Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pensblog State of Mind

It's February already. Are you serious?

February is known for the saying "In like a pretender, out like a contender."

From now until April 7, the longest stretch of days off that the Pens will have is three.
They play in Toronto on February 10th and come back home to play Chicago on the 14th.

Here's hoping the Pensblog doesn't become garbage during the busy playoff stretch.

COMMENTER SCOTT: Unless it's been changed recently, the Arena plays "Kerncraft 400" by Zombie Nation at the end of the periods.
There's probably more than one version on Limewire.
Make sure you get the one with the "Oh Oh Oh Oh's" in it.

..................................................................'s Power Rankings place the Pens in 12th...

...Speaking of, here's the article about John Buccigross building himself a hockey rink in his backyard...
--- Love him or hate him, but when an ESPN SportsCenter anchor and columnist is this devoted to hockey, something makes sense in the world.

General Ambrose E. Burnside
How great would it be to able to look at this picture and say he is your great-great-great-great grandfather?

...Continuing on our ESPN kick, Scott Burnside suggests now is the time for Toronto to part ways with Mats Sundin... has always broken stories about anything related to the NHL before even local news sources have.
We're telling you, for the best knowledge and quickest reporting, is the place to be.
I check their site every morning to see if I die later in the day.

Therefore, it is with semi-heavy hearts that we give you this.
--It simply says that Andy Sheehan of KDKA is a boobsac.
Sources are telling TSN that stories saying the deal is done are "premature."

Andy, stop. Thanks.

In case you're wondering, rumors came flying from Mark Madden that a deal was done, as well. Maybe he is right...

God help us all. At this point, it is a waste of pixels to discuss. All we know is that no one will be the same after this ordeal. The arena issue has taken at least 5 good years from our lives.

...And, as one of the worst-placed link shout-outs in history, the Bucco season is rapidly approaching.
Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke? is getting into full swing.
If anyone reading is curious, that blog was the motivation that drove us to start our own.
We honor and respect its operator, Pat, as much as you can honor and respect someone you have never met.


Tonight, the NHL is slower than my retarded cousin who stole my firetruck Micro Machine when we were 7.

It had a light-up siren, you son of a bitch.
Sorry, Aunt Natalie.

...Toronto finally did something exciting in the United States. They beat the Rangers 2-1 this evening.
The tie-breaking goal was scored in the third period by the aforementioned Mats Sundin...

...The other games are Columbus-Edmonton and Phoenix-Anaheim...


Should be a good one Thursday night at the Igloo.


If Jules Winnfield coached an amateur hockey team:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

3 - 0 RECAP

There was no great goal.
There was no great comeback.
Two weeks from now, Pens Nation won't even care.
It was just another game on a bitterly cold Tuesday night in late January.

But, hey, that's what you get when you're in a playoff race.

6-0-1 in our last seven.

A simply stunning performance tonight.

The first period seemed like a typical first period during a Pens home game.
The Pens couldn't capitalize on a powerplay halfway through the period.

Michel Ouellet has answered the call of Pensblog Nation in 2007.
Late in the first, after great plays by Staal and Malkin, Ouellet took a pass in his skates and composed himself enough to get it past Eddie Belfour.

In an announcement that received little press, Michel Ouellet put in his two-week notice at Waste Management.

The jobbers (and we're using that term lovingly) are starting to really contribute to the success of the team.
Early in the second period, Jarrko Ruutu, who will soon be challenging Crosby for the points lead, went down in the corner and fed Moore the puck in front of the net.
Moore had time to smoke a cigarette before backhanding it past Belfour.

After that goal, the Pens started to really slide into their system.
Unreal forechecking, backchecking; the defensemen were making smart plays.

Seven minutes into the second, Florida's David Wilkes Booth started a Panther Train to the penalty box.

Two minutes for assassination

A minute after that, Ville Peltonen was sent to the box.
After amounting zip on that 5-on-3, Rostislav Olesz tries to take Crosby's head off and gives the Pens another 5-on-3.

Lord Therrien calls a timeout to give the big boys a breather.
This Crosby - Malkin - Staal/Recchi - Gonchar - Whitney powerplay is going to become a force, if it isn't already.

