Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blood, Sweat, and Tears. PENS WIN.

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2 - 0

We hope the Habs fans saw the game tonight. We know it can be hard to see a game with tears in your eyes from all the crying that goes on up there.
They must have saved all the boos they give Crosby for their own team.

One of the bigger wins of the season. Evgeni
Malkin played a game people could be talking about for a long time.

At this point, you can only live game-by-game.
To the man, the Pens showed up.

Bring on the Craps.


National Anthem

No picture sent in.




You couldn't believe it.
14 seconds into the game, Armstrong goes into the boards ass first and stays down for a while.
You couldn't help but chuckle at the misfortune.

We couldn't figure out why Steiggy and Errey wanted a penalty there.
Colby actually went after the defender and essentially lost his balance.

A little later, Roman Hamrlik jobs Talbot into the boards.
Laraque retaliates and hits Francois Bouillon with an elbow.

That could have been bad news when the Pens went on the PK.
But they killed it, helped by some big saves by who else but Dany Sabourin.

He's Back

The Canadiens started getting some business going, but Sabu was holding tough.

And then, the Habs made a fatal mistake.
They let Laraque set up in his office.

-- J. Schiff Esquire --

He gets it out to Jeff Taffe. He buries it.


Consider Montreal stunned.

About halfway through the first period, you see a little black blob on Ryan Malone's jersey.
Under closer inspection, that is the "A."
He's been around for a while. He deserves that.

As the first period headed into the homestretch, a defensive meltdown led to Kovalev being all alone in the slot.
But he was SabuBlocked.

A little later, Montreal steals the puck as the Pens were trying to get out of their zone.
Ryder gets the puck, but he craps himself.
Consider Sabu the laxative since he beautifully poke-checked it before a shot could be taken.

For the rest of the first period, every time Montreal had the puck, you vomited.
But Sabu and the D somehow kept the puck out of the net.


During the intermission, we get the news that Colby's out for the rest of the game with a sore hip.

I'll still check his butt.



Ruutu gets things going in the second, drawing an interference penalty.

We get to see the Crosby-less powerplay for the first time.

Too bad the second unit was the one that got the better chances.
Montreal kills it, though.

Right after the PK, Malkin changes the world.
He books a flight from New York to L.A.
Malkin could have shot it or pass it to Gonchar.
Both were high-percentage plays.
But Cristobal Huet came up big.

Malkin showed up again later when he sprung Sykora on a breakaway with an 11-line pass.
No dice again.

With that save, you could feel the Penguins chances of jumping to a 2-goal lead diminishing.

Malkin was a force in the first half of the second period.
No two ways about it.

When the game jumped into the second half of the period, Christensen goes off for a slash.
The Pens kill it beautifully.

Towards the end of the period, some jobber pulls down Ruutu. Powerplay.
But Ruutu somehow gets called for diving.

Imagine that.
It takes Crosby NOT being in the lineup for the Pens to get a diving penalty.

Ruutu was called for diving twice back in that game against Ottawa on Thanksgiving.

This is his third diving penalty.

Lemieux better suit up.

At the end of the second, the Canadiens go to the box for something, no one even knows what.

On the power play, Malkin got it over to Whitney.
The Whitney Play™ is nothing without Bing. No dice.

The period ended, so at least the Pens would have their top PP unit on the ice for the entire penalty.



They couldn't do the job on the PP to start up the third.

The first five minutes of the third period disappeared before you knew what was going on.

And then Malkin was on for about two minutes. He was dead tired.
But Dandenault still found it necessary to interfere with him.

If there's anything referees have, it is a jobber detector.
Dandenault could say Malkin simply ran into him, but come on. Don't be stupid.

You did it on purpose, joke.

The Penguin survived a scare, as Plekanec had a solid shorthanded chance after stealing the puck.
Sydor laid off of him a little, knowing that putting his stick in front of a potential shot by Plekanec would do more bad than good.
The Plekanec rush goes for naught.

The Canadiens fans came alive after the Habs killed that penalty.
Time to dig in.

