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If you aren't excited about free agency, we don't know what to tell you.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

To Hell and Back

A Winter in the Sun

Maybe one of the toughest days we all have ever experienced as sports fans.

Looking back on it, it is hard to believe we were that down.
Somehow we all made it.

December 20,2006
At 11:33am Pensblog Chris broke the news
Commentorblog blew up.

Here is what people were saying:

Anonymous said...

This is very bad news. The Penguins have no attachment to Pittsburgh after June.
The NHL might rally for Pittsburgh, but I really don't believe it's going to absolutely bar an owner from leaving. Maybe it will be harsher than Jimmy Balls wanted, but for the viability of the league they're not going to have a team continue to play at Mellon.
This is a terrible day.

seth said...
Fuck Jerome Bettis. Fuck Ed Rendell

Anonymous said...

i heard jerome bettis is al queda :P

Anonymous said...

i don't even know where to begin...i actually cried today when I heard the press conference. My biggest fears came true, that I actually thought for once a politician would get something right. I was wrong, I no longer have faith in anyone in the public eye.
Mario was told to find private money for the arena, then he did, and still no new building.
I could go on and on about this, but i know it wouldn't be worth it, i really think OUR pens are gone... what could we do now anyway....
Will Butler

Anonymous said...

Get a clue people. They are gone. G-O-N-E Gone. Forget it. Say hello to the K.C. Penguins. Nice job. Nice.
If you don't think it'll happen remember this: the Dodgers used to be in Brooklyn, the Giants in at the Polo Grounds and the Colts in Baltimore. All of them in are in other cities because they received sweetheart deals. That's what will happen with the Pens. Mario owes the city nothing. He should dump the team and go play golf for the rest of his life. All he did for that town, on and off the ice and the politicians screwed him. Well it's time he returns the favor.

What a bad time to be alive.
By the time we got to recap it later that night, everyone was drained.
State of Emergency
"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind we will get an arena done," Ravenstahl said.

"We're telling you right now that the Penguins ARE NOT leaving town. If you think they are, that's fine. Everyone has their own opinion on this, but there is no reason in the world for Ravenstahl to come out and boldy say that with, dare I say, the brass of a riverboat gambler."

This is no question a coincidence, but isn't it weird that we have reached the meat of the Arena issues in "Winter in the sun," and there is some important stuff going on in Harrisburg this week concerning the state a slots bill.

"The Legislature's failure to approve the measure authorizing the spending before it recesses could affect a $325 million bond issue for the project and jeopardize the start of construction.
"This has to happen or it could delay the arena construction," Mr. Evanto said. "It's critical to get the funding [authorized] or else construction could get delayed."

Do it.

Around the NHL

We'll start in Pittsburgh though.

..Max Talbot will be playing in the World Series of Poker
We know one Penguin that almost won it.

...Big-time Minicamp going on for the Rookies.
Jonathan Filewich, Ryan Stone and Tyler Kennedy are all getting good looks.
No word yet if has exploded yet due to all three of their favorite players in one spot.

...BGL hurt his shoulder.
But he is OK.

.........The Bruins are cleaning house.
But really, who cares?

.....Bill Clement writes the first preview of the season in late June.
Bill Clement = no clue what is going on

We'd also like to say hello to our newest friend in the blogging world:
Solid site.
The Great Debate:

Did Rick Tocchet touch the deflected puck by Ron Francis in Game 7 against the Islanders in 1993.

Commentorblog regular Chris Y (also known as loserchris) is emphatic that Tocchet touched the Puck.
We say no way.
But it is a worthy debate
Here is the game highlights.
Fast forward to the 4:19 mark.

Picture: Rick Tocchet not deflecting a puck in.


Why ESPN sucks

Look, it is no secret ESPN is a joke.
But for their dumb award show, they sealed the deal.

You have to at least nominate Sidney Crosby.
We hate to even have to do this.
But come on.
Roger Federer?
Tennis is gay.

If Lebron James is the best athlete in sports, we are in trouble.

Tiger Woods is OK.
Petyon Manning is a joke.
Tomlinson is alright.

