Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sex, Drugs, and Conk 'N' Roll

Things look good from up here at the top of the Atlantic.


Is this the oft-mentioned war room?
Shelley Anderson dominates a story about NHL replays. [ PG ]

Scuderi is steady on the blue line. [ Trib ]

Power Rankings update.
Pens are #3. [ TSN ]
The real surprise is Vancouver at 4.
They especially came out of nowhere.

Don found this stat on [ ESPN ]
The Pens are #1 in terms of attendance on the road.


Conk Blog

Damien Cox says Ty Conklin should be given consideration for league MVP. [ ESPN ]

He might get a chance to make his case.
That Mark-Andray Floory guy isn't coming back anytime soon. [PG]

The Conk also finds himself on's newest "Pop Culture Grid." [ ]

-Thanks to Granville K. for that link.


We did our routine sporadic Google search of "pensblog" to see what was going on out there.

-- Someone submitted the question "What would Gary Roberts Do?" to Yahoo! Answers.
[ Yahoo ]

-- And in more pressing matters, someone out there doesn't like us.
[ Talk Hockey To Me ]
(CTRL-F "pensblog")

"In a way, I'm sort of playing the anti-Pensblog, just to prove that non-crazy Pens people exist."

"Pensblog doesn't know when to stop, and is frankly offensive with a lot of their homophobic comments."

What it boils down to is, if we were homophobic, we wouldn't voluntarily look up pictures of men kissing each other on a nearly daily basis.

"Petruzalek of the Rats to the bench for too many men on the ice. If this was the Pensblog, I'd give you two boys kissing, but I run a more classy organization than that. Barely, sometimes, but classier."

If this was Pensblog, we'd pee on your face.

Bring the noise.


James Mirtle has his latest "Top 30 in the last 30 games." [ JM ]

[ Barry Melrose Rocks ] tells the tale of Tuukka Rask,
the caveman goalie playing for the Boston Bruins.


[<span class=

The NHL messed up.
They don't have any goalies to play in the YoungStars game, so they have to use the big boys. [ Globe and Mail ]

The details of the YoungStars game
[ ]

The YoungStars will play two six-minute periods of running time. One faceoff will start each period. If the puck leaves the ice, another will get thrown on. If a team scores, the three players have to retreat to their defensive side of center ice before attacking again. For a team to be declared the victor, it will have to win each period.



[Mike Costa]



In a sort of "mayor vs. mayor" battle, we have set forth a challenge to [ The700Level ].
And they have accepted.
If the Penguins win in Philadelphia, The700Level will post our recap on their site.

If the Flyers win, we will post theirs on here.


Speaking of mayors...

Greg G. grabbed this from Against The Odds on YouTube.

"What a bad idea."


It's time for the Lightning to face reality. They suck. [ St. Petersburg Times ]

With all due respect to Malkin, Boston's Marc Savard is a big deal. [ TSN ]

The friggin' Islanders are now 5-0-0 against the Devils this season. [ Yahoo ]
That Devils loss puts the Penguins in a legitimate tie for the Atlantic lead.


We obtained this footage from the Al-Ja-Jobber network sometime Wednesday evening.
Take it at face value.

Kenny Melvin gives a stirring apology to everyone here.

Good times.


Last thing:

Matt K from Sharpsville sent this through.
Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

where to start...

the broad from hershey, pa that claims to be the anti-pensblog needs to quit visiting the factory. tubby teka needs to fast for a bit.


classic goof by the nhl re: youngstars game. how am i 'slumming' it when the jokers in the league office are earning 6 figure deals for complete incompetence.

and finally, that jibjab video is incredible. mad props to MK in sharpsville for the sick submission.

and if you ever +lower yourself+ to read thepensblog again, tubby teka, feel free to email me personally so you can tell me all about the scary addictive worlds of carbohydrates and poor diet.

John said...

The setup for the youngstars game sounds like the in between periods youth hockey entertainment that goes on at most nhl arenas.

AFROMAN said...

"french toast with my daughter" is seriously the most classy thing i've ever seen on the internet
go ty conkinl and go pens

theNick said...

That Tocchet for mayor picture just sums up the early 90's in Pittsburgh for me. That womans hair is just top notch. I mean just wow

theNick said...

also remind me never to go over to Anthony Carters for dinner.