Crosby's move on the powerplay: Sex isn't an adjective, but that's as close as we're gonna get to describing that move.

After not capitalizing on the two-man, the Pens finally got the goal they wanted.
On a delicious pass from Michel Ouellet, Rich Whitney improved his chances of winning the governor race in Illinois with his usual goal.

The third period was a third period.
Nothing much going on besides everyone being on the edge of their seats, watching Marc-Andre Fleury keep his bid for a shut-out.
You could really tell in the third period that the Pens wanted this shut-out for the MAFer.
What a stupid statement. Why wouldn't they want it?

Is it just us, or is that a mullet sighting on Jordan Staal?

The highlight of the third period was the Penguins putting themselves shorthanded by two men on purpose just to show how good they are.
Mark Eaton continues his chase for the Pensblog Norris Trophy. That play he made during the PK is the stuff of legends.

With 15,000 strong cheering on Marc-Andre, he made save after save and preserved the goose egg.

  • Crosby: Only 1 assist (Overrated?)
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Ouellet: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: Florida ( 32 ) Pens ( 25 )
  • Powerplay: Florida ( 0 for 4) Pens ( 1 for 5)
  • Mellon Arena handed out posters tonight honoring Recchi's 500th goal.
  • Steeler coach Mike Tomlin becomes the first African American since probably Bill Cosby to get a standing ovation in Mellon Arena.
  • Gonchar almost cost Fleury his shutout in the second period on an egregious giveaway.
  • The clutching and grabbing is getting more and more prevalent. It is a shame. Nobody wants this to turn into a garbage league again.
Speaking of garbage, a reader sent us this link:
The name is self-explanatory.
Make sure you find time to go into their forums.
Go to the Kansas City Penguins thread and read the "open letter to Penguins fans".

Special hello to the gentlemen over at
Pensblog's Chris and Gabe met them at the game tonight.

In a surprising twist to the hit series, Heroes debuted a new character Monday night.

Bob Smizik -- With the ability to ignore the Pensblog


Huge day in that department, too. If you didn't read through the comments in that post, they're definitely worth your while.
Props to Will from Butler for actually getting a response from B-Smiz.

Commenter Seth e-mailed us this gem.

If you don't want to click that link, all you need to know is that sources are telling KDKA's investigative reporter Andy Sheehan that the announcement of a Pittsburgh arena deal may be made in the coming days.

Commenters Bake and Joshua gave us this article.

That article simply says that the NHL All-Star Game was the highest-rated television show in only two U.S. markets that evening -- Pittsburgh and Buffalo.

---Scott Burnside of is thinking that the Penguins need to trade for a veteran defenseman.'s Power Rankings are hot off the presses. Pens are 11th...

---Shelley Anderson gives us a nice piece on the Father-Son Road Trip....


Take a quick peek at this clip that has a One From The Heart feel to it.
While you're there, you can check out how big of a mess Ron Hextall was.

Pensblog friend Tom found the video of the hockey hole-in-one that occurred over the weekend.

Want an extended and opposite view of Petr Nedved's OT goal in '96?

Commenter Shorty e-mailed this to us a while back, and we finally get to use it:
The Florida Panther Cheerleading Squad Being A Joke.

A little trade to talk about. Craig Conroy goes back to the Flames.
The Kings, just as their own minions failed to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, have struggled to assemble a winning team again.

Humpty Dumpty -- Dead tonight at the age of 32.

Speaking of which...

Barbaro was murdered today.
No relation to John Barbaro, the Mellon Arena Public-Address Announcer.


Slow night in the "New NHL".

Around the Atlantic tonight, the Rangers smoke the Bruins.

It seems like the Bruins only show up when they play the Pens. Dicks.

Picture: Bruin players look in horror after realizing how fat that girl from The Cosby Show and That's So Raven has gotten.

Here she is, dominating as Olivia on the Cosby Show in the early '90s.

2003 -- Hey, is that the little girl from the Cosby Show? Damn.

2007 -- Tank
The picture itself registers a 3.2 on the Richter Scale.

