Monday, January 21, 2008

The Show Must Go On

If, when you left work Friday, a co-worker told you in the parking lot that by Monday, the Pens playoff hopes would be up in the air, you would have given them a stunner.

It could be worse.
You could be a Packers fan.

If you think it's cold in Pittsburgh, imagine waking up in Green Bay this morning.


What a week ahead of hatred ahead.

First, the Pens host the Craps tonight.

Capitals blog [ Japers' Rink ] has some quality jobbing going on.


And then we have Thursday:

Flyers in Philly.

[Lady Jaye]

Bring the noise.


[ TSN ] broke out an article at 6:13 Sunday night.

Sidney Crosby underwent treatment Saturday in Pittsburgh on what was initially diagnosed as a high ankle sprain.

Sources say the treatment was very painful for the reigning MVP and Crosby will have an MRI on Monday to officially diagnose the injury to his right leg.

"Initially diagnosed?"
We're looking for any light at the end of the tunnel that we can find.

-- Best/worst-case scenarios with Crosby out. [ Taking One For The Team ]



[Randall R.]

The Pens made some roster moves on Sunday. []

They recalled forwards Chris Minard, Tim Brent, and Jonathan Filewich from the AHL.
Whatever that means.

Ryan Lannon was sent down.

Adam Hall and Colby Armstrong are day-to-day.


-- The Pens want to wear the powder blues as a third jersey next season. [ Trib ]

-- The trade deadline is coming. And Ray Shero knows it.
Dave Molinari breaks down all the upcoming free agents on the Pens. [ PG ]

...Take a guess as to who leads the Pens in game-winning goals this season...



[<span class=

We were doubting humanity following the Montreal game Saturday night.
But then we checked our e-mail on Sunday.

-- JM Williams --

-- Anonymous phone number --
It may have been Abraham Zapruder.

Huge contributions there.

We made the mistake of Googling "Zapruder".
Sometimes conspiracy theories can go too far.

This site says some lady was holding Zapruder steady because he knew he was gonna be startled by the gunshots. [ Some lunatic with pics ]

But then you wonder if you would have instinctively directed the camera to the grassy knoll instead of keeping it on the President if in fact shots came from there.

And then you go insane.


Yes, Mario Lemieux is probably in the best shape of his life.
But no, he's not coming back.

-- An anonymous commentor delved into the archives of his soul to find this gem. [ PG ]

In a Q&A session with Dave Molinari,
Jeff Kraus from Richmond, Virginia, asked this:

"Considering that this is hockey preseason, there's only two questions to ask:
Have you seen Mario Lemieux, and is he in the best shape of his life?"

-- For those not familiar with the context, in Pittsburgh every year, someone else or Mario himself would say he is in the best shape of his life.

For example:
Look at this article from October 2003. [ PG ]

"That's the only way I can play this game, at the highest level," Lemieux said. "And right now, with the condition that everyone in the league is in, you have to be in the best shape of your life if you want to play at a high level. I have to be able to compete with these young, fast players, and I realized that early this summer and prepared myself accordingly to give myself the best chance to be successful."

One of the dangers of looking for this is you can get lost in the rabbit hole that is the Post-Gazette Penguins archive.

Check out this lead sentence in Dave Molinari's opening for the [ 2003 preview ]

"When the Penguins hired Olczyk as head coach, it was a move that seemed to defy logic."

Good times.


-- The best post-lockout goals. [ Fanhouse ]

-- The value of Canadian NHL teams is on the rise. [ Edmonton Journal ]
-- In an article to drive that home, the NHLPA pushes for Canadian expansion. [ TSN ]

While we're north of the border, there's a kick in the groin going on up there.

Quebec's small market couldn't survive in the NHL.
Come 1996, the Nordiques left their arena, Le Colisee Quebec, and were transplanted to Colorado.

The Nordiques became the Colorado Avalanche,
and found a new home in PEPSI Center.

Le Colisee Quebec -- circa 1996.

Le Colisee PEPSI -- circa 2008


That's like the Pens leaving for Kansas City, and the Mellon Arena being re-named Sprint Arena.

Sprint Center Update

The DoodleBops have 3:00 and 6:00PM shows on January 25th.



Now we have a solid nickname for Dany Sabourin.
Credit Mr. Jeff Harr, as well as some others who couldn't beat Jeff to the punch.

[J Fronz]

[Will Smith]


The first photoshop expo of 2008 is nearly done. The deadline has passed.
As always, we welcome photoshops any day.
We try to use as many as we can without diluting posts.

If they don't get used, they are filed away until the next expo.
If they don't get used again, we either have forgotten them, or we hate you.