Either way.
How does an athlete who wins a scoring title, MVP, and isn't even old enough to drink not get considered?
It isn't like hockey is easy.
Just a mind-numbing situation.

Day number

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing To Write About

First of all, who didn't see this coming?

Keith Tkachuk is dealt back to the Blues, after spending like 14 minutes with Atlanta.

Atlanta sent everything in the kitchen sink to St. Louis for him at the trading deadline.
Atlanta gets back one of their first-round draft picks they sent.


................................... decides to show some Canadian bias (and rightfully so) by featuring Mark Messier in their preview of Hockey Hall of Fame inductions decisions that will be made on Thursday.

Messier was able to make out with Gretzky and Kurri in Edmonton throughout the '80s, bolstering his stats with five 100-point seasons.
After leaving Edmonton, he managed one 100-point season.

Messier's career:

694 G
1,193 A
1,887 P



The committee usually picks four players to be inducted.

Here's who eligible:

Scott Stevens
Al MacInnis
Adam Oates
Igor Larionov
Claude Lemieux

And Ronnie Francis.

What a player.


I wish we could just make stories up because there is nothing to discuss.

Michel Ouellet skated at the Iceoplex today.


You don't marvel that such a picture exists...
But you stop and realize that at some place and time, three men had to pose for this picture.
Click that picture and read that fine print.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #33
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Emotional Times.

Tomorrow's The Big Day. By the way, PENS LOSE.

If you didn't watch the third period, it's easy to re-create those 20 minutes: Go stare at a wall and have someone crap on your bed.

Crosby assisted on a Malkin goal semi-early in the third to pump everyone up. Right there, you know the Pens possessed the firepower to come back. You felt good until the Blues came into the zone with the puck and you realized the Pens couldn't give up any more goals.
Billy Guerin scored a little more than a minute after Malkin did to make it 4-1.
That was it.

Crap We Said:

  • That Isle of Capri chant with 5 minutes left in the third was glorious.
  • There's really nothing to mention about this game...other than it seems like it took place in an alternate universe.
  • If we're 1 or 2 points out of a playoff spot this year, it's gonna be torture to look back on this game.
  • We hate to lose, but the Blues have been the Western Conference version of the Pens. I'm not saying we should be happy that they won tonight, but we know what it feels like.

scott said...

Fleury's save % has plummeted to .897, 30th in the league. This is a huge issue no one is talking about. So much for "taking that next step."


Day Number


Coming Thursday night. Midnight.
Chapter Two.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Affair to Remember

The Penguins did not tender Michel Ouellet a contract, meaning he will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1st.

"General manager Ray Shero said the Penguins explored trading Ouellet but couldn't come up with a deal, so they will let him test the free-agent market and could attempt to re-sign him if the price is right."

All good things must come to an end.

Is this move surprising?
Maybe. Maybe not.

If Ouellet doesn't come back, we will miss him...
only because it was a given that he would score a garbage goal in front of the net and we would get to use these photoshops:

A lot of the people kicking and screaming right now are the same people that would be so worked up and pissed when Ouellet played too much, they would vomit on themselves.

Ouellet was given a fair chance.
He had 19 goals. That is respectable.
And he did have a nice little finish to the season.

The inconsistencies and the backchecking lapses are not forgotten.

No Question About It:

If he leaves in free agency, he will score 80 goals with Detroit next season.


Around the NHL

Patrick Kane was introduced to Chicago today by the Blackhawk brass.

Two fans yelled at him, telling him he is a joke.


Not a whole lot else going on...

Ron Cook writes a solid column about Gary Roberts.
But not about his new movie coming out.

(Big ups to Bobby Burton)

One mistake in Cook's column though:

"Shero is expected to proceed as the Steelers do and avoid the big free-agent deals."

Hopefully, Ray Shero doesn't expect to lose big games at home.

-Actual quote from Jonny V commentorblog 6/25/07


......Eklund is reporting the Penguins are going to make a huge trade for a defenseman.

Picture: Jeff Michaels, poster on LetsGoPens, after word broke of the Penguins maybe trading Tyler Kennedy.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #32
Saturday, December 16, 2006

Joe Namath, We Are Not. PENS LOSE.

