Monday, January 28, 2008

One From The Heart -- YouTube

These were added to YouTube on January 27.
Hot off the presses.

Tim H. shocked the world at 1:01 PM Monday when he sent this to our Gmail.

If you ever wonder why we grandstand sometimes when setting up big moments in a game,
this video is why.

It is 6 parts, in sequential order.

The beginning of Part 5 is "the penalty killers' dance of champions."



PittHockey said...

Inspiration for Crosby while he's injured.

I have this on tape and need to transfer it to dvd.

I haven't watched it in awhile because I don't want to risk damaging it before I do so.

PittHockey said...

Only thing remaining is for someone to find the soundtracks for these.

Eric K said...


the influx of WBS players continues, Nathan Smith (?), and in my opinion the very solid defenseman who should dress in front of Orpik, Nasreddine.

tomorrow -> time to resurrect "The Pens went over to Jersey"

stokes said...


If you don't get goosebumps watching these videos, then you'd better check your pulse.

AJ said...

Part 1... 1:38 in... is that Ron Newcomer in the crowd wearing the white polo shirt?

It's either him, his doppleganger, or everybody in Pittsburgh looked like Ron Newcomer in the 90s.

christina said...


there goes any chance of me doing work tonight....

Flyer Hater said...

What a find

Anonymous said...

marios mullet is my reason for living. simply stunning.

Johnny Wrath said...

Look, Nasreddine seems like a real nice guy. He's great with the young guys in WB/S, shows them how to be a professional etc etc.

I don't need to tell you that there are reasons for things. Brooks will command 3.5-4M this summer, and Nas will continue to be a $525k reserve defenceman.

Call it intuition, but Brooks is a top four D-man on most NHL teams. Our coaching staff very well may dress Alain ahead of Brooks; hell they play Scuderi ahead of him. I bet Therrien would rather trade for Fedorov and play him on the blue line rather than play Brooks.

That doesn't mean, in the grand scheme of things, Brooks isn't one of the most underrated players in this upcoming UFA crop.

Maybe its time for a poll on the site?

Sweetcheesus! said...

wow. . . and here i thought the new pens were the heart attack pens. as a newer fan i am delighted to see some of the history. amazing. just watched each and everyone of those in a row and i cannot wait for tomorrow night. fuck yeah. Also great to hear GR is back on skates.

"I am way too baked to drive to the devils house." LETS GO PENS!

Flyer Hater said...

Anon @ 5:26, every male over the age of 18 in the early 90s strived to one day have a mullet like Mario's. These videos are why the internet exists.

Well porn too.

Anonymous said...

My poll vote:

Nasserdine >= Orpik

Orpik is out of position way too much. He is a -1 on the year playing against mostly 3rd and 4th liners. Scuderi is a +1 (I think) playing now against the top lines of other teams. I don't see how anyone can say Orpik is better than him. IMO, let Brooks walk if he wants to get 3.5 million, or better yet trade him for a bucket of ice for Sid.

Mike Georger said...

anyone read molinari's q and a today? way to stand up for BGL and not call downie a victim
waaaiiit a minute

Mike Georger said...

to me the fact that brooks is going to pull that much makes him overrated, i would rather play allain and use that money on saaaaaaay A SCORING WINGER

some guest said...

i was too young to remember the pens winning it live, so growing up this was my favorite video to watch. i get chills watching it. every time.

Mike Georger said...

btw i think Goligoski will get the call next year and could be a top 4 guy in the next three years, assuming letang gets a pay raise, we're going to have a lot of really good young defensmen and one who cant produce any offense whatsoever and makes a large amount of mistake is going to be SOL

Stoosh said...

Nasreddine over Orpik? No way. Nasreddine was good last year, but he looked like a career minor leaguer in his callups earlier this year. Maybe as a 6-7-8 guy, but no more than that.

What bothers me about Orpik is that he doesn't kill penalties and he's not a relatively-strong presence in front of his own net. On the boards and in the corners, he's great. And he moves the puck well. But he's awful on the PK and his positioning could be better in front.

I do think Orpik is a prime candidate to be let go after this season, only because someone will be enamored with his play along the boards and in the corners. With the cap, some tough personnel decisions are going to have to be made. I'm not sure I'd match what some teams are going to offer Orpik this summer.

