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And just like that, things changed.

It was a regular mid-January game. Nothing special.
Until about somewhere near 8:00 pm

Sidney Crosby. The boards. Boom.
It's happened about 20 times this season.
It looks like that fall from the Ranger game was a foreshadowing.

High-ankle sprain.
No use speculating on his return.

Welcome to the NHL and an 82-game season.
It is not easy. It is not for the faint of heart.


Now here we are. The long, long road ahead.
It is a road that Google Maps does not have in its database.

The MVP sidelined. A brutal schedule ahead.
In a closer-than-balls Eastern Conference playoff race.

Be thankful the Pens went on their recent tear,
although it would be dick of us to imply the Pens won't stay hot.

When the Penguin DVD comes out in late June, it may say that Crosby went down,
and that the expected collapse of the Pens never happened.

It could say that with the trading deadline looming, with the Penguins toiling in mediocrity,
Ray Shero showed the hockey world who he was.

Or the NHL just won't waste their time producing a video for a team that finished 1 point out of a playoff spot.

Pens fans know this road.
We are used to a star player missing significant amounts of playing time due to injury.

But there's no going back.

It starts Saturday night in Montreal.
Us against the world.

God help us all.


National Anthem





[Matt C]

For some reason, this game was blacked out in areas outside of Pittsburgh for Comcast customers.
No clue why that is happening.

Does anyone know the exact rules of "blackouts"?



Things opened up, and it was clear Tampa Bay was actually prepared to play.
Marty St. Louis threw a minor scare into everyone by almost sneaking one past Conk. No dice.

The Pens get the puck and go flying.
Someone jobs Malkin.

Powerplay blog.

The second unit comes out and jobs around. Nothing really going on.
Tampa's goalie, Johan Holmqvist, says no go.

Not a whole lot going on.
Bing and Malkin look like they are about to take over the world again, but Holmqvist is stellar.

For some reason, the Lightning were speeding past the Pens D.

[Guiseppie C]

But then it happened.

Andre Roy got the puck to the left of Conk. Made an unrealistic pass.
Some guy who means nothing, even to his family, scores a huge road goal. 1-0

For some reason, it feels like that was the first first-period goal Conk has allowed all season.

A little later, though, nothing mattered.


At 7:37 of the first period,
Crosby tries to get around Paul Ranger.

He slides into the boards.
Not really sure what happens. But it just looks bad.

Say one thing about Crosby. He is tough.
As the camera harmlessly pans away, Crosby can be seen trying to skate back to the bench.

He hobbles. Oh man.

He heads to the locker room. Big ups to the usher who helped him off the ice.
Sabu looks stunned.


The next two minutes, and pretty much the rest of the game, are(is?) foggy.
No one knows what's going on.
Marty St. Louis gets two breakaways.
Conkblock tells him to F-off.
The Pens almost score, but the ref loses sight of the puck.

But then Andre Roy shows up again.
He passes to Chris Gratton.

Lady = Stunned.

Conk keeps the Penguins afloat.
But Gonchar boards St. Lajoke.

Pens kill the penalty.
Not a real fun time.



The news finally breaks that Bing has a High-Ankle sprain.
Not good.

Uh...hope Evgeni Malkin has fun at the All-Star Game.



The second starts with the Pens playing a little better.
Therrien had to juggle the lines.

The puck floats near the Lightning bench during their line change...

Too many men.
We'll be honest -- That's kind of a gross picture.

The Pens can't get anything going on the ensuing powerplay.
Scuds almost scores at one point.
But Homoqlvist won't allow it.

Then things got nuts. Malkin murdered some guy behind the net during a great shift.
Pens are going nuts. They draw a penalty.

But wait. Ryan Malone gets a penalty as well.
The Pens also get a bench minor for too many men on the ice.


After it all gets sorted out, it becomes evident that Homoqlvist isn't letting up a goal tonight.


Bad times.


Right out of the gate, a partial 2-on-1 develops.
But Army can't get the pass through.

Minutes fly by.
Malkin can't get anything going. Staal misses a chance to score.
Conk contuines to fight the good fight.
A search party is dispatched to see if they can find BGL on the Pens bench.

A goal could completely change the game.
But the Lightning cruise in.

Andre Roy buries one.
Nothing more than a slap in the face.
What a scumbag. 3-0.

The rest of the third was a nightmare. Nothing going on at all.