The expo we have coming is about 100-some photos deep.

They are all gold.



Tyler Kennedy has 4 game-winners.


Thanks to Sean at [Going Five Hole] for find this:


And to end the day, a video was leaked in c-blog yesterday.

For those of you who don't know the Acid Queen saga, just scroll all the way up to the top of this page and search for it.

And for those who don't know what this video means, check out [ Chris Crocker ]

Go Pens?


stokes said...

So no word on who's replacing Sid at the All-Star game yet? If i was the Pens, I'd be marketing Geno all over the place. Or atleast trying. He will be the man for the next couple weeks, so why not let everyone know that we still have a world class center on our roster who's not hurt? He's no Sid, but he is solid.
You can bet that Malkin wants to show up his buddy, expecially since the "sid vs AO" game cant be played. look for another otherworldy performance by Geno tonight.

That PR shop is kinda funny, even for some dipshit Craps fan.

What is up with the basket on the head?

Anonymous said...

Charlie! The Pats don't stand a chance!

Lady Jaye said...

Morning y'all... good read for Monday morning as usual. Heh, I like that photoshop by the caps fan. I think I'll come back to post something that means something later. I can barely make out the words on the screen.

Captain Dummy said...

did anybody else notice in the highlight video coffey blowing at least two shots by goalies with the black iron city ad as his backdrop??? coincidence??? i imagine a goalie having a pretty hard time picking up a puck shot from that direction... genius...

Sean said...

thanks for the link fellas on the video. I've watched that thing about 6 times in the past few days. Goosebumpsblog every time.

It's a shame the Craps don't have one of those videos featuring the greatness that is Yvon Labre or Rick Green

Brett said...

I keep the Pens' record on the whiteboard in my cube at work, and when I updated the standing from the weekend, I realized I wrote 7 7 7 (57-17-3 57 pts)

Jackpot. It's all good in the hood, baby.

Flyer Hater said...

I still maintain that the goal Mario scored against Quebec in that highlight film was the best of his career. He's literally being tackled by two Nordiques and he still finds the strength to lift the puck above the glove of the goalie.

gwyshynski said...

After seeing that Acid Queen/Chris Crocker video, I feel like I should start paying Pensblog weekly installments of "protection" money, like a guy who runs a deli in Jersey would give Paulie Walnuts. You know, just in case...

J.S. said...

Rumor has it that Pensblog Charlie saw Kenny Melvin's latest video and said "That's the gayest thing I've ever seen."

geezer said...

Sid had a painful treatment and gets an MRI Monday. Yikes. Poor Sid. No fun wondering whats going on right now. Godspeed Sid. In Malks we trust. Thump the Caps boys do it for Sid. You know he would be out there if he could.

Fleury29 said...

Lawrence Tynes is a joke and there is no way the Giants will win the Super Bowl with him kicking for them.

He used to kick for the Chiefs and he would always blow important kicks in close, important games (which he almost did last night.) Somehow, someway he managed to hit the last FG and become the hero instead of the scapegoat, which is what he should be.

I hate him so much that I have officially switched form supporting whatever team is playing against the Patriots to supporting the Patriots just so Lawrence Tynes will not win the Super Bowl. The bonus, of course, is that a Manning will also lose but god damn I hate Lawrence Tynes and I want to see his team decimated.

Not as much as I hate the Capitals, though.

wilsmith said...

"Here he comes... Mario Lemieux... Hang on... HE SCORES! YA GOTTA LOVE IT!"

That is why Gary Thorne needs to get back in to hockey broadcasting.

That's probably one of the best calls ever. Try to listen to that without getting chills.

Davy D said...

I remember watching that goal that Jagr scored after walking through 12 Blackhawks players. I had to travel forward in time and buy a TiVo just to rewind it and watch it again. Unbelievable.

HOUSE said...

After the Tampon Bay game those degenerate perverted Crapitols fans mustered a temporary pair of testicles and started jobbing on the PENS and Sid. They actually think that between AO and their Hep C that they will beat us. Apparently they were out bangin their siblings when we shut out those maple sucking moose F***ers!

some guest said...

awesome highlight video.

amazed is about all i can say about most of those goals. never thought id see billy tibbets in the same highlight real as mario, francis or jagr

Anonymous said...

Crosby and Hall officially on Injured Reserve

Anonymous said...

This isn't comment more so a question. The penguin logo that somone came up with for the winter classic. It has the WWGRD band around it's upper arm. I wanna know who created it. I make T-shirts and think it would sell like hotcakes. Please email me back ASAP @

Hip said...

Hall on IR? Unreal.

