Tuesday, December 25, 2007


That Brooks dude in New York was talking about Roberts and Ruutu.

And now...
Apologies to anyone who may have posted this in commentorblog,
but a writer from Ottawa says Shero wants a winger for Sid. Right now.

If he can't get him, Therrien's gone. [ Ottawa Sun ] via [ Fanhouse ]


Now, wait. Hold everything.
We're pretty objective on hockey, even when it comes to the Pens.
People may disagree because we make fun of their players, but we do that 'cause it's fun.

Adam Proteau from [ The Hockey News ] made a list of delusions that each team has and the corresponding reality check of that situation.

Pittsburgh The Delusion: Dany Sabourin and Ty Conklin can hold the fort until Marc-Andre Fleury returns from injury in February. Reality Check: Even if the two journeymen goalies play well until Fleury comes back, does GM Ray Shero still want to entrust his post-season hopes in someone who flopped in the playoffs last spring? Highly unlikely.

Did we miss something that the rest of the NHL saw?
Did MAF flop in the playoffs last spring against the eventual Eastern Conference champions?
Against the number-one team in the East this season?
Games 3 and 4 were hard-fought, low-scoring contests down to the wire.
And the Pens kind of won Game 2, dude.

What an idiot.


Speaking of the MAFer...
Here's a bad-ass close-up shot of his mask.

And then Sabu

Here's the gallery of all the NHL mask. [ NHL.com ]


Roberts got the NHL.com First Star on Sunday.


:: David Amber Top-10 Time.
Top 10 oddities in the NHL. [ ESPN ]

[ Fanhouse ] pointed out that the list has a glaring omission:
Lemieux's 5 goals 5 different ways.




Our hope is that he plays at least one game as a New Jersey Devil before he retires.

This is fitting on the day that Christ was born.
Miro Satan recently registered his 666th career point.

This is in our subconscious, and we want to say Empty Netters pointed this out last season,
but various NHL media outlets make light of Miro Satan.

Here are links to his player profiles:

Yahoo -- http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/666
ESPN -- http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/players/profile?statsId=666
SI.com -- http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/hockey/nhl/players/666/
Fox Sports -- http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/player?statsId=666


Those flaps on the outside of his pads are apparently a big deal. [ Fanhouse ]

They're still up in arms about the whole HockeyTown thing. [ KK ]


What is this? No one even knows.
It has something to do with goalies and saves. [ BehindTheNet ]


[Picture+6.<span class=

First off, this Friday, we'll have everything you want to know about which bars to celebrate New Year's Eve in Buffalo as well as where the main known Penguin fan tailgating area will be.

:: The process of making the rink was unexpectedly postponed a few hours on Sunday evening, as the rink crews first had to wipe up all the feces from the Buffalo Bills trying to play tackle football.

:: The workers had to work through 50MPH wins that sent a tarp airborne which had the capability to decapitate someone. [ TSN ]

:: Dan Craig, the man whose in charge of everything going on up there, is a warrior. [ NHL.com ]

:: Scott Burnside and Damien Cox realize that no one reads their stuff if they're making out.
So they decide to debate the relevance of the Winter Classic. [ ESPN ]
If you make the mistake of clicking that link, you'll see how big of a douche Cox is.
2 points for using douche and cox in the same sentence.

:: We will soon be seeing print ads in the Trib of an outdoor pickup game with "It's A Great Day for Hockey" written on it. [ Kukla's Korner ]


Merry Christmas


Kevin said...

"Ottawa says Shero wants a winger for Sid"

I misread that as Shero wants to trade sid for a winger, and I thought everyone was on crack. Alas, it must be me.

Anonymous said...

burnside and cox like to lick each others ball sacks.

Seth Rorabaugh said...

Cough, cough...

It was one of the 4th or 5th EN posts ever.


(I'm such an ass for keeping tabs on stuff like that.)

firefox said...

If I was the seriously religious type, I would be pissed at the 3-1 score of Roberts over Jesus. But since I am not, I laughed my ass off and I am here to paise PensBlog for such comedy!

And Santa was good to me so far. I already got a Pens sweatshirt and a Pens wallet!

But I think the best present of all was the check on the standings to see the Pens in 2nd place in our division and the stupid Flyers out of playoff contention. Yes, I know there is still a lot of hockey to be played and the Flyers are only 2 points behind. But still, it just LOOKS good. :)


PolishKid said...

I just read that joint from Fan House about the construction of the rink at Ralphy Stadium. (Yes this is a reference to 'A Christmas Story.' Thank you TBS.)

Has anyone entertained the idea of a blinding snowstorm during the game? I know that I am from Pittsburgh and our idea of blinding snow is a bit different than that of a Buffalo resident. But I imagine goalies not being able to see opposing defensmen at the blue line, perhaps even high wingers above the circles. This seems like it could turn into NeighborhoodPickupStreetHockeyInJanuaryBlog.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

Gary Roberts 3
Jesus 1

Even on Jesus' birthday, Gary Roberts shows no mercy.

karri said...

[re: Miroslav Satan]

Our hope is that he plays at least one game as a New Jersey Devil before he retires. This is fitting on the day that Christ was born.
Miro Satan recently registered his 666th career point.