Lloyd said...

100% lol at the jibjab movie.

well done Matt K..... well done

some guest said...

the guy who wrote the power rankings will no longer be breathing soon. under key injuries he failed to mention Gary Roberts. thats the last mistake he will ever make.

solid non game post

Kristen PB said...

The self-righteous "Pensblog is homophobic" comments just kill me. When you buy into political correctness, you lose your sense of humor. The price is too high.

Other than helping to fill the days with no hockey games, the "10 Best" DVD set offers a nice bonus...seeing the 80s-90s hair and clothes of the people in the stands. The shoulderpads alone are worth it.

Fleury29 said...

A few quick observations before I leave for work.

That Doug/Conk photoshop was unreal.

Conkblock's responses on the pop culture grid seemed a bit more interesting than either of the other two guys on the grid. I especially liked the part that "Nobody" can help Brittany Spears.

Talk Hockey To Me bashing the Pensblog about being homophobic and then saying, "If this was the Pensblog, I'd give you two boys kissing, but I run a more classy organization than that," is almost as bad as Mike Huckabee saying, "I'm not going to run any dirty campaign ads, here's the dirty campaign ad I'm not going to run. Cheap.

Puddle of Mudd photoshop? Also unreal.

Melvin? With the video apology? That just blew my mind. I think he's got The Eye of the Tiger. Son, are you on drugs? Rocking The Gonch, perhaps?

I can't believe I just watched BGL cut the head off a ninja.

Oh, and good call with the "mayor vs mayor" thing. It's do or die time for the Pens. They need to beat the Flyers.

Some guest is totally correct, last two days have been wickedly solid non-game day posts.


Loser Chris said...

Kenny Melvin... living in a van down by the river?

Andrew said...

Solid post, that's what it is all about.

What's this anti-pensblog talking about? Homophobic? She must not know about Pensblog Charlie and all the hard work and long hours he puts in. Bang up job on his part.

That jibjib video changed my life.

Spencemo said...

MK, you rock, dude! That JibJab video was fantastic!

Nice to see that Melvin is trolling for attention again. Perhaps his cat rejected him again...

Bert in Hershey said...

jib jab video is fantastic

I went to that chick's blog, typical Hershey Bears fan, but she does have a link to a you tube video of Army in Drag when he was a rookie with Baby Pens

Seeing Army in Drag with fake teeth looks a lot like the girls at the Bears games here

AHL/Hershey Bears--what I like to call the NASCAR of hockey--fans here come from trailer parks all over to cheer for their favorite Bear/goon

rwarner174 said...

I hate political correctness. I'm sorry a picture of two guys kissing and then compairing them to two players on another team who you hate is just funny. Is thinking homosexuals are funny homophobic?

Homophobic is kind of a stupid word, it would imply that the pensblog is afriad of homosexuals? Aracnophobia isn't thinking spiders are funny, its thinking spiders are scary and therefore your run and hide in the corner when you see them. I have yet to see someone run away franticly from a couple homosexuals, so I'm not sure if homophobia exists? Just my two cents.

People who accuse other people of being homophobic are totally GAY!

lis said...

I'm going to the Pens/Flyers game next week with my dek hockey team...who obviously are all Flyers fans! There's been a lot of yapping coming from them at our games and frankly I'm getting sick of it. The Pens better beat the shit out of the Flyers or I'm going to be in for a LONG night next Thursday!!!

I'm even missing my first night of classes to go to this game!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think Melvin is a douche just like everyone else does, but confronting him to a fight? Seriously? If that is true, then whoever did that is a douche too.

Melvin deserves all the jokes about him and deserves to be banished from commenterblog, but it should end right there, IMO.

(By the way, why are we even still talking about him on this site anyway? With all respect to the staff overlords, I thought that was done with?)

Lady Jaye said...

Wow... unreal today. I feel like a broken record. Good job all around. Personally, I love the fact that pensblog is popular enough that folks have to waste their time making a point of being anti-pensblog. You know you've made it big on Al Gore's internet then.... and on a note from yesterday, the Pensblog Charlie facebook is great. Is anybody else now a poke buddie of his? ;) Silly.

Eric K said...

anyone else notice Melvin kept calling commentorblog: "commentatorblog".

