Friday, January 25, 2008

This Ain't Over. PENS LOSE.

4 - 3

[ Recap]

The horn sounds.
You see Randy Jones of the Flyers high-fiving people.

The smug Philadelphia crowd cheering.

If that feeling isn't hate, what is?

We got four more.


National Anthem


--Alex A--



The puck drops. And you remember the feeling.
Good old-fashion hate.

But that feeling isn't completely realized until about two minutes into the game.

BGL and Riley Cote throw down.
BGL dominates.

You could feel the little extra ferocity behind the punches.

After the fight, it was all Flyers all the time.

Randy Jones with a wide open net.

Some joke gets a chance.

At one point, shots were 9-1 in favor of the Flyers.
But Conkblock kept the Penguins afloat.

However, that would not last.
A meaningless faceoff turns into trouble.

Mrs. Danielle Briere wins it. Jason Smith drives it to the net.
R.J. Joke cleans up the trash. 1-0

The Pens didn't have much going for them. They were stunned.

But then Jarkko Ruutu stepped onto the ice.
He brought some much-needed energy to the table.

The Pens fed off it, and late in the first, they got some good chances.

They went nuts in the Flyers zone.
Ryan Whitney with a nice pass to Sydor. Sydor finds Malkin.
Ruutu has it somewhere in there and gets jobbed by Hatcher.

Malkin kicks it around. Shot.


The Pens keep up the hard work and draw a penalty a minute later.

But with time running down in the first, Ryan Malone gets called for goaltender interference, which is odd, because we didn't know they called that penalty in Philadelphia



FSN = Mistake

Everything was going fine until FSN drops the bomb of a lifetime.
They bring Keith Primeau into the broadcast booth.

We immediately switch to Mike Lange on the radio.
Was David Volek not available? Why not bring out Gary Valk? Unreal.

Not sure who was responsible for this.
Maybe it was for a good cause. Who knows.
But hockey isn't the type of game where you need people in the booth anyway.

Of course, this leads to FSN showing the five-overtime goal Primeau scored.
Why even do that?

FSN should be fined by the FCC for being insensitive.
Someone needs to wake up down there.

Back to the action, the Primeau Effect is in full force as the Flyers nearly score.
Conkblock says no again.

But the Flyers get a powerplay, thanks to a Brooks Orpik slash.

The PK steps up big time and kill it.
But Gonch has a hiccup and gives the puck up.

Some dude gets it over to Mike Richards. Richards finds Tom Jones.


After the goal, Max Talbot flips out and breaks his stick on the post.
Good times.

Things looked bleak ad the Flyers kept coming.
After the teams skate 4-0n-4, Derian Hatcher runs Conk.
Guess you are allowed to do that now.

The refs make-up the call a minute later by calling Mrs. Danielle Briere on a goalie-interference call.
Briere goes to the penalty box and opens the door, which was the most hard work he did all night.

The Pens powerplay wastes no time.
Malkin to Whitney. Whitney drops it to Gonch.
One-timer, Sykora deflects it past Biron. 2-2

As the period is coming to an end, all hell breaks loose.

It all starts when Steve Downie is going to the boards.
BGL "hits" Downie from behind. Downie goes down like he has been shot.

Great acting.

Downie gets up and goes to the locker room.
BGL is given a 5-minute major and a game-misconduct.

With 2.6 second left, world-class dick John Stevens puts Riley Cote out there to try and pick a fight.
He does his best, but no one dances with him.



The third period had all the makings of a classic.

The Flyers, on their gift powerplay, struggle.
They turn the puck over and over.

Something Philly teams are good at doing at home

But the Pens can't hold the fort.
With just over a minute or so left on the major, fittingly, JV sends one into the net. 3-2

The Pens were stunned, but not for long.
Staal springs Ryan Malone on some sort of awkward semi-breakaway.

Malone can't beat Biron. Staal goes flying into the net.
Ryan Whitney swoops in and buries the puck.

Chaos sets in.

The net was jarred loose when Staal flew into it.
We go to the War Room. Goal. 3-3

What a huge goal.
But, again, it would not last for long.

What would a game without Mike Knuble scoring be like?


Shortly after that, the wheels almost come off when Mike Richards has a wide-open net to shoot at.
Luckily for us, people with egregious contracts stop caring after getting their money.

Father Time enters the building as the Pens have a few good shifts.
Filewhich played a solid hockey game.
He nearly scores his first NHL goal, but Biron says no.

Before you know it, there is under five minutes to play.
The Pens can't get anything going.

Ryan Malone gets called for something. Awful call.

End it.


