Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things You Can't Make Up

It has been one of those weeks.

First this whole Flyers thing.

Then tonight:

2 goals.

Good times.
It is more funny than anything.

He was still a minus 1, so eat us.

Go Pens


Jonny V said...

Stokes' last post = truth.

Hopefully this team plays the next month like beasts. Perhaps similar to Vic Tayback. He was all business when it came time to running that diner.

Dany Sabourin was on the radio being interviewed by Ellis Cannon last night, and it's hard to tell if dude is up to the challenge of goaltending this team for the next 20-25 games. He kind of seemed a little James Franco Dude is reeeeally laid back in an interview, which i guess could be a good sign that he's not going to let the pressure get to him. Any friggin' way, it's going to be an interesting month and a half. Here's to everyone here keeping their sanity...

Anonymous said...

sabu and legame for flashblog

J.S. said...

I vote Marty the Chicken for flashblog.

He is a beast.

Spencemo said...

My inner self must think that it's Panicblog time, because I had a dream last night that I was the new goalie for the Pens.

...and I'm a chick...
...and I can't skate...

But, I it can't be all bad, right?

firefox said...

Sabu will keep us in the race, I have total confidence in him.

Rex...oh Rex. You only proved to us that you get motivated when someone pisses you off. Had you done that while playing for us you would still be wearing black and gold. Instead you scored 2 goals, but still lost the game and you are wearing one of the ugliest jerseys in the league.

Fleury29 said...

Oh, Jesus... Jesus, no.

Fleury out? Recchi scores two goals? Someone who can't figure out that Lupul is spelled the same way forwards and backwards? Philadelphia fans I actually agree with? (Hextallfan, I'm talking about you.)

Too bad blogger is blocked at work or I could have participated in the melee yesterday. Too bad most people talking shit used anonymous log ins. I think they were all Ben Eager.

As for Barrasso being in the best shape of his life? I say do it, I'll change my username back if he puts on a black and gold uniform again. That would be awesome... actually, it would be kind of pathetic. He's old, he should stay retired.

Recchi could learn a lesson or two about knowing when it is time to retire from Tom Barrasso, sadly I think he learned from John LeClair.

Lady Jaye said...

@fleury29 > Did you call hell and ask them what the temperature was? I was thinking about it this morning. :)

When I saw the Atlanta picture I initially thought they were wearing pajamas (of course I know they weren't really wearing pajamas). People used to say our third jersey (back in the 90s) looked like PJs... I think these ones really do. All I'd need with those powder blues is my pink fuzzy slippers and fleece jammie pants and be all set.

Lisa said...

Meant to comment awhile ago, when the whole "bloggers as journalists" debate came up.

Coming from a "certified" sports journalist--kudos to you guys. The paper industry is a dying one, and minus physically being in the dressing room, what you guys are doing is no different than what I'm doing.

Except you can do it with so much more oomph, because you don't have an editor hanging over your shoulder saying "You know, you should really cut that "Flyers Suck Ass from your headline. It's not very objective."

Cheers to you.


Anonymous said...

i heard kenny wregget is in the best shape of his life

not BigRickPSU said...

Recchi can score all the goals he wants because:

1.) His team still lost

2.) We are winning more without him and that is all I really care about.

I'm glad he caught on with Atlanta and wish him the best. He was a good Penguin for a long time. The fact remains, though, that we started winning when he stopped playing. Beyond that, I don't care how great or how poorly he plays. (Unless of course he is playing against us. In that case, I hope he's a minus five with an own goal.)

Sens gaytion into town tonight. Need to put the Flyers behind us.

Go Pens.

jim said...

from this morning's PG:

"I think so," Crosby said. "He was shaking his gloves and stuff. I'm not going to ... I mean I'd like to, probably, but, at the same time, you don't fight a goalie. Goalies square off with goalies. That's the way it works. I don't think I'm going to square off with a goalie."

Not that he has to, but Sid will fight if he needs to. He's just not going to fight some loser-diver-got-his-ass-kicked-by-Emory-last-year goalie like Biron.

wilsmith said...

Remember when the sharks traded for Joe Thornton? The next night Marco Sturm had a hat trick for the Bruins and everyone thought it was an awesome trade.

That's kind like this Recchi thing.

BlankieGirl said...

Yeah.. I tuned into Center Ice last night to catch Rex play.. you know.. for a good laugh. Was pretty amusing to hear the announcers saying "picking Recchi up from Pittsburgh was our win, their loss..." Sure.. what ever makes you feel better about -that-... lol.

