Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Solid piece.

Pens signed winger Tim Wallace.

A Notre Dame alum who was in the Pens training camp last year.
A million dollars there is a golfer on the PGA Tour with the same name.

KC is one step closer to the NHL.

He's coaching in the Minnesota Wild system.

Speaking of Minnesota...
How pathetic was Jon Casey.

Have you seen a more deflated human being than Jon Casey after Larry Murphy scored the 8th goal in Game 6?

This picture is the reason the internet was invented.



Featuring Phil Collins.

How dominant is Phil Collins --
You search "Genesis" in Google, and Phil Collin's band's Wiki page is a higher result than the first book of The Bible.

We planned to only have five Phil Collins videos.
But we couldn't contain ourselves.

Here is ten Phil Collins.
You can't rank them...because they all are sick

Thanks to:
Karri, Tiff, Phill, J Schiff, Anyomous, Phil, Dying Alive, Pete, Jason ,Tee, Joe, Dee, CJ,
and to everyone else who we forgot for submitting videos.


First up:

What a song.
"Another Day in Paradise"

A few people put this one through.
It may have already been on Musicblog.
Phil Collins had sex with every woman in the bar after this:

"Don't Lose My Number"
This video makes no sense.
It is awesome.

"Take Me Home"
It doesn't get much better.
Phil Collins does have a weird-shaped head

"Doesn't Anyone Stay Together"
Live performance.
It is what life is all about.

"That's All"
As Tee said:
"I dare you not to think about your ex-gf while you listen to that."
So true.

Almost speechless for this one.
If you had a time machine...and you didn't go back in time to see the Ultimate Warrior wrestle, you're gay.

What a relaxing song.

"You'll Be In My Heart"
What a tear-jerking 4-minute ride of a song this is.

But when you talk Phil Collins, you talk this song.
Stunning video.
"In The Air Tonight"

One bonus track:
"Can't Hurry Love"

We need to start a petition to get Phil Collins to sing a National Anthem at the Mellon.
Could you imagine Gary Roberts, Mark Eaton, and Phil Collins in the same building?

Other unreal Phil Collins songs:

"Two Hearts"
"Invisible Touch"
"Land of Confusion"
"Jesus He Knows Me"
"In Too Deep"
"I Can't Dance"
"No Son of Mine"

The more you think about it, the more it comes to realization that Phil Collins is under-appreciated in the world.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #13

Discontinued Chevrolet Car Scores In OT. PENS LOSE.

"But then Ryan Whitney reminded us why we have a love/hate relationship with him. In the middle of an excellent shift, he tries to get a shot through three Lightning players. It hits a player's leg and bounces to the boards. I saw what was coming in slow motion. I saw Lecavalier breaking; St. Louis getting the puck on the boards; St. Louis springing him on a breakaway with an unbelievable pass and Vinny undressing Fleury like he was an altar boy at a Catholic priest weekend retreat.

The only thing Ekman did all year.

Box Score

Crap we said:

  • Crosby-Ekman-Armstrong looks solid
  • Malkin-Recchi-Staal will be dominating within the next two games
  • Pens did an OK job staying out of the box tonight
  • You gotta love Ekman smiling on the bench after scoring his third goal
  • If you didn't stand up in your living room as soon as Lecavalier got that puck in OT, you're not a hockey fan.

commentorblog said:
Adam said...

Yea, I just looked it up. It is interchangeable with Nils. Not that I didn't believe you guys.

Malkin was only gonna survive for so long as a winger. He's adapting to smaller rinks...and then he has to learn a new position. I bet it's tough.

I really like the potential of the recchi-malkin-staal line.

and F the 'Ning.

Wow, AC really thought the Recchi-Malkin-Staal line was gold.

Messageboard said:
Donald Fagen
Junior 'A'
Junior 'A'

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 11:10 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Fleury was abused on that breakaway...start t-bo next game
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Day Number:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


3 - 2

What more could you ask for the opening game of a Stanley Cup Finals?
It was why hockey on its highest level is great.