  • Malkin 1G, 1A
  • Sykora 1G
  • Whitney 1G, 1A
  • Gonch 1A
  • Staal 1A

We lost our bet with the [700 Club].
They will be posting something later today or whenever.



Acting-- Will Smith


There will be plenty of aftermath most likely.

Typos...we don't care.


theNick said...

That was a real cheap hit by Laraque. He deserves to be, and probably will be, suspended by the league. Also whenever i see Mike Richards play he reminds me a lot of Mike i guess my question is would someone ever sign Mike Peca to a 12 year deal?

Anonymous said...

Laraque on the hit "If I want to hit somebody from behind, he's not getting up."

He's an asshole, but in the good way that you like. Like Belushi in Animal House.

So this begs the question, does Laraque destroy acoustic guitars?

e.mirchich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
e.mirchich said...

don't understand how anyone in their right mind could look at the Laraque-Downie incident and say that Laraque did it with malice, intent to injure, etc. Downie was trying to stop quickly by the boards in order to play the puck and Laraque pushed him in the back. Gently. I say gently because even the smallest nudge or push would have sent him flying since he had just attempted to stop and had not yet regained his footing to redistribute his weight. Basically, it comes down to simple physics. All of Downie's weight was on a smaller surface area than normal since his blades/feet were parallel to one another so the push by Laraque coupled with the momentum Downie still carried made him topheavy and thus he was catapulted into the boards. Not a "cheap shot" by any means. Laraque did NOT leave his skates, or even follow through with a full on hit. He simply gave him a bump or a shove, and that was that. Sir Isaac Newton could tell you all about what happened next.

Anyone that tries to equate this "incident" to the Downie-McAmmond incident needs to report to an eye doctor's ASAP. Please don't drive though, it is unsafe to yourself and others to drive while visually impaired. Downie left his skates and, to quote my homie Soulja Boi, "Supermanned that ho" in the phrase's most literal meaning. Laraque at worst pushed Downie and decided not to follow through with a check.

Anyways, good game I suppose. Even if there was awful officiating on both sides. Still 4 to go.

Mike Georger said...

why why why would you revisit one of the most soul crushing moments in the franchise's, in the city's, history? fuck him, fuck his brother, and fuck whoever thought it was a good idea to bring him on.
and as stated earlier, i dont think the league will suspend him for hitting someone who not only didnt get hurt but came back and fought (and almost lost to stone for god's sake)
anyone else catch where they mentioned ruutu not getting suspended? that the league just never called to say he was suspended so he kept playing. what kind of rag tag operation is gary bettman running?

J.S. said...

Did I see two Soulja Boy references in c-blog in the same week?

Time to start moderating the blog again, lol.

canaanregulatesblog said...
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Hip said...

e.mirchich - thanks for the physics lesson, but it's much more simple than that. Snuggle Bear saw BGL in the vicinity and balled up into the fetal position just hoping to draw a penalty. Apparently that's all he can do to contribute to his team anymore. If anything, it was personal intent to injure, and it nearly cost him his career. Laraque's quotes are awesome.

Christ, I can't even sleep anymore, Pens have me so riled up. Long ass All Star Break coming up. Damn.

Sounds like J.Staal's third star was well deserved. Please dear God can we have breakoutblog in the near future?

I'm rambling again. Go Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

Fuck 'em.

Fuck 'em in the ear.

Fuck 'em in the other ear!

David said...

That Game was a farce...I swear, how do officiating crews work in in the NHL? it seems like the refs are always shitty when we play Filthadelphia.

apk said...

Can't believe no one's commented on how this one was all Steigerwald's fault. Everything was going along swimmingly after we tied it with the shortie, then Steigy starts blabbing about how "you get the feeling everything's just going to go the Penguins' way tonight..." Goal. "Well, umm..forget that." Inexcusable.

David said...

Riley Cote is on a Philadelphia morning show i listen to(occasionally, i know shame on me).

He had nothing but good things to say about Laraque after the fight, said he's very respectful. He said his penalty was bs.

And Cote doesn't know the *net lifted* rule(go figure). These are the days i hate >_<

Kristen PB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristen PB said...

If you listened to FSN's broadcast, you were treated to Paul Steigerwald going on about what a tough life Downie's had and how he's had to struggle, etc etc etc, all while D's twitching on the ice. Sure, it's awful to lose your dad in an accident when you're young, but if you want to be safe, don't play hockey.

However, BGL should have been aware that there were only a few seconds left in the period and showed some restraint.

In any case, Downie's hit on McAmmond was far more horrifying than BGL's nudge. Steigerwald's violins of sympathy seem sort of inappropriate when you consider that...

polishkid said...