[Empty Netters ] posted this:



  • Crosby: 1 injured leg
  • Andre Roy: 1 G, 2 A

An anonymous commentor left the skinny on high-ankle sprains.

We were gonna research it, but since the person used the word "syndomosis,"
we're gonna guess they know what they're talking about.

"In high ankle sprains, the membrane which connects the two leg bones (the syndomosis) is either stretched or torn. High ankle sprains can be especially problematic for athletes because there is a very poor blood supply to this area of the ankle and it takes a long time to heal. Any type of twisting or turning maneuver results in stretching of this area, which makes it especially difficult to play basketball, soccer, or to skate. Over time, athletes who have a high ankle sprain can often walk and even jog on level ground normally, but cannot push off on their skate edges and are limited in terms of their ability to return to activities. High ankle injuries can take six weeks or longer to heal."


The thoughts of well-informed and optimistic Pens fans were summed up by Stoosh.

"I know everyone is down about the injury Sid suffered tonight. If the injuries to Fleury, Talbot, Eaton and Roberts were kicks to the collective groin, this injury to Sid is a blast with a steel-toed boot that just kind of sticks there for a while.

I'm as upset about this as everyone else is and maybe it's too early for this. But I'm reading some of the other boards as well and I can't believe how many people are already saying that we might as well just close up shop right now.

Whatthef*ckblog, indeed. If a white flag or a trip to the nearest roof is your cup of tea, cool.

But like Jack Nicholson once said, "Go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here."

Look, this isn't to minimize the loss of Sid at all.
Four weeks without him in the lineup is four weeks too many.

Newsflashblog: This isn't Sid and the 2003-04 Pens, either.

Malkin was the franchise before we got lucky and landed Sid. Malkin's played like a franchise-caliber player most of this year so far, and he played like he was possessed tonight again after Sid went out.
Dude knows what's up.

Staal's been snakebitten all season. He'll get even more opportunities to turn the corner.
What if he snaps out of his little sophomore slump?

Sykora's a solid talent capable of hitting a hot streak at any given time.
You bet your ass that he's getting top-line time now.

Malone's been playing like the leader he was in 2003-04, when some people were calling him the best power forward prospect we've had since Artie.

Letang's been good. Conklin's still there. Gonch is playing at an All-Star level.
Kennedy is doing a lot of what Recchi was supposed to do.

There's still talent here. In fact, there's still still world-class talent here, so let's not pretend this is done.
Even that 2003-04 team won almost one out of every 3-4 games, and that was basically Malone, Fleury and a team full of minor-leaguers.

Losing Sid is a tough pill to swallow, but what's done is done and it's time to move on. He'll be back soon enough because the kid is a machine.

In the meantime, we hand the keys to Geno, Staal, Letang, Sykora and Co.

...and ask Captain Steven Hiller for his assessment...

'I ain't heard no fat lady!'"



If you've jumped on with the Pens during this streak, stick around for awhile.
If a team ever comes together, it will be right now.

And let's hope that cellphone networks are prepared for the volume of calls coming from Ray Shero's phone in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

looks like the "sidney crosby fans" will have to either jump off his bandwagon or realize that the team can play without him.

why are some people going into panic mode? we all knew sometime/somehow sid was going to get injured. it's part of the game. a high ankle sprain? please. he will recover and will play again sometime this year. just remember, he could get hurt in a more worse way...


CG said...

Big ups Stoosh! Very well said. Great leaders are born from adversity. These next few weeks could go a long way in teaching this team how to win w/o your top dog. If they're ever gonna dance with Stanley, they need to be able to win as a team. No one wins the cup with everyone only relying on one or two superstars.

Other random thoughts:

Does anyone remember Andre Roy making A play while in PB, let alone making 3 in a game.

Great effort by the TB jersey design douches...white practice jerseys with numbers on them...sad...

think I got a tumor from all the cells in the arena simultaneously calling home to see if they announced what was up with Croz...

anyone see Vinny L. tonight? maybe it was just the jerseys blending in with the ice, but he was invisible.

Bert in Hershey said...

Stoosh is right. No reason to panic.

In June the DVD will focus on the story about how Evengi went from All-Star snub to being mentioned in the MVP race.

Lady Jaye said...

Stoosh, well said, man. I think I was in shock most of last night, but when I woke up this morning... I told myself Sidney Crosby is the best player on our team, but he's not the only player on our team. Those other guys are there for a reason and now they just have to step it up and play like they can.

