Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First up, The Pensblog Internet Justice League has been busy recently.

Since we got tips from various sources that Kenny Melvin was lurking on LetsGoPens.com again,
correspondent Pensblog Canaan has been working covertly to eliminate the threat.

The target has been eliminated. Again.

We don't hold a grudge.

But every time we click that bookmark to moderate comments,
we are reminded...and we will never forget.


There's only one question to ask...

[Picture+10.<span class=

Have you been poked by Pensblog Charlie?

[ Charlie's Facebook ]

Still no clue who is running that operation.
But they are devoted.


-- Commentor Stoosh, head on over to [ Fanhouse ]

If James Mirtle M.D. uses it as a post title,
it's as good as gold.

-- Scott Erskine breaks down the top 5 offseason acquisitions.
What a surprise: Ty Conklin shows up at #1. [ National Post ]



[<span class=

If you know hockey, then you knew Malkin was in a world of trouble after he did this:

It led to the whole Rozsival ordeal.
Nothing else to say. Just a great picture.

-- Blades09 left a comment in commentorblog, asking Conklin to please change the color of tape on his stick to white.

Every time his stick goes down, the black knob of his stick looks like the puck going on.
Solid observation.

Hiro Nakamura took us into the future and see how that color change would fare for the Pens.

"Since that Rangers game, the Penguins have gone 0-6-0, Malkin's out for the season, and the plans for the new arena have fell through."
-- Post-Gazette, January 29, 2008


Also, in the recap, we said the sigh of relief caused someone to die of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

We should've known that humans expel carbon dioxide.
And actually, we did know.
Just a huge mistake.

Being veterans of the motion picture Apollo 13, we have no clue how we messed that up.



[<span class=

Wonderful job by poster "Mad City Mike" on [LGP]
Don't trust Mark Recchi.

This is what he told two separate journalists on Saturday night.

He is referencing his Shootout goal.

To Dave Molinari[PG]
"That's kind of my bread-and-butter," Recchi said. "I thought I could try to fake him out and get him up top."

To Keith Barnes: [Trib]

"I haven't tried that one," Recchi said. "I usually go low stick (side) or low 5-hole, but I watched the other guys a little bit and decided that I was going to try to go to my backhand and get it up and try to freeze him a little bit because he's a quick goalie."

So, what will it be Mark? Whatev.

This is how we feel:




Ty Conklin will not get a spot in Flashblog anytime soon.
There's something special going on that just can't be messed with.

The top candidate to be removed would be Kris Letang.

And as far as Flashblog goes, when the Pens hit the 65-game mark,
we're gonna switch the standings to encompass the entire Eastern Conference.

The Atlantic will still be important,
but the playoff race will be a bigger deal.


[<span class=

The most pressing news is that Marc Savard has been given Dany Heatley's spot on the Eastern roster, leaving Malkin out in the cold, despite the fact that he's been red hot. [ NHL ]

Tyler Kennedy and Kris Letang will be in the YoungStars game. [ NHL ]

[ Going Five Hole ] has their picks of who the celebrity judges should be for the All-Star Game dunk competition.


[<span class=
In an article written in Pittsburgh,
Scott Burnside mulls over the possibilities of Jagr being dealt. [ ESPN ]
Mark Madden already touched on this back in November. [ESPN 1250]

Since his boy Nylander left, Jagr blows.
He's on pace for the lowest goal output of his career.

[<span class=
As part of a segue that would make Mark Twain touch himself,
Michal Nylander is out for the season. [ NHL.com ]

But the Caps actually stunned the world and completed a sweep of the season series with the Sens last night. [ View From The Cheap Seats ]

And for some reason, how come everyone forgot to tell us Ted Leonsis has a website?
[Ted's Take]

Just so there is no confusion,
Pictures like this are why we get up in the morning.

[<span class=
Does CuJo want to go somewhere and start?
What a mistake, then, that he signed with Calgary. [ Fanhouse ]

Then again, coach Mike Keenan is insane.

We don't follow the Oilers that close.
[ Oilblobosphere ] does.