How about anonymous calling Laraque an asshole? Did you see the episode of Inside Penguins Hockey with Laraque and (I think) Malone? He said he doesn't really even like to fight, he just does it because that is his role.

Speaking of the Laraque/Downie situation; I agreed with the five minute major and with the match penalty equating to ejection because if another team did that to any Penguin I would expect the same for us. Besides, close game in a hostile environment where we NEEDED the two points, Laraque has to be more careful. But any suspension would be over the top, especially since Downie was back, with no injury... fighting, come on.

Not BigRickPSU said...

@thenick: Are you kidding me?!?! Cheap hit? Did you even see it? He barely pushed him. They were both skating hard and Downie lost his edge when he got tapped. Maybe BGL shouldn't have touched him at all, but to say it was real cheap and he deserves to be suspended could quite possibly be the dumbest thing I've ever read in c-blog.

Downie himself after the game simply said they were both skating hard after the puck.

Maybe you didn't realize hockey is a contact sport?!?!

Other than that, tough loss to take before the break. Pens can't afford to be giving up 4 and 5 goals a night. They need to start playing tighter again.

I hope everyone uses the time away to rest up and prepare. Big push coming up with Sid out and we need to step it up.

polishkid said...


I just read the recap and now hate life even more.

John Stevens is calling for a Laraque suspension because "he targeted the head?!" ARE YOU JOKING? Laraque nudged Downie in the numbers, below his last name on his jersey. I agree Downie plays with his head up his own ass, but Laraque did not hit downie above the numbers, let alone sholders or neck.

Also, who the hell is Randy Jones? That sounds like a name you make up when you want to create an entire team on an NHL video game. He would be your fourth line left wing who would score three goals all season... hmmm sounds pretty acurate.

Go Pens.

BlankieGirl said...

It was really hard to feel bad for Downie when he came back to the game the next period and fought. Gimme a break, Pensblog had it spot on.. good acting. My husband and I had a fierce debate following the hit about it's legality, harshness, penalties due, etc... I say BGL deserves no more than what he got, the 5min major and game misconduct. Hubby thinks he should be suspended for a couple games. Pfft.. not gonna happen, folks.

Regardless, FSN really seemed to be sticking it to us Pens fans last night, with bringing Primeau into the booth.. showing that f'in goal (I still have vivid memories of that game!) then Steigys hearts and flowers pity party for Downie. Cripe, whose side are they on anyway?

One thing I did like... in the pregame they showed the hit Kasper laid out on Eric Lindros :D I was at that game, and the hit in front of the Highmark sign was just classic. I always hated Lindros, and that hit knocked him right on his ass.

Go Pens..

Fleury29 said...

I only got to listen to part of the game because I was at work but what a game.

That third period was badass and (having not heard any of the first period) it seemed as though the Pens played well.

This was a one goal game, not 2-8, not 2-5 and to quote Herger the Joyous, from The 13th Warrior, "Don't worry, little brother, there are more."

Four more games, the next of which is on February 10th... I will be in attendance so we're sure to win.

The Pittsburgh Penguins own the world, we're just along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

Is it finally time for the Downie photoshop expo?

Anonymous said...

redic game, had my roommates hiding in their rooms, Laraque's hit wasn't cheap, but it wasnt smart by any means, I think he will deff get suspended, least for a couple of games...which reminds me, I was listening to HNIC radio wednesday night and they were discussing if the NHL should hold off on suspensions till they asses the players that logic, BGL would still be in (But so would Chris Simon for shoving his stick in Holloweg's face)

Andrew said...

Anyone else hear Errey, in regards to Ruutuu's penalty, "Ruutu goes to the box for a deuce"?

FSN might as well have brought Sundin, Joke-inen, and any other Penguin-killer in and really crush my desire to live. Steigerwald and Errey should switch roles, since Steigy is only useful as a color guy, and only barely.

And if Laraque is suspended for that little nudge, it would seem the NHL missed a ton of other suspensions for the same hit.

Also, John Stevens and this guy, separated at birth?

FritoWill said...

Banning The Blog for a week so i don't have to see a shit philly post.