After crapping on themselves on their powerplays, the Pens ended up scoring the first goal of the game. Evgeni Malkin scored on a perfectly placed Erik Christensen rebound about 12 minutes into the game. It felt like our guarantee was money in the bank.
Six minutes later, though, Michael Ryder (who sounds like he should be a tennis player) scored for Montreal on a sweet slap shot to tie it up. It looked like the Pens had dominated the first period for nothing.
But never fear. Alain "Sergei Zubov" Nasreddine scored with 0.2 seconds left to send the Pens into the first intermission with the lead.
After that goal, it was all downhill for the Pennies.

The second period was the worst period since the one my girlfriend used as an excuse to break up with me in 11th grade.

Crap We Said:
  • What's with the Montreal crowd singing the "na-na-na hey hey goodbye" song at the end of the game? Is this the playoffs? Is this a rivalry? What gives?
  • Another spirited effort from Ruutu-Talbot-Thorburn.
  • A four-game winning streak gets snapped because we have to travel to Antarctica to play a hockey game. No big whoop.
  • Montreal had 4 power play goals tonight. Those obviously killed us.
  • Balsillie was at the game tonight in Montreal. We Pens fans see him in our sleep.
Commentorblog Said:

seth said...

that game hurt, but it's alright to lose this one because we got a potential big win against st. louis tuesday (no guarantees though). Anyone notice that sid was booed when he touched the puck? someone back me up so it doesnt look like im hearing things


Day Number

Got my first real six string.

Monday, June 25, 2007

All the Right Moves

This post would have been up sooner but we were to busy giving Ray Shero a standing ovation.
The last 72 hours have been a clinic in making decisive decisions

Not very often does a GM have complete trust from his fan base.
But right now Ray Shero is making all the right moves.
And we all know it.
In contrast, Pirate fans have as much trust in David Littlefield, as they would dropping their kids off at a day care center run by Michael Jackson.

Picture: David Littlefield about to do something stupid.

..Speaking of stupid, check this post out
The post title is:
"2008-2009 potential top nine"

This is why messages boards are great.
This would be the biggest mistake in the histoy of the Penguins.
Record with this lineup:
Can anyone really say Jonathan Filewich will even make the team?
If Tyler Kennedy is on the second line on opening night we will kill five people.
Angelo Esposito could make the team, but it is hard at this point to even think he could be a first line guy next year.

Here is a nice little article on what the rest of the league thought about Shero's pick:

"It might be a perfect situation for him," New Jersey GM Lou Lamoriello said. "There's nothing wrong with that. As long as you've got that innate desire and that confidence -- and he's got that -- he's fine."

Lou Lamoriello sucks.

But not as much as this kid.
No question some type of relation to Kenny Melvin.

....The Flyers are pumped about their number one draft pick.

Picture: Two Flyer fans celebrate the team drafting James VanRiemsdyk

....Apparently Jimmy Ballsack is still in the mix for the Predators.

...Kevin Lowe wants to deal

Here are the uniform changes from Boston and Columbus:

Thanks to J-Schiff for the find
A Winter in the Sun
Game #31
December 16th
Upper St. Clair Still Sucks. PENS WIN.

*Special note this was the night Jimmy Ballsack withdrew his name from the Pens ownership bid*

Intermissions are so nice when the Pens are winning.
Six minutes into the second, Jordan Staal strikes again with a quick shot off a face-off, and the Pens jumped out to a 4-1 lead.
In the time it takes a fart's aroma to dissipate (roughly 30 seconds), the Pens had scored again. Maxime Talbot/Joseph Melichar combine to score a shorthanded goal and the Pens lead 5-1.
Unbelievable. The rest of the second period was a bunch of nothingness, if my memory serves me right.

Malone and Bing patiently waiting for their turn on the Kiss Cam

  • Malkin seemingly took advantage of the Super Cuts super shot.
  • Ruutu-Talbot-Thorburn. Wow.
  • Recchi: 800 assists. Nice.
  • If you're on the ice with Sidney Crosby, and he passes the puck in your direction...unless it's right on your tape, that pass isn't for you.
  • It seems like Malkin is a half-step off for some reason. The naked pictures of Michel Therrien may have had an adverse effect.
  • Solid game for Thibault. Big win for his confidence, too.

