Saturday, January 26, 2008

Learn To Blog


This summer, Brian Fitzgerald did us a favor and recorded [ Mr.Roberts Sir ].

Now it is our turn to help him out.

Brian is a quarter-finalist to play with the Foo Fighters at the Grammys.

He entered a contest via Youtube.
He had to send a 60-second clip of himself playing "The Pretender."

He used this:

He now needs votes to move on.

If you have a moment, visit this site.
[ YouTube My Grammy Moment]

All you have to do is hit "Vote Now."

You then have to scroll through all the other jobbers to get to Brian's section.
It will look like this.

Just click the hand.
It will turn green:

And thats it.

You can vote as many times as you want.


Never come to us for breaking news.

The Pens will be playing in Stockholm, Sweden, to kick off next season. [ PG ]
There's gonna be some big-deal announcement about it this weekend in Atlanta.

The Swedes love him.

The Rangers and Tampa will be playing in Prague, Czech Republic.
The Rangers have like 30 Czechs on their roster.

It's ridiculous how much we will have gone through by the time those Sweden games come around.


-- The rise of Ty Conklin. [ PG ]


-- Malkin rising to the challenge. [ Yahoo ]

[J Schiff ] ( reprise )

-- The Pens have a 92% chance of making the playoffs.
[ On Frozen Pond ] via [ Kukla's Korner ]



[David B]

If you relied simply on the [ AP's recap ] to find out what happened during the game,
you would have come away with the idea that BGL hit Louden Downey and then everyone went home.

"He knew what he was doing. That's an extremely dangerous play and the league has obviously dealt with this enough this year that they know what they are doing."
-- Coach John Stevens

He's the coach of the Flyers, so there is immediate hatred for the man.
But we knew there was another underlying reason why we detest him.


The commentors over at the gameday post of [ The700Level ] were on fire.

Just went over to pensblog and I dunno besides the comments which ehh I could discuss but whats the point scoreboard speaks for that, the thing that annoys me most is how it is just pictures with a sentence or two thrown in there. Now I am not saying its needs to be like a newspaper and being just straight text but a four year old could google their favorite sports team and put a blog of just pictures together. they need to add some kind of substance.
- the major

I was about to say the same thing... that site is a joke... no structure at all with nothing of substance on the page besides the schedule and standings at the top... just random photoshopped images... i guess with us whooping their ass every game this year they don't have much to talk about but c'mon its called frames people
- some terd

They don't want substance - they want 30 photoshops depicting Ben Eager in a dress along with repulsive homosexual pornography. The fans of the blog giggle along with that nonsense, which says a lot. The Pensblog is the Air America of the hockey blogosphere.
- Johnny G.

- Anonymous

If you aren't a troll here, then you know we can turn up the traditional-writing crap when we have to.

Reading paragraphs on a computer screen is torture to us.

And not to put running a blog on a pedestal, but anyone who criticizes a blog better have their own, or just shut up.

Our blog is a reader-run blog. We post links people find. We talk about stupid shit.
We aren't touching ourselves over our grasp on the English language.


Pensblog Charlie has been very upset about this.
His great-great-great-great-great-great Uncle Charles was from Philadelphia.

Thanks to everyone for defending the fort here in C-Blog when we were invaded by Flyers fans.

In another website's comments, Flyers fans were commending themselves on formulating a plan that involved coming here and getting a rise out of us.

Have they ever been on the internet before?

Of course you're going to get pissed-off responses.
Don't think you did anything special.

Since the Flyers did eat our lunch for us on Thursday,
there's no need to look forward to the next tilt on February 10th until February 9th.

January 29th in New Jersey is a huge game.



We mentioned that E. Miller was the first person to send us a photoshop.
We foolishly checked only our Gmail account for the information.

But we were reminded of the truly first one, which was sent to us on Instant Messenger.

[ Tawm ]

Sincerest apologies to Tawm.


