Saturday, January 19, 2008

GameDay (47) -- Pens @ Canadiens



Be honest.
A Pens season wasn't complete until they went to the Forum De Montreal and got beat 8-1.

And although those demons have somewhat been exorcised since the move to the Bell Centre,
we old souls wish the Montreal Forum was still around.

But nowadays, the Forum is a shopping complex. [ Wiki ]


Montreal has somehow stayed up in the thick of the Eastern Conference picture.
And they have done it quietly.



Justin from [ EveryFacetOfTheGame ]

You always hear people use the cliche "Let me sleep on it."

Now you know what they mean.
You woke up this morning, rolled to the bathroom to do morning rituals.

And then it hit you when you looked at your disheveled hair in the mirror when you began brushing your teeth.


You stood there, contemplating life, and realized that it wasn't so bad.

Optimism aside, all the Pens have to do is job around the .500 mark till Bing returns.
Worse-case scenario, barring a total meltdown, they will be there in the playoff race.

But hey, guess who will be training together in rehab sessions for their returns in late February/early March?

Hold on for dear life until then.

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We always visit our good friends over at [ ]
Most of them have been surprisingly gentle.

AOforPrez -- The ONLY negative thing about Cindy hurting his little baby ankle is that now when the caps run over them like roadkill, all that will be said is that ,"CROSBY WASN'T PLAYING!!!" Yet again, the caps will get no credit for their talents.

Wow. No comment.

And Dave Molinari is probably penning a new column somewhere:

"Crosby's good, but he hasn't had any big games on home ice this season.
And then he went and got hurt.
That's not the trait of a leader."

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
[ Going Five Hole ] explores the SI: For Kids cover jinx.

[ Click to enlarge ]
Fleury29 sent us the Frozen Moment.
Lots of good stuff in there.
"Possibly Pensblog Charlie's dad above Staal's right shoulder." -- Fleury29


Perhaps it's fitting that the Pens are in Montreal tonight.
The rumors are flying now more than ever.

Best shape of his life.


Flyer Hater said...

First line:



Staff said...

What a line that would be.

If Mario Lemeiux would return, I'd quit my job

go pens


theNick said...

Colby Armstrong is indeed the man. What a photo.

stokes said...

If Mario would return, i'd weep like a toothing baby and shit my pants like one as well.

dying alive said...

Since when do the Caps run over anyone like roadkill? Last I saw, they were still comfortably toiling near the bottom of the conference.

AOforPrez is delusional. As someone once said (here or at LGP), the Pens could ice a pee-wee team wearing Pens jerseys and still beat the Caps.

I was over at HF Boards and the Habs fans seem to think that they've got tonight's game all locked up before they even step on the ice. I even saw such precocious predictions as 14-1 Canadiens.

Caroline said...

Is Therrien asleep in that photo?

I am Pensblog Charlies Father said...

. . .

I look more like Brad Pitt and Wyatt Earp's Love Child.

. . .

Go Pens and Mens Gymnastics! Yay!

Anonymous said...

man I wish all you guys would stop teasing me about Lemieux coming back. lol. I can't take it. I would run up and down my street naked.

Hip said...

thenick - I was thinking the exact same thing.

Go Pens.
We can do this.

Flyer Hater said...

Dany Sabourin in net, God help us all.

Anonymous said...


kinda sad, I wanted montreal to get conkblocked.


Hooks Orpik said...

thenick: agreed. colby's face/act of standing up is what life is all about.

BGL doesn't even look like he knows what's going on.

for tonight and going forward, all i can remember is how dominant malkin was when crosby was out before with a sore groin. i think he's going to be the same way, if only lord therrien is smart enough to use sykora with geno instead of ruutu and talbot.

the real question is going to be if jordan staal can get himself off the milk carton and revert to his 29 goal season of last year.

John said...

Is there even a 1 % chance that he would actually come back? or are you guys just messing around?

cragger said...

Geno is calling a hat trick tonight.

cragger said...

Geno says the center of the hockey world is not Montreal.

cragger said...

