Saturday, January 5, 2008

ConkBlock. PENS WIN

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3 - 0


Coming off the urination all over the Maple Leaf fan base,
the Pens picked up right where they left off.

If you would have told us Ty Conklin would be 7-0,
we would have said your were on PCP and banged your mom.

To interfere with someone who is getting acquainted with, conversing with, or hooking up with a member of the opposite sex

The word Conkblock means:

You've been stoned.


The opening pan of Mellon Arena showed more than a few empty seats.
Those are Steeler fans tailgating.
And those may be some poor souls who didn't know the game was switched to 3:00.

Seriously, imagine not knowing they switched it to 3:00.
You're flipping through channels about to take a shower and head out to the game, and you get stunned when you turn on FSN.

Speaking of the Steelers

Pensblog Charlie = Stunned

Brutal loss. Even we can respect that.
Yahoo pictures have given us enough ammunition to last all summer long.

Solid comeback.

They would have eventually lost to the Patriots anyway.

See ya in July.

Huge no-call on the Garrard 4th-and-2 scramble.
Some jobber was holding James Harrison.

Seattle loves it.


National Anthem

[Nicholas E]

[Garrett Gaydosh] -- Wins best-seat contest


We have no idea who sang it.
But reports are it was mud.



A fiery tempo to start out the game.
Some pretty solid action going on.

After some business, Tyler Kennedy-Staal-Malone connect.
We don't know what goes on in the FSN truck, but there's probably a game producer in there, who hits buttons that correspond to certain cameras that switch the telecast to that camera.

We didn't see the Kennedy goal straight-up because they switched to the camera down on the boards, but it was all right 'cause we saw the fan reaction.

[Ben Cole]

Soon after, Ruutu runs agitateblog, and the Pens get a PP.

The Pens picked up right where they left off the other night.
Sid comes in, jobs, gets it to Whitney. Rebound out to Malkin.


The game floated into the second half of the first period, and the Pens got another PP when Crosby got hooked heading to the net.

The Panthers did a balls-out job of shutting down the PP. Solid defense.

The Pens almost got jobbed by the ref as he interfered with Staal trying to get to an icing call in the Panthers zone.

Right after that, Adam Hall heads to the box.

One thing we don't pay due attention to is the Pens power play and penalty kill percentages and rankings.
We keep somewhat okay tabs on them, but the Pens are now 25th in PK%, which has to be attributed to Talbot not being in the lineup.

The Panthers had a couple chances, but no dice.

Conkblock city

The Pens were buzzing in the final minute of the period, drawing another penalty.

They had 18 seconds to work with in the first, and they had the fresh ice coming in the second.



The rest of that penalty was killed.

A couple minutes into the second, ConkBlock City came center stage with some solid saves
after some homeowner drove to the cage.

The next 10 minutes or so was Ty Conklin making routine saves in a plugger January game.

The last two minutes had the Pens getting some chances, but nothing.

Picture: Some Panther fans cheer on their team.



The Panthers realized they couldn't keep their chokehold on the game of ice hockey if they wanted to tie the game up, so the third period started with some wide-open hockey.

Conk had to stand on his head early on, but he kept something special intact.
Richard Zednik was everywhere.

If you're a Penguin fan, you had nothing wrong with the delay-of-game penalty issued to Tomas Vokoun when he froze the puck a good ways away from the net.
Last season, MAF got called on a similar thing.
Stunned that Steiggy and Errey didn't mention it. They were irate about it last season.

The Panthers totally shut down the Vokoun PP. No dice.

As the game hit the homestretch, Errey almost blurted out the magic word.
He knew what he was doing.

Immediately afterward, David Wilkes Booth had a golden chance to beat Conk, you know what this is about.
Conk walks into a bar.
Jobs some dude talking to a girl.
Takes the girl home.


The game was disappearing fast.

Father time enters the building.
[We need a photoshop of father time]

Then Bing hit Army on a breakaway. Army farts.
Sid steals the puck, to Malkin, back to Bing.