I think the Malkin/AO showdown tonight should be a treat to watch. They're gonna both be flying.

wilsmith - Thorne has been denigrated having to call 30 point beatings of the Orioles. Just a travesty.
That youtube made me cry just for the record.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Since the Neo-Nazi, Crack-Dealing, Serial-Killer Gang (ie, the Craps) are in town's time to unleash Unnecessary Force & let Lieutenant Slaughter do what he does best !!!!!!

bill said...

Lawrence Tynes is the KM of kickers...but that is neither here nor there.

Geno is going to be UNREAL tonight against the Craps and AO-Hole.

Tonight we spell beast: M-A-L-K-I-N

wilsmith said...

oh yeah, Hip, I heard him this summer talking about whats his face and the bloody sock. I couldn't believe that he ended up doing baseball. He has such a great voice for hockey, I miss it. At least he's still on NHL08 so I get to hear him there.

BlacknGold66 said...

Going to the game tonight.

See you hosers there!!

SFC said...

Does anyone else think that if Malkin is offered a spot for the all star game he should just slap them in the face with it? I mean it's kind of insulting since they waited this long. Geno is better than that.

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Got a good laugh from that NHL Public Relations Disaster Advisory thing. Not bad...not bad.

2. I'd be very careful of the reports coming from "sources" about Sid's treatement and injury. A very good friend of mine was an hour away from ending his rotation at Mercy Hospital the morning that Roethlisberger bounced his bike off that lady's car. He was there when they brought him in and within literally seconds of the hospital confirming that it was Roethlisberger (my buddy said you couldn't recognize him because his face was bloody and so swollen), the place was put on DEFCON-5 type lockdown. The only people with access to Roethlisberger were family members, SOME members of Steelers management and doctors exclusively on his treatment team. All info released to the press could come only from those doctors and had to be cleared through the Steelers and family first.

I'm not saying it's this way with guess is though that the Canadian press is crawling all over the hospital looking for anyone that'll talk and they're running with it to some point.

3. How could you not love places like Le Colisee? One thing I always loved about the NHL when I was growing up was that it existed in places like Calgary, Hartford, Winnipeg, Quebec City...places that you normally didn't see with other major-league pro clubs in other leagues. And I miss some of those old Winnipeg Arena, the Aud in Buffalo.

Thankfully, they're still using Le Colisee for junior games. In fact, that's where Angelo Esposito's been playing his home games. How sweet is that place? I love that they kept the old Nordiques red, white and blue seats.

4. How great was that Sabotage video? Once I complete my season in my Pens franchise on NHL '08, I'm renaming my first five draft picks Stewart Wallace, Nathan Wind, Allesandro Alegre (sounds like a defenseman who played his junior hockey Val d'Or or something), Vic Colfari and Fred Kelly.

5. Spent yesterday out at the Cinemark theaters in Monaca taking in the brilliant piece of art that was "Cloverfield". I'm still reeling from it. What a rollercoaster ride that movie was. I haven't seen anything that intense since the first fifteen minutes of "Saving Private Ryan" or maybe the attack/initial response scenes in "World Trade Center".

It should and hopefully will be the end of the cheesetastic monster/disaster movies that we saw with the likes of Godzilla (the horrible remake with Matthew Broderick). If you go in expecting everything to be handed to you on a platter, you'll be disappointed. You have to figure out a lot of what's going on by yourself, because the only thing you really know that the characters don't is that at some point, something happens to New York City and all hell breaks loose. You know the attack is coming, but you learn what it is about the same time the characters do. And while you know it's a monster, you don't really see it until the characters see it for the first time.

Absolutely a visceral, edge-of-your-seat experience that has left quite a bit of room for some future movies (pay close attention to the ocean during the final Coney Island scenes, and make sure you sit all the way through the credits...I didn't and I will be making a return trip to pick up everything that I missed).

Randall said...

Hey look at how well most of the call ups have been playing, no reason these three can't contribute as well. Gotta stay optimistic! I guess.

I made the Injury Bug photoshop, it's supposed to animate. It's not animating in my browser (Safari), but when I click on it and open it in it's own window it animates. So if it's not animating for anyone else, click on it and get the full experience! Thanks to Pensblog for putting it up.

Lady Jaye said...

randall > thanks for the tip. The graphic is even better animated ;)

And nice job to all the Sabutage graphics. If only my Photoshop fingers could be as nimble and clever ;)

Seeker said...

My theory about why Malkin is being snubbed (All-Stars) is because he snubbed the NHL when he didn't return from Russia to accept the Rookie of the Year Award at the ceremonies last season.

Seeker said...

Has anyone heard any confirmation that Ruutu will be suspended a game for the 3 diving calls against him?