If mario ever uses google, i want him to find this.


Waffles said...

remember to use the oft-forgotten GameDayChat site, it's really quite nice.

cragger said...

Dan Potash is money.

He makes Coatesey look like toilet paper...

Brett said...

omg whats going on! I've got no TV feed (Center Ice is just black on my screen) and i can't get any audio broadcast either!!

cragger said...

tafffffffffffffe and mr. laraque were working the office on the first goal!!!!!!!!

Korn said...

George Laraque Cycle Shop. One of you photoshop ninjas should make it happen.

cragger said...

wow you poor guys with center ice. if i paid for that shit, i would want some butts and want them now. I don't understand how they can black out something you dumped cash out for.

i setup a sling box at my parents house back home because I am poor.

I Am MAF's Ankle Sprain said...

I'm wearing my 1992 Stanley Cup Finals Lemieux home jersey so if Le Magnifique is coming back, I'm dressed appropriately.

For tonight, I think the Pens are going to blow people's minds. I think they feel like we do, they know losing Crosby is huge but even without Crosby they're still better than most teams in the NHL.

Staal is going to step it up, Malkin is going to explode, Sabu is going to netmind like Jacques Plante and stick handle like Tom Barrasso.

The Pens D is going to own Les Habitants tonight.

"A day may come when the courage of Roberts fails, when we forsake our Pens, and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of Sens and Devil's traps when the reign of The Pens comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight!"

Doppler said...

I have an HD flat screen and I get some of the center ice games on it. No need to subscribe.

Watching the Pens right now.

Korn said...

Not only has my Center Ice not been blacked out, I get both feeds of every Pens game, so I can pick between Errey/Steigy or the visitors. DirecTV is your friend.

I used the Slingbox last year, definitely a wonderful invention if you can't swing or get Center Ice. If anyone wants to buy mine though, let me know.

cragger said...

I'm wearing my 1992 Stanley Cup Finals Lemieux home jersey so if Le Magnifique is coming back, I'm dressed appropriately.

I see ur jersey and raise you to a 1985 66 CCM.

Long Live Le Magnifique!

P.S. Malkin is really flying. Laraque is man handling the habbers.

BlacknGold66 said...

I couldn't take it anymore.

I buckled and bought Center Ice today.

Luckily it isn't blacked out in Northern Ohio or I'd shoot someone.

Ashley said...

I pulled on my Crosby jersey, thinking that maybe the Pens could use a little good karma...and then Army promptly went into the boards like Sid did last night.

Me = stunned

I didn't think the jersey would bring 'bad' karma here...

Adrienne said...

Colby's face in that picture is amazing. I have a new desktop wallpaper.

It's going to be an interesting 4+ weeks. So sad there's no Montreal conkblock :(

Mr. Potato Head said...

not Colby too! seriously... wtf mate?

Brett said...


BlacknGold66 said...

Sabu ran shutoutblog.


wingergirl said...

WOOOO Malkin!!

How many empty-netters is that for him this season? Three?

может быть я люблю нево.


Anonymous said...


Malkin is THE MAN. i'm so happy for him. he wanted a goal BADLY. good for him.

what a solid 60-minute performance. i'm so proud of the pens!

rwarner174 said...

This is a huge win. No crosby, and againts a team you are fighting with in the standings. Huge.

I Am MAF's Ankle Sprain said...

It wasn't quite the offensive explosion I thought it'd be but frankly, two points is two points.

So much for 14-1 Montreal.

The Penguins are now the #1 team in the division.

FritoWill said...

Big game, huge win, nice to play a full 60 minutes of hockey tonight.

Malkin BETTER take Sid's place in the allstar game.

Flyer Hater said...

One of the best wins of the season, no doubt. Malkin was simply amazing, it was his show tonight. Lange was raving about him every 2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

How is Malkin not one of the game's 3 stars?

pops said...

biiiig win. even more important, biiiiig psychological win. malkin is a beast. played great.

Thank you Captain Steven Hiller for inspiring me to believe.