Trust me, his skating abilites are still the same, slow.. and his ass found the ice a couple times. Nice to see it just wasn't the 'Burgh ice that was puting him on his can...

Mike said...

Recchi was on the ice for three goals for. Two, including one of his two goals on the night, were on the powerplay and those of course don't add anything to the plus column.

His other tally, which tied the game at 2, was at even strength.

He was on the ice for one even strength goal against and the reason his minus one comes into play is because he was on the ice for the empty netter that came at the end of the game.

A minus one in 17 mins of ice time. That's not too shabby. I think Rex is going to make everyone eat their words in a hurry. I think Rex just mapquested Starkey's mouth and easily found his balls into their way inside.

Stoosh said...

Final thoughts on the Flyers stuff until January 24 (or at least until another Flyers gets suspended for an elbow to the head...haha...couldn't resist...sorry)...

1. The fighting debate - as Mark Madden said in yesterday's show, no one cares who wins or loses a hockey fight other than maybe a few fans. What matters is that the players answer the bell when the time comes (whether it's initiating an altercation or coming to the defense of a teammate), and the Pens did just that the other night. It doesn't matter one iota to me that Armstrong gets his ass whipped from time to time when he fights; the bottom line is that he's proven willing to put himself in that situation. Same with Whitney, Roberts, Malone, Malkin, Ruutu, Letang...another other player that was willing to get their hands dirty the other night. And if it means that much to the fans, it counts infinitely more in the locker room.

2. I can't imagine I'll ever view the game the same way some Flyers fans seem to view the game. There's plenty of room in the game for physical play and fighting. If you've ever played the game, you know the game has to be physical to a point.

But the next time any player's total worth is judged primarily by his willingness to drop the gloves will be the first, unless we're talking about goons. And the only job of a goon is to fight other goons.

3. Flyers fans will never see Crosby in the same light as Pens fans. It'll just never happen.

Flyers fans see a petulant crybaby who dives to try to draw calls;
Pens fans see an ultra-competitive, incredibly skilled player who wears his emotions on his sleeve and plays with the work ethic of a fourth-liner who is afraid of getting cut.

Flyers fans claim Crosby hides behind Laraque and won't fight his own battles; Pens fans see a skill player who routinely goes into traffic, mixes it up with opposing players, and seeks out and initiates physical contact like few skill players before him (Forsberg comes to mind).

Flyers fans will argue that if Crosby was a real captain, he'd drop his gloves every once in a while.

Pens fans will cite many examples of captains in the past who never had to resort to fighting to prove their worth as a leader (Yzerman, Sakic, Gretkzy, etc). They'll also reply that if that was the case, Wayne Gretzky must not have been a good captain early in his career because he never dropped the gloves, had Semenko to "fight his battles" and complained to the refs just as much.

Joshua said...

Many are calling this recent stretch of bad luck the "Mark Recchi Curse" with all of the injuries and such. And the fact he scored twice last night.

Jumping the gun are we?

AJ said...

I've just spent the past 30 minutes catching up.

The post from the Philadelphia fan who failed to grasp the concept of "Palindrome" made my fucking week.

That may be one of the best things that I have ever read on Al Gore's internets. Excuse me, I now need to go clean the rest of my beverage out of my nose.

Loser Chris said...


Exactly! It's amazing how often guys score goals in their first game with a new team. I'd put the over/under for number of goals Recchi scores the rest of the season at 10. And if I had to bet I would probably take the under.

EmDubs said...

I wish nothing but the best for Recchi in Atlanta. He was a little bit of a bitchy crybaby the last month or so, but we all have those moments. I hope he can finish up strong and go out on top.

Ned Mark 21 said...

Alittle off subject but oh well, Dan Moriarty from HDNet just gave props to the photoshop contributors of the site. I guess he has some sort of show on HDnet and he was talking to Mark Eaton about the blogs that have pictures of him on Arnold's body and the one with the chick in an akward position that got him in trouble with his wife. Good stuff keep it up!

Anonymous said...

according to Jonny V, plus/minus doesn't matter... or is that because it does not apply to Gary Roberts.

Matt said...