The whole point of this section:
[NPI] found a great pictures of some "big" Oiler fans.

Kevin Lowe signed them all to multi-year deals.


Willie O'Ree was the first black player in the NHL. [ NHL.com ]

We link that only because of this...

No idea when and where this picture was taken, but we count 4 Pens jerseys.

Update: At the RMU Complex on the Nev.


THE HAT TRICK [ Wikipedia ]

"The term is now most commonly used within a sporting context, where it has its origin in 18th Century English cricket and was connected with the custom of giving a hat or cap as a prize to a bowler who achieved the unusual feat of taking three wickets in a row. Another school of thought mentions that, as a bet, a bowler was challenged if he could take three in three, and hats were passed around to collect the wagers. If the bowler succeeded, he collected the cash."

As it pertains to hockey:

"If a member of the home team in ice hockey scores a hat-trick, fans acknowledge it by throwing their own hats from the stands onto the ice, often causing a delay in play. This custom was started in Guelph, Ontario with the Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters, sponsored by Biltmore Hats. Mr. Biltmore would throw his top hat onto the ice for the player that scored 3 goals. Fans soon followed his lead and offered their hats to the player as well."

And then it gets a little crazy.
Wikipedia delves into modern moderations, such as the Gordie Howe hat trick,
the 1996-96 Panthers rat trick, and...

"Mario Lemieux once accomplished what was unofficially referred to as a "Mario Lemieux hat trick" in 1993, by receiving radiation treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma the day of the game, and then scoring a goal and an assist that night against the Philadelphia Flyers."

Never heard that one before.



Like a lot of people, we don't particularly enjoy talking about contracts and shit.
Let's just enjoy the ride.

However, if you have played an NHL video game this season and had to deal with a salary cap,
you know that Malkin, Staal, and Fleury demand some hefty dollars for their new contracts.

While doing a quick glance at your payroll to see how to free some money up,
you see Sergei Gonchar making $5 million a year.

And then next offseason, the Pens have to re-sign about half the team.

It makes you wonder.

After reading about Malkin's feelings on the A.O deal... [Trib]

How would Malkin react if Gonch departs?
Would the Pens even risk that?

It is all just a thought.

Do you trade Gonchar to get Sid an established scoring winger?
Will Malkin and Crosby be together on the same line forever?

Ray Shero is going to be a busy man.


The trade talks don't stop there.

[ Puck-Rakers ] said that Columbus Blue Jackets scouts were at the Mellon for the Rangers-Pens game.

...And the Pens had scouts at a Blue Jackets/Predators game recently.

Rumor of the last week or so comes from [Eklund.]
Nothing new. He just says Pens are interested in Marian Hossa.

Thankfully we were able to to pinpoint his source:


[ Faceoff-Factor ] has generated a lot of rumblings across the NHL-internet
with their open letter to Gary Bettman.
Solid read.

As always, the PG's [ Empty Netters ] has been on fire recently.

[ PensBurgh ] -- Solid Penguins blog that we haven't linked yet.

[ The Confluence of the Three Rivers ] is still on top of their game.


One final link.

Double J's game 6 performance on Youtube.
Goosebump city. Listen to the Ol' Mellon
[Thanks to Bobby R]


Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

conk block credit: sir stoosh de castille de stoosh

kmlovespens said...

Hey kids very long time reader, first time poster though. I've heretofore kept my penguins rants and raves to myself, I usually don't have anything I feel is overly witty/insightful to add to commenterblog, you all are so sharp! And well, anything worth doing is worth doing right, But I just wanted to say that my first pens season away from the burgh has been made special thanks to having the center ice package, and the pensblog every morning to wake up to every morning. The ppl I work with love to mock me for being a pens fan,even though then know notihng about hockey, but because they think that the penguins is a, pensblog charlie, name for a professional sports team. I actually got so sick of their shit that I bet them (in October) that they would all have to dress up in penguin costume (think billy madison) for work should the pens win lord stanley's trophy! Needless to say, they are all a little worried right now, even though there is still a lot of hockey left to be played. So just a little shoutout to pens nation for helping me keep my sanity.