As the 10:00 mark came, the Pens iced it, but thankfully, the game went to commercial.
For people who don't know, NHL games go to commercial at first whistle after the 6:00, 10:00, and 14:00 marks of periods, unless a goal is scored or someone is on the power play.

If teams don't utilize these times to know when it's okay to the ice the puck, they should.
Or are we naive enough to think that's something they're even thinking about?

Jeff Taffe has a brief chance storming down the left side.
Honestly, how good has Jeff Taffe been? Solid NHL human.

The second half of the third period turned into a playoff game.
Komisarek was hitting everything.

With 4:00 left, Georges Laraque and friends start running out the clock.

[Will Smith]

Malkin's line kills some more time.

With 1:30 left, Kovy gets the puck all alone in the circle and does himself.
Sabu is there. Big save.

Timeout Montreal.

It was time to pull Cristobal Huet.
Gut-check time.
The Habs fly into the zone, but the puck gets pooped to Malkin.

He tries to put it home from downtown, but it hits the pipe.
Usually that means bad news. But on the bright side, if it doesn't it the post, it is icing.

The Canadiens brought it back into the Pens zone as your balls/ovaries start to fall off.

If you want to know why other teams hate Ruutu, it's for what he did during that last Montreal possession.
When the puck came around the boards near the benches and a Hab was trying to keep it in, Ruutu stands up on the bench and starts screaming gibberish right into the dude's ear.

The puck went around the boards, the Pens got it out.
Okay, Montreal is gonna regroup and come back and --

Then a blur flies into the picture. It's Malkin.



Not to run Malkinblog here, and it doesn't really even matter, but...

The Bell Centre media decided to give two stars to the goalies.
The third star fell to Mike Komisarek, the beneficiary of home-ice advantage.

Mike Komisarek wasn't the third star at his own house tonight.
Huet was all right.

How Malkin wasn't a star of the game is bizarre.



Orpik: only 10:52?

  • Taffe: 1 G
  • Malkin: 1 G. The weight of a season on his shoulders didn't affect his speed.
  • Could the Penguins actually benefit from not having Crosby? Will teams take the Penguins just that little bit less seriously and then get stunned?
  • What a game by Daryl Sydor.
  • Kovy forgot how to finish.
  • Montreal had close to 40 hits. 25 of those on players without the puck.
  • Nice new line graphic from FSN.
  • Staal might not score. But he is as sound as it gets in the defensive zone.
  • Fingers crossed for Army.
  • Only the second time ever the Penguins have shutout the Habs at home. [Bob Grove with the stat. Sick.]

Jeff Taffe on Georges Laraques:

"You just get him the puck and he thinks he's Wayne Gretzky behind the net most of the time, but he does a great job."

Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau,
who has the penchant to never give opposing teams credit for a win:

"We definitely didn't have 20 guys who were ready to play. You could see that our passing and our strength on the puck wasn't there, our skating was a little off -- the whole thing around our game was a little off, which wasn't the case on the road."

Your team had 31 shots, dude.
You got beat. End it.


wilsmith said...

Rarely is there a nice empty netter.
That was one of them.

I guess he was so pissed about not being able to put one in regular he just decided there's no way he's not getting on the board tonight and toasted that guy.

What a game for him.

I love the hockey.

TheNick said...

I am super drunk but what a fucking win....woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....also avoid the high school chicks. a little thenick advice for you.

Andrew said...

Solid post.

*Guy Carbonneau? He's a joke.

*Sabu, lights out, not playing in over a month and he turns in this performance? dominationblog.

*malkin, again, lights out, as usual, but extra solid when he is carrying the team

*great rebound game, i loved it


canaanregulatesblog said...

in the words of the road warriors(?)...

wwwhhhhat a ruuuush!

great game, los penguinos.

Anonymous said...

powerplay is basically the powerjoke now. god help us if we have to rely on it in the playoffs.

also, i still love ruutu's game play. unlike don cherry, but that's why he is a douche.


just sayin' blog said...

i'd rather our powerplay struggle than our even strength struggle.

diabeticsRcooler said...

HUGE win

solid performance by the entire team

this win really showed how classy the Penguins are

Anonymous said...

are there really rumors about super Mario coming back?

canaanregulatesblog said...