All the sports writers will say, "Oh, well, no one gets Versus anyway, so who really cares?"
Blah Blah.
Can we retire that joke?
Fact of the matter -- we got Versus and some other people probably do, too.
If you don't have Versus, get a job or just watch the NBA like ESPN wants you to.

In between a TV timeout, cheerleaders dancing, players blatantly traveling, and someone complaining about a foul, Tim Duncan scores against some white dudes.
The NBA is a joke.

Back to hockey.
What a first period.
Both teams looked fresh and ready to roll.
It was hit or be hit.

We know everyone's precious football is rough.
But at any given time in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, if you're not paying attention, you could die.

Ottawa opened up the scoring on the powerplay.
Mike Fisher's shot got deflected. Typical lucky Senators crap. 1-0.

But the Ducks are solid.
They jobbed around, and the puck found its way to the Finnish Flash(TM).
He passes it to Old McDonald.

Old Macdonald had a goal.

The rest of the first saw more hard hits than Warren Moon's wife.

NFL Hall of Famer.
Too bad Frank Reich owns.

It was nice to see the Sens scrambling for a change.

On to second....

The Senators lucked into some Powerplays.
Giggy doesn't know whats going on.
2-1 Sens. It might be over.

But the Ducks are sick.
They just keep coming.
They stay the course and ready themselves for the third.
You know what is coming.

Ryan Getzlaf gets the party started with a cheap goal to tie it.
Give the Sens credit. They fought back.
It was end-to-end action. Good times.

Finally the Ducks went ahead, thanks to Travis Moen.
Giggy shuts the door.

Ducks lead 1-0.
It is going to be a fun series to be a part of.


......The Return of the Winnpeg Jets?
"When we had the chance to go back to Minnesota, we did. Because it made sense, the right ownership, the right building situation," said Bettman. "The market was strong and vibrant. We haven't studied Quebec City or Winnipeg or anywhere else in Canada, but the notion that if it could work to put a franchise back in a place where one was lost, feels good - provided we don't wind up in a situation where we've created a prescription for another failing franchise.
-Gary Bettman.

...Bettman also addressed some things in his State of the NHL:
  • Bettman said he expects league revenues to have increased between 6.5 - 7.0 % this season, which means the $44-million salary cap will likely rise to between $48 million or $49 million for next season.
  • More games in Europe or an increased presence in Europe will also continue to be a focus for the NHL
....Dany Heatley Story...Whatev. He should marry Lindsay Lohan.

.....Some guy is the new GM of the Coyotes.

.....Andrei Markov gets a huge deal.


Nat King Cole.
He just dominated.

We'll start in the 80's as usual.
Don't dream It's over
What a song
(Thanks to Anonymous)

Wierd Al
A Jobber hall of famer
Amish Paradise
(Thanks Anonymous)

Coolio, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Harden my Heart
What a weird video
(Thanks Tiff)

Finally some Spinal Tap
(Thanks Dying Alive)

From now on Tuesdays will be top five of a certain Artist/Band.

Tomorrow is Tuesdays with:

Phil Collins.
Just so we can get him out of the way.

Let us remind everyone that love wouldn't have existed in the 80's if it wasn't for Phil Collins.
He wrote the book.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #12
November 6, 2006

Tough, But We'll Take The Point. PENS LOSE.
Never have I thought about sympathizing with the Seattle Seahawks fans, but now I know how it feels like to think a game that you could've easily won was tainted by questionable officiating. We're not complaining because the Ducks didn't really do anything to merit trips to the penalty box, but a couple of the Penguin penalties were questionable calls. Either way, you don't have to be making excuses when the best team in the NHL squeaks by you in overtime.

Box Score:
Crap we said:
  • Strong performance by Thibault tonight. You can't go on and on about it because there were no highlight-reel saves, but he kept the Pens in the game. He looks weird in net, and that's probably because we're used to Fleury this year.
  • Orpik had a huge hit and a solid game. Anyone remember who Welch laid out in the first period? Wow. Welch had a nice game but has to cut down on the penalties.
  • Maxime Talbot is a maniac.
  • Apparently, doing a Super Fly Jimmy Snooka into a player from behind and choking him with your stick only merits a two-minute minor for roughing. We are talking, of course, about Pronger flying into the zone to lay out Ekman. Ekman had it coming, though.
Commentorblog said:
Brett said...

