Monday, January 14, 2008

GameDay (45) -- Rangers @ Pens


What can be said?
A run-of-the-mill game in January that could change your life for a couple of days.

J Schiff


Antonette said...

Great, the first game I get to watch in a few months and I'm in lab for half of it.

They better play balls out in the third.

Anonymous said...

just throwing it out there...mondesi could not be anymore gayer with his top 10 writers or whatever he is trying to pull.

Hip said...

Last game I'll get to watch for a bit now that I'm back banished. Thank heavens I permanently move to Pitt in June.

Go Pens.

stokes said...

Not that it wasn't evident before, but this is icing on the cake: J Schiff is THE Doctor.


Nice KM usage.

It would be nice if the Pens would kick a team when they are down, which the Rangers have been for the past two weeks.



justincredibleh said...

lets see if we can beat a team from our division.

christina said...

agreed, stokes. that may be the photoshop of the decade.


Staff said...

I'm an asshole.
Game is at 7:00


chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

Anonymous said...

geno got jobbed:

Malkinian said...

I was gonna give a "Photoshop of the Year" vote for the Charlie Men's Health but I see I've been beaten. Awesome Work.

Let's Go Pens

J.S. said...

Not that I enjoy looking at PBC's junk, but that easily gets the nomination for Photoshop of the year.

Anonymous said...

With 7:11 remaining Errey sez "ty has his Conk on".

Sean said...

I don't think you could ask for a better first period for the Pens.

Bradley said...

that kid who's in the booth with Lange and Bourque is KILLING me. he sounds downright bored for someone who won an auction to sit in with the broadcast team.

Steve In Denver said...

I'm watching the game on vs. At first I was happy that I wouldn't hear the statement "fortuitous bounce" all night until I heard Conklin's gear called "paraphanelia" 3 times.

The photoshops keep getting better and better. There needs to be an award created. Maybe it could be in the form of the stick that will be pried from Rex's cold, dead hands.

Isn't there some freeware out there similar to photoshop?? Anyone know???

justincredibleh said...

my god i thought sid and malkin were dead.

po said...

Jagr scores.. makes out with Charley... Pens fans boo... Charley rubs Jagr's mullet... Pens still up by two

Lana said...

So what's the rule reguarding a goalie playing with a broken stick? Penalty for players but is there an exception to the rule?

Alright, back to the game. Go Pens!

Hip said...

justincredibleh - I was shitting my pants there too. BP was easily topping out near 200.

Conklin has the looks and poise to do TV one day. Excellent post game interview on VS.

some guest said...

explain to me why malkin isnt an all star?

nit hit on roszival. wow, did he have a rough night.

solid game

Doppler said...

Conk was amazing in goal tonight again. Way to hold of the Rangers.

Did anyone else notice that Savard was named to replace Heatley in the All-Star game. Malkin snubbed again.

Ashley said...

I thought Sid and Geno were dead too. I think I almost died because I swear my heart stopped for a sec. If we lost those two to injury for any length of would suck, to say the least.

How's that for Malkin showing the NHL what he thinks of the snub.

Steve in Denver - I know what you mean about the 'paraphernalia' references. I had a few "WTF is he talking about?" moments.

Stoosh said...

Dear Mike Emrick,

I know calling Devils games all the time is enough to probably drive you to your nearest bottle of Jack Daniels. Or a gun. Or both.

And I know there probably aren't many better ways to pass the time when you have to call that midweek borefest between the Devils and Panthers.

And yes, I'm sure the cute productions assistant is impressed with your witty attempts at using big words.

But the last time I heard the word "paraphernalia" used that much, I was in college listening to Marley or Floyd and probably getting ready to light up a doob.

When you make "paraphernalia" possessive, use it in the context of a goalie, and then talk about things hitting his "paraphernalia", it sounds downright creepy...quite frankly, I cringe. It sounds like some sort of prison codespeak or something.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...


Thanks, kiddo,


firefox said...

Goalies are the only player on the ice permitted to play with a broken stick. Of course, Ty didn't really need it. He could have just whipped out his conk and blocked the next shot.

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Marc Savard can have his All-Star appearance. We're tied for first in the division.

2. I know the Conkblock has something to do with this, but only two teams in the Eastern Conference have given up fewer goals than the Pens this year. We've given up 120. New Jersey's given up 101 and Boston's given up 117.

3. New Jersey's given up 101 goals on the year, but they've also only scored 110. Only the Isles have scored fewer goals among Eastern Conf. teams. Translation = Devils fans need to pray that Brodeur doesn't fade down the stretch like he did last year.

4. I'll admit that I got a little worried when it all happened, but who's complaining now that Shero didn't make a panic move or trade after all the injuries. Maybe the guy really does know what he's doing.

5. The "Fire MT" talk has sure quieted down, too, eh?

6. Is there one team in the East right now that anyone thinks could really hammer the Pens in a seven-game series?

Ottawa scares me, but not as much as they did last year. They're battling injuries and Gerber hasn't been that consistent lately.

Philly had me worried a bit until Hatcher did us a favor and wiped out Lupul. Biron has leveled off and Flyers fans are reportedly starting to get sick of little Danielle Briere already (he's a -11 and wouldn't hit a fly if his life depended on it).

Atlanta might worry me a little bit, but Don Waddell will screw this up somehow before the deadline.

I think we'd match up well with just about anyone right now.

Anonymous said...

ROZSIVAL: Ex Penguin, wishes he was still a penguin. Also know as a major douche.
Exm- You F#3ked my girlfriend, your a total fu#3king Rozsival.

Well now that you know how I feal about that lets continue

Rumor has it that Don Koharski is butt fucking Don Cherry. Some may ask where do I recive this information. My respones is facts are facts.

All in All good game to bad we had to watch the last two periods
Malkin is the new Jagr and he proved that when he sent him flying into the boards it was great

Let's Go Pens

ironcity said...

steve in denver. do a google search for a program called gimp. it's an open source photo editor that runs on mac, windows and linux. should be able to do the trick for you.

Staff said...

Good call Iron City.

Gimp is money in the bank.

Steve email us if you need help.


Steve Up Way too Effing Late said...

I guess I'll send in the Gimp.

Thanks for the info Iron & Staff.

I missed about half the game, but it sounds like Conklin is still seeing more rubber than Sean Avery's cornholio.

I wonder if Eaton is at home diving on the floor every time the other team shoots. Gotta keep the timing down and stay in shape, even with a torn ACL.

Kicksave said...

mmmm Mariska Hargitay


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