Friday, December 14, 2007

Stay The Course. PENS LOSE.

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The old saying goes,
"Mama said there'd be days like these."

Well your Mom is a joke.

Tough times.
Could be worse.

Bring on the Isles.



It felt like a typical Pens home game early on.
The puck hitting the boards behind the net echoes for 10 seconds.

Malkin got tripped up in the near corner early.
No penalty.
Gonna be a long night.

The puck was heading through the neutral zone when all of a sudden, it's Georges Larauqet Richard facing off against McGratton.

For the 20th time since Ruutu joined the Pens, Staggy mistook him for Crosby.
He sometimes mistakes Armstrong for Crosby, even though Armstrong is right-handed.

The Pens had a solid chance early on, but Gerber robbed Sykora.

The Pens later got two solid chances on the power play.
They generated some business on the first one, but were relegated to looking like skating turds on the second one.

A big deal during the first was the Pens keeping the Senators out to the perimeter, as if Sabourin was a woman making advances on them.

Bing and Colby had a solid 2-on-1 chance late, but Chris Phillips knew what was going on.



5 minutes into the second, and there was still no sign a fan-initiated LET'S GO PENS chant.
Student Rush is sorely missed.

After some jobbin back and forth, Sid comes out of nowhere with a breakaway.

66 buries it.
You honestly don't have that "he's gonna bury it" feeling you had when Lemieux was on a breakaway.

Scoods gets boobed with a high stick, and the Pens hit the power play again.

Sid got hit with a Gonchar blast, and "high ankle sprain" goes through your head.
But it looked worse, as it hit is oft-injured foot.

The rest of the power play wilted away.

And thankfully, Sid was out there on his next scheduled shift. Nice.

And then finally it happens.
Malkin makes an unreal move on Lee Malvo at the blue line, and gets a shot off as JFK drove to the net.


There wasn't a lot of time to touch yourself over the lead, because Dany Heatley drives a puck past Sabu. 1-1.

Sid went off late for high-sticking, and the Pens killed a bulk of the penalty before the period reached its demise.


During intermission,
Senator Pensblog Charlie organized a report of gay NHL players.
Unfortunately the only players on the list were from Ottawa.

Charlie nixed the effort after seeing a teenage boy with his shirt off.

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"Had to. LOL"



The Pens kill off Sid's penalty.
Bing jumps out of the box and gets an 80% breakaway.

WTF dude

Gonchar goes off for hooking later, but during the delayed call, Heatley jobs Sid from touching the puck, but nothing was called.
Good times.

We bash Ottawa a lot, but their power play is a big deal.

It looked like Eaton may have possibly made another goal-saving play, but it was mootblog.
Spezza picked up the trash from an Orange Sherbert shot from the point.

Heatley should have been in the box.

Kennedy had a solid chance in the slot later on, but he made more moves than Vladimir Kramnik and just couldn't put it home. Google it.

Tyler Kennedy Experiment gets some big confidence from Lord Therrien by being on Sid's line with Father Time lurking.

Off of a faceoff, Sykora slams Mesjokos from behind.

Always welcomed by a Senator player.

Unfortunately, it happened on an ice rink.
And it meant Sykora was going to the box.
Therrien throws up on the bench.

Oh no. Heatley again.


And with that goal, Father Time makes his presence and his balls known.
The next eight minutes are pointless.

But hold on.
Roberts makes probably the best play of the season by setting up Staal up front, but Gerber was insane.

The puck ends up out at the point.
And Gonchar gives the perfect example of the double-edged sword.
He tries to press and keep the puck in while the Pens are trying valiantly to get some goals.
But it gets past him, and the Senators get a 3-on-1 which is routinely broken up by Eaton.
If Gonchar retreats on that play, he's a joke. And he's a joke if the puck gets past him.
Gonchar haters would have loved the Sens to score there.

The Pens can't get anything going.
They end up pulling Sabu later. Didn't matter.

The microphone in the net picking up the puck hitting the back of the net when an opposing team scores an empty-netter is a huge kick in the sac.