1:30 left, and Steiggy says "shutout". Unreal.

The clock runs out.


  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A
  • Conk: 35 Saves
  • Roethlisberger: 3 Ints
  • Solid performance.
  • Pens don't play back-to-back until Jan. 18 and 19, so unless Conk is assassinated, he's in there for about 4 or 5 more games.
  • Staal is getting closer and closer.
  • Sunshine State road trip coming up.

And just because we haven't talked about the NHL in a week.

Stay classy Philly.
See ya January 24th



masta money said...

cheapshotblog. nice.

Anonymous said...

conklin on flashbar please! steelers suck, go pens

wilsmith said...

Yeah, anon, we get it. You can't like the steelers and the pens at the same time.

Flyers are awesome. Someone really has to put downie in his place. I was going to say that someday he's going to go off and do something simon-ish... but I guess that pre-season check was already it.

Jonny V said...

Not to try and turn this into defendthesteelersblog, but to reply to gwintheeskimo from the previous post, infighting doesn't exist between pens fans and steelers fans. It exists between people that like both and those that whine about the excess coverage of the steelers. I think it's gay. I root for every Pittsburgh team (that includes the college teams and our hopeless Pirates) and want to see every team succeed. Not everyone is like me, that I can respect. But when people who don't even like the game come on here and pour salt in the wound with their shit talking, that I can't respect. Not as though my respect amounts to a hill of beans. Whatever. It just sucks that after watching us lose like that, I come here to read a game recap and then have to read comments from douchebags who for some reason don't like the steelers, but feel the need to report how much they think they suck.

But at least Melvin uses his blogger account. Everybody be sure to thank him for making comment moderation a necessity.


Coren said...

This win is even more important given that Boston crapped all over jersey tonight.

Anonymous said...

That is all.

Anonymous said...

That is all.

FritoWill said...

damn, i am almost afraid to play Philly, just imagine if that was a Penguin what this blog would do.

Anonymous said...

What a deusche.... the flyers have gone back to the real goon days of hockey....

EmDubs said...

The anthem was sung by Margot B..... and hopefully it will never be sung by her again. I'd rather hear Donnie Iris try to scream through it than have to suffer through that again.

Ashley said...

Laraque needs to welcome Downie into the NHL later this month.

I saw that Leafs/Flyers game last night. Hatcher decided to hit Alex Steen, but Lupul got the worst of it. Lupul was so dazed and confused I'm surprised he managed to get off the ice at all.

Ulf said...

Ya know, as much as I hate Philly. You have to say to Blake, "what goes around comes around".

We certainly saw last year, when he speared 87, that he knows a few things about being cheap.

paekhead said...

philadelphia sucks balls - cant wait for the 24th

Ellie said...

woohooo - it's officially the start of hockey season in the 'burgh :)

staal is so close - if they put him a malkin together he would have had it by now...

firefox said...

To start, I have to give full props to Stephen Slesinski. Your front page Penguins logos are awesome. Can we get some bigger ones for wallpaperblog? :)

I missed both the Pens and Steelers games today because I was taking the family to Disney World. You can imagine where I would have rather been. :/ Oh well, turns out I didn't really "miss" anything from the Steelers game.

But damn Pens, 7 in a row?! I love it. I have 4th row seats ready to go for the game in Tampa coming up on Thursday. I can't wait! The Pens are smoking hot right now and the Bolts are ice cold. I hope that means we can finally get a win in Tampa. I have been to nearly every game they played in Tampa and I swear the Pens haven't won one here for at least 5 years. I am so sick of getting jobbed out of the arena by the Lightning fans. But I have imported some good luck this time, my brother who is flying in from the Burgh. Do it!

rwarner174 said...