It was a special night in Montreal as world-class goaltender Ken Dryden's number was retired.

Dryden won six Stanley Cups, two Vezina Trophies, a Conn Smythe Trophy and was a first-team all-star five times in an eight-year career from 1971 to 1979.

In the regular season, he won 258 games, lost only 57 and tied 74.

His poop is accepted as currency in the province of Quebec.

How sick are those numbers?
If your number gets retired by the Habs, you must have done some pretty big things.

The Habs got a 3-1 win over the Sens on this emotional night.


It feels like the Pens haven't played a home game in a year.
As always, big game.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The following is the Pensblog letter to Bob Smizik and his editor, Jerry Micco, in regards to this horrifying column in Sunday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Maybe he wrote it just to continue engaging in his media feud with Mark Madden.
Or maybe he wrote it just to get Pens fans worked up.
Personally, we think he wrote it just to get one last jab in at Mark Madden before the Arena deal goes through.
(Note: If you want people to gradually start hating you, start every one of your sentences with "I/we think...")

But just remember that Bob Smizik is nothing.

He's worked long and hard to get where he is. Good job on his part.

But another writer who has worked just as hard and is in the same position as him could easily have a different opinion on this matter.
Four guys that run some website will have a different opinion.
An anonymous commenter will have a different opinion.
A sports radio talk-show host will have a different opinion.

Smizik's not delivering news to us. He's giving us his opinion.
Just 'cause it's in a paper doesn't mean it's important or deserves any attention.

We're just wondering why he felt the need to write this column and deliberately put it in the Sunday edition of the Post-Gazette.
The column is contradicting, and there really is no validation as to why it was written.

We suggest buying up a few copies of the January 28th Post-Gazette and using all the copies of his column to assist you the next time you have to house-break a dog.


Dear Bob,

We hope this e-mail finds you and finds you well.

Now, Bob, obviously you know what this e-mail is about.
We aren't going to attack you with sarcastic barbs and insults because it would serve no purpose.
We want you to read this.

Beginning with your opening statement, we must say that you do show knowledge of the subject at hand.
It appears that even during Steeler season and the Pirates off-season, you still found time to check on the Pens.

"Leverage is with the Penguins, and, although they're not likely to make Gov. Ed Rendell, who is brokering the deal, buckle, they'll get more concessions than first believed."

A lot of people will wholeheartedly agree that the Pens have the upper hand in this situation.

"By most indications, the Penguins soon will come to an agreement with the various governmental bodies with which they are negotiating for a new arena, and that will keep them in Pittsburgh for some 30 years, if not longer."

What's the point of taking the time to write a column about how Pittsburgh would be without the Penguins, while making numerous allusions in said column to the fact that the Pens' arena deal is pretty much imminent?
It's kind of contradicting.

This column is two months late, at the least.

"...this is a point about which the MFOM (Media Friends of Mario) never fail to remind us. Their wail is this: "He's been waiting since 1999.''

No one has really warmed up to your home-made moniker "Media Friends of Mario".
Isn't that a little bit childish? (And that's coming from guys who try to work flatulence jokes into their daily writings.)

Are you aware that Steeler season ended about a month ago (well, realistically, like two and a half months ago), and there's an article appearing today in the paper you write for titled "Dan Rooney: Born to be a Steeler"?

Where's the Media Friends of Dan Rooney facebook group?

The point is that the MFOM thing makes no sense.
You shouldn't alienate yourself from your media cohorts.

You continue on about MFOM:

"They say this almost as though 9/11 never happened and the world did not radically change on that day. There was a long period after Sept. 11, 2001, when building any kind of sports facility was out of the question."

I fell out of my chair when I read that.
Forgive us, Mr. Smizik, but that first sentence houses some childish sentence structure.

We understand that you are trying to make a point.
But teetering with the notion that people are denying 9/11? That's crazy.

Moving on...

"Incredibly, the MFOM continued to say the fix was in. If that is the case, please name which public officials were bribed and who bribed them so we can get on with prosecutions. Otherwise, shut up!"

See? Your entire article wasn't mud. Everyone who has a pulse could easily agree with you.