Andrew said...

WOW. can you say MALKINBLOG. hes soooo good.

Flyer Hater said...

Did anyone listen to Lange tonight? He was simply unreal.

Andrew said...

also i was thinking how similar this is to the '90s teams when ron francis would hold down the fort when mario's cancer raged up or got some injury. any thoughts? no jags though

Anonymous said...

Malkin was player of the game.... anon @9:46

Ashley said...

potato head - army left with a hip injury. hopefully it ain't a bad one.

but i agree that malkin was on fire tonight. i'm glad that he got the empty-netter, after everything he did earlier in the game.

the pens needed this win - and shutout - like nothing else. maybe a little momentum going forward??

Ashley said...

anon 946 - Malkin was the third star on the CBC list, behind Sabou and Huet.

cragger said...

Ok so maybe no hat trick, but malkin gets the advil award for loading the team up and carrying it all the way home!

Staff said...


Anonymous said...

Well Hats off to the boys.

Malkin completly out of his element

I have heard a rumor the surpases the one of lemieux returning to the ice.

Rumor has it that a unique procedure was done today in pittsburgh, Gary Roberts just donated his High Ankle to crosby so he could finish his quest for the Ross. WWGRD?

Anonymous said...


The NHL recap lists Komisarek 3rd, Huet 2nd, Sabourin 1st

geezer said...

Men. Real men. Real Penguin men. With hearts of steel. They bleed real blood for a flightless bird on their chests. Unreal. No they bleed for each other and for us.

Most of all they bleed for Bing. Words can't express what it frlt like to watch them slam the Habs into oblivion. To carry a one goal lead to the last minute in Montreal. Not an easy thing

You saw it. I saw it. It was real. As real as it gets. If I read one more Philthadephia blog how Bing faked his injury I am going to that dirty town. I'm gonna yank down the bell of freedom(liberty bell) and take it to where real honest people deserve it, the Burgh. You bastards cracked it and lie like dogs.

pops said...

of course those fuck-face flyers douche-nozzles are already talking shit on the espn boards. god i hate those scum.

Hip said...


but if army is really hurt, I do not lie, I will shed real tears

Stoosh said...

I could be wrong, but while the walls were crumbling all around Penguins Nation and people were taking to the rooftops, booking us April golf trips and the like, I could've sworn I read over and over and over on some of the message boards that Evgeni Malkin just can't carry a team.

I read that Malkin doesn't come across enough as a leader to rally the team...that he was incapable of elevating his game and getting the rest of the team to follow suit.

I read the opinion expressed that the rest of this team wasn't good enough to find different ways to win.

If Malkin didn't elevate his game tonight and if he wasn't inspiring enough to get the rest of the team to follow suit, and if tonight wasn't about finding different ways to win, introduce me to the business end of that Civil War-era bayonette, because I'm done.

All things considered, this was easily one of the most satisfying wins of the season. Between Komisarek doing his best Ben Eager impression and picking on no one else but Max Talbot, to Ruutu running around like an instigator possessed, to Sabourin turning into a brick wall, to Big MF'ing Georges Laraque opening up the cycle shop in the Montreal zone once or twice each period, to Malkin channeling his inner Lemieux tonight so much it was scary...what a game.

BlacknGold66 said...

Hey Stoosh... How many times a week do you watch movies like "Braveheart" or "Miracle"??

"Fine speach. Now whaddowedo?"

Haha... just kidding bud. Keep it up.

Pensblog Staff said...

Stoosh is on fire

pops said...

stoosh...are you really gary roberts? or possibly his offspring or love-child? cause your inspiration is just too unearthly.
way to go, man.

Stoosh said...

I thought about this tonight, too.

From the end of the 2005-06 season through all of last season, this team played with this sort of "F You" attitude that I've never seen from a Pens team before, and they seemed to relish in that style of play.

