated in an opposing team's jersey at Heinz field. Then maybe I'll cry on a message board about it the next day. Or maybe I'll just man up and not whine about it at all.

NHL Jeff said...

They actually did switch sides in the middle of OT...

Fleury29 said...

Or maybe I'll just man up and not whine about it at all.

If you want to talk big time manning up, you talk posting anonymously on the internet so no one knows who you are.


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