However, the rest of your column, Bob, is bizarre.

"As stated, the Penguins likely will not leave Pittsburgh. If they do, it will be a sad day. But Pittsburgh would not become a Green Bay or a Syracuse. It would remain Pittsburgh, a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. Anyone who judges a region by the number of its professional sports franchises has a distinctly warped view of life."

Bob, you are a sports writer, not Dear Abby.

Pittsburgh is a great place to live, work and raise a family.
Hey, we agree.
If we didn't, we'd be operating BlueJacketBlog in Columbus, Ohio.

But if there is any city anywhere that identifies itself (and is identified) by its sports franchises, it would be Pittsburgh.
Hell, our football team is the Steelers. Steel Town. Blue Collar. Take your lunch pail to work and talk about coal-mining and beer and chewin' tobacco and women.
We live in the only sports city that has a uniform color scheme among its sports franchises.

Outsiders see Pittsburgh as The Little City That Could.
But mention Pittsburgh to anyone, and the first thing they think about is the Steelers and maybe Mario Lemieux and/or Sidney Crosby.

We have no idea what your intentions were with this column, but come on, Bob.
You know that sports has a huge effect on this region. Don't get preachy.

The stats would also indicate that people in Pittsburgh are leaving; especially young people.

Losing the Penguins may not be crippling for old jobbers who don't care.
But for young people who are contemplating staying put or leaving town, Pittsburgh not managing to keep this franchise here will show how disinterested the city is.

Does the increasing number of Pittsburgh fans showing up at away games in hockey and football suggest that people that have had to leave Pittsburgh to find work are scattered across the United States?

In case you haven't noticed, the atmosphere at Pens games this year is better than any year in recent memory.
Does it have anything to do with young superstars and the droves of young fans coming out to support this team on even weekday evenings?

The young fan base has turned Pittsburgh hockey into, essentially, a college sport.

Oh, what a segue...

"Two [franchises] is good, but three is better. And Pittsburgh will have three major sports franchises if the Penguins leave. The University of Pittsburgh might not fall under the category of professional, but it is a major sports franchise. The Pitt football and basketball teams are every bit as important to this town as the Penguins. They attract as much attention and drive similar revenue."

Are you serious?

Pitt is a great draw, but please.
Let's not think it has the same effect.
Drawing comparisons between collegiate basketball and football teams and a professional hockey team is flawed and unsubstantiated.

We have no loyalties to Penn State or Pitt, but people usually root for their favorite respective college because they went to school there or a member of their family went there.
People also root for them just because they want to, which is fine.
But please do not compare fan bases.

Pitt basketball tickets for students are, what, $5?

And don't even talk about Pitt football. Football is slowly becoming a religion in the United States. It's ridiculous and nauseating.

"It's hard to figure the exact amount of revenue that would be lost if the Penguins left town, but it's not nearly as much as the MFOM would have us believe. If the Penguins sold out every game, their attendance would be close to 700,000. At roughly $50 a ticket, that's a lot of money -- about $35 million. But if the Penguins leave, it's not like the people spending that money are going to bury it in their back yard. They're going to spend it somewhere else."

Simply put, there is no way people will come to the city on a cold winter night just to walk around.
Restaurant and bar profits in the surrounding area would fall.

The only place people will be putting their money is into moving vans.

We don't have a sweet rebuttal for that paragraph simply because you pounded us with figures.
People see numbers and don't want to do math and probably skipped that paragraph anyway.

"There would be a shortfall in terms of revenue from the parking tax and the amusement tax, and that would hurt. But, if the Penguins leave, the NHL would not let the new arena remain vacant for long. Pittsburgh would be a prime candidate for an expansion team or as the new home for some of the league's struggling franchises."

All of a sudden, the suffering NHL will be looking at expansion options?

Instead of telling us that the arena would be filled by a struggling, re-located franchise, why not lift some hearts by saying that it would be stupid to lose the storied Penguin franchise because we were three months late in finalizing a deal?

In closing, Bob, we hope you become a little more positive.
Do you think people like to be depressed?
We got tired of reading the negative spin put on Penguins hockey by Pittsburgh sports writers, and that's why we started our own little internet newspaper to lift some spirits.