PS...I know the screenname makes you think of melvin, but I promise it not, trust me, km is also my initials and its what ppl have always called me, so dont hate me cuz melvin is a douche.

PPS...loserchris I am just now noticing that you live in round rock, I live in austin, i'm so glad to know I have a comrade in TX!

Anonymous said...

The picture with the four pens jerseys was taken at the RMU Island Sports Arena on the outdoor rink.

FritoWill said...

KM if the Pens raise Lord Stanly you HAVE TO SEND PICTURES TO THIS WEBSITE!!!!

I would make fun of them forever!!!

Korn said...

I may have said this before, but I think it can be argued that your non-recap posts are some of your best work. Maybe not high on the humor scale, but definitely higher on the "I'm trying to kill time at work" scale.

Long time between games. Anticipationblog. Friday can't come soon enough.

Hip said...

What's even funnier than Ted having his own blog is that typically what he says about the Caps pisses a good 75% of his own fan base off. Strong work.

Hip said...

HUGE PS - I'll be in KC, MO this weekend wearing my "Kansas City is for jagoffs" shirt. Nice.

Carry on.

Dr. Turkleton said...

JJ vid...clutchblog
yinsers who Boo #68: let.it.go....ok, he might have been a baby prior to being traded to the Craps for 3 hacks, but he was a key piece on those 2 cup teams (as a rook & then 2nd year guy) & the runs the pens made in the playoffs years later (see vid)....why when Ronnie Franchi$e came back to town (who LEFT Pgh on his own for more $) did he not get BOO'd like JJ ????

biff said...

First off, the forklift picture is golden.

Second, goosebump city is right. I'll never chide anyone for booing Double-J, but personally, that video is why I can't bring myself to boo him. That night (or day if I recall), many felt could have been the last game at the Igloo, because of the bankruptcy fiasco. But Double-J delivered an inspirational performance basically on one leg. When he wanted to play, he was the best in the world. It's a shame his departure was such a mess that it causes a lot of us fans to remember the "Dying Alive" Jaromir rather than Mario Jr.

Loser Chris said...


And all this time I thought I was alone...

As for the people at your work, whenever they get on your case just make some lame "Romo is a homo" joke and then watch them flip out for a couple hours. Or crack on Vince Young, that'll work well in Austin too if you want to get a rise out of someone. VY's pretty much a god here.

Anonymous said...


I'll be moving to Round Rock in 8mo. if you guys are still around I could use some black n gold allies for next season.

Anthony L.

ps. i agree with turkleton, Jags should never be boo'd.

recchistillsucks said...

ditto doc

The recchi PS was amazing, everyone in my office asked why i was laughing so hard.

Not BigRickPSU said...

@ Dr. Turkleton:

That's easy, Francis never said he was "dying alive" in Pittsburgh. Sure, he left for more money, but he was always gracious and always played 100% balls out. Jagr was smug, ungrateful, cocky, and seemed to take nights off on more than a few occasions.

I'm appreciative of what Jagr did for the franchise and some of the great moments, but I will continue to boo him when he comes to town. It's not because I forget how great he was for us, or that I forgot how he helped us win two cups (I'll still stand and applaud every time he is in town and the scoreboard shows a highlight real); it's simply because he was/is a ginormous douche and that is reason enough for me.

I have no problem with people who choose not to boo, it's just my personal feelings that being a great player doesn't give you the right to shit on the city just because you're tired of the way things are going or because you want more money.

There is class, and then there is no class. Francis had class and, unfortunately, Jagr falls into the category of the latter.

snickerdoodles said...

Ahhhh...the best part of the morning at work.(Don't tell my supervisor!)Reading the Pensblog.
And having a hot cup of tea.
Do you think Atlanta should keep Recchi from lurking about after games free to talk to more than one reporter? With that man babbling different stories to whoever asks, he might get people to start wondering if his mind is wondering. Next thing you know, he will have invented the internet. And fire.

snickerdoodles said...