Sorry guys

ok i'll actually look every 10 minutes like a do anyway, i have no life

bnee said...

this proves the steigy curse is alive and well....and still causing goals

diabeticsRcooler said...

i couldnt believe when Derien Joke-cher high sticked talbot in the face because he can't skate and the Flyers fan booed Talbot when he got back up

standard classless Flyers crap

Sabres fans wouldn't even do that

I'm gonna go puke on a picture of John LeClair

Anonymous said...

i think it was an insult to call danielle briere michel briere. how could errey possibly fuck that up. also, i do agree it was classless for them to bring primeau into the booth. terrible job FSN.

note to downie = do not turn your back going into the boards. also, if anything, BGL will be out 3-5. i'm going with 3 because downie went and fought in the 3rd and seemed ok.

whoever called him an asshole needs to wake up. when did you ever see laraque go out and injure somebody with intent? never. downie heard laraque, turned his back, and went head first. his fault.


pleasa said...

these comments are hilarious, "the pens own the world, we are just along for the ride". You people are also hilarious, Laraque is known as a brawler and a tough guy so to say that he "tapped", "nudged" or "gently pushed" Downie is an absolute joke. Physics aside, he wanted to destroy Downie and for a few minutes he did...looks like you better update your Atlantic Division standings chumps...

Anonymous said...

Nice post, but your title is off. Actually the game is over. And the Pens still haven't beaten the Flyers this year.

Good Luck with Cindy Crosby's ankle!

WiscPensFan said...

I've realized this morning, all is still right in the world - the FLyers still suck. In fact, they suck SO bad, that you can take away our Crosby, Roberts, Eaton, Fluery and TK, and we still almost beat them; we can play at their rink, with their fans and refs; we can be out-shot, take stupid penalties and play a man down 5 times (with one being a 5 min.) - against a supposed 'strong' PP; we can turn the puck over in front of our own net and give up a goal ... and we still almost beat them.

A lot of positives here - saw a new gear out of Staal (thanks pensgirl and johnny wrath for your insight there), more Filewich please!, Geno's a machine, and Gonch will always make up for a bad turnover with a goal/tipped shot.

Will someone tell Cote that if he's going to 'act mad', he can take lessons from Talbot...

These boys can definitely take 2 pts from NJ Tues.

Anonymous said...

"boo hoo we played a man down 5 times, we played without tom dick and harry, we played on their ice, the refs hate us but love them and we ALMOST Beat them...this means we are a great team and they suck...eventhough they now have a share of the lead in the atlantic" get real retard

Anonymous said...

I agreed with part of you statement, Downie is an absolute joke. faggot.

wilsmith said...

9:44 anon, they're referencing the season, not the game. It's about the big picture. Typical philly fan, can't get things into perspective. That's the difference (one of many) between Pens and flyers fans. You have a hot stretch and you think you're a lock for the cup. Pens fans know this is a step in the building process, I doubt any level headed Pens fan is expecting a run at the cup this season. Just remember, all that matters is how you finish, something that Philly people, of all people, should know.

Call us when your entire city isn't a punchline.

Philadelphia, still celebrating mediocrity.

wilsmith said...

and if Georges wanted to injure downie, we'd still be waiting for them to get him off the ice.

you think that was intent to injure or anythign malicious? Get with it. It was the obligatory "I'm pressuring you" hands on the body. It happens every time the puck goes in the corner, this time he put his hands on a clown that can't hold his balance. 10 minutes later someone did the exact same thing to another player, no problem. Happens all game long.

It was a routine play gone bad. He'll be suspended though, just to prove a point, just like the Philly guy that hit Bergeron. Nothing malicious, but it happens.

Anonymous said...

I never said we were lock for the cup, this team although talented isn't good enough yet in my while many people may have unreal expectations, I am not one of them...afterall last year is still pretty fresh in my mind. I was merely responding to the post just above mine with one of your "level headed pens fan" liked to think that we must apparently suck because despite all the adversity your team faced you ALMOST won...thats all...relax

while hatcher watches... said...

downie fellates lupul.

(it happens all the time)

Anonymous said...

@wilsmith: "Pens fans know...."

What Pens fans? All 5 of you? Your team almost got moved about 10 times in the last 20 years! Pittsburgh is a joke as a sports city and is lucky to have an NHL team. Outside of Maria Lemieux and Cindy Crosby, Pens fans don't know squat about hockey.

Pittsburgh: What a joke. Any city that fosters rivalries from any city in Ohio qualifies as a hick, one-horse town.

Russell Lucas said...

Best part about the BGL push/hit was afterward when Downie is still doing his dazed and confused crawl and they show it on the Jumbotron. You can immediately hear all the cries of protest coming from the crowd (some of whom, statistically, were possibly among the crowds that booed Santa and cheered the ending of Michael Irvin's career). From there they cut immediately to a shot of the Penguins bench watching the replay and you can clearly see Colby Armstrong shrug it off and say something to the effect of "What's the big deal? That was nothing."

Lady Jaye said...

I don't know. I can go either way on the Laraque hit... if one of our guys ended up laying into the boards like that, most of us would be screaming for a penalty. I think maybe it was more ill-timed than anything else.