Saturday night, the Pens won 7-2. They are looking great.
And then we have to turn to your column.
What is the point of bringing everyone down?
Why make Pens fans miserable?
It is not right, Bob.
We hope you respond to this email with some insight on our opinions.
Hopefully, you've actually read this far.


The Pensblog staff and perhaps Pens fans everywhere.


Remember, Bob, hope is a good thing; maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We all know the game was played in Arena. We mentioned that more times than an anus.
Little did we know that the jobbers on the team would step up and absolve any fight that the Coyotes had in them.

24 seconds in, Crosby is sick and sets up Malone for a goal.

Phoenix quickly realized that they should at least look half-interested. They tied it up with a Shane Doan goal.

Not to be outdone, the Pens come storming back two minutes later with a flaky shot from Maxime Talbot that floated into the net.
The rest of the first period consisted of Nasreddine getting owned and players throwing out checks like people who actually pay their bills on time.
Bodies were flying around like the end scene in Titanic.

Caledon Hockley.
One of the top five cinematic characters of our generation.

We head into the second period with the lead.
Halfway through the second, Steve Reinprecht scores a goal; fooling all the Coyote fans in attendance into thinking that they were going to compete tonight.

Three minutes after that goal, and with the Pens on the powerplay, Eli scores his signature one-timer from Bing to put the Pens in front for good.

How clutch was Eli Whitney for inventing the cotton gin.

To send the Coyotes reeling into the intermission, Jarkko Ruutu scores a goal on a nice feed from Petrovicky.
During that second period, FSN felt the need to drill in our heads how great big Wayne was. Who cares.


Simply put, the third period was the best period of hockey in a long, long time.
Not only entertaining, but it just felt good to watch.

After the Coyotes took another stupid penalty, Malkin lights one off the post.
(Can the NHL please start keeping track of posts hit? Malkin has had to have hit at least eight this season. Pensblog will keep track of the stats for 10 bucks an hour.)

And while we were waiting to get a whistle so that the refs could review the goal, Sidney Crosby scored a goal we'll be seeing in NHL commercials for the rest of the year.

After that Crosby goal, Phoenix gave up. It was embarrassing.
15 seconds later, Petrovicky scores to make it 6-2. The rout was on.

Recchi, who has been on fire, pops in a Sid-point-cushioner to round out the scoring.

If you look directly at Mark Recchi, you'll go blind and do yourself.

We at Pensblog never liked the idea of contraction, but if you are of the opinion that the NHL is a little diluted, look no further than the Coyotes.
Owen Nolan is still alive?
Jeremy Roenick is a joke.
Ed-Jovo-cop is a stiff.
How can you get excited about Coyote hockey?
If you like cheap shots and bad goaltending, Phoenix is the team for you.

Give credit to the Penguins role players for answering the call every time this evening.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 3 A
  • Recchi: 1 G, 3 A
  • Petro, Ruutu: 1 G, 1 A each
  • Shots: PENS (32) Coyotes (24)
  • Powerplay: PENS ( 3 for 6 ) Coyotes ( 1 for 6 )
  • How excellent was that picture of Bob Errey in the trivia question?
  • If you were a Coyote player, you'd have to kill yourself after hearing the coyote howl during every break in the action.
  • No one said Jobing. Very disappointed.
  • Surplus of Pens fans at away games this year.
  • The dads should be there every game from now on.
  • Petro punched the ref by mistake.
  • Georges Laraque was the only player trying for the Coyotes.
  • Pens: 5-0-1 in last six.
  • Mark Eaton=Norris
  • And just when we are enjoying the victory. We read this. We are crafting a response to Bob Smizik, hopefully it doesn't end up with us being arrested.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Do It For Daddy. PENS WIN.

4 - 3

What an emotional game.

First off, it is great having Eaton back.
If you're a casual fan of hockey and don't pick up on the little things, there's nothing wrong with that.
Wait, never mind. There's no such thing as a casual hockey fan.
But if you watch Eaton when he's on the ice, you can see some things he does that change the entire game.
The play in third period where, instead of chasing the player behind the net, Eaton flows right to the closest Star in front of the net. Result? Eaton breaks up a potential game-winning one-timer at point-blank.