Commentorblog said:

We have a fritowill apperance:

Anonymous said...
Did anyone else catch that stat about Croz and the great (suck) one?

Basically in as many games into their careers Croz has more points in less games!

Take that you SOB!!!

Which brings me to this question... without Mario's countless back problems, and the cancer thing, how bad would he have beat Gretzy's ass? And how many of you guys want Croz to finish him off?


Offseason day number:

What a player

Sunday, June 24, 2007


The NHL Draft is completed.
Rounds 2 - 7 took about 45 minutes to complete.
This isn't the NFL, where every player has a five-minute reel of highlights and ESPN pays teams to deliberate longer so they can talk about Monday Night Football more.

Fact: After this picture was taken ,Ben Roethlisberger faked an injury.

On to the Pens draft picks.
No one knows who any of these guys are.
It's ridiculous to even list who the Pens drafted.
It's a waste of bandwidth.
If you expect to come here and find in depth coverage of some 124th-round draft pick, you're on shrooms.

But the Pens did draft this guy:

Casey Pierro-Zabotel

No clue who he is.
But just for agreeing to take this picture, he needs to be brought up.
Here is's Draft Central.

The Pens did make a minor trade.

Can't wait for the Tim Brent era to begin.
As "Tee" pointed out -- the only thing interesting about this trade is that this guy has two first names.

In other news:

Look for a new show coming to the CW network this year:

(J -Schiff)

We took a look at some major draft stories and steals in the recent years.

The Pens brass were in the dark for the last 20 years.

  • Brett Hull -- Round 6, pick 117.
  • Luc Robitaille -- Round 9, 171
Speaking of the '84 draft, the Flyers were a joke.
With the 225th pick, they chose Petr Rucka.
Yeah, too bad Calgary had already picked him with the 200th pick.

  • Nothing too crazy in this draft, although the Pens took Paul Stanton and Jim Paek in rounds 8 and 9, respectively.
  • Nothing crazy. The Pens take Rob Brown with the 67th pick.
  • Calgary takes Theo Fleury with the 166th pick.

Fleury celebrates by doing crack.

  • Nothing ridiculous here. Mike Modano taken first overall.
  • Wow. Somehow, Pavel Bure is on the board until Vancouver grabs him with the 113th pick.
  • Owen Nolan, Petr Nedved, Keith Primeau, and Mike Ricci are taken before the Pens take Jagr 5th overall.
  • The Pens take Ian Moran in Round 6.
  • Peter Bondra -- Round 8, 156. Washington.
  • The Eric Lindros saga.
  • Rangers take Alexei Kovalev at no. 15.
  • The Pens take Markus Naslund at 16. Rusty Fitzgerald at 38.
  • Darius Kasparaitis goes 5th overall.
  • Sergei Gonchar goes at 14.
  • Pens take Marty Straka at 19. The rest are jobbers.
  • The Hartford Whalers take Jarrett Reid at 143. He turns out to be a sex offender.
  • Alexandre Daigle goes first overall.
  • Chris Pronger goes 2.
  • The Pens take Stefan Bergqvist at 26. Dave Roche -- 62. Patrick Lalime -- 156.
  • Ed Jovanovski goes first.
  • Pens: Chris Wells -- 24. Richard Park -- 50. Devils take Patrik Elias at 51.
  • Bruins take Andre Roy at 151.
  • Johan Hedberg -- 218.
  • Sharks take Evgeny Nabokov at 219.
  • Tomas Vokoun goes at 226.
  • Bryan Berard goes first.
  • Pens -- Aleksey Morozov, 24. JS Aubin, 76. Jan Hrdina, 128.
  • Chris Philips goes first to Ottawa.
  • Pens -- Craig Hiller, 23. Michal Rozsival, 105.
  • Tomas Kaberle goes at 204.
  • Joe Thornton goes first.
  • Pens -- Robert Dome, 17. Josef Melichar, 71.
  • Maxim Afinogenov goes 69.
  • Wow. The worst draft class ever for the NHL.
  • Vinny Lecavalier goes first.
  • Rico Fata goes 6th.
  • Pens -- Milan Kraft, 23. Rob Scuderi, 134.
  • Jarkko Ruutu goes 68th.
  • Brian Gionta -- 82.
  • Pavel Datsyuk -- 171.
  • Patrik Stefan goes first.
  • Kris Beech goes 7th.
  • Pens -- Konstantin Koltsov, 18. Sebastien Caron, 86. Ryan Malone, 115.
  • Sabres draft Ryan Miller at 138.
  • WOW: Henrik Zetterberg goes Round 7, 210.