If Downie isn't suspended the NHL is a joke! This is the kind of stuff that make the NHL laughable. I have no love for Jason Blake, especially after what he did to sidney crosby last year. I know what everyone here will say, let them police themselves. Well unless a Maple Leaf is allowed to go out and step on Downie's throat with a skate, my guess is stuff like this will continue to happen. A sucker punch is as dangerous as hitting someone in the head with a stick. One proper hit in the temple and thats it, vegitable for life.

Philly makes me physicaly sick they are such a bunch of scum. The whole orginization should be suspended. I have no doubt if someone hurt one of our stars on a cheapshot, it will be them. An the NHL will deal out a wopping 4 game suspension to a philly goon.

Anonymous said...

I thought so before, but there was some controversy on the issue: Conklin is exempt from re-entry waivers because of his two-way contract.

He would still have to clear waivers to be sent back down were it not for his emergency recall status.
(bottom half)

karri said...

Stephen the penguin!

...someone needs to define "conkblock" on Urban Dictionary...Canaan, you were good at that...

...feel bad for Charlie...disappointed in the Steelers...

...good times, watching Penguin games... :)

FrankD said...

That video just further proves there is something totally wrong with Downie. Let's see him man up to Laraque.

marc said...

That pens pic on the top of the page would make a sweet shirt

Mike Costa said...

As Soon As The Steelers Lost I Screamed "More Coverage For The Pens"

Dr. Turkelton said...

sorry if anyone has posted this already....but I just got back from Buffalo / Niagara Falls yesterday...if anyone is traveling up towards the 'Ralph' soon, they still had a merchandise trailer of Winter Classic stuff with everything 1/2 off...they didn't have hats or pucks but just about everything else...also went to see a Niagara Ice Dogs (OHL) game in St. Catherines w/ Pens draft pick Luca Caputi playing for them (4th rounder in 2007 draft) big kid, leads team in scoring: 37GP 27G+27A kinda reminds me of a Kevin Stevens type...just needs to bulk up a bit...
Let's Go Pens !

FrankD said...

Dr. Turk:

Half off would be a nice reprieve. I was up there the week before the WC. Hats were $30, hoodies $75 and a long sleeve was $45.

It'll all be 80% off in April.

wilsmith said...

Downie will not be suspended.

wilsmith said...

Oh, and read this for the laughs.

Keep in mind that it was posted Jan 2.

rwarner174 said...


I know, and that is what makes it total garbage! Its a joke. People see this stuff and laugh at the NHL.

biff said...

No less than three tools in my section yesterday uttered the word "shutout" in the final minutes, one even said it several times. I wanted to tombstone somebody. Idiots. And Steigy should know better

Jonny V said...

Along the lines of what anonymous found regarding conklin's waiver status, these are the four options:

1) Keeping three goalies, an arrangement that almost never works out to everyone's satisfaction, for the balance of the season. That would tie up one more roster spot than usually is set aside for goalies, at least until after the 23-man limit is discarded when the Feb. 26 trade deadline passes.

2) Keeping Conklin on the NHL roster for the rest of the season but sending Sabourin to Wilkes-Barre, which would entail Sabourin going through waivers.

3) Returning Conklin to the Baby Penguins before, or at the same time, Fleury is activated, which would not require Conklin to be put on waivers.

4) Assigning Conklin to Wilkes-Barre sometime after Fleury returns, in which case Conklin would have to go on waivers.

I can't think of a better dilemma to have.

And this was in another of the Pens notebooks from the Post-Gazette:
Funny guy, that Fleury

Fleury came up with an early candidate for prank of the year by stuffing himself into right winger Colby Armstrong's equipment bag as practice was winding down, then startling Armstrong when he tried to open it after returning to the locker room.

Ronnie said...

The only thing I hate more than Philly is K-Fed.

Anonymous said...

will smith, i happen to love the pens and the steelers, its called sarcasm, dick.

Adrienne said...

Like always, Pens > Steelers

I flipped out on some dude at the game for wearing a Steelers hat, jersey and coat to a Pens game. His reason, "I'm going to the game after this one."

Change in the car, dick.

The game was pretty slow, but I can't wait for the Tampa game. :D WOO!