Things I learned last night:

the definition of highway robbery - the pens getting out of there with a point

Move over Orpik, Welch is the new landlord of the sin bin

Ryan Whitney hates the game of hockey

I want to donkey punch Pronger (I wonder if he pads his vag like he does his small feet)

and yes, talbot is a maniac hahaha

Messageboard said:
<span class=ECHL'er" title="ECHL'er" border="0">

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 1:33 am Post subject: Reply with quote

ANd make no mistake about it, the referees decided this game. The NHL had a chance for a record tonight, making sure the Ducks got their 15 game with a point to start the season. You didn't think the NHL would miss a chance like that did you? Anyone watching this BS and thinks otherwise is a fool.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Your Mom's Station

Playoff Brackets are finished. A winner has been crowned.

Random Asian, thoughts?
"It's about time."

*** The Rundown ***

We knew we had our hands full when we realized that this bracket contest couldn't go the way of an NCAA bracket.
You could've had Anaheim going all the way to the Cup Finals, but if you didn't have them beating the Wild, Canucks, and Red Wings to get there, you didn't get points.
You can call that gay, but since every bracket was scored on that scale and the contest was free, please accept our apologies.

And due to the fact that NO ONE picked Ottawa to beat the Pens, the Eastern Conference sides of the brackets quickly turned to mud.
The series that was accurately predicted the most was the Devils beating Tampa Bay, 4 games to 2.

Due to Ottawa's absence in any of the predicted Finals, we can announce the winner already.

The Winner of the 2007 Pensblog Bracket Showdown is...

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, drumroll please.


For the first time ever in the Pensblog Bracket Competition, there is a three-way tie.

******* James Fallen *******
******* Ron Walker *******

******* Ross Bowker *******

We're too lazy to go calculate GAA, so all three will get a prize.

And since the $20 gift card to a mall was primarily for the ladies and funds are short, the winners get their pick of one of the following items:
  • $10 GetGo Gift Card
  • Box of Sarris Chocolate-Covered Pretzels
  • 3-pack of underwear
  • A 1991 Penguins puck signed by the entire Pensblog Staff
  • Pensblog Staff picture, signed
  • Two packs of smokes
  • Mach3 Razor with extra blades
  • $15 iTunes Gift Card
  • DVD of Weekend at Bernie's
Winners, please send your address and any details (i.e. kind of cigarettes, size underwear) to:

You have until June 3rd to claim it.

Thanks, everyone!

Click for standings.

3 points for picking winner.
Additional 5 points for picking results ( 4 games to 2 ) correctly.

If anyone calls shenanigans, we could easily throw the brackets in a .zip file and make them available for download.

................................. gives us the story of Canada adopting the Senators...


Paul Devorski and Bill McCreary will be headlining Refereeblog for the Stanley Cup Finals.

Kerry Fraser = Stunned.

Extended Musicblog

Face it, ol' blue eyes has seen more vagina than your grandma's gynecologist

Bring it

So ol' blue eyes will ring in another start to musicblog
Summer wind in the honor of summer starting

Next up:
Kevin Bacon in footloose
So many thoughts on this, but to sum it up.
He was no question on PCP
(thanks thenick as usual)

Kriss Kross= sick
No way they are still alive
(Thanks Tiff)

The fact it took Byran Adam this long to make an appearance is embarrassing
(Thanks Karri)

And this:
Steve Perry-Oh Sherry
To see this video is to see greatness
(Thanks Anonymous)

Pat Benatar is lights out
the kid at the 1:08 mark looks like crosby
(Thanks Dying alive)

At some point Billy Idol is going to get his very own musicblog
this is a good start
(Thanks Phil)

A Winter in the Sun
Returns tomorrow

Game 12
Pens @ Ducks, where were you?
Everyone have a good Memorial day

Thanks to all the veterans and current troops

Day number:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Got My Mind Set On You

What would someone give for a Penguin Saturday night game right now?
You know that feeling.
Chilly winter night against some jobber team.
Photoshops rolling in.
Third period of a tight game.
Pens fall down by a goal.
Then score two straight.
Fleury shuts the door.
Those were the days, friends.
Those were the days.