I assume if his telephone conversation goes badly, that would take effect tonight.

Ashley said...

Hey Stoosh, not only is Le Colisée used for the Remparts, but it will also be the site for one half of this spring's World Championship games.

Ashley said...

Seeker - Malkin also snubbed the NHL last year when he took part in the YoungStars competition, didn't play very well, and said that he would have rather played with the big boys in the All-Star Game.

Hip said...

seeker - I think that's understandable considering how short the off season is and how far away Russia is. I think they're pissed because he "floated" during the young stars game.

Whatever. I don't want him playing if there's even a risk he might get hurt.

Seeker said...

Ashley & hip: thanks for the replies.

By the the last comment section after the Montreal win, PolishKid said...

"BlogStaff, good note on the three stars. I know they really mean nothing in the long run, but it just goes to show how in denial even the media was that their invinceable Habs were shut out by a Crosby-less Penguins team."

They don't mean that much to Americans, but in Canada they keep track of those stars and give-out awards at the end of the season. So to them, it is a big deal.... which makes their ignorance of Malkin's game even more pathetic.

Ashley said...

seeker: I haven't heard that bit about awards given based on those stars.

If that's the case, then how do they deal with this situation - the Montreal media gave Komisarek the third star, but CBC gave the third star to Malkin, with the first and second stars being the same for both lists. Do Huet and Sabou get two points and Komisarek and Malkin just one?

Honestly, I just think that the Montreal media gave the third star to Komisarek because he did play fairly well, the game was in Montreal, and they wanted their fans to at least feel a little better, despite being shutout by the injured Pens. To me, it's not a big deal, but that's just me..

Anonymous said...


flashbar has the pens beating tampa last friday.


Sinops said...

Caps fans are showing how classy they can be when the job Crosby while he is injured. Sore fucking loser assholes.

J.S. said...

4. How great was that Sabotage video? Once I complete my season in my Pens franchise on NHL '08, I'm renaming my first five draft picks Stewart Wallace, Nathan Wind, Allesandro Alegre (sounds like a defenseman who played his junior hockey Val d'Or or something), Vic Colfari and Fred Kelly.

Of the top of my head, Sir Stewart Wallace was played by himself (and as a special appearance, no less), Nathan Wind played Cochese, Vic Colfari was Bobby "The Rookie", and Fred Kelly was Bunny. I don't know who played double-A. I may have to go cheaterblog and youtube the video.

Sabotage - top 10 video EVAR

J. Max said...

This a few years old judging by the Sabers raging bull uniforms but priceless nonetheless, sorry charlie.

Lets Go Pens!

J.S. said...

If anybody is watching ESPN, Outside The Lines is about to do a segment on Sid and how his injury impacts either the team or league.

dying alive said...

That Caps photoshop is pretty funny, but after poking around a bit on the Caps message board, I have to say that it is a little scary how obsessed with all things Crosby/Pens those people are. I think they talk more about the Pens than they do their own team.

I think perhaps they take the rivalry a little more seriously than we do. Not surprising since we constantly beat them and turn two games a year in DC into Pens home games.

J.S. said...

or not. Nice 15 second blurb that we already knew (high ankle sprain, possibly out for a month, blah blah blah)

If it were Tombrady that had a high ankle sprain, there would be a three hour segment on it, along with half of Bristol being on suicide watch.

seeker said...


I shouldn't have said "Canada" as I did.

What I meant is certain Canadian hockey franchise cities do that....Montreal being one of them.

They only use the stars given that night at the game and hold ceremonies at the end of the season with the media who picks them making the awards.

The Ole' Two-Niner was explaining this after the Montreal game (callers were complaining) on the post game radio program here in Da Burgh.

Ashley said...

ahhh I see...thanks for the info seeker.

BlacknGold66 said...

j.s. - Don't get me started on ESPN. Worst network on tv hands down. Honestly.

See yinz at the game if you're going! It's a 2.5 hour drive so I gotsta get going.


Skippy said...

Mike Milbury confirmed it during the Ranger Bruin games on Sunday, that Malkin was snubbed for not showing to the Awards ceremony and this is the N.H.L.'s way of sending the message to him.

J.S. said...

BNG66, that's a given, but if I'm home and I get bored with what's on Sirius (read: tired of flipping around, depending on my mood), I'll put "The Worldwide Leader" on as background noise. I heard Crosby's name and was thinking they'd actually do a story when they mentioned his name into the commercial.

I forget where I heard it: here, LGP, or another board I post on, but ESPN is to sports as Weekly World News is to legit news.

sot said...

evgeni malkin = warhorse with hands of silk


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