We'll be OK... we'll be okay.

I Am MAF's Ankle Sprain said...

I vote this blog be renamed 'Stooshblog' for a day.

Even after I went to bed last night, he was still dropping science on the rest of Commentorblog.

"Jerry Orbach was to 'Dirty Dancing' what a bayonette is to Flyers fans who think 'they have the division'."

A Lenny Briscoe reference? Unreal.

christina said...

Stoosh, great work on keeping everything in perspective.

as much as it sucks to wake up this morning and remember that sid's down (it wasn't a dream?? dammit!)...we gotta remember a few things...
1. This is Sid's team, no doubt, but he isn't the entire team. We are freaking blessed to have a TEAM of superstars to back up the best player in the world. It's time for Geno, Staal, LeGame, et al to step it up and show the world what they can do.
2. Injuries have been the biggest motivator for the team this year. last year, they could play the "we get no respect" tag, but this year, with all the attention, something else had to be their rallying cry. well, response to injuries has become it. You see Eaton go down, all of a sudden the entire team is blocking shots like no other. MAF goes down and the defense gets stingy. Roberts goes down and people like TK and Malone step it up physically. We have to expect that is team will respond to losing Bing in the same way. And if that's the case, we may look back on this game and say it was the BEST thing to happen to the Pens, because it allowed them to have a REASON to show that they can all be the complete players that Sid is.

(just my 2 cents. optimistic, yes...but you gotta be in a situation like this)

geezer said...

Sid's hurt, WOW, this ia big. Not to rain on the optimistic parade but Sid has an energy this team feeds on. His puck possesion skills are extraordinary. He will be missed. In Malks we trust, God speed Sid.

NewYorkPenguinsFan said...

I would like a gang of bears to go to Paul Rangers moms house and fuck the guts out of her. The slash that was heard around the hockey world on Friday night. The high ankle sprain bug has now struck the superstar of our beloved Penguins. Some would say that it is now time to close up shop, put chains on the entrance doors of Mellon Arena, and consider this season a wrap. I say blow that out of your ass. Sure the game sucked last night....the team was in absolute shock to see their Captain go down with an injury. I say we give the boys a pass on Tampa Bay lastnight. This is a dynamic team with a lot of other resources to to pull from. Conks has been unbelievable, and now it's time for Staal and Malkin to really step up their games and make some magic happen. Colby and Malone can be huge contributors. Kennedy, Hall, Talbot, etc....the Pens have a huge amount of young talent that can get the job done! But God Help Us If They Can't!

snoopyjode said...

this is bad. really, really bad.

i was going to say something about people being waaaaay too quick to write the team off in light (dark, actually) of sid's injury, but since stoosh - now, as always - is the motherfucking man, there's no point in repeating what he's already said so eloquently. well done, friend! and oh yeah,

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!!!

PittHockey said...

holy hangover...

Elly said...

I am lucky enough to have Charter (and please, insert the snarkiest, most sarcastic stress on 'Charter' that you can think up), but I have had extensive conversations with them over Center Ice and blackouts, including games being turfed to the NHL network, and this is what they have told me in regards to why a game would be subject to a blackout:

-You are in the game's home area. For example, even though I am in another state, I am still considered in the Bruins home area, so I cannot get any of their games.

-The game isn't sold out. According to Charter's crack team of customer service reps, if a game isn't sold out, or very close to it, the NHL has the right to black out the game on television so that they can encourage more people to spend huge amounts of money to go and see the Coyotes.

-If you are watching Center Ice, the game may be showing on the NHL network, and therefore not being carried on Center Ice. This also goes for games on Versus, and I think NBC. If it's blacked out on the NHL network, I can only assume it was for the reasons of money (to get people to go to the game), ratings (although with the Dream Team playing, I am not sure why they wouldn't show it), or because people are not in the home area, and therefore have to watch curling.

I hope this helps, cable and hockey don't seem to mix very well sometimes. Hopefully the All-Star game will be available, go Malkin!

Robert said...

preach stoosh, preach

p.s. that sykora-malkin-talbot line that was out for a bit in the 3rd last nite was amazing

- but in all seriousness, i really hope this injury doesnt weigh on shero's decisions for the trade deadline, but we all know it will. in my opinion id like to see no moves made at all

- what the hell was sydors problem. he got blown by every shift he had. the cotton candy guy was moving faster than him

- if anyone has the shift times for last nite, id love to see it. any money taffe had the most. even before the 3rd period, he was on the ice every 15 seconds. joke

Bradley said...