It's not that he's not worth an investment; I just don't think he's worth that kind of investment to the Pens...not with guys like Geno, Staal and Fleury still yet to get extensions. I know Fleury will get less money, but he'll also get fewer years so he's going to be an issue in the relative short-term (probably right around the time Letang is up for a new deal). Staal may be in the same boat. Any significant $$ given to Orpik is going to impact their ability to keep those guys.

I'd personally rather see Orpik and try and replace him with someone like Jackman, Commodore, maybe Nick Schultz.

Lloyd said...

After watching those videos... did anyone else see Ron Newcomer at least 2 or 3 times?

Hip said...

Mother of all travesties - I'm on call for return to action tomorrow night.

Fucking joke.

geezer said...

Did 40,000 pittsburgers go to the airport to greet the team? Holy shit that is the most amazing fact I never heard before. WOW. How many NEXT time ladies and gentlemen? I can only dream of the throngs. Man I need to see some hockey.

Thia all star stupor needs to end. I am all fired up! Lets rock out with mullets to some serious power cords from (name your favorite 80's power cord strut band here) dude.

Hip said...

PS - some real nice Bing articles on ESPN right now. Including some hilarious insight into the Bing/Army relationship.

Charlie, don't get jealous.

Fleury29 said...

I clicked all those videos and they no longer exist.




wingergirl said...

Oh man. That just took up a good long chunk of what should have been spent reading my facilities management book. Nice!


Did anyone else see this little joke of a news piece?

Who knows how to actually put that stuff in links? I'm sure 95% of you a girl out!

In any case, what a joke. Who do you think Anaheim is going to dump next? Because god knows, they don't have the cap space to pay him.

Johnny Wrath said...

Pittsburgh Sports Insider says we've made an inquiry regarding Markus Naslund. At 34, he's lugging a 6M base cap hit and 16 goals playing with perhaps the premier line in the Western Conference. I'm pretty sure he's UFA eligible at season's end.

Scouting reports indicate that he's showing signs of aging, and has struggled in the postseason. Right.

We've got to get our young Penguins to rock mullets. It'll be this season's rally helmet.

firefox said...

I'm sorry, but this is just friggin' wrong. How is it that Niedermayer and Selanne can win the cup, then leave their teammates hanging out to dry while they figure out if they want to retire or not. It puts the GM in a bad spot because he doesn't know if he should try to get someone to replace them. The team holds the fort for half the season and then both of them decide "Oh, they are doing okay, now I want to play!" Bullshit. Even more insulting is Niedermayer playing in the All-Star game having played only a fraction of the season by choice, not by injury. Screw both of them.

Oh and the videos are all gone. I watched the first part before it got pulled. :(

canaanregulatesblog said...

i just tried the youtube links and they were working for me. strange.

Eric K said...

(To the tune of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band)

Well the Pens went over to Jersey
They were lookin' for some points to steal
They were in a bind, 1 point behind
And willin' to make a deal
They came upon this old man
Playin' goalie, and playin' it hot
So Geno jumped up on a hickory stump
Said, Matry lemme tell you what
"I'm sure you already knew it
'Cause I'm a hockey player too
And if you care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you
Now you play pretty good hockey, boy
But give the Penguins their due
I'll bet a Jay Pandolfo goal
Against your soul
Just to think we're better than you"
Then a boy said, "my name's Parise
And it might be a sin
But I'll take your bet
Though I'm gonna regret
'Cause tonight, the Pens will win"

So Mikey rousin' up your bench
And change those 4 lines hard
'Cause hell's broke loose in Jersey
And Jarkko's killin' retards
And if you win, you're closer to that banner in black and gold
But if you lose, the Devils have control

The Devils opened up the gate and said "We'll start this show"
Then Elias flew in on a breakaway, but yeah, he still blows
He pulled the puck across the ice and it made an evil hiss
Then all 12 fans joined in and it sounded somethin' like this
(Silence overtakes the microphone)
When the Devils finished, Georges said "well you're pretty good 'ol sons"
"But if you drop the gloves with me, you'd be better off to run"

Fire at The Rock, run boys, run
Look, it's Marty's illegitimate son
Chickens in the locker room, pickin' their toes
Hey we got a powerplay, Go Sarge Go

The Devils bowed their heads because they knew that they'd been beat
Then they layed that division lead on the ground at Mike Yeo's feet
Conk said "Devils just come on back if you ever wanna try again"
"I told you once, you sons of a bitch, the Conkblockin' never ends"

Fire at The Rock, run boys, run
Look, it's Marty's illegitimate son
Chickens in the locker room, pickin' their toes
Like they say in Canada, "GO PENS GO"

-updated it a little from last year, i'll repost tomorrow morning seeing as it will get lost in space after the new post coming tonight. just couldnt hold it back any longer. Go Pens

karri said...


