Friday, January 4, 2008

Pens Goals- Games 30-40

Thanks to Eric P. as always


Jonny V said...

To Fleury29, U might want to consider getting center ice now instead of waiting till next year, because last year I bought it in january and they adjust the payment for how many games are left. I think I ended up paying about a hundred bucks for the rest of the season. Call your cable company and check the price.

And I think it's pretty huge that we now have more goals for than goals against. And I think it's pretty crazy that two years in a row the Pens seem to put up hot streaks right in the middle of the season. And it comes when they face strife injury-wise. What a team.

Go Steelers.

Eric P said...

Wow my own post.. I'm honored. Thanks a lot

Seeker said...

For those interested...

USA lost to Canada (4-1) in the World Junior Championships today despite being 4-0 and Canada being 3-1 heading into their game.

Jonny V said...

And this is kind of funny to those that aren't local. With all of the talk about the lack of Pens coverage and dearth of Steelers coverage on the local news, I think it's kind of cool that Jon Burton (the sportscaster) will usually lead off with a Steelers story, and when he starts to talk about the Pens, he says "Wendy" and glances over at Wendy Bell, one of the lead anchors and probably Sally Wiggin's equivalent when it comes to the Penguins.

Back when I'd go to games with my ex girlfriend during Lemieux's last comeback, I saw her there all the time with her husband sitting with Jim Krenn and his chick.

Anonymous said...

Canada was 4-1 going into the game; USA had a bye for going 4-0 in their group.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me.... the pens play this one rock song when they warm-up....and I can't remember it ever when I come home to download it.

But i think this is it. can I have someone confirm this? lol
Chevelle - well enough alone

wilsmith said...

Good work, Eric. It is appreciated.

I saw a McCabe lowlights video the other night, we need an 03/04 Pens lowlight video. Imagine all the blunders.

On another note, has anyone been watching the new Conan episodes?

Andrew said...

Anon at 12:33:

I think the song you're talking about is Club Foot By Kasabian. Killer song. Or maybe that's when the come out for good, anthem and all that good stuff. I'm never there for warm-ups. Maybe I'm dead wrong.

DarkStar said...

@ willsmith: yeah whats with the beard? did i miss something?

Brett said...

nice vid, nice song choice.

stokes said...

Conan rules, no matter who's writing for him., no offense to the writers.

The beard is a strike beard, much like Letterman's. Except Letterman's show isn't nearly as cool.

Eric P.- solid job all season.

Jonnyv- re: pens coverage. We just played the biggest game in NHL history, the Steelers are about to go one and done. (not that i want them to, but...) and yet the lead story is still what Big Ben had for breakfast. I'm not jealous, i just want the media/city to recognize.

Leaving for the game in about 30 minutes, so i can find Ollie Jokinen and make sure he doesn't play today.

chris e said...

To Fleury29- I agree with jonny v...but I think it is the half way point of the season before you get the discount. I got it 10 games late last year and didn't get any discount.



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