For whatever reason, it wasn't there at the beginning of this year, but it seemed to come back full bore over the last 10-12, maybe 15 games. Maybe it was the Recchi fallout. Maybe it was all the people writing them off after Fleury, Roberts and Eaton went down. Maybe it was the energy brought by guys like Letang and Kennedy. Maybe it was there all along, but it just took them some time to find that level.

Nevertheless, they'd found it. And now the Pens to have another thing to rally around, to refocus around, and another reason to play with more of a chip on their shoulder like they did for much of last year. When Sid went down last night and people around the league already began writing the epitaph on their 2007-08 season, I hoped these guys would listen to what was being said, hear that people around the league were already writing them off.

Apparently, it sunk in and now it's on.

Laraque said after the game that every player knew going in tonight that they'd have to make themselves a pain in the ass to play against, and find new ways to win. He said the locker room was electric during the first intermission because they were up 1-0, they'd taken the play to the Habs, taken a little of the life out of the building and they were convinced they were going to win. He even hinted that some of the players said during that intermission that the Habs weren't taking them as seriously because Sid wasn't out there.

This was already a team coming together before Crosby got hurt, and Crosby's injury may have accelerated the process, refocused the entire team and made the chip on the shoulder even bigger.

How amazing will it be if tonight was a foreshadowing of things to come? You don't think this team is going to be incredibly focused for Washington and then again for Philly? If they approach those two games the same way they approached tonight's game, we won't just be seeing blood. It'll be scorched fucking earth by the time Crosby gets back.

I love it! I can't wait till Monday.

I wish I could be like Stoosh said...

Stoosh isn't human

Anonymous said...

somebody please read this...the second bullet and paragraph, that is. then read the date it was published...

best shape of his life?

Anonymous said...

^forgot to add link lol

Stoosh said...

BLACKANDGOLD66 - Love the movie "Miracle" of my all-time favorites.

Next Pens game I go to, I'm walking into the arena playing bagpipes, dressed in a black and gold kilt and my face will be painted like William Wallace. Problem is 1) I'm Polish and Italian and I have no clue how to play the bagpipes and 2) I'm not exactly in what one would call "game shape", so the visual might not work.

But it'll be fun.

wilsmith said...

Night after night, when things look grim, a man named Stoosh comes from la bastille and reminds everyone how to keep a level head.
Commentorblog loves Stoosh.

Now, with confidence like the Pens should gain tonight, they should be able to come out and challenge anyone. But don't start talking like everythings over and the pens are going to be just fine because they won without Sid -- because it was one game. Every game from here out is going to be a test, and no one is going to take them lightly because they lost Sid, especially after tonight.

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

I Am MAF's Ankle Sprain said...

stoosh is unreal.

Seriously. The Penguins, The Pensblog Staff, The Pensblog Photoshop Brigade and Stoosh have been on fire since December. It's like they've reached some level of consciousness that only people like Mario ever attain.

We're just lucky enough to be along for the ride.

stoosh, you can borrow my kilt anytime. It's not in the Barclay Dress tartan (which is yellow, black and white) but even still... I don't know how to play the bagpipes, either but I've often though it would be incredible to find 25-50 guys who love The Pens, get Barclay Dress kilts and wear them with Penguins jerseys and march into Civic Arena playing some Scottish Reel right before a playoff game or something.

How's that for atmosphere? (If you've ever seen The Tartan Army, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

Stoosh said...

WILSMITH - Completely agree. I'm trying to temper the enthusiasm after this win, believe it or not, because it's still going to be a tough month or so. Even when Sid comes back, that ankle likely won't be completely healed until next year.

I'm just hoping they come out and really take the play to the Caps and Flyers like they did to the Habs tonight.

Dr. Turkleton said...

steigy says 'they won it for Crosby'...i believe, they won it for THEMSELVES to show that they can win WITHOUT (not by choice) Crosby....H.U.G.E. W for the Pens: 1)on the road 2) 2nd game in 2 nights 3) outright division lead (for now, at least)

the jobber 'Montreal Media' that voted Komisarek 3rd star must have been on the sauce or forgot to take off their Hab coloured glasses before putting in their picks...should have just made Youppi the #1 star for a clean canadian sweep....