And geez... I had a nightmare last night that Pensblog wouldn't allow folks to send in anymore Photoshops until next season. It made me sad. :(

Anonymous said...

I love when Flyers fans come onto the the blog and state their opinion and act like we pens fans aren't gonna kick them in the teeth back.

Anonymous said...

when was the last time philly even won a championship of any sort?

Emily said...

At least Pittsburgh is a relatively clean city. I was in Philly...gross...

Laraque's hit was nothing and that douchebag is a joke; boo hoo, you had a hard life. So have a lot of people.


Go Pens.

David said...

Don't know if you guys caught this, but Steigy made the call of the night in the booth.

After the Flyers start to squander their 5 minute major, the Philly boo birds start coming out.

Steigy (not verbatim, but close enough): "And in typical Philadelphia fashion, the crowd here begins to boo the home team."


If I still have it on DVR, I'll pull a clip when I get home.

Seeker said...

Pittsburgh is a joke as a sports city

Care to compare numbers of Super Bowl rings (5-0), chump?

How about World Series wins (5-1)?

Stanley Cups (2-2)?

Speaking of jokes....

"Pittsburgh: What a joke. Any city that fosters rivalries from any city in Ohio qualifies as a hick, one-horse town."

Then what should we call a city that considers this hick, one-horse town their rival in hockey?

Your butt must still sting from having it whipped 8 times last season.

Sweetcheesus! said...

I agree with the academy for awarding downie with his oscar for best acting, this is his third nomination and first win for Brokeback Mountain. Asside from that all i wanted to mention was how Stone and "Fizzbitch" played. That wasn't a negative nicknameblog. Check out "Powerthirst 2" on youtube for confirmation. With all these kids stepping up we are going to be just fine. Lastly, though it pains me to read anything a flyers fan posts all we have to do is scroll down and see te photoshop expo. Fuckin A.

"the flyers are all, jagoffs"

Go Pens!

WiscPensFan said...

Not sure why anonymous felt the need to make a personal attack - I didn't say the Flyers fans suck, just their team, which is completely reasonable given that this is a Pens fan site, and they are a division rival. Didn't think I was whining, simply saying that we're without a lot of key palyers, and made a boatload of mistakes, and still ALMOST won that game, which doesn't say much for the other team - thought I emphasized almost enough, but evidently not enough for anonymous.

I'll stick with my mantra, 'never argue with an idiot, because you'll stoop to their level and they'll beat you with experience'.

BlacknGold66 said...

I don't think the Laraque hit was illegal at all. It even took the ref a second or two to decide on whether or not to lift his hand. There was definately some diving in there.

Regardless of all that though, it was still kind of close. I had no problem with a penatly being called. I would expect the same if someone tried that on one of our boys. I just didn't like how it has been called "cheap" and how people are calling for a suspension.

Anyone who's ever played hockey knows that Downie made a mistake fundamentally. BGL shouldn't have to suffer for that with a suspension.

Also, the 10 minute major on the Flyers was basically because that douchebag hit Stone while he was on the ice with a linesman on top of him. THAT is cheap.

Hooks Orpik said...

Someone who's name is pronounced "Joke-ovich" just beat Roger Federer and is going to the Finals of whatever tennis tournament is going on.

It needed to be said.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Steve Downie anagram:

Dive Tense Ow

I believe downie got a 10 min game misconduct for not having his fight strap attached

J.S. said...

@anonymous jobber@ 10:12, the garbage dumpster that you call a city is still a joke. So much of a joke that your shitty football team resorts to letting fans play on special teams. What was the last thing a MAJOR Philly team won? Oh yeah, that was well over 25 years ago, so it's irrelevant. Have fun celebrating your cups from 33 years ago.

Flyers hockey: A Stanley Cup Free Brand Of Hockey, since 1975

Maria Lemieux? Cindy Crosby? Umm, yeah, Jim Rome made a phone call from 1993 and wants his act back.

slush said...

Flyers fans BOO their own players.

Does anything else need to be said???

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else hear the philly crowd boo as Talbot got up after getting the high stick from Hatcher? Now it might of been for something else, but there was definitly booing.

Jim said...

wiscpensfan: we're without a lot of key palyers, and made a boatload of mistakes, and still ALMOST won that game, which doesn't say much for the other team

So what does it say when we beat you 8-2 last time WITH all your players? Also, fans of a team with a player like Crosby who seems to feel entitled to go through his entire NHL career without getting checked are on shaky ground when it comes to accusing other players of diving. Just saying is all.

Anonymous said...

"Maria Lemieux? Cindy Crosby? Umm, yeah, Jim Rome made a phone call from 1993 and wants his act back."