And Talk Hockey To Me sounds like a name Mike Emrick would come up with

Go Pens

paekhead said...

first, thanks for the great post. and, i gotta agree with anonymous...while melvin may be annoying and blog-destructive, challenging him to a fight is assanine and pointless. (assuming the challenger is over the age of 13)...thats something that happens in philadelphia, not in the mellon. grow the hell up.

Austin Lemieux said...

Sorry guys... I won't challenge Melvin to fight any more. Let's just put this whole thing behind us.

Anonymous said...

I believe the "war room" picture you lead off with is actually the goal judge's booth in the Mellon Arena.

slush said...

You know you've made it when people hate you, truly hate you. Kudos staff.

neilWorldorder said...

i asked pensblog charlie to be my facebook friend, his response was that we "hooked up and it was better than a devils orgy."

Twinkie said...

I second anonymous @ 9:21's question of why we still talk about Melvin at all.

snoopyjode said...

wow. i really wish my work pc had a sound card. i can't wait to hear the sound on those videos tonight when i get home.

i also can't wait for the mayoral battle! it will be great when readers of the 700 level get to meet pensblog charlie.

charlie's friend said...

Neil I also hooked up with Charlie, and it was "as if the civic arena roof opened, and the hockey gods smiled down"

J.S. said...

The only time I've seen more sobbing in a video was when Ryan Smyth signed with the Avs this summer. Boohoo Melvin, boofreakinghoo.

Also, I also called commentorblog "commentatorblog" when I first joined this place. Usually I just refer to it as c-blog now.

Hip said...

Who wants to be a non-crazy Pens fan? Gary Roberts a crazy son of a bitch and he would not approve. What a joke.

Ryan said...

Photoshopblog is becoming infamous. Deadspin has linked the Pensblog again, in a paragraph about sid....

A beautiful Cuban-American-Canadian kid that the ladies would love, who also has incredible puck instincts and Gretzky-like sonar. (Get to work on that Photoshop, Pensblog.)

David said...

Hey Kenny -

Domo ariboto Mr. Rayboto



I think I see Pensblog Charlie peeking through your window.

shfty said...

sorry if this was mentionedyou guys were mentioned in deadspin today!

Anonymous said...

pensblog charlie, upon accepting me as a facebook group, said that

"You attended Mellon Arena Gay/Lesbian Task force"

Johnny Wrath said...

I'm going to try to have the image of Therrien in that floral ensemble made into a Fat Head™.

Youngstars game sounds completely half-assed. In the four paragraph article on, two were specifically about Geno "loafing" and causing the NHL to "revamp" the parameters of said game. Is the NHL not red-handed similarly by neglecting to name gaolies? I rather enjoyed Geno's "adult game" anecdote.

There's a training exercise football (thats "soccer") goalies do: place 2 goals opposite one another, and have two goalies try and score on each other. I'd like to see if that'd work on the ice.

Andrew said...

No surprise, all five Atlantic teams are currently in the playoffs.


canaanregulatesblog said...

that is definitely the war garage in toronto, btw. i watched a segment on it last year near playoff time.

i think that kenny's comments about being challenged to a fight are overblown. it's him trying to garner sympathy. waah.

Anonymous said...

I too think KM is just trying to gain sympathy. But i have witnessed pens and steelers fans trying to fight other teams fans.

that being said, KM is a giant pile of douche.

in his next video i actually want to see his tears... and possibly him in his moms bra.

whistler said...

Hockey in Hershey sucks. There is no real excitement. CoCo is nice, but needs a boost of energy to get her through the game.

Funny what you say about the women there, it's true.

Good work guys. Can't wait for teh 24th. When I fly back into Philthy on the 24th, I'll be walking through the airport with my Pens gear on. w00t!

Jersey Bill said...

Have you ever seen "Silkwood"? I'm going to take a "Silkwood" shower after watching the KM apology. What was worse, his creepy monotone or the TV flashing colors on his face? Hold me, Charlie.

Jesse Marshall said...

I met the Kenny Melvin at the Arena Monday. We actually sat in the same section. However, I did not challenge him to a fight. That's just retarded. Fighting in real life over trolling on the internet? If I would have seen someone trying to fight Kenny, I probably would have laid the smackdown, because that's just plain retarded. Sure, Kenny is a douchebag and causes a ton of unnecessary moderating, but Jesus, it's the internet.