  • Bing: Stunned
  • Malkin: Showed up. 1 A
  • TK: 1 G
  • Sabu: 3 GA, 2 shorthanded. Make of it as you will.
  • Heatley is a force.
  • Ray Emery better sell his house in Ottawa.
  • Pens came to play. Sid has to score on one of those chances.
  • Sykora penalty was a killer.
  • Ottawa is at the top of the Eastern Conference.
  • Look on the bright side: 2 Atlantic Division games loom.

BGL -- Rico Fatastic
Sens -- Wilsmith


Anonymous said...

someone posted a comment a couple days ago that they were looking to buy this winter classic acrylic hat with pom:

whoever posted, did you find it yet?
if not, i know where you can get one

i decided to repost, because more people will read here.

IndianaJohns said...

Sitting in front of me was a guy in a suit with his hot wife and two young daughters. They came 10 minutes into the first period. The poor man was constantly buying his gold digger wife and little kids food and when not up and buying food he was on his blackberry. The wife and little girls were restless and none of them returned after the second intermission. Miss you student rush.

IndianaJohns said...

Sitting in front of me was a man in a suit, his hot gold digging wife, and his two young daughters. They arrived 10 minutes into the game. When he was not laboriously off buying food for his spoiled kids/wife he was on his blackberry. Needless to say after the second period the milf and her children were growing restless and they did not return. Miss you student rush.

Anonymous said...

Sit Jordan Staal. He is too slow and has done nothing all season. The only thing the Penguins need him is for the PK, but he can be replaced.

Therrien sat Armstrong because he "wasn't producing." Why do they not sit Staal?

Cleary the worst player on the team now.

b said...

Wow what a frustrating game. Like Steigy said we deserved to win, but could not convert on scoring chances. With Sabu in net we cant make a habit of this. He played well too and deserved a win. Captain Obvious, signing off.

burton87 said...

Staal sucks.. trade him for Recchi

Antonette said...

I was at the game last night (first game this season, just home from finals, etc.) and I was so disappointed in the crowd. All around me, no one shut up about their stupid plans for the weekend, no one knew anything about hockey, and the entire crowd was so damn apathetic. The arena was pretty much half empty with 10 minutes left in the third, which is a joke.

Fuck you, bandwagoners with money.

PittHockey said...

anonymous, I dind't find the hat yet.

what'd you come up with?

J Dilla said...

I'm a season ticket holder and was at the game last night and, just as there have been in almost every other game I've been at this season, there are penalties against the Pens that just aren't called (ie the Heatley penalty and others). Just because the Pens draw a ton of penalties, doesn't mean the refs need to even up the chances for the other team. We should have had at least 2-3 more powerplays last night.

not BigRickPSU said...

I hate to do it, but I have to pin this loss on the staff. They didn't post a picture of a wrecked Ferrari. Staff does that and I have a feeling the Pens win.

Damn if they didn't hit the nail on the head about Sid though. When he's on a breakaway you just don't feel confident that it is a goal. With Mario you never had a doubt. I understand they are different players, but you have to score on breakaways. Someone should let Jordan Staal know this too.

Speaking of Staal, I'm starting to think he may have to sit a game or three. I know he's young and hasn't been playing tooo poorly, but if you expect him to score (and he doesn't) he needs to know that isn't acceptable. As other posters have mentioned, Armstrong sat for a ton of games for doing the same things Staal is doing. According to Mirtle, the Pens have the 5th worst PK in the league and Staal is on the ice for twice as many even-strength goals against as goals for. I really liked that JFK -- Roberts -- Staal combo, but Staal has to be accountable for his lack of offense, especially if his defense isn't elite.

He is a second year pro now, do we really still need to coddle him? Are we worried about his confidence? Doesn't it already have to be pretty low? Maybe a night or two watching from the top would help? I just don't know.

firefox said...

That really is sad. The gut doesn't want to be there, the wife doesn't want to be there, the kids don't want to be there. Why are you there?! Give those tickets to the students that will make some damn noise!

As for the game, it was really frustrating. The Pens played well enough to win. They should have won. But Gerber was just a wall! He stole that game from the Sens, no doubt about it.

Still, we must hang in there. We have 2 games against teams in our conference. We must win both!


Ryan said...