+yeah, he [mario]'s coming back. but only on the pipe levels when you have the kabuki boot.+

sorry, i couldn't resist

Mike Georger said...

zero counts as one, so mario's still looking solid

that was one of the prettiest empty netters ive seen, and ruutu yelling off the bench had shades of youre the fucking best bellows

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how happy I was to see that win!! What was the deal with Malkin not getting a star? Anyways, thanks guys for mentioning Malone and the beautiful "A" on his jersey ... it's about time! (Joking with ya)

Ghwomb said...

SabouStop and ConkBlock?

FritoWill said...

Barrasso wants a nickname!!

with all this rumor about Mario its funny to see the reaction.

But you know i am just saying someone in Wheeling is in the best shape of his life too. A certain 6 foot 6 in, 247lb Defenseman!


Bert in Hershey said...

Just read yesterday's pregame post.

For the record, Molinari is a joke.

PolishKid said...

I'd love to see the time of posession for that game. It really seemed like we always had the puck for extended periods of time in their end, cycling and such.

BlogStaff, good note on the three stars. I know they really mean nothing in the long run, but it just goes to show how in denial even the media was that their invinceable Habs were shut out by a Crosby-less Penguins team. Also reference Guy Carbon-joke.

Speaking of denial, Monday night... need to build on this one against that must/should/need win.

Go Pens (First Place)

Hip said...

I for one think it's awesome Malkin was snubbed for a game star - fucking joke. He'll be out absolutely FLYING tomorrow vs. the Caps to prove the hockey world wrong.

Sabu as a laxitive - funny as shit.
Fingers definitely crossed for Army. Not now dude.

BGL setting up the office - when will teams learn? When will they learn?

And I appreciate the gender inclusion boys - but ovaries are more likely to explode than fall off ;o)

Tee said...

The thing with Laraque in his office is that he's just to big and too strong on his skates to knock off the puck, and if you send 2-3 guys in to try and get it off of him he has the hands and hockey sense to push it out in front to one of the now undefended forwards. It's almost impossible to stop unless you have someone just as big and physical to go in and tango with him.

Korn said...

Only 22:57 of ice time for Malkin? It seemed like he was out there the whole game. The guy literally made an impact on every shift.

I hope more local media/the NHL/puckbunnies snub Malkin. Seems to motivate the guy.

BTW, what's with no update to the flashbar?

Bring on the Craps.

Flyer Hater said...

It's great to see Guy Homobeanneau back in true form today. What an ass, Montreal played one of their best games on home ice last night. Anyway any franchise who trades away Patrick Roy=joke

Anonymous said...

Wow, Colby must feel like he spent the weekend with Pensblog Charlie.

Spencemo said...

OK, while we were out doing our grocery shopping, we were listening to the game on XM. We got the Canadiens feed, and they were promoting a game between Canadiens Alumni & Red Wings Alumni...sponsored by Viagra...

My question is, is this how they get up for a game in Montreal?

Quingo77 said...

Unfortunately I had the disgusting pleasure to watch the game on CBC's hockey night in Canada.

The whole night they talked shit about Ruutu, said he dove 3 times in the game but only got called once. Made reference to the fact that he is only in the NHL because of his ability to agitate other players.

Anways, on their broadcast at the end of the game they gave the 3rd star to Malkin not anyone else. However, maybe they changed it or we should just keep this hush-hush so Malkin continues his world domination. And why the hell didn't my picture about why we hate the Canadiens make it into your blog? That was a solid photoshop picture that was left out.

Anonymous said...

Malone has had the "A" on his jersey for a while...if you check out the photo gallery on for the game against the Panthers on 1/5/08, you will see it. We noticed it the game after the WWGRD leg incident...

lis said...

Does anyone else find it weird/ironic that Colby gets "injured" one night after Sid gets hurt? I mean I know they are the best of friends and all but come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christina said...

spencemo - it must be, since the Bell Centre has at least 2 Viagra advertisements on the dasher boards as well. i couldn't keep from laughing every time one came into view last night...

gutsy win for the Pens. kudos to Geno for recognizing and stepping up into the leader for this team!