To make a link, this is the HTML tag...

type...(and I have to break it up so it will post)

a href=
>click me< (Or whatever you want it to say)

Hopefully it works for you.

(Sorry for being redundant. I posted this last week. A friend taught me how to do this and so I feel the need to pass on the help.)

wilsmith said...

erik k wins.

hip, you can't let your job interfere with fandom. In the words of the great JB, 'quit ya day job'.

Jonny V said...

Agreed on the "Rocket Clemens" type retirements. That shit's PBCharlie. Like him or not, at least Chelios hasn't done that the 56 seasons he's been in the NHL.
And those videos...Man what an era. Thin Bonds. Andy Van. Doug Drabek (Talk about a mullet, plus the porn 'stache). Chico and Spanky. Rod Woodson, Lloyd, Little, and Nickerson. Bubby and Barry (Foster). And the Pens. Incredible. Tim H, I salute u.

And I can't help but think Gary Roberts would have been more appropriate than about 90 percent of the people in this song. Sooner or later gonna cut u down...

wilsmith said...

dammit, I have the memory of something that doesn't have a very long memory, and forgot to comment on orpik.

I think he's definitely been playing better lately, but he spends too much time out of position to take a hit that just isn't there. He's shown some responsibility lately, better than at the beginning of the season, but I still think some of those 'responsibility first' guys should be playing ahead of him. As for Nas? I don't know, I always thought he played just well enough to be the first call up, but not good enough to be on a permanent roster.

Brooks' game is what the Pens need, but he's gotta get his D responsibilities down first.

I don't think there's any chance he's a >$3mill guy after this year. If he were, he would have been packaged up and shipped off for that prized scoring winger because that's way more than he's worth.

meh, opinions

pops said...


stokes said...

Eric K. that shit was unreal. awesome.

About the Ducks: I think that kind of crap is wrong, and, as the GM, if you're willing to let your players get away with it, then that's your problem; you reap what you sow. Burke should have made a decision an ultimatum. He went out and got a replacement for Neidermeyer(sp.) in Schneider. Now he's got to shuffle his personnel around to get everyone under the cap becuase Burke did what he had to do, and signed guys that were playing.

WELL! All of a sudden we're done retiring and we want to play for your team again!!!

hey! welcome back guys! you've only missed half the season!

I'm not sticking up for Burke(but someone has to since he has no backbone, apparently. ZING!). But i think it sets a bad precedent.

Now there might be contract BS that i dont know anything about, but still. Its messed up that those two guys are pulling that crap.

About Orpik: He's been coming around now for, like, the past year. or two. I like Nas, but he's obviously not top 4 or even a 5th defenseman. He won't and shouldn't replace Orpik. But Orpik is not worth 3 mil. I like him, he's been playing well, but he still needs to get some crap together and with all the others they have to sign soon, Brooks will have to go if he wants that kind of cash. They should get rid of him now so they could get something for him instead of letting him walk. we know what CP would do, WWRSD?

sorry, off my soapbox....

Mike Georger said...

oh im not saying nas is better or would be a top defender, but i really dont think orpik is good enough to justify being a defender on one of our tops two pairings for 3 million. i would rather lose him and invest the money elsewhere and have a guy like nas play as the sixth guy and work in one of our talented young guys alongside him.
granted a lot will depend on what they decide to do with eaton but i would be more than happy with gonch/eaton whits/letang

Ryan said...

Oh man, my dad bought this tape back in the day...I remember watching it every day after that season. Fantasic...really brought some great memories back. KBL

Hey guys, my friend and I started a new blog recently, The Wheelhouse. Check it out if you have the time.

Go Pens!

Jonny V said...

Orpik has been pretty much the same player since he started with us. Always looking for the big hit. Sometimes risking positioning in order to land said big hit. He has been improving this and last year, and I think he will develop into a top four D man. Whether it's with us or not is up to a higher power.

dyt pens fan said...

I watched all of the videos last night. Literally five minutes after I finished them, the entire internet across campus crashed. It took almost 9 hours to repair it.

Interpret as you will...


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