The Rangers retired Brian Leetch's #2. [ Fanhouse ]

Is that Joe Mullen behind the microphone?
We know he's from Hell's Kitchen, but why is he there?

Leetch stunned the world when, on behalf the Rangers, he announced that the Rangers will retire #9 for Adam Graves.

Yeah...that Adam Graves.

Marty Turco for Martin St. Louis? [ Dallas Morning News ]

Coach Savard pulled a semi-Herb Brooks after a loss to Columbus. [ TSN ]

what an actor


-- The All-Star Game used to be an actual hockey game. [ Globe and Mail ]

-- Versus will be experimenting with some new cameras and crap. [ Kukla's Korner ]


Go Pens


J.S. said...

Irving R. Schyster(sp?) was a joke, just like Philly's coach.

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Hip said...

J Schiff: the Easy G photoshop was pure genius. Thanks for making waking up this early ok.

PBS - You don't have to defend yourselves to anyone. This blog is the best there ever was and the best there ever will be. And that's the bottom fucking line.

Matt said...

Speaking of pulling a Herb Brooks from Miracle...the word is that Devils head coach Brent Sutter was so disappointed with his team giving up a 3-1 lead in the third period that he made his players come back on the ice after the game and skate.

Again!... Again!... haha

Go Pens!

slush said...

'Hip' is right. No need to defend yourselves. We do not need a 10 page dissertation on the game the night before. Your recaps are wicked. And the photoshops are hilarious.

Dont tell me your letting Philly douches rattle your self esteem. ;)

Fleury29 said...

Wow... I missed a lot yesterday. When I left for work the 700 Level post wasn't up yet, when I got home, it was there and there were, like, 84 comments but I was too tired to read them all.

There's some crazy stuff in there.

geezer said...

It was a game people, agame. Rivalry? You bet. Intense entertainment. Sure. To hear Philly fans it was some sort of gang warfare and Philly is the king of it all. Right. It's a game people, its over till the next one move on. In the meantime hope Malks has fun this WE. Oh, and anyone who doen't like this bog who is a Philly fan....SURPRISE! All you need to appreciate this blog is a wicked sene of humor.

And humor is in short supply in a desperate town that cracked OUR Liberty Bell. Try driving anywhere. Its like trying to touch yourself with a chastity belt.

cg said...

I find it funny that these guys criticize yet they seem to know an awful lot about what goes on guess is they read daily just like the rest of us.

Staff - just keep on keepin on! This site rocks, you know it, we all know it. The perfect blend of recaps, jokes, and penguins pooping on stuff.

One final note on the whole "I'd rather have Richards as my captain" arguement.......hahahahaha! got jokes.....Own that attitude, Flyers fans. It says so much about you.

By the can that guy play the violin....good luck man, you've got my vote.

cg said...

7 pt game for Alfredsson on there were lots of man hugs in the locker room after that one.

adam said...

Yeah, I was a little surprised and dissapointed you guys didnt have two men kissing when Alfie took the scoring lead

hint hint

Mike Georger said...

finally i can get the homework help i need, and i would assume it is kurt russell who will be giving me said help?

FritoWill said...

ok just emailed this idea to the guys, i have no talent but someone has to do this photoshop.

the actual 700 club.

maybe i just missed it but i think it would be funny.

The idea of this blog is to be entertaining, not truely newsbreaking. That is why FSN, the trib, and other blogs (note i didn't say ESPN) exsist. I come here for laughs, not fact (other than Gary Roberts ones).

Let them bash us this blog all they want, we all know we have a great thing here.

keep it up guys!!!

Flyer Hater said...

Staff, instead of the hilarious jokes and photoshops start writing 10 page essays everyday. That would work out so much better. You know a thesis statement, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Why is it, that anyone who steps outside the box is ridiculed?

Mike Georger said...


i cant find a lineup of who is doing what in the skills competition on , i might just be retarded. but are geno or gonch doing anything in it?

karri said...

