Sunday, January 13, 2008

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Irony is defined:

3 a (1): incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result (2): an event or result marked by such incongruity b: incongruity between a situation developed in a drama and the accompanying words or actions that is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play —called also dramatic irony, tragic irony

So, really, is what happened in this game ironic?
It could just be called a kick in the face.

Maybe you were at the game.
Maybe you were at home.
Maybe you were at a bar.

Wherever you were, when you saw Wrecking joke line up for the shootout...
You knew it.

We all did.
There was a distinct chance this was going to happen anyway.
But when it came to light, it was enough to make you sick.
If it was anyone else, at least it would have been easier to take.

We'll take the point. You can have Mark Recchi.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
And by laugh, we mean drink.

Basically it is the kind of game you want to forget ever happened.
Which is a shame, because it was entertaining.
But just like old times, Mark Recchi ruined it.

There is nothing worse than starting to read an [AP] article and know the first paragraph is going to say sometime about the Penguins giving up on Recchi, and now he makes them eat poop.

It will be the shortest recap ever.

Mark Recchi has shut us up tonight.



Some little kid falls.
Ryan Whitney looks around to see if he is going to be called for a penalty.
Learn how to skate jack.


National Anthem

[Jon K]


[Megan and Julia]

[This was sent in by cellphone, no clue of the name]



Lots of good hockey in the first.
Mark Recchi ruined a lot of it.

The following pictures will allow you to understand what happen:


Pens on PK.
Puck hits screen.
No call by the refs.
Recchi passes.

Kovaljoke has sweet hands.



Bing Scores.


Nothing to write home about.
Conk is sick.

B Smith

Sykora gets called for a 4 minute slash.

Penalty will carry over into third.



Bobby Holik is a joke.
He jobs one in.

The rest of the third:

Conkblock city.



Both teams have one good chance.
Who cares.



3 for ATL don't score.
2 for the Pens don't score.

Bing can win it.

No Dice.

Mark Recchi for the Thrashers.
Walks down.


Cute little move on the shootout goal, but that move's not gonna work when he's trying to sink that big putt on a golf course in mid-April.


Malkin was still left.
But the book was already written.

Good road trip

  • Crosby: 2G
  • Your Mom: Stunned
  • Conk: Solid
  • Sorry for the horrendous recap. It is Mark Recchi's fault. We just want to move on.

Go Pens.


Lonnie Iris said...

hey everyone, you can't win them all, we're not the 76-77 Canadiens.

the southside was a great way to soften the blow from the wreccin ball tonight.

long live hairdressers from the south hills.

geezer said...

Ironic, irony, iron up my ass. No matter how you say it, it's as hard to swallow as a dry bagel the mornig after 12 martinnis. Ouch!

Bad habits come back. Too many shots let on Conk. Too little forecheck and we respond to their forecheck like thirdgraders who had their lunchpail dented.

The Wilkes Barre Clan better start shooting the puck and pretending like they know what they are doing.
Conk stole us two, nuff said.

slush said...

That one stung... recap is good. I didnt want to relive it. Good call guys.

Steimes said...

S-Jode has a quality recap over at TSCS.


What can I say, it was fun to watch the first period and the second, but the third was like watching Bob Dole forget to take his Viagra.

Solid "Mic'ed up Pens" segment, but it only shows that you need a half season of games to get a 40 second bit that is worth watching. "Potash shoots harder than you."

Hip said...

Bwhahahah I'm glad you guys noticed how disheveled Whit looked when that girl bit it during the pregame. He had no idea what to do there.

Whatev. This is like Arizona beating the Stees. Enjoy it now Wreckingball because come April your ass will be on the grass. (And that is where my football analogy will end.)

Go Pens. Shoot the effing puck more you jagoffs.

ReaverOfSouls said...

The only question on my mind is when Recchi and Staal started getting into it by the benches, were they arguing over rent payments?

Doppler said...

No TV coverage here of the game, but I did hear the radio broadcast.

(1) Great road trip 5 of 6 points

(2) The worst part of the loss in ATL was not holding them off in the third blowing the 2-1 lead.

The thing that really sucked last night was Buffalo choking. They had the Devil's and they blew it. Miller is overrated.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

If I was in your position, there would have been no recap. This game was just too hard to swallow. Conkblock is sick though, what a performance.

Taste of Flames said...

Fuck it dudes. So Recchi cost you a point, get over it. You still have 10 points and a better team over him (and us) :(

Anonymous said...

The winning streak may have come to an end, but just remember that the points streak is still alive!

demondg1 said...

Solid recap.

As a writer, that's all you wanted to write.

As a reader, that's about all we wanted to read.

In Scuds we trust.

Let's Go Pens.

Jeffry said...

at least the next game is tomorrow and not five days from now

Phished1 said...

Steimes was right That mic'd pens segment was GREAT! I was glad i saw it. It was funny to see Laraque jawing at people during practices. Espically when he gots "Potash could shoot harder then that" and then skates over to Good-ol' Tashy and says "did you hear what i just said about you?"