Ryan O'Shea said...

Okay.. I may be way off here, but I hear that Sabu has a one-way contract. When MAF returns, would the Pens roster 3 goalies? Would Conk automatically be bumped? How does this work?

Like I said.. I could be way off with those facts, it started with a discussion and my friend doesnt exactly cite his sources.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit. I never knew what KM looked like, nor did I care. When I watched the video that's posted today, I laughed. The "video in the dark" added a nice touch.


then I found this on youtube:

it's KM.

I don't have any sympathy for you KM. I'll leave it at that.


Jesse Marshall said...

Ryan, the Penguins will probably just keep 3 goaltenders on the roster. There's also the chance they trade Sabourin. Providing Conklin doesn't implode and lose 10 straight games, it appears he'll be in net for the forseeable future, and that puts Sabu on the bench. He would have to pass through Waivers to be sent down, and John Curry/David Brown are playing well in WB/S, don't want them to lose development time down there.

Anonymous said...

seriously, a pens fan that doesn't like pensblog is sacreligious. move to philly, homewrecker.

firefox said...

I think it is now obvious to Melvin that you cannot put yourself out there like that yet still expect to be "protected" by the internet. You put your name and face out there and you made it known you were the troll screwing with multiple sites. I don't condone someone picking a fight with him, but it is too be expected because not everyone is as passive as you hope they are. People love coming to this place. It is a club. When you come in and wreck the club house, asses get kicked.

So now after all this happens you put this appology out. If you had some respectfulness in you before, you wouldn't have had to try to redeem yourself. I don't think anyone feels sorry for you, Melvin. But, I'm sure the chick at "Talk Hockey To Me" will take you in.

On a final note, I want to make you aware that your big tantrum you originally had about the "fucking blog that 3 people read" is exactly what made me come here to see what you were bitching about. I love this place and you were the reason I started coming here. Isn't that a kick to the nuts?

Matt K said...

I hope you all noticed that Pens Blog Charlie did have a small role in the Movie Trailer...

geezer said...

I would descibe this blog as 'meaty'. Good stuff.
The talk hockey chick needs to class up a little to reach quality of Pensblog.

Found pissing penguin lacking a little. Too easy. How about pooping on a Nascr labled talking trash hockey, just a thought.

Conk wants to watch TV with Napolean and Robin Williams. Wonder what that would be like? The Waterloo of humor? Nanu nanu put your hands in my pants?

Anonymous said...

hilarious post.

RO-tal-BOT said...

the only reason melvin is apologizing is because he got banned from lgp again and he has nowhere else to go.

dennis said...

When we forgive Kenny Melvin, the terrorists win.

wingergirl said...

Alfredsson is out now, too.

Did someone take out a hit on that line, or what?;_ylt=AqcQLWI.HKVeQUIgW2fCV6B7vLYF?slug=ap-senators-alfredsson&prov=ap&type=lgns

Good, good stuff.

BlacknGold66 said...

Wow! Commentorblog has grown immensely (sp?) over the past week or so.

That JibJab video is awesome! The little part with Charlie was the best.

Does anyone out there know if Center Ice is doing the half-season deal?

Anonymous said...

Great post, great idea with the flyers blog. Holy shit I hope we win that game.


Anonymous said...

sid's winter classic jersey went for 45,000 on nhl auctions.


great comment dennis.

hey for all-star week-end maybe an all star photoshopblog. my favorites are actually from last year...the'pirates' and 'oz'.

great job, love the show.

The Acid Queen said...

Would you mind removing the link you have to my blog? I would rather be a Red Wings fan than get traffic from a blog that engages in the classless Sabres-fan style garbage that I've seen here.


Staff said...


Acid if you need to contact us, email.

Don't air your dirty pants in public.


Loser Chris said...

wow... what's the deadline for the acid queen photoshop expo?

Adrienne said...

I don't even know where to go with the youngstars game. Honestly, what the hell?

Kenny Melvin is truly apologetic. I mean, come on guys, he made the apology video to candlelight!

Wow, that last video was unreal.

Tomorrow night for Tampa. WOO!

recchistillsucks said...

Questions about the War Room Pic

Why would they have the French logo up? The War Room is in Toronto, I was under the impression that is considered English-Speaking Canada. Anyone else get what i'm saying?

Otherwise, solid post
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