Also at my first game of the season last night and I agree with the comments above...the crowd sucked balls. I had a lady behind me scream "shoot it!"...which is fairly common...except that she screamed it at one point when we had the puck BEHIND THE NET. Granted, the pens weren't giving the fans much to cheer for, but it was weak. Student rush is sorely missed.

wilsmith said...

Antonette, I hear ya.

I made the same rant after I went to my first game this season a couple weeks ago. I even noticed watching on TV how pathetic it was.

Igloo = silent.

JimmyMo said...

Crosby needs to stop going 5 hole... period... every goalie in the league knows that is what he does... if he is going to be the best player in this league.. then he needs to stop being so predictable..

Stoosh said...

I know we've got bigger fish to fry, but someone posted a reference to this previously and after I looked at it, it was too good to let go.

Jon Bombulie - the WB/S beat writer - did a quick bit of research that he posted on his Penguins Insider blog about BabyFat (Ben Eager).

Bombulie came up with a list of all the players in the Pens' organization Eager (6'2", 227) has decided to drop the gloves against. Those players are:

Drew Fata (twice)
Ross Lupaschuk (offensive d-man)
Matt Murley
Max Talbot (5'11, 185)
Dan Carcillo
Gary Roberts

These are the players in the Penguins organization who Eager has played games against but never fought:

Georges Laraque
Andre Roy
Eric Cairns
Dennis Bonvie
David Koci
Mike Sgroi
Ryan VandenBussche

If that isn't a Grade A, 100% Certified example of "douchebaggery", then we might need to eliminate the concept of douchebaggery altogether.

Anonymous said...

i am going to my first game at the end of december and i really hope the students coming home for x-mas bought tickets.

fuck business men with money!
(although i would like to have more money)

John said...

with the number of breakaways sid has been getting lately, you'd think he would put at least a few of those away. STOP GOING 5 HOLE !!!!!!

slush said...

@JimmyMo and John- AMEN! Not once but twice he did the same thing on breakaway. Come on Sid, your better than that!

Anonymous said...


i actually saw some in the arena, i saw them at a little gift shop or whatever right between gates b27 and b4

leeroy said...

I was talking to Fleury in the wives room between the 2nd and 3rd period. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet.

PS> Mark Eaton's wife is a MILF.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone pointed at Coach T? I think he has to go. The Pens have been winning on talent alone. It's time to get someone with half a clue on what to do with that talent behind the bench.

Anonymous said...

Lemieux was money on the breakaways because he played in a different era. Granted, he was probably the most dominant breakaway scorer ever, but the goalies of the late 80's and early 90's were awful compared to today's, mostly due to the enlarging of the pads and the widespread use of the butterfly.
Watch the DVDs. Hextall couldn't make the Phantoms today, and if Crosby played in that era he would have put up 50-60 goals a season.

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 1:17PM...

Barring a collapse of Edzo-like proportions at some point over the balance of this season, Therrien's here for the duration of this season. Any coaching change is only going to amount to someone like Andre Savard being named an interim coach to serve out the string.

Therrien isn't under contract beyond this season, and the fact that he was only given a one-year deal after last year may go to show what Shero ultimately thinks of the coaching situation.

If there's someone out there who currently isn't coaching (Pat Quinn or Pat Burns, for instance) that Shero thinks can ultimately take this team to the next level, Therrien could be let go tomorrow.

But if Shero has his eye on another coach from outside the organization that's currently under employment with another team (say, Brent Peterson in Nashville or Randy Cunneyworth in Rochester), he's going to have to wait until the offseason because those coaches' current employers won't let them vacate their current jobs.

If I had to put my money on either, I'd bet on the latter.

Anonymous said...

all the bandwagoners took all the seats so students like me who enjoy going for student rush can't even bring a group of friends cause all that is left is single seats or standing room only. and who wants to do that? it sucks. When I went to the game over break, me and my friend couldnt even sit beside eachother. There was a husband and wife beside me during the first period, and they left after that. It's sad to know that people can waste money like that! And not give two craps about the game.

and crosby is so talented, i just don't understand why he didn't get fancy on gerber. 5-hole twice? c'mon , he is soooo much better than that. He should be frustrated.