Mark Eaton = Money in the Bank

In the first period, it seemed the garbage that encompassed American Airlines Arena during the All-Star festivities was still lingering.

Halfway through the first period, Turco lets one rip to the chagrin of Sidney Crosby.

There was some okay action, but nothing much to talk about.
The Pens frittered away a power play opportunity, and the Stars fans were randomly cheering for no reason at all.
Sergei Zubov scored through traffic about halfway through the first period, and that was it.
Of all of Craig Patrick's trades, where does Kevin Hatcher for Sergei Zubov rank? Ouch.

Kevin Hatcher is currently employed as a waiter at a Sonic in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee.

The second period brought some much-needed action.
Marty Turco seemingly dropped some acid, which led to four minutes of horrendous goaltending.

Jordan Staal sneaked a shot past him from almost the top of the faceoff circle to tie the game up.
Less than four minutes after that, a Sidney Crosby shot got some help from Mark Recchi's leg, and the Pens had a 2-1 lead.
That lead was short-lived, however, as Jussi Jokinen scores for Dallas on a weird play to tie it up.

That sends us into a riveting third period.

With about half of the third period gone, Dallas jobs a goal to take the 3-2 lead.
At that point, after hearing Steigerwald and Errey talking all game about how Dallas plays close to the vest, it definitely felt like they could've Deviled us the rest of the way and escape with the W.

A mere 1:30 after the Stars' goal, Jiri Lehtinen commits a huge blunder and pounds Ryan Malone with a stick to the dental region.
The Pens go on a power play.
This was it. This was our last chance.

Ryan Whitney fires a nice pass to Malkin, but it doesn't get to him. It hits a Dallas player's skate. The puck goes right to Recchi's stick, and he bangs home his 500th career goal.

Congrats Mark, but don't think we forgot about that dumb penalty you took in the first period.

Besides the Ruutu-Robidas fight, the rest of the third was a blur.

After arguing all night over whether or not Oswald acted alone, Ruutu and Robidas finally came to blows.
(Definitely click that pic)

Overtime arrived, and it was insane. Was there only one whistle during the entire five minutes?

Roughly 18 seconds into the overtime, a Dallas shot looked like it was on its way in, and even Steigerwald cried out, "Scores."
The fans stood up thinking it was goal, but it barely trickled wide.
Gotta give it to the Dallas fans, though. They stood up for the entire overtime. Great atmosphere.

The Pens got their opportunities, too; the best coming when Christensen had at least two good looks but couldn't put it in.

With about 10 seconds left in OT, Bing grabs the puck at center ice...and you could hear all the Stars fans collectively say, "Oh, shi...."

He flies into the zone and powers past some terd. He gets a "shot" off that could've easily went in, but it took a fortuitous Dallas bounce, and the Stars cleared it.

You know what that means....

Up first, former Penguin Sergei "Shoot" Zubov.
Fleury stacks the pads a la NHL 95 and denies Zubov.

First shooter for the Pens is Erik Christensen. He makes Turco look like a hooker. 1-0.

The next shooter for Dallas was Jussi Jokinen -- a man who was born to score in shootouts.
Fleury stones him.

Next up for the Pens is Sidney Crosby. Hey, maybe he only scores shootout goals in this arena?
Turco stops him.

Okay. This is it.
The Stars final shooter is border-line Mexican Mike Ribeiro.
Fleury makes a left pad save, and 17 people in Dallas kill themselves.

  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Recchi: 2 G
  • Whitney: 2 A
  • Ouellet: Another assist
  • Shots: Dallas (35) Pens (27)
  • Powerplay: Both teams ( 1 for 2 )
  • The referees took our advice from our last post and didn't use the high-tech whistles. But they forgot to bring the regular whistles, too.
  • The fathers of the players in the luxury box is a great sight. Great TV. Hopefully, we see more of it in Phoenix tomorrow.
  • Eaton = Stellar
  • How funny is it to watch Eric Lindros skate with his head down all game? If he was in the shootout he would of went straight into the boards behind flower.
  • Speaking of Lindros. Ryan Whitney's play on him in front was game saving.
  • Did anyone notice Ruutu giving Flower advice?
  • Great all-around performance tonight. Great line combinations.
Pens in Glendale, Arizona tomorrow night.
The Coyotes played tonight in Colorado.