Ahhhh...the best part of the morning at work.(Don't tell my supervisor!)Reading the Pensblog.
And having a hot cup of tea.
Do you think Atlanta should keep Recchi from lurking about after games free to talk to more than one reporter? With that man babbling different stories to whoever asks, he might get people to start wondering if his mind is wondering. Next thing you know, he will have invented the internet. And fire.

thomes08 said...

ok i've been bottling this up. i check this every day and for the last month i've been waiting and waiting for ty to get the nod.


seriously, i'm almost losing sleep over this.

go pens, i hate offweekblog

Anonymous said...


A goalie doesn't "count" unless he's played some percentage of the team's game minutes (I think I saw 1/3 in a previous comment thread, but I or that poster could be mistaken). Until he reaches that plateau, he's still an AHL goalie.

Johnny Wrath said...

What a waste of time that Faceoff-Factor article is,, written by some dude in Wisconsin. Why don't we just outlaw goalies, invert the nets, and bolt them to the dashers at each end? Then we can do a 2-pointer from behind the blue line, introduce shot clocks, and have 42 franchises.

I'm not that guy who starts taunting newer fans who don't understand what the thugs are there for, but this letter just seems to suggest every team could play like Detroit if not for the treacherous goons impeding superstars.

I'm kind of afraid the next thing Bettman will do is to insist the NHLPA get together and publish the heretofore "unwritten rules" to create new penalties, and more importantly, print them on team-colored T-shirts for just $19.95.

Anonymous said...

im proud to say i added pensblog charlie to my top friends on facebook.

solid work.

nailersfan66 said...

So Dan Potash and his FSN crew show up in Wheeling last night doing a piece on the ECHL's Nailers. I went up and introduced myself, shook his hand and welcomed him to Wheeling. I felt a tingling sensation immediately as my arm proceeded to go numb for the next 42 minutes. What a man.

thomes08 said...

Thanks for the info.

So you can't select him for a fantasy goalie?

mike m said...

Scotty Bowman on LGP looks like a possible Melvin alias

Nick said...

I friended Charlie too, Anon. Apparently we hooked up and it was "better when McAmmond was involved that first time"

wilsmith said...

hip, send me that shirt.

Stoosh said...

Conkblock has gone public! James Mirtle, you are a gentleman and a scholar, sir. Next time you're in town, a round of wobbly pops on your good buddy Stoosh.

And wobbly pops with a shot of El Presidente all around to the Pensblog staff and commentorblog family for picking up the Conkblock ball and running it with like Walter Payton. Thank God you all have a sense of humor. In all seriousness, this has become my favorite Pens website for those reasons...it's a place for us all to come to cut through the cookie-cutter bullcrap that has become most other Pens media discussion. God bless you, sirs!

And if I'm coming off as overly emotion-laden and grateful, it's because I am. On top of being completely hopped up on painkillers, I'm going on one hour of sleep because of a toothache that hit me harder than Dany Heatley's car last night.

Like Keith Richards used to say, "Hey...lemme tell you something, man..."...I have to think there are few things more debilitating than a friggin' toothache...probably giving birth or passing kidney stones or something, but not much more. I once broke a fall with my face while playing roller hockey and it didn't hurt like this. I didn't get to sleep until 4:30 and I had to get up and go to work at 5:30, and most of the hours awake were spent curled up on the couch in the fetal position. I like to think I have a fairly high pain tolerance...dare I say, I may even thrive on pain. Last night, I was reduced to a whimpering pile of mush or, as they say in NHL circles...Ben Eager.

HOWEVER, a nice emergency trip to the dentist this morning produced some antibiotics and about a quarter-pound of Vicodin, so I'm going to be in good shape from now until about mid-June. Wahoo!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

No shit Mike M

Mike said...

Pensblog Charlie on Facebook is a disgusting yet devoted human being. Check out some of the comments he's made in the groups he's joined.


CG said...

"Ty Conklin will not get a spot in Flashblog anytime soon.
There's something special going on that just can't be messed with"

Great Call! It's been a magical run....nobody change a thing....don't want to anger the hockey gods.