Recchi's not gonna score two goals a game with ATL, but he's not gonna be a chump either (like he had been with us this season).
They don't have the PP depth that we have (Bobby Holik centers their second unit), so he actually deserves PP time there, whereas here he was just taking up space.
The Pens are (unfortunately) better off without him, but he definitely doesn't deserve the disrespect he's received in this forum. Plenty of great players have played well past their primes and still managed to produce without being a liability (i.e. Modano). He was our third leading scorer the last two years. Colby and Malone both had their shots on the top line last year, and they didn't produce. Let him hang up his skates when he wants to.
On a different note, if the Pens and Flyers managed to meet in the playoffs this year, it would be epic.
R.J. Umberger = Traitor douchebag.

Politowski said...

Letang and Sabou for flashblog!

Anonymous said...

Recchi is still producing more then Roberts. That is FACT!

Anonymous said...

Matt is the man for his comments, BRAVO! I hope Recchi goes and gets ANOTHER ring like with Carolina, however it would take A LOT OF WORK WITH ATLANTA, A LOT!!!!! But nothing is ever impossible.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight; Matt comes on here and leaves a "holier than thou" comment regarding some of the comments about Recchi and how they were not appropriate because he doesn't deserve that disrespect...blah blah blah..., but then in the same comment calls R.J. Umberger a "Traitor douchebag" -- for what exactly?

I don't care if you defend Recchi, or if you think Umberger is a douche, but don't call out commenterblog for "disrespect" for no good reason if you're gonna do the same thing buddy.

Matt = Hypocirtical traitor douchebag

firefox said...

"R.J. Umberger = Traitor douchebag"

Come on man, just because he was drafted by Philly and didn't outright refuse to play for them doesn't make him a traitor. It's his job. He gets paid to play well or someone will take his job away. The guy grew up watching the Pens and you know he would love to play for them. But if he throws games then not only will he not play for the Pens, he won't play in the NHL at all. He beat us bad, plain and simple. The Pens just need to move on to the next game and exact revenge on the Flyers (not just R.J. Umberger) on Jan 24th.

stokes said...

I'll finally be back at the Igloo. section E16. probably the most boring section in the entire place.

I swear to Mario himself, if there isn't a standing O(or something close to it)tonight when the boys come out, i am going to go postal. After the 3 wins out west, the quagmire on Tuesday, and tonight we have to host Ottawa, this team needs to hear the faithful tonight( and all the business men whose companies bought season tickets this year) right off the bat.

I don't think i'll see to many douchebag Ottawans tonight, but if i do, i'll send them PC's way.




jim said...

is that chris thorburn giving extra i-also-got-dropped-by-the-pens props to recchi in that photo?

stokes said...

You know how people with long hair leave strands of it in the shower?

Well, a couple of those longs hairs in the shower spelled out "GR" I shit you not.

We are playing the Sens; could it mean another big game for a certain Gary Roberts?

Anonymous said...

Gary Roberts has had a big game? News to me.

Brett said...

@anon 3:15,

Gary Roberts was not expected to contribute like Recchi was expected to. That's the difference. He's expected to contribute some down the stretch, but he's more there for crowed control and checking, and to mix things up in front of the net. Granted, I would like to see much more of the latter.

Nick said...

RJ Umberger was drafted by the Canucks.

Mark Recchi can score a tip in and a shot from the middle of the slot twice a game in Atlanta until he turns 45 for all I care. Fact of the matter is this: He was getting in the way here. He's too slow and old to keep up with Crosby or Malkin and not physical enough to play with Staal and Roberts. He doesn't fit in any of our lines.

Say what you want, but the Penguins did him a favor by putting him on waivers. He could have wasted into NHL obscurity like John LeClair or did what he did and accepted his role with a new team.

The only thing I don't like about Recchi is the negative things he had to say about Therien. When it's clear to just about every single Penguins fan with any inkling of knowledge about the game that Recchi couldn't hack it on this team anymore, it's also very clear to the coaching staff.

Recchi ripped apart the locker room the first year Sid played and was in danger of doing so again. If you're on a sports team and your best friend is sitting in the press box every night while some old jobber hack is out there getting in your way, you'd be getting pretty pissed off. (Sid-Colby-Rex) In the same manner, forcing Evgeni Malkin to play to Recchi's speed wasn't fair to him either. Fact is, this is a YOUNG, UNITED team who looks up to Gary because he's willing to throw down and drop the mitts for them. They weren't willing to look up to someone who wasn't carrying his weight.

lis said...