Classic! lol

Ryan said...

Great post guys. Summed up all of our thoughts perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add to what lonnie said you can't when them all unless your new england.
Recchi was of old last night just grinding away. I however won't take much from that it's easy for players to get up for games against teams that screw them over.
As for Crosby and Malkin they need to come up bigger in shotouts, one point may just make the difference in who wins the division.
Great road trip LETS GO PENS

BobFarls said...

I wouldn't have written nearly as much as you guys did on the recap for this game, solid work.

A Monday game could never come at a better time...I need a new game to forget fully about this one.

Anonymous said...

Well Ray Shero really hit the nail on the head getting rid of number 8 I guess its just more important to make your fans happy than winning games! We are just lucky to have crosby he is good for 40 wins himself

Doppler said...

Let's put it behind us.

Bring on the Rangers. Time for some payback.

Anonymouse said...

this hangover is recchi's fault. but i almost forgot about the game. i should have kept drinking

-pens in great position for the 2nd half. conk has salvaged this season. as soon as MAF got hurt ppl were talking about them not making the playoffs and hanging themselves. sit back and enjoy this season, its been amazing so far...just like the recaps

used 2 b 'b' said...

I hope this is not the end of Conk's streak. I'm not convinced that he's really that talented, he seems lucky to me. Posts, saves off the butt-end of his stick, falling on his back all the time. I guess we kind of deserved this, it wasn't so much saying how bad 8 sucked, it was more of the manner we did it.

stokes said...

The "horrendous recap" was the result of a lackluster effort by the Pens. I thought they blew ass last night and one player in particular pissed me off, besides Mark Recchi: Evgeni Malkin. I thought he played terribly.

Anyways, who cares? 5 out of 6 on the road is money.

Was Kennedy still sick or what? There's no way he should be sitting while Stone is playing.

blufftalk said...

  Go Pens.
  Gotta love Mark Recchi though. What a pro.

Hip said...

Stokes - Kennedy apparently lost a good deal of weight from the flu and was not in playing shape. I would think he'd be ready for tomorrow night.

New York Penguins Fan said...

We need to mention what a fucking scumbag the Atlanta Captain is. Takin a cheap shot with this stick at Sid at the faceoff. This guy can blow a goat and have his mom ass slammed by a donkey. It even makes me sick to mention his name. And let's not forget about the dipshit goalie that took a swat at Bings head. No class redneck hockey down there in the bible belt. Atlanta can suck a COCK!

Anonymous said...

Love the Slash/Sykora picture.

stokes said...

Hey hip:
Yeah, after i commented, i saw he was still sick, but i did not know he lost a lot of weight. he must have been deathly ill. good thing it hasn't seemed to have caught on in the rest of the room.

Atlanta Captain a motherfucker, always has been always will be. and hes an ugly sombitch on top of it.

Rex still is a classy guy. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

Jeff and i were at the game.

As soon legame got shut down on the shoot out we both puked and our inside hurt until got a hold of 20 sam adams at the hotel bar.

Waking up in atlanta this morning was like, well, waking up to mark recchi banging your mom.

Yeap. Thats it.

Anonymous said...

Not really ironic, pretty predictable actually. The penguins always lose when Recchi is on the ice...

Anonymous said...

the ending last night was as scripted as the ending of the winter classic...haha

snickerdoodles said...

So Wrecchi has a story he can tell his grandkids. "Okay, kids. Time for your bedtime story. I will tell you how I saved hockey from that evil Sir Sidney and the rest of those no talent knights of the oval rink. That is what they get for not recognizing my greatness!"
Kid no 1.
"Again, granddad? You already told us that bedtime story!!"
Kid no 2.
"About nine billion times. Tell us something new!"
"Once upon a time in the kingdom of Atlanta, there was a noble hockey player named Sir Recchi who was brave, talented and much better looking than the evil Sir Sidney..."
Kid no 1
"Nooooooooo! Someone, make him stop!"
Kid no 2
"I wish I did not have ears!"
Kid no 1
"Maybe if we give him some booze, he will get drunk and fall asleep. There is some hidden in the pantry in the kitchen."
Kid no 2
"Great idea! You distract him while I go and get it. If I have to hear this story one more time, I am gonna scream!!!"

Megan said...

I was at this game, and the shoot-out was absolutely painful to watch. It didn't help to have a group of obnoxious Thrasher fans behind us that kept saying "oh, so sorry your team lost" yet they couldn't pronounce a single name right on "their" team. Nor did they know if Lehtonen was even the Thrasher's main goalie.

Yeah, the Recchi goal was pretty much the worst moment so far, but, it was just one game, and he still sucks, lol. He can't exactly rub it in by saying "bet they regret letting me go" because had he have shown up like that in Pittsburgh, he wouldn't have been put on waivers in the first place.

John said...

it was actually annoying. they turned off the game with about 8 minutes left in the 3rd and put on football at the bar i went to. the waitress came over and asked if we wanted another drink. we told her only if you put the pens game back on. her face = stunned.

sure enough we got the game back on.

oh the irony of the shootout.

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