Then the faggot who writes this blog must be stuck in 1993 with Jim Rome...

Flyer's fans boo their own players..."

Hey idiot - ever watch a sporting event? EVERY TEAM's FANS BOO when they arent happy about anything, including, believe it or not, Penquins fans! Yeah I know what a shock right? I was at a game last season and the pens had a 5 on 3 and barely ever had it in the offensive zone...your "fans" let them have it so don't think your cool by highlighting the fact that we boo...idiot

Anonymous said...

BGL must be a complete idiot for getting himself into the situation he is currently in. The guy is already falling down, and then you push him, right near the wall???

That's the definition of Boarding, and clearly a penalty.

That said, it seemed to me that Downie was trying to buy a call, and almost got himself killed in the process.

All in all, I think the Pens played with too much emotion and not enough hockey sense. They let the Flyers get under their skin, and played right into their hands.


jferrante4 said...

Once again another flyers fan comes on the blog, takes a cheap crack. If you don't like the blog get the fuck out, you smell what larague is cookin?

we will see in the long run your flyers always seem to screw themselves so for now eat shit!

slush said...

I hope you feel better now that you called me an idiot twice. You have the inability to make a point without being insulting. Just further proving the point that Flyers fans are not happy unless they are hating someone else.

Well done.

Anonymous said...



Steve In Denver said...

Hi Jim. Thanks for your thoughts, and welcome to c-blog.

Where do you get your weed? Andy Reid's kids? It must be good.

Yep, Sid never gets hit. He never lays anyone out, either. Well, actually, he does.

Does he dive? Yep, sometimes. You tend to do that when slow, overmatched douchebags are on you like a trenchcoat every shift. Sometimes dicks like Hatcher also like to carve the teeth out of your mouth to "welcome you" to the NHL. Or did he fake that, too? Whatever.

And yes, Downie did set himself up. Glad he could contribute to your was said above, it's about the only way he can contribute. Dumbass almost broke his own neck in the process.

Keep remembering the 8-2 game. You've got pretty much nothing else to live for as a Philly fan.

Can't wait to watch the next 4 need to win those to go .500 with us since last year!

In Pgh they marketed Roethlis-burgers....what do they offer in Philly....C-Umbergers? Pretty fitting. You should invite Pensblog Charlie out for one.

geezer said...

Good game. We were missing our top player and came very close to winning. The Flers D is slow and they give up too many shots. Next time, oh boy wish it was today! Bring it Philly, you got nothing!

Anonymous said...

hey flyer fans why dont u get the hell out of this blog. i dont think anybody here gives a flying fuck about what you classless pieces of shit have to say. i will say it your teams sucks and your fans suck even worse. even bug light thinks so

while i think it was a bad hit by BGL u freakin moron filly fans sit there and cry about it but u idiots defend all scumbags on your team and their dirty hits. tell u what just get the hell outa here and come back when u finally know somthing about hockey

u stay classy filthy


openmike said...

but you didn't win!!!! you did not win this game nor the previous 3 against the "Flers" this season. Whether its 1 goal or 6, a loss is a loss, yet you pens fans love to boast about that "almost win." If the Flyers D is so slow why cant the Pen's seem to score enough points to win?
stupid Pennsyltuckians

jorge said...

Laraque is a black guy playing hockey...hes obviously confused therefore you can't really blame him for the way he plays...he thinks its football or drug dealing...

blades09 said...

C-Umbergers = hilariousblog.

Anonymous said...

Then the faggot who writes this blog must be stuck in 1993 with Jim Rome...

Yeah, nice....whatev. Should I expect some "I know you are but what am I?" next. Paul Reubens would be proud of y...nah, even he hates Philly.

Also nice use of the word that Pensblog Charlie disapproves of. Sounds like somebody's hiding something. I'd be willing to bet that the only bit of manhood in you is from Pensblog Charlie.

Anonymous said...

C-umbergers! Hahahahahahaha!

Sinops said...

well said steve in denver

seeker said...

"stupid Pennsyltuckians"

Last time I checked, Philthydelphia is in Pennsylvania too moron.

It belongs in New Jersey with the rest of the toxic waste though.

Anonymous said...

seems like all philly fans do is bitch.

i would also if i was from a city of champ...oh wait, you are not.

Flyer Hater said...

It's nice to see that Flyer trolls with nothing else better to do have infiltrated commentorblog. Go back to your landfill that you call a city and leave us the fuck alone. Never forget, 1975!!!!

Anonymous said...

Huge props to The Ultimate Hat Trick blog for this image that says all that needs to be said about Philly:

Takin' out the SHIT!

bill said...