OBblackouts : as an unfortunate current resident of southern arizona, l assure you that the Coyotes gave up on that blackout thing long ago - they broadcast every game on FSAZ or AZTV just so people remember they exist.

damn shame too, because they're actually fun to watch this year. BTW, Nash's goal wins. honestly, Sid and AO's goals were flukes.

i've informed my GF that i'm not to be disturbed during Pens game tonight. i bought a fresh bottle of good bourbon first thing this morning after i went to church.

firefox said...

Stoosh is the man, no one could have said it better. Particularly with the Capt Hiller reference, solid.

As for the actual game last night, it looked to me that the reason they lost was not because of losing Sid but that they had too much time off. 4 days is a lot when you are on a hot streak. The team looked like they were out of synch and just couldn't get anything more than some individual efforts together.

I won't take anything away from the Lightning. They looked good. They should have considering their coach tortured them with a balls out 8:00am practice before traveling to Pittsburgh. Their coach delivered a message and they recieved it. But it still won't allow them to recover enough for a playoff spot. Many journalists in Tampa keep talking about how they have to get it together to make the playoffs. Be realistic, the Lighting arn't going to make it. They are too far in the hole and too short on talent.

As for Sid, what Stoosh and a few others said is dead on. All players eventually get injured. Great teams find ways to battle through those times and continue to win. Lest we forget that Lord Mario played only a handful of games in the season that we took it all home, including our buddy Stanley.

I'm not worried for the Pens, I'm worried about the Mellon Arena ice crew that has to clean up the mess the Pens leave behind as they destroy the other teams.


firefox said...

I almost forgot...props to Cotton Candy Guy. He worked his way into the broadcast of the game in Tampa while the commentators were talking between shifts.

I almost ordered one from him. :)

cg said...

maybe those JOBBERS guys can travel forward a few weeks and let us know how this all turns out....not sure I can take the stress....

Ryan said...


ass(id)hole queen said...

the two many men picture is "classless"

like my shitty blog

Anonymous said...

stooshblog. you're the man.

stokes said...

stoosh, i would like to shake your hand.

last night, the team was in shock, as previously stated.
i expect a huge effort from the Pens especially in an atmosphere like Montreal. There's plenty of motivation for them now, both as a team-to show they can still play as well without Sid-but, also, for individuals-especially Geno, Staal, Letang, Kennedy-to show that they can be big time players when it counts.

I dreamt i hung out with Geno last night. it was awesome.

Elly said...

Bradley: I'm really glad to hear that, actually, because hockey tickets are so damn expensive, and really, Center Ice is no free ticket either. I also love watching Bryz, so nice to see him getting some tv love. :)

slush said...

stoosh you are the man. bandwagonblog.

rallyblog said...

-time to fuckin rally.
-thanks guys now im completely stoked for that late june dvd.
-time for army to start scoring and hitting more.
-lets go pens!

DRae said...

Well, morning makes us feel a bit differently. I'm not optimistic, but I like it when the team proves me wrong -- especially Geno.
All I know is this team has yet to win a game without Sid in the line-up. I told a guy at the ATM machine last night while i was getting the money for my Conk jersey that I think a 2-8 record while he's out, based on history, is optimistic.

Please Pens, prove me wrong!!!

Johnny Wrath said...

Watching how the team responds will not be the hard part. I watched every game when we won 23 and 22 games, respectively. Many of you expect me to make the "then we landed Sid" point here.

That isn't the case. What we did was develop great prospects into great players, well before that fateful draft. Great examples are Orps, Max, and Army.

If we hadn't drafted well and developed well, we would be a team of scrubs, a black tough guy, and one phenom. In short, we would be Washington. Go Pens.

More to the point, the excruciating side of Sid being out will be the rumors. The covetous Maple Leafs insisting we now need Mats Sundin. The implication that we don't have any good reason not to trade Army to Ottawa. To be brief, the dreams of all those Canadian journalists to see our bright future become theirs will get positively boring.

The only instance where I may be wrong, and it is a strong possibility, is that Therrien's impulse to frustrate, deteriorate, and alienate will reach its' full potential faster than Canadian technology can manufacture trade rumors.