Bill said...

when you click on colby on flash bar it shows ryan malone. neato.

i agree, conk to flash bar.

wilsmith said...

eh, I've been called worse.

Alex said...

th refs sucked as always last night...pittsburgh teams get the worst calls

GwinTheEskimo said...

I see, Jonny V. It's weird, though. I also root for all Pgh teams. I think the over exposure of the Steelers is probably somewhat proportionate to the NFL vs. NHL coverage nationally. I wish I could turn on the TV and watch 10 hours of hockey on any given day,(which i did over the holidays at my parents house thanks to the NHL center ice package.) the way I can watch football on Sundays form 1pm-11pm. One would think, possibly, that this wouldn't exist to the same extent in Pittsburgh as the Penguins are one of the most exciting teams in the league, and the fact that Lemiuex dominated hockey in a way that no Steelers individual, except maybe Joe Green, has dominated football. While it's one thing to hate on the coverage, and guys like Fedko, who is a douche, and seems to me like a Steelers Fascist, it's another to hate on the team. I wouldn't bet against the Steelers and Pens winning titles in the same year as long as Roethlisberger and Crosby stay in town for the next decade.
Does this Pens campaign with Conk remind anyone of the Patrick Lalime regular season with that huge winning streak? (Conk on wood)
I just watched the Pens greatest games, disk one. Lemiuex's 8 point night against Philly, freaking sweet.

stokes said...

Fleury is great. and who better to prank than Colby.

As for Downie, you have got to be kidding me. I dont like jason blake as much as the next guy, but that's a joke that downie wasn't suspended. maybe he wasn't suspended so Bettman didn't have to back up his big threat. i dont care what downie has gone through, blah blah blah, hes a piece of shit and needs removed from the game before he kills someone.

adrienne, if there was one game i wouldnt job steelers gear at the game, that was it. i still didnt like it though.

Doppler said...

Just one point back of Jersey. Great streak right now. Hopefully it will continue on the southern road trip.

I will be in Tampa for the game on Thursday.


jim said...

i wanted to check in to see where we stand with people showing up for the flyers game on jan 24th. i will be there, but i'm seriously nervous about wearing my 87 jersey in that zoo.

make the trip pensbloggers. support is in numbers!

meecrofilm said...

Conks seems to enjoy keeping a low profile. I don't know if he could handle the pressure of being put on the illustrious pensblog flashbar. Serious. Keep him off as long as the streak continues.

Go Pens. The SE is the definition of mud.

Anonymous said...

Weighing in on the Downie thing: It was a nasty cheapshot, but looking at the play alone, I wouldn't be surprised to see no suspension.

Throwing in, however, that the Flyers as a team have been toeing the line all season, and the Downie just finished serving his suspension, I can't see how the league could not act here.

And I've yet to see an article stating that the league is taking no action against him, yet.

Staff said...

Conk is not touching flashblog.
Can't mess with anything right now, especially heading into the Bermuda Triangle in Florida.

Lady Jaye said...

Adding Conk to the flashblog is like mentioning the word SO in the last few minutes of play... Jinx.

jim said...

below is from yahoo rumors. this is getting out of control.

There are conflicting reports, however, it seems Derian Hatcher of the Philadephia Flyers bit Travis Zajac of the New Jersey during a scrum in front of the net Friday night.

Fleury29 said...

Awww, dammit!

It was my son's birthday so I taped the Stillers game and I just finished watching it. (I haven't been online since yesterday evening because I didn't want to spoil watching the game tonight.)

We got jobbed on that 2 point conversion hold call.

Pens are playing well so I can't complain.

It's funny, I said the exact same thing to my wife that The Pensblog said, "They would have lost to the Pats, anyway."

Steelers have too many injuries right now to win the Super Bowl. Next season, with everyone healthy... anyway, I digress.


Anonymous said...


You are right about the Lupul getting the worst of that hit. Lupul has a spinal cord injury and will be out for a couple weeks.


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