C-Umbergers = FittingBlog

Can C-Blog spray for philadelphians?

blades09 said...

Re: BGL fight photo in today's big Georges sporting a WWGRD wrist band?

Jim said...

"And yes, Downie did set himself up. Glad he could contribute to your was said above, it's about the only way he can contribute. Dumbass almost broke his own neck in the process."

Steve Downie has 3 goals and 5 assists in 13 games.

Laraque has 3 goals and 7 assists in 41 games.

How does he contribute, again?

And no, I don't get my weed from Andy Reid's kids. That's where I went to get my painkillers...but now they taste like shit.

"In Pgh they marketed Roethlis-burgers....what do they offer in Philly....C-Umbergers? Pretty fitting."

I get it - we're all gay in Philly. Yet somehow, Flyers fans are the classless ones on this website. I eat all my C-umbergers with extra man-aise.

stokes said...

hey jorge. way to throw the racial card in the mix. you, sir, are a classless piece of shit and represent Philly well.

if you wanna talk about cry babies, why don't we talk about john stevens, the biggest joke coaching in the NHL today.

i dont give a shit about laraque's hit. bad timing yes, but he should have killed that motherfucker.

Ryan said...

Wilsmith, as per the usual, said all that needs to be said in this (retarded) debate.

Call us when your entire city isn't a punchline.

Philadelphia, still celebrating mediocrity.

bluemartin82 said...

Boy anonymous, you must have balls of steel as well as a doctorate in philosophy to go around posting the most knee-jerk reactions to the fact that your city, your team, and you yourself is the most hilarious joke that's occured since Downie's dad died. And as for suggesting the fact that the kid and mario are somehow less than macho, have you ever played professional hockey with a broken foot? How about a terminal illness? Didn't think so asshole.

Adrienne said...

Downie made for one hell of an act. Good times, really. He wasn't hurt, and if he hadn't been put into the boards, he probably would have been called for diving.

Talbot shattering his stick of the goal after the second goal took me by total surprise. Conklin looked pissed as hell as he was pulling stick fragments out of the net.

And as much as I love the fact that Conklin is serving as a third defensemen on the ice, I almost had a heart attack when he was so far out of net.

How he still managed to Conkblock the shot amazes me.

Now to wait until the 10th.

Adrienne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey this is @ u JORGE said...

Hey Jorge, your a joke. Laraque is playing the game at a high level as of late. One tic tac hit isn't going to make him a dirty player. He is an inforcer. I truly belive that the game misconduct came due to the fact, that if he comes back out someone would try to fight BGL. Then he may really hurt someone.

PS: I would love to see two things, one Jorge try to stop Laraque from cycling the puck. 2. Jorge make those comments to BGL face to face.

Whistler said...

Even the team I cheer for (Reading, PA) the people boo the home team. There must be something in the water or they've been turned retarded from the Limerick Power Plant.

FLyers fans are the worst. They feel they're entitled to everything, but guess what?? You all suck! Choke artists at best.

People from Philadelphia can cry all they want, but we can't hear you, we have too many championship rings in our ears....

Pensblog Staff said...

oh man

Mike Georger said...

whered you play your college ball?
didnt play college ball
shit, well youre white, so we wont boo you

wingergirl said...

hey everyone, it's okay...even flyers fans hate themselves.

downie reeks of bergeron right now, but much much less injured.

the more rivalry there is, the more pumped i am for the april 2nd home closer.

stay class, philly!

David said...


David said...

Two comments too late.

Anonymous said...

(1) I never post on here because I'm a Flyers fan, but enough with the Philadelphia is a dirty city crap. That's ridiculous. I go to school in the burgh now and I grew up in Philly. Have you been to the hill or even Oakland lately? Compare dahntown to Center City and it's not even close. Rittenhouse Square versus Market Square is all I have to say about that and anybody with half a brain from either city will agree.

(2) If you really want to go way back and talk historical championships like some people on here are doing try not to ignore the 4 Philadelphia football championships (in the good league by the way) and our 6 World Series.

(3) To my Philly Brethern - shut up. This blog is freaking hillarious and is purely for Pens homers. Stop getting them started because all they're gonna do is yell lets go stillers, eat their stupid sandwiches with fries on them and drink the world's worst beer (IC).

wingergirl said...

damn, i can't spell...

stay classy philly.

Mike Richards 4 President '08 said...

um, when are you guys gonna stop whining about your loss, man-up, and let 700 level go 'head with their victory/gloating post?

a deals a deal, ladies. i guarantee if the pens had won, enrico woulda made sure to get your guys response on 700level first thing this morning.

cg said...