Mike Georger said...

im worried about the 'they won even without sid' headlines on,, pens site, etc. one, that takes away from how this team played tonight, and two its certainly a bad jinx to say things like 'so far so good'

fantastic performance but man i still miss kovie on the PP, just watching him out there ... i need a change of pants

Stoosh said...

MAF'S ANKLE SPRAIN - Dude, that idea would be unreal. It always kind of surprised me that you didn't see more of that kind of stuff with more pro teams. You see it with some college teams and obviously all the time overseas. Maybe it's because some of that stuff is more engrained in a culture or something...I'm not sure.

Maybe it's tough to organize that sort of thing long enough to have it catch on as tradition. And really, how do you compete with things like Cotton Eyed Joe? (I'm joking, but that has almost become some strange forced thing now, hasn't it?)

But even consider the Steelers, which is as close as anything this region has to religious devotion when it comes to sports. The best we can do is "Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go" and "De-Fense".

Mike Georger said...

during the juniors finals there were fans with drums and shit in the crowd, it was pretty cool. i wonder how nhl stadium policies would handle something like that, i could see them getting uppity about drums or pipes

Stoosh said...


I'm saying this with all due respect because I definitely see the point you're trying to make. I don't want this season to go badly any more than you do.

But we've lost our top goaltender, our top defenseman, two of our top role players (one was our top ass-kicking veteran and the other was one of our top energy players), and now our top franchise player for extended stretches this season. I don't think we can "jinx" the season any more.

Yet Sunday morning, the Pens are waking up in first place in what is from top-to-bottom the most competitve division in the NHL.

And if this team starts losing games, it sure as hell isn't going to be because a few commentors on a blog relished a little too much in a satisfying victory.

Like I said, I know what you were trying to get at and I'm not trying to come off as a dick. But if things go bad, it's going to have a lot more to do with the fact that a team may only be able to lose so many key players before a step back is inevitable.

This was a big win and it's cool to enjoy it for tonight. This team could've come out and rolled over, especially considering they lost last night at home, had to deal with the internal shock of losing Sid PLUS all the questions in light of the injury, hopped a plane to a hockey hotbed and had to play in front of a hostile crowd.

They had a lot going against them and they came out as focused and hellbent on kicking ass as they have all season. Given where we were 24 hours ago, it's a very encouraging thing.

BlacknGold66 said...

Stoosh and Co.

I like a kilt as much as the next man. But if we all start wearing them to Pens games we're gonna look like this assbags:

or this for the ladies and Charlie:

Mike Georger said...

no i get that, i just get the feeling that if they win a few more soon there will be some 'it doesnt matter sid is gone' angles in the media and i cant stand shit like that

Mike Georger said...

granted, id rather they win and the media say stupid things rather than not win of course. im just superstitious

Hip said...

Boys - kilts are sexxy. Solid idea.

opposite day blog said...

stoosh is gay and has nothing to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Wow, did they play or what? The Canadiens didn't have a chance against Geno, and surprisingly Ruutu. Sabu stepped up so the Conkblock could have a break. I was kinda worried about the Pens after Sid got hurt, but then again I was worried after everyone else just not as stunned. BTW Stoosh, yuo rock!

JD said...

As soon as i saw that pic, i clicked on set as background, colby's expression is enough to replace, a pic of him MAF and Bugsy, with there lids backwards last year vs. washington u know the one were they came back 4-0.

P.s. i agree with ac id probably quit my job too if 66 came back!!

Anonymous said...

haha that picture...
armstrongs face is priceless
talbot is obviously screaming something
sykora just looks confused/amazed
ruutu looks stunned
lord therrien is asleep as mentioned before
laraque totally missed it
andre savard looks cool

where is mike yeo.


wilsmith said...

sign me up for the kilt thing.
I'll grow the beard extra giant to match.

neilWorldorder said...

EARL MANN IS narrating a show on CourtTV right now!

he is just warming up for later this spring

cragger said...


Hip said...

JD - send me that picture yo.


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