The over/under for Saturday's game is 6.5

Janet Gretzky wants a piece of that action.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A heart-felt birthday wish goes out to Pensblog Chris.
He is celebrating the big Chris Thorburn on Thursday.


We got some complaints regarding the banner-raising ceremony from yesterday.
If all you saw was a white box, click here.
We think the HTML we used to embed it wasn't compatible with some browsers.

Hope everyone got rested up over the All-Star Break because the next 2 months are going to be the most important of our hockey lives.

We are way behind on everything, which is starting to become a recurring theme.
So tonight, we catch up.


The Ryan Malone rumors.
Rumors have spread all over the Internet and papers faster than you can say "Hey Dude"

Maybe the best show of the 90's. How great was the indian jobber on that show?

Note: He may or may not be the coach of the New York Islanders

OK. Back to business.

Trading Malone to the Rangers would be a horrible idea. If you want to trade him, fine. (He's establishing himself, but if you do trade him, you give up him and someone else for an established goal scorer.)
However, you do not trade him to a team that you are going to play 8 times a year for the next however many years. Not good business.

Here is some background on Prucha.
Not a bad player.

"A proactive player ... Possesses superior hockey sense and skills ... Is always around the puck in the offensive zone ... Seems to find a way to create scoring chances by playing a hard, determined game around the net ... His speed and skill force the opposing defensemen to always be alert when he is on the ice."- Rangers website.

Thanks for nothing.

Here are the Arena Links for our international readers and people that just woke up from an All-Star break coma.
If this is old news to you, scan ahead. This stuff isn't good for you.

The Good
The Bad

The Ugly
  • Your mom.

When I have nightmares, the Quaker Oats man is usually involved.

But seriously...

It was hard going back and linking all those articles. It takes years off your life. The words "viable," and "posturing" should be banned from print.

...................................... actually had an NHL story on the front page.
It was taken off, however, after word broke that Lebron James might have taken a dump.

This is actually a pretty decent read. ESPN surveyed hockey players on questions like best scorer, toughest, and all kinds of other junk.
AO was voted best scorer.
No question he is the most accurate sniper in the D.C. area, we can't think of anyone.
Or can we.


You want to talk about making a mess of things? What happened to the NHL of the early-to-mid-90s?

The AllStarpalooza was garbage.
To make matters worse, the referee's uniforms with the silver armbands will be here to stay for next year.

So when we're at games and see a borderline penalty, our eyes won't be automatically drawn to the orange.
Stupid. Makes Zero Sense.

The referee's whistles that communicate with the game clock are stupid.
The Rail Cam is a joke. (Joe Starkey seconds that)

Every game producer in the NHL needs to stop giving us cool and bad-ass action shots on two-on-ones. Nothing ruins the game more.
Just show us the play.

We Pensbloggers want to take the reins of NHL Marketing, too.
Just give us one year.

We want the home team wearing white.
We want commercials that aren't just funny when you think them up; commercials that have staying power.
We want the Sex Cam instead of the Kiss Cam.

.......................................................................'s Scott Homoside predicts the Pens will finish second in the Atlantic and grab the 8th seed in the conference...

...At this point, we wouldn't be surprised if someone on suggests trading for Peter Forsberg...

...Jason Blake apologizes to Sidney Crosby...

...A testament to our own little All-Star Break, here's the delayed link to Darius Kasparaitis being placed on waivers.
We are not the authority on any matters other than sucking at life, but we never thought for a second that we should grab Kaspar.

FRIDAY - 8:30

This sidewalk-chalk artist is money in the bank:
His name is Julian Beever.

(Click the pic)

Speaking of money in the bank, big thanks to Tom for the pic up top.

Go Pens


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