I love this. Thanks guys.

wilsmith, I have a DVD recording of that game. The Marco Sturm slew footing of Mark Eaton behind the Pens net occurred in the second period with 6:11 on the clock. I just have no idea how to use this computer to make it into an MPEG (or whatever) so that it can be sent to you.
If you have any ideas...

stokes said...

i'm watching the pens v. 'hawks game four 92. 3-3 end of first. you only wish hockey was still played this way today.

as for the trade rumors: i'm taking this article with a grain of salt as well. maybe i'm a moron, but i don't see the relationship between trading for a winger for crosby and firing therrien if that doesnt happen. the only way i see that mattering is if shero may be tired of the constant line juggling.

any thoughts?

Dan said...

i like roberts but jesus could pwn him any day he made him for pity sakes

Jonny V said...

Why is Sidney celebrating festivus with a young David Bowie?

Merry Christmas to the staff and all the regs around this little piece of the Al Gore.

And Hossa would be a beast with us.

adam vacancy said...

did anyone else notice that fleury went back to his old helmet from last year the past couple of weeks before he got hurt?
i think he had a new one at the beginning of the year but switched back because he's sort of superstitious.
just like how he buys all new pads after a long losing streak.

J.S. said...

errorblog. That Roberts/Jesus pic is wrong. Do you really think Roberts would dominate over Jesus, especially on his birthday.

The answer of course is yes, but he would do it on Tuesday, December 25th and not Thursday.

Anonymous said...


power rankings are just a bunch of BS.

but rankings 17,18,19,20 are rather interesting....

Anonymous said...

All right now, I was going to offer to help you out with the whole "where to drink in Buffalo" column, since I'm from Buffalo and an avid reader of the blog, but you're being mean about Buffalo. Yes, the Bills still didn't make the playoffs. Yes, it's cold, and yes, it snows.

However, I doubt that your concept of a blinding snowstorm and mine are about the same. I lived in PA and saw plenty of whiteouts.

Moving on - if you want help with the Buffalo thing, I still offer my services because, as you'll find, Buffaloians are some pretty cool people. Just leave a comment here in commentorblog that you'd like me to contact you.

Have a good time at the game, for anyone who's going. I tried to get tickets as a Sabres minipack holder but couldn't. I plan to watch the game on my huge TV in my cozy living room, though, so all is not lost.

Lady Jaye said...

Hope Santa was good to everybody. Can't go wrong with 2 new pens t shirts and a Heroes graphic novel hardback book. Yay! Pens & Heroes on Christmas make for a good day.... Now if they could stop making kids toys adult proofed when it comes to getting the out of the box, I'd be sound as a pound.

Anonymous said...

How were you able to save those mask pics from nhl.com? I wanted to grab some of the other goalie pics but can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Found out this christmas that my girlfriend is a keeper. Pens tickets, a pens hoodie, and AN EATON AUTOGRAPH, unfortunately when Eaton signed it my girlfriend became pregnant, but Im willing to deal with it for the autograph...

bluzdude said...

1. I got my brother the 10 Greatest Pens Games DVD for Christmas. Which was exactly what he got me too. Sometimes, things just work out.

2. Is it me, or does anyone else think that if David Bowie showed up unannounced at Bing's house, the last thing that would happen is that he would invite him in to sing The Little Drummer Boy? Somehow I think the reaction would be closer to calling the cops and releasing the rottweilers...

wilsmith said...

Has anyone else caught those NHL Minute on espn.com? Is that the NHL2Night theme I hear?

Brett said...

@anon 10:58am

worst-case scenerio you can use the Print Screen key often located somewhere near the scroll lock, insert and delete keys, and then pull up MSPAINT or any other image manipulation software, and do a Paste. then crop the image that was pasted to only include the image. this works for almost anything on your screen (except taking snapshots of videos).

Yeah, Fleury switched masks because of his "poor" start to the season, and he is very superstitious. Many, many hockey players are, and I bet most sports players in general are. Remember Sid saying that nobody is allowed to touch his sticks before the game? Hrdina spent hours taping his stick just right, all the way up the length, and if he messed up he'd have to start all over. Facial hair during the post season?

wilsmith said...

my personal superstition, I don't shave during any kind of hockey season with which I am involved.

My adult league plays all year round.

stokes said...

i had nylon socks that said "HO HO HO" on them. i wore one inside out and one right side in. and rarely washed them. i did that for ten years down at bridgeville( that old shithole) until one sock disappeared. i think it disintegrated.

Guins said...

Eaton. Torn ACL. Not Good

stokes said...

Hey! great news! Eaton's out with a torn ACL! Indefintely! Just what we needed.

How about a kick in the nuts too?

Anonymous said...

eaton out indefinitely....the world is gonna end.

J.S. said...

Brett, superstitions run all the way down to beerleaguers. I do everything right to left prior to games, and if I catch something out of sequence, I'll start over.

There was one game where I caught myself and decided to let it go since it was close to game time. I tried to think nothing of it, but with 2 min left and our team being already down 4 goals...boom, concussionblog.


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