I have the feeling even that triple-edged sword can't combat this team. We lock up the Atlantic, Sid and Geno are top 4 producers. Let our rivals overpay for rentals. Let them look way, way up at us for a decade. It all starts here.

dying alive said...

There is no way to accurately describe the atmosphere in the arena last night after Sid's injury. Imagine being in a crowd watching an orphanage full of paraplegic kids with cancer burn to the ground. Imagine watching that baby polar bear that has been all over the news being clubbed to death by a gang of thugs and then eaten. Imagine watching your entire extended family being assassinated while you looked on helplessly. And then imagine all of those things combined, amplified by a million.

The crowd was silent for nearly the entire rest of the game. I've been to livelier funerals (though since I am Irish, this may be an unfair comparison). I wanted to drop kick the little kid in front of me out of sheer frustration.

You know it's a sad day at Mellon Arena when they forget to play Cotton Eyed Joe.

wilsmith said...

I don't know who else was at the game, but wasn't it funny when after Crosby got hurt that door opened up and everyone started cheering... and out popped Adam Hall...
Probably the loudest greeting he's ever got.

I took last night to be sad, and pummel the lightning on 08, but from here how it's business time. There's no reason Malkin and Co. can't pick it up and carry this team for whatever amount of time Sid's down.

You could feel last night that Geno had something to prove the second Crosby went down, and I say nows your chance kid, take it and run with it.

Anonymous said...

so I was just looking at the nhl injuries from each team on were the only team that has listed "high ankle sprains" at the moment.


Nathan said...

A much more creative man than I once wrote "This isn't over! Nothing is over until we say it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now!"
"Forget it, he's rolling."

The Pens drafted Geno to be a franchise player, and now he gets his shot. Go Pens.

I'm off to Norfolk in a couple hours for the Baby Pens-Admirals game. Could be some minor-league revenge against the Lightning.

Andrew said...

blackouts occur when my favorite player in the world and heart of my franchise gets hurt and the only thing that i have is alcohol to fill the gaping hole that my life has spiraled into.

Andrew said...

oh and we're panicking because the Pens are MAYBE a mediocre team in a parodied league with like 5 points ahead of 9th place in the conference.

Anonymous said...

i posted the info on high ankle sprains. i don't know shit, i googled it. i meant to post the link, but forgot. the article discusses sprains in hockey players specifically.

Anonymous said...

the whole link?

Anonymous said...

wtf? sorry to this this again. it's a good read.

delete this shit if it doesn't work this time

Anonymous said...

Chase, you from Nash Vegas? Any other Pens fans from here? Shoot me an email sometime if you want to watch some games.
destinyunbound23 @ aol

Anonymous said...

let's do it pens.

Ghwomb said...

The Hockey News got more, well, news.

"high ankle sprain, an injury to the large ligament that connects the two biggest bones in the lower leg, the tibia and fibula. The injury is more serious than the traditional twisted ankle and can sideline an athlete for a month or more."

Therrien will talk like Al and this young team will rally together. If we can get through this it will make us a better team.

And hopefully Sidney will come back fresh and rested in time for the playoffs. And full of motivation to prove who would have won the Art Ross if it had not been for the injury.

Anonymous said...

you guys are shit without crysby....have fun at the bottom of the standings in about 4 days or so...LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!

maybe he can fall down again when he gets back and cry to the refs about it!!!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5:09 needs smacked. maybe he's just mad because his flyers have sucked major balls lately. or maybe cause he needs laid.

Hip said...

Couple things - I'm gonna be a doc in 5 months and the info on the high ankle sprain is legit. Here's the thing anon Jay - it can become a "nagging/lingering" thing real effing easy. The team has got to STEP IT UP so that Sid isn't rushed back too soon. That is going to be fucking keyblog.

As for the notion of trading Army - I can't think of a more devestating thing to do to a locker room already realing from losing Bing. Keep it in focus. In Shero I trust.

Geno's gonna roll with this. I really think he will. And I think Staal might find it in him to break out a bit as well. Let's go boys.

stokes said...

@ anon 6:11

Maybe its because he's a fucking idiot flyer fan. rooting for that team makes you a knuckle dragging idiot or only knuckle dragging idiots root for that team.

Flyer fans=scum of the earth

Anonymous said...

lol. I second "because he is flyer idiot."


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