Booing JJ = OK with me. He had a great run with the Pens, then cried his way out of town...even complaining in the middle of a deep run in the playoffs...if that doesn't deserve a boo, then how about this: He's a Ranger. That qualifies him for booing right there.

blades09 said...

re: Hiro's look into the future...

You're right...what was I thinking? jinxblog.

Kristen PB said...

Great, great post, guys. I hate having more than two days without a hockey game, but Pensblog and the Best 10 DVD set helps ease the suffering...

stokes said...

About booing Jags: i personally have quit booing jags, but i dont chastise anyone for doing so either. I do think its lame. its like growing up and getting married and still being mad at your high school sweetheart for dumping you. but thats just me.

stoosh, i've never had a toothache, but i have passed kidney stones and i've never been in so much pain in my life.


recchistillsucks said...


recchi is certainly old enough to have invented fire

Whistler said...

Anyone who goes to see a Nailers game should have their hand shook for being there. I mean have their head shoot for being there..


blufftalk said...

  That Jagr OT goal is what life is all about. I was actually at that game. Lucky me.
  Go Pens.

Anonymous said...


i agree...i believe it was chelios, who in fact, invented fire.

Save_Us.K27 said...

Canaan isn't the only one to bust Melvin...Isn't that right, Canaan?


Steve In Denver said...

Stoosh, nice Keith Richards quote. I broke my molars playing roller hockey too....got tripped and did a face plant and bounced on my chin several times before the rest of my body hit the ground. After 3 rounds of crowns on 6 teeth, I'll never take my choppers for granted again.

To the rest of you that play, wear protection. Except you, Pensblog Charlie. You're probably a Freddy Mercury Friday night away from the grave, so live it up, man.

Adrienne said...

The fact that AOL Sports used the term "Conk Blocking" reminds me why I love the Pensblog.

Recchi needs a swift punch in the dick.

Derek, you ready for St. Louis coming in Friday? ;)

Ryan said...

canaan - this is a bit overdue, but thanks for the torrent link you posted a little while back of the ice bowl. I finally got it burned to a dvd and it's awesome quality.

Solid find.

blufftalk said...

  Yup. http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2008/01/15/the-ice-sheet-conk-blocking

canaanregulatesblog said...

np, ryan. that was a beastly torrent.

k27... ::chest bump::

ugh, the cryers are up 4-1 after 1. barf.

Staff said...

Kidney stones and toothaches blow


zaineb said...

wilsmith - I absolutely wish we could still get them!! I wanted the "Crosby is a yinzer" and "Malkin loves Kennywood" ones too but never got my game together. Can we say regretfulblog?

mike - yes, I've noticed some of the comments too and have been pissing myself. Hilarious.

jackson9p said...

jersey lost to the isles

EmDubs said...

Jersey lost tonight, so the Pens are tied for 1st record-wise. Jersey still owns the season series 3-1, so the Pens aren't quite there yet.

Davy D said...

Conk for Hart?


stokes said...

Apparently, someone got on the myspace bandwagon and made one for Pensblog Charlie.

we're friends now.

Pensblog Charlie's super popularity+Conk Block+WWGRD= reasons why i love the Pensblog and Cblog.

Patrick said...


i was there too..end seat on E balcony. It was such a great atmosphere from the start. I remember almost jumping off the E balcony when he scored the OT goal. One of the top 3 games I've ever been too...hands down.

Jonny V said...

Stoosh, as a proud survivor of two bouts of kidney stones, i can tell u that if that pain is anywhere close to the pain u have in your mouth, enjoy the Vics. I never went through that many pain meds until I had the ol' stones, i've even been through an ACL replacement. Those stones were huge. They were like Emory and Oglethorpe.

Anonymous said...

pens ranked 5th! woot.

Pensaremyheroes said...

I got a wall post on my facebook from Pensblog Charlie. The person is very dedicated, I love it.

Coren said...

Thought I heard Sykora's name at one point in that video. So I looked it up, sure enough he was playing for the Devils back then. Got an assist in that game too.


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