This is where draft busts are not knowledgeable to discuss.

  • Rick DiPietro is 1st. Dany Heatley is 2.
  • Pens -- Brooks Orpik, 18. Shane Endicott, 52. Michel Ouellet, 124.
  • Anton Volchenkov, 21.
  • Ryan Caldwell goes 202.
  • Ilya Kovalchuk goes 1. Spezza goes 2.
  • Pens -- Colby Armstrong, 21. Noah Welch, 54. Tomas Surovy, 120.
  • Rich Nash 1.
  • Pens -- Ryan Whitney, 5. Erik Christensen, 69.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury goes 1st overall.
  • Ovechkin, 1. Malkin, 2.
  • Sid.
  • Staal.
  • Angelo.
You want some sick draft information, go to Empty Netters.

Around the NHL

The first confirmed Reebok uniform design for 2007-08 has been released.
What a jersey. Sick.

Dude looks like Buddy Lembek from "Charles in Charge."

Charles was in charge of his balls


Did anyone else see #99 get a one-minute standing ovation at the draft?
What a joke.

Wayne Gretzky sucks

And finally...

......People will make jokes all day about how there is no interest in Hockey.
But you can just feel a lot of excitement building.
If you are checking places like and Spector's hockey for rumors, you aren't alone.
Free Agency starts in seven days.

A Winter in the Sun
Game #30
December 13, 2006
Bing Goes Nuts. PENS WIN.

Crosby takes the lead and never looks back.

If the third period was going to be interesting, the Flyers had to score early. And they did. On one of the best plays of the night, Kyle Calder took the puck from Umberger on a 2-on-1 and turned Fleury into a woman.
This upset the Pens. A minute later, Michel Ouellet received a pass near the goal line and beat Nittymaki to make it 7-3 (A: Crosby) .
Then two minutes after that, Mike Knuble scored for the Flyers to make it 7-4. After that Capitals game the other night, I didn't know what to think.
We threw the New Jersey Devil clamp onto the neutral zone, though, and ran out the rest of the clock. Well, a nice 7-4 victory over the Flyers.

Oh, wait. Jordan Staal grabs the puck, embarrasses a Flyers defenseman, walks in, and beats Nittymaki with 7 seconds left to score (shorthanded again) the most meaningless goal in the NHL since Larry Murphy scored the eighth goal against Jon Casey in 1991.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 5 A (Sole possession of first place in points)
  • Gonchar: 2 G, 3 A
  • Malone: 1 G, 3 A
  • Malkin: A puzzling zero points and 1 shot on goal
  • Shots: PHI (29) PENS (23)
  • Powerplay: PHI ( 0 for 3 ) PENS ( 3 for 9 )
  • Is it disturbing to anyone else that the Flyers' best scoring chances came when they were shorthanded?
  • Philly's Todd Fedoruk was everywhere tonight. He was starting scrums between the periods, he was scoring goals, and he was rocking the bantam hockey cage.
Commentorblog said:
Andrew said...

For those of you who TIVO'd the game, at 8:51 (o' clock) they show Crosby on the bench after they made the score 5-2, on a goal where the Flyers' Matt Ellison was out of position. Crosby clearly says, "I beat the fuck out of Ellison in Juniors."


That is what commentorblog is all about.

Day number:

Yea, that is Jermain Stephens.
Bust City

Go Pens


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