Randy said...

i think the diving call in general is ruutu seriously suspended one game pending a phone chat with the nhl?? lame...

luvnmypens said...

Will Smith - Love the Maytag photoshop, just awesome!

Justsayinblog -
Ottawa - 64
Penguins - 57
It's only 7 points and a half season to go. I'm just sayin....

Staff - Sorry guys, but you are about a week or so late with the Malone "A". They are switching off, Sydor is wearing the "A" at home and Malone on the road. He was wearing the "A" on the Flordia road trip.

I wonder if they will go with 3 A's till Crosby and or Roberts comes back.

bluzdude said...

After the game Geno had, you'd think even a ultra-nationalist like Cherry could appreciate his performance, but neither of those two CBC humps even mentioned his name, and barely referenced the game. Lame...

stokes said...

I hope Don cherry burns in hell.


If the Pens play like that for the majority of the games that Sid is out, they win, hands down. they will already be playing playoff hockey by the time Sid and Co. come back. games like that are what the playoffs are all about.

Sabu definitely showed up.

David said...


Is Kenny Melvin an attention whore?

pensblog jeff said...

Sabutage!!!! I coined it!!!

bnee said...

the cycling photoshop is life changing. i love ruutu's constant smirk

cragger said...

* Guy Carbonneau ? He's a joke. It is written, it is true!

Anonymous said...

hahahah sabutage!!! nice pensblogjeff

cragger said...

I called Don Cherry being a douche bag even before the game. I stated, "EFFF DON CHERRY"

Why, because the simple fact that when you don't own a normal suit everyone thinks your cool for quite some time. Then you realize he's the walking, talking version of the fruit loops toucan with a dash of egotistical ass pony.

Once again I restate, EFFF DON CHERRY.

I hope Malkin drops another one in the chamber for his old pal Ovey.

cg said...

rumor has it, Malkin was checking out pensblog, read the comments by stoosh the past few days, then proceeded to dominate the world.

any word on Colby?

firefox said...

LOL at the PensBlog Charlie photoshop. Poor Colby, he deserves better.

Barraso did have a nickname...Barrasshole. :) I loved him as a player but his reputation for being a dick to fans and media was well documented.
(Credit to David for posting)

Finally, we see the true Kenny Melvin again with yet another "I need attention" YouTube video. This obviously reenforces the reason that no one actually forgave him for when he "appologized." So Kenny, have fun when you run into the next agressive personality that wants to fight you. They know what you look like because you put it out there. They also know you couldn't win a wrestling match with my wheelchair bound grandmother with those scrawny arms. Do yourself a favor and go post at GymBlog or something.

cragger said...

What is this guy trying to prove... When are we having pens blog crashes a bar in pittsburgh night? We gotta set it out a few weeks in advance so those of us stuck elsewhere can make it home. I say buckhead some night.

Anonymous said...

Barraso was the man though.

canaanregulatesblog said...

canaan is coming to pittsburgh next weekend so i'll be having an unofficial bar tour! woooo!

p.s. sabu-tage is so money.

Anonymous said...

i thought the acidqueen video by melvin was kinda funny.

cragger said...

wow i watched some other kevin melvin video's. thats kids right on point. three people that read pens blog...

wilsmith said...

wow I thought I would be quick the sabutage photoshop and I got smoked

BlacknGold66 said...

Stoosh is obviously a church-going man. He has yet to give me reason to leave the house this fine Sunday afternoon.

So Pensblog readers crashing a bar huh? I say Feb. 9th. I'll be in from C-town for the Sat. - Sun. games that weekend.

Cragger... keep me updated eh?

PolishKid said...

I'm watching the Rangers/Bruins game on NBC. The announcers and analyists are just ripping Jagr apart. They say he has no more will, excitment, etc. They say the Rangers should turn the reins over to Gomez and Drury.

If that's the case, and Jagr is on the block... has anyone else thought what it would be like to have Jagr skate with Crosby? Just a thought...

BlacknGold66 said...

I'd take Jagr back.