Penguins Insider does a good job of summing up Baby Fat's "credits" as a hockey player....very similar to what I mentioned in a post the other day. (you're gonna have to link yourself there because I don't know how to link that shit)

on a side note....anyone else notice the NHL STATS channel direct tv has with the Center Ice package?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else having trouble getting this game? I'm about 25 miles east of Altoona and 30 miles south of State College and on Comcast. All I'm getting on FSNP is a signal stating "Alternate Houston station" No answer and Fox Sports and Comcast cut me off twice. Any ideas what I should do?

Big Jim said...

Roberts is too slow and he will end up like most of old timers who cant keep up, get into a fight to stop the play so he don't look bad. Nick says that Roberts is there to drop the gloves, we need speed on the ice, hell we barely take any shots some games. a line where everyone keeps up would be nice so we dont have to pass around until some old timer gets into his position. I have seen games where Roberts linemates are down the ice ready to pass for a quick one time but Roberts is STILL at middle ice trying to get down. Need proof, pull up the Coyotes game, where he drops his stick and instead of keeping up with the play and being physical, he skates gingerly to get his stick. So the old man can fight, so can a lot of middle of thier career guys. Fact is, when you are near the basement you need to make plays. You beat Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, yes that is a big deal but then to be beat 8-2 by Philly with ample rest, something is still wrong. Crosby can't do it all, Staal needs to find himself, maybe on the bench, Malking and Sykora can make things happen, Malone and Armstrong can produce some games and a notion that if "Roberts would not have taken that penalty, Malone's goal would not exist" Fact is, I would rather be full strenght then be one man down and "hope" for a lucky SHG, I mean Malone is sometimes riding on luck. No other team in the NHL wants him even when we threw him on the blocks. Colby was always good for one or two games before becoming a scratch.

Craig said...

It is sad you all praise Roberts and seem to know what he likes, then job the man who brought Roberts here. Here is an exerpt from the Post Gazette...

One teammate who has been watching the Recchi saga closely is Gary Roberts, another veteran winger who was acquired by the Penguins at the trade deadline in February.

"We are pretty tight," Roberts said. "Mark Recchi's the guy that brought this team together last year. I came here last year because of a phone call he made to me. So it hurts deep for me to see what he's going through right now, especially me being an older guy, too."

Roberts remains a fan of his friend.

"He still has a lot of hockey in him," he said. "I still think Mark Recchi's a top-six forward on any team. Unfortunately, [the Penguins] didn't think so."

Staff said...

Big Jim, please notice the tone of Roberts sarcasm that we employ.

Everyone knows Roberts is slower than the other guys.
Everyone knows he can't score goals like he once could.
Everyone knows he isn't producing momentum-changing hits and goals that he brought with them at the deadline last year.

And all those are reasons why we adulate Roberts even more.

The "If Roberts didn't take that penalty" statement was intended to piss off Roberts haters.
Mission: Accomplished.

You're still a beast though.


canaanregulatesblog said...


Jonny V said...

Anonymous said...
according to Jonny V, plus/minus doesn't matter... or is that because it does not apply to Gary Roberts.

12/13/2007 2:24 PM

Don't remember ever saying that, but yeah ok

IndianaJohns said...

Crosby has got to bury some of those breakaways and what not.....

Nick said...

Big Jim,

Learn how to read. I said the young guys looked up to Roberts because he was willing to drop the gloves, not because he's here to fight. Jobber.

And if you want to talk about a big game, talk about Gary Roberts tonight. He might not be the fastest guy on the rink, but the last 4 or 5 games he's been throwing his weight around, forechecking like a beast and making big plays around and behind the net. What more do you want out of a third liner?

Eric said...

that was a tough one to swallow, im not dissing the team, first game back off the road trip, Gerber played out his ass, probably a little mental loss for everyone with fleury and max being out, but it was a good effort.

only thing i can say is what the staff and every1 else has been saying all season, "we're not professional hockey players, but deke or something"...somebody has to capitolize on these breakaway chances. just shooting the puck isnt cutting it...

Follow the smoke signals for road trip Part II

Go Pens

Anonymous said...

I still hate the flyers.

And Philthadelphia.

I liked the guy sitting behind me that said draw crosby's 47+ times. Why do i say 47+, because he probably said it times before we started counting. You gotta love when your date for the game starts ducking away from you for saying the same comment so many times that even they, pretty hot in a pink eagles jersey (dare i say it) start wondering about your sanity.


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