Then you have players like Kennedy who got called up who are producing better than a lot of the players on the team. Producing better than Staal is Kennedy. At least he can get the puck in the net. It's so frustating to watch.

go pens.

Anonymous said...


therrien is under contract for next season.

stokes said...

My section sucks. my buddy and i can get loud, but we are reasonable. we don't yell for 60 straight minutes, and quit yelling swear words by the end of 06. that being said, we tried to get a "Let's Go Pens' chant going early. nothing doing. we get jobbed for yelling at the refs, and for using insults such as "queer," "douche," and "murdered." all the while, the same bitch that jobs us opens her mouth the entire game. my seats are good; my section sucks.

definitely miss student rush. those kids were great.

sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

I have season tickets, and everyone that bitches about student rush must not realize that there are usually about 200 standing room/empty seats available every game. I am not rich or anything, I sit in F level. I make jack shit at my shit job. Too much blame on season ticket holders, not enough blame on the team. If they would give us more to cheer about, we would be louder. we have a losing record at home for Christ sakes.

too lazy to login

stokes said...

ah, well, whoops...

the pens played well enough to win, but their PK lost the game for them. i think its that simple.

as soon as sid missed that first breakaway, i turned to hockeybuddy and said "66 buries that." for all the talent sid has, and geno fits this bill as well, both of those guys should be making moves in the shootout and on breakaways almost every time.
sid put 1/3 of the pens total shots on net last night. (that's right, i did the math.) sometimes you have nights where the puck doesnt go in. it happens. but that's the difference last night.

Not bigrickpsu: money post.

stoosh: golden again on the eager post.

Nick said...

The Mario/Sid breakaway comparison has nothing to do with the size of goalie pads or playing in a different era. The point is, the reigning Art Ross, Hart and Pearson award winner gets 2 clear looks at goal on breakaways and he goes five hole twice without even faking anything else. Mario shot five hole too, but after he went right first then slipped it back under.

Big time players have to make big time plays in big time games, and our big time player didn't. As a result, we gave their big time players the chance to take over and they did.

If you're going to be a Jordan Staal hater, then at least be educated. Right now, he's doing tons more than Rutuu, Hall, Crusher, Roberts, so that eliminates the possibility of him being sat down. We need to win games right now by putting our best players on the rink, not sitting out players whom jobber fans think need a rest.

Anonymous said...


armstrong did more than the people you mentioned and he sat a few games.

staal, hall, and ruutu have the least points on the team (as forwards). two of the three have sat games already. i think its time for staal to take a few games off and see what it looks like from the box. he has a -6, the worst on the team next to sydor.

Nick said...

Points aren't everything, especially for 3rd line centers.

Pensgirl said...

Staff, I was thinking the same thing re: Sid vs. Mario on breakaways. I've definitely seen Sid on breakaways where I knew he had it in the bag (Minnesota comes to mind). But he definitely doesn't OWN it the way Mario did. Something about he looked at goalies not as a challenge, but as little playthings there for his personal the only reason he even NOTICED goalies was to torture them. Sid's a hungry, passionate player, but I don't see that same elite arrogance that we loved so much about Mario.

Anonymous said...

One more thing about Mario...

He often would take shots early in a game where you got the sense he was feeling out the goalie's reflexes, finding weak spots, testing his angles, and then he'd use it later to score in a very specific way based not only on the goalie's overall tendencies but based on something about the way the goalie was playing that particular night.

I've never gotten the sense that Sid is doing that. It seems like he relies on instinct where Mario used his intellect more. Not that Sid doesn't have game-smarts or that Mario was passionless, but Sid's more of a hot-blooded player where Mario was more cold-blooded. I always knew he was about to take over a game that was pissing him off when he stopped looking disgusted and his expression went cold. He'd go from being all riled up to just over it, and that's when you knew the other team was in trouble. I think that plays into the breakaway thing too.

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 2:46PM - Oops.

I think you're right on that. Therrien was under contract for this last year and then signed the extension to cover next season. My bad.

Same logic still may hold, though...just advance it forward a season.

Actually, I'll be interested to see what happens to Therrien depending on how the rest of the season goes. I'd have to wonder just how short of a leash he's on with Shero.

Anonymous said...

philadelphia sucks


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