But I'm not willing to get rid of anyone on our team right now.

biff said...

I have heard a rumor (granted, it's an Eklund rumor, so take it with several grains of salt) that Jags in fact wants to come back to the Pens. IF (and that's a big if) that is accurate, then I could imagine Jagr being very motivated once he's back in this city, playing with Sid, with one more chance for a Cup before he retires. And I think (provided he doesn't really suck) the fans would welcome him back with open arms. Two problems are his enormous salary which runs out at the end of next year and the issue that NYR will be loathe to trade Jagr within the division. So it most likely won't happen this year, but I wouldn't be shocked if the Pens were a major player in the 2009 Jagr sweeps.

stokes said...

I say Jerome Bettis' Grille 36. HA!!!!

FritoWill said...

i actually wouldn't mind seeing Jagr back in the burgh. I hate everyone booing him, it drives me CRAZY.

FritoWill said...

i actually wouldn't mind seeing Jagr back in the burgh. I hate everyone booing him, it drives me CRAZY.

Timmmay said...

what a fucking gutsy performance by this team. I am awfully proud of the Pens.

Brett said...

I don't want Jagr back now, he's mostly washed-up, and needs to be the center of attention. That wouldn't work so well on a team with Sid.

Sooz said...

News from W-B says Lannon was sent down and Chris Minard, Tim Brent and Jonathan Filewich have been called up. Supposedly, Max is now hurt too. (The last part was announced tonight during the Baby Pens game vs. Hershey)

wilsmith said...

Hopefully the baby pens can compete at the NHL level.

Fleury29 said...

Sabu-tage is unreal.

I'll be in Pittsburgh 2/7/08-2/10/08.

Three games, four days... it's on.

I preferred to call Barrasso, "Bad-ass-o," but he was my favorite player of all time... still is. I think he was a dick to the media and fans because he was a very private person who was thrust into the limelight at a very young age and didn't quite know how to deal with it.

But really, who cares? The guy was absolutely insane between the pipes.

Quingo77 said...

The Pittsburgh Tribune website has the next Pens game (Monday against the Craps) listed as an away game in D.C.

I don't know how many of you are fans of the Tribune but those jokes running that website should all be fired. How can you post something so wrong and not be handed your lunch for it?

The game is home


Anonymous said...

Here's an article on the call-ups. Nothing about Max; just Army (ass), Hall (groin), and Kennedy (illness) as we knew

Anonymous said...

No press release, but according the the roster on the pens website, Hall is IR'ed.

Anonymous said...

Cryers are beating up on the Senaturds.

Davy D said...

Devils won & now have 57 points too.

According to, the tie breakers are:
(i) points % - same
(ii) games won - same
(iii) greater number of points earned in head-to-head: Devils: 6 Pens: 2.

Arrrgh! That hurts more than Colby's ass.

justincredibleh said...

Sid the kid?

If so, he's got some babes.

Anonymous said...

the one girl/lady is ryan malone's wife i do believe.

stokes said...

That pic was discussed over at LGP a few weeks ago. i THINK the consensus was that it was not Sid.

A few reasons that i remember, among many, were:
-thighs not big enough. sid has monster thighs, ask Pensblog Charlie
-Sid's a hip guy who is not going to wear some terribly ugly sweater such as that.

Shit, i forget the others. But there were really convincing arguments both for and against, like i said most agreeing it was not Sid.

undeniably, those ladies are smoking hot.

bnee said...

stokes, if u think those girls are hot, it's an insult to women. please. have fun getting crabs. they're as good looking as taffe.

ps- you're right about the sweater. it is hideous

cragger said...

sid is way way way bigger than that.

I can't make Feb. 8/9/10, it's my birthday and I'm going way up north me thinks.

tsk tsk said...

c-blog is creating bad juju by breaking one of thepensblog's commandments

BlacknGold66 said...

tsk tsk-

You're absolutely right.

No pics (or links of pics) of any Pens (or guys that look like Pens) in their personal lives.

Tsk tsk indeed.

Cragger- Bummer about that weekend. Have a good birthday though.

May be going to the game tomorrow. Anyone else?


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