OK, so BGL's push was cheap, but you know what they say, "Don't want to get hurt, don't be a Flyer..dick".

It is funny to hear a coach cry foul when his team has had a player suspended for dirty hits at least 5 times this season. What goes around comes around...

Anonymous said...

mario lemieux is a hockey god, he played with heart, thats why you all won those cups. crosbys a bigity bitch that plays for the name on the back, he wont win shit, dont ever compare that fag to the greatness of lemieux or even gretzky.
ovechkin bitches

Anonymous said...

and oh yeah, malkin is the fucking truth, you all need to get off crosbys dick and respect this man equally because hes gonna be out the door real soon to a place that cares for that kind of talent and heart... maybe even philly we could use a russian

PhillyFanInTheBurgh said...

That's just dumb. I'm all for call Crosby a wuss and I really do think Canada's going to have a great shot at a gold medal in 2008 with Crosby leading them (, but he really is an awesome player to watch. I don't even like the Pens and I student rush the games just to see him and Malkin. Stop making the rest of us look bad.

Flyer Hater said...

Worst edition of commentorblog in years. Flyer Fans=disgraceful. go ruin someone elses blog, dicks.

Flyers and their fans are a joke said...

Pensblog staff, what a picture of Mario as your avatar. That screen pixel will never be the same.

Ron Reagan said...

Apparently Mikhail Gorbachev joined Cblog and fired off a couple anons there.


FlyersFan said...

I'm a Flyers fan (see the nickname) but I think last nights game as well as the others this season, last season and seasons past are always great, same goes for future seasons as well. THe FLyers and Penquins always play eachother hard, just as the Flyers/Devils and Flyers/Rangers do. It's nice to see real, genuine, healthy rivalries. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh dont have much in the way of any other rivalry because we arent in the same division or conference as the Steelers or Pirates. Each game is a nail biter and I know fans of each side sit back and watch nervously hoping that the final horn will have their team ahead of the other.

As for "classless" fans. Every team has them, its like that neighbor that you duck behind the bushes to avoid. You just have to live with them and try to keep them in check (pun intended).

Bottom line - good hockey makes for good fun and Penquins/Flyers hockey has been really good hockey of late.

Best of luck to you with your season.

Go Flyers - Ron Hextall Flyers HOF '08

anonfactorinlife said...

This c-blog is usually full of witty comments, superb hockey talk, and funny stories. But everytime the Flyers and Penguins play this c-blog turns into Ignorant Comment Heaven.
I just find it funny that when Philly beats the Pens this many people make it their days work to post on this site. I guess The Pensblog rules that much. Let's enjoy the All Star break, well deserved.

BTW... TPB recaps are STILL #1...

Anonymous said...

Is that a WWGRD bracelet Laraque is wearing? Sure looks like it in the pic of him punching Cote.

go home penguins said...

penguin fans are losers. instead of watching games, you guys sit in front of a computer and photo shop pictures. after a game, you guys swarm the internet and brag about how great your team is. then when the flyers win, you get defensive and make jokes about philadelphia, real classy. if you note the recap posted by 700 level, we don't believe that a rivalry exists between philadelphia and pittsburgh. philadelphia doesn't need pittsburgh at all to draw fans to an arena, pittsburgh needs an alleged rivalry to fill your dump of an arena.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Oh, so the record setting attending numbers at our games means that the games we don't play with Philly don't fill our seats? Personally, and I'm sure others feel the same, find it pathetic for you to come on this site and try to rail on us fans. Go back to your blogs and complain about us, so I don't have to read it. The Pensblog says "This ain't Over" because we are not finished playing against you guys in the season. Get a grip, dude. You know there is a rivalry, there always has been ... If there wasn't a rivalry, why did the 700Level agree to the competition? What are you talking about we always make fun of the teams we play. If you don't like it Go Home, Flyer Cryer.

Note: Wow, was Mad Max ticked off or what? I pray to GOD he doesn't do that again or he might get in trouble!

Philly4Ever said...

I love pensblog and I grew up in Philly. You guys are funny, NO ONE could deny that. But CBlog and all the hating is just too fucking much. Seriously, reading all this shit made me almost hate that I love this sport. I get rivalries, that's all well and good, but FUCK do you's have to be so damn hateful toward each other? There's a difference between hating on somebody and just plain being HATEFUL. And no flyers fans I'm not just talking about pensfans either. I'm talking to you too. I just want everybody to get a grip, basically. Enjoy this shit. We got a good deal goin and it could be worse. Honestly, we could be the lightning and panthers right now. Can you say DEAD coexistence in the same state?


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