Thursday, December 27, 2007


Josh M. hailing from Shaler won the ticket contest.

We had a solid number of people take part in the scavenger hunt.

We talked to Josh on the phone today using voice-analysis software during the call to make sure it wasn't Melvin.

We'll have everything anyone wants to know about the Winter Classic,
as far as NYE celebrating and tailgating and giving Buffalonians DDTs.

We reiterate it wasn't rigged at all.

We wanted to do a screenshot of our e-mail,
but in Gmail, it timestamps the last e-mail you sent to that person in that particular strain.
So the time's are all messed up.


Michael W. was at 8:39
Josh put his in 10:15

Brandon McG. is on a ledge somewhere.
He put his in at 10:16


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Melvin, you LGPers out there... the guy posting there as Scotty Bowman - is it Kenny Melvin? Very similar to his old posts. I'm just wondering if he got around the board or if the Admin over there is much more forgiving that I'd ever be and granted him posting rights again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and congrats to the winning submittal. Scavenger hunt = crazy use of Al Gore.

Lloyd said...


the post titles are the same color as the background

Joshua said...

I can't believe he won, you north hills endzone pylon stealing SOB! Haha he knows what I am talking about.

wallflower said...

Anonymous, it is most definitely KM posting as Scotty Bowman. I busted him - I have a hard time believing that there is anyone else who doesn't know the difference between Nirvana/Kurt Cobain & Stone Temple Pilots/Scott Weiland. He also posts about Howard Stern a lot too.

Here's some advice for KM, if you're going to pretend to be someone you're not, don't give yourself away by talking about all the same stuff, the same way. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I figured as much wallflower. I did see your bust on him the other day. I had been wondering about it before then but your post backed up my suspicions.

I just wonder if the Admin over there knows it... I'm assuming he does. I guess he is a more forgiving person than me.


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