Instead we are watching Forest Gump on TBS.

What a movie.
The final scene where Forest is talking to Jenny's grave stone.
Tears everywhere.

Fire David Littleboysfield blog


(Pitt-Penguin 44)

One more pic, and if we don't print it, you know it's offensive.
Which is why we love it.
Click here if you want to laugh.
(Thanks to Josh for helping secure our spot in hell)

The Pirates did win tonight.
Guess who doesn't care?
John Smiley

That face is all business all the time.

In 1991 if John Smiley was pitching, teams didn't even show up.
Wish we could take credit for the Smiley reference.
But reading Dejan Kovacevic piece in the Post Gazette is what spurred the memory.

Pirates blow

... Good Stuff from about the Stanley cup playoffs drama.

...It must be the off season because Bob Smizik columns are making sense. He jobs the steelers.

"Having successfully reached into the pocket of the taxpaying public to help fund a $275 million football stadium that sits idle about 350 days a year, the Steelers, knowing a good thing when they see it, appear to be reaching for a slice of the potential treasure of casino boss Don Barden."

Great lead. That's how you sell newspapers.
No word on whether the Steelers have a comment, or they are just waiting for all the porn they downloaded to get done.

.....EA sports did a simulation of the finals...Sens in six they say.

Wonder if EA sports included the Drunk Driving challenge to play between periods.

George Harrison-I Got my mind set on you
(Ryan coming up huge)

Frito Will sends this reminder of where Hootie has fallen to.

The Presidents
What a song. It just feels like the 90's.
Thanks Jason

This is the strangest video ever.
Brought to you by theNick

Finally some Phill Collins
Thanks to Broadway Joe Wier

One more sneaks in
The Police
Thanks to Clint

We know we have been missing some videos in commentorblog.
Just send them again.
A Winter in the Sun doesn't run during the weekends.
Here is a post from right before the Anaheim game.
Apparently it was tough weekend:

Crap we said:
  • Steelers go down in a blaze of mistakes
  • Terrible loss to South Florida for the Pitt fans
  • For Penn state fans: Joe Pa gets crushed and is called an old fart on national television.
  • Pens lose to the Sharks
The worst news was this:
Doogie Howser comes out of the closet

....So many jokes...but I simply ask for a moment of silence.

Commentorblog was talking about:
erica said...

i think its bizare how stuff works.

i go 8 months without hearing anything about phil collin, and then he shows up on the pensblog...and then i'm listenin to DVE this morning and they mention him.

11/06/2006 7:26 AM

Strange that Erica is talking about Phil Collins at the same time 6 months ago, on the day someone sent us 5 Phill Collins youtube songs in our email.
Phill Collins is clearly time traveling to mess with us.

Message board nation was saying:

Some dude goes nuts when he hears Thibault will start against the Ducks

Mad City Mike
<span class=AHL'er" title="AHL'er" border="0">

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:41 pm Post subject: Re: Fleury will sit tonight Reply with quote

kbeech wrote:
Pens coach Michel Therrien will give goalie Marc-Andre Fleury the night off which means backup Jocelyn Thibault will make his first start of the season.

No reason to even watch then, if the coach is admitting they have no chance to win by playing T-Blow.

7-1 Ducks.

Oh well, at least I can go to bed early knowing the outcome isn't in doubt. That likely means there will be no grades from me on this one, except this:

GOALTENDING: F--. You didn't expect T-Blow to actually look like an NHL goalie, did you? If he hadn't given up those four softies, the Pens might have had a chance. His rebound control was brutal. Even uglier was the one that went in from behind the red line. But who cares, anyway? This was a give-up game since they had already won two on this trip and Therrien didn't want to risk Fleury getting hurt.


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