I come to this blog, read it every day, (usually laugh out loud - and once I did spit my coffee) because you have the most unique way of writing about the Pens. I love your humor, usually absurd, and the great jobs on photoshops (great work on the Easy-G, J Schiff and the Jordan Stall, Tawm) I tell everyone that I know that loves the Pens about this site because it rocks! (Obviously Bob Errey, The X, DVE, and others read it too. They always use phrases you guys or the commenters come up with.)

Pensblog Charlie has a right to be upset...

...and lastly...the guy that played the instruments to the Mr. Roberts Sir song this summer with, to be on stage playing with the Foo Fighters and wearing a WWGRD wristband...that would be awesome! Brian Fitzgerald...I hope you win the chance! You've got my vote!

Ashley said...

mike georger: all players in the All-Star game must participate in at least one event for the SuperSkills competition. I'm doing a series over at Faceoff-Factor on the ASG, and I just posted a summary of tonight's competition. I couldn't find a list of who is doing what for every event, but there IS a list of players participating in the Breakaway Challenge (the Slam Dunk-style competition). No Pens in that lineup, but the shooters should be fun to watch.

Hope that helps..

Mike Georger said...

sure does, thankyou :)

Ashley said...

no worries :)

AdamG said...

If want to read a serious game recap complete with psuedo-analysis (and I don't, I watch the games I can remember what happened 12 hours ago) then I'll go to any of the 100's of sports news websites or newspapers. I come here b/c it is imformative and more importantly hilarious.

To address yesterday's 700 level post: I was pleasantly surprised. I expected much worse. Some of the statements were a little ridiculous 1. You don't want Sid? Sure you don't...just like I don't want Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, or Luongo 2. Flyers fans don't think/worry about the Pens. Right...funny how on every NHL message board the main topics of interest amongst Flyers "fans" are Sid's diving and the Pen's "tanking" in order to get high draft picks. I understand Flyers fans are passionate and I can appreciate that, but sometimes people just need to be honest with themselves.

Keep up the good work gentlemen.

wilsmith said...

So this is a boring saturday. Any nhl08 players out there?

Tiffany (aka Steph) said...

Ahahaha!! Tool House...

Speaking of Tools....if The700Level really thinks that anyone at thepensblog really gives a shite about what they have to say....they're sadly mistaken. Sorry boys. )-;

Kurt Russell~~what an actor....what a man.

And Derek & Adam.....thank you again SOOO much. Brian is definitely psyched about the whole thing & we all really appreciate you puttin that in your post. You're sweethearts. <3


Jeffry said...

one of the reasons i read this blog all the time is because i dont have to read 900 paragraphs a day. hell, i even skip over shit in c-blog thats more than 3 sentences most of the time.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

If they watched the game, why do they need an in-depth recap? I love going on this site and hearing what the Pensblog's has to say. If you guys don't like humor, why do you have Steve Downie on your team?

Anonymous said...

photoshop pictures and the entire format of this site make my life what it is. go hate on our pictures and recaps but take notice of the following it has gained.

staff, don't change, but we already know you have no intentions of such things unless there's humor behind it.

go pens.

J.S. said...

"If you guys don't like humor, why do you have Steve Downie on your team?"

Flyers fan = pwned!

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Learn to Fly = Pretty Good Song by a Very Good Band

Learning to Fly = Pretty Good Song by a legendary Singer/Songwriter backed by the best pure American Rock n' Roll Band going.

Anonymous said...

That Flyer blog doesn't even recap games, they just have like 2 sentence posts about newspaper articles. What a joke. Do they even watch the games?

Flyer Hater said...

LGP is reporting that the Penguins have signed Kris Beech. God help us all. I'd rather have Ron Francis right now over the supposed "next Ron Francis"

If this is true, Shero=joke

Emily said...

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said it.

Yes, I could read a serious recap somewhere else. Why the freaking hell would I want to? I love this blog, it never ceases to put a smile on my face.

Keep it up, guys, Pensblog rocks...and so do the photoshops.

Go Pens.


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