Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sabu In The City. PENS WIN.

3 - 2


Most casual/semi-serious Pens fans will check the internet and see the Pens squeaked out a win and won't think anything of it.

This is just a run-of-the-mill win on a snowy night in December.
It gets the Pens out of the basement, but it will mean more in late March.



The Pens came out all business.
Two minutes, they were generating pressure.

An egregious giveaway by the Islanders, Ricky D vomits all over himself.
Sid throws it into a wide-open net.


And after a couple more minutes of being in the Isles zone, they score again.
Whitney's shot finds its way through traffic. Cheap goal.


After that goal, the Pens had a power play, but didn't do anything.
Malkin made an unreal play to keep it alive early.

The rest of the period consisted of the Pens keeping the Islanders out to the perimeter and Sabu making routine saves.

During a delayed penalty call, Roberts jobs Andy Sutton behind the net.
Sutton takes exception, and douches Roberts in the mouth.

Roberts and Sutton throw down.
Sutton got a couple in on Roberts early, but in the end it was Roberts throwing a couple and eventually getting the takedown. He pins Sutton on a quick 1-2-3 count.

Comcast just couldn't handle the fight, as the game's feed goes nuts.
[thanks to Phprock for the capture]

But if you would've listen to Beyonce Knowles and upgraded to DirecTv, you would have watched the rest of the meaningless action in the first period with no problem.

Sykora gets Mike Comrie up in the face with his stick.
The Pens killed most off most of that to end the first.



They killed off the rest of that Sykora penalty to start the second.

Not long after, Scuderi gets blasted in the leg with a shot.
The rest of that shift consisted of everyone watching Scuderi the entire shift.
He gets hit with the puck again, and then takes a penalty.

He heads to the locker room rather than the box.
He was out for the game.

The Isles took advantage when former Pen Richard Park puts in some trash.


Bill Guerin (13) is intense.
Look at him. He loves men.

And then it didn't take long for the Islanders to tie it up.
You could feel it.
They get a 2-on-1 and Vasicek scores. 2-2.

Yet another 2-goal lead blown.

Later, Sid got pulled down as he was streaking to the net, so the Pens get a golden chance to grab the lead back.
Another power play went to the wayside.

After a skirmish around the Islanders net, the Pens somehow ended up with another power play.

They finally capitalized on one.
Staal takes care of business and gets to the net.
JFK was there to Ouellet it in.
Nice play by Staal to set it up.

And then the Pens were on the power play again when another Islander pulled down Sid.
Nothin' doin'.

All of a sudden, it was the second intermission.



No penalties in the first half of the third.
No big scoring chances.
No controversy.
New Pen Jesse James got welcomed to the NHL.

The Islanders started picking up their play with 10:00 left when they realized they were still down a goal.

And then we got a penalty and controversy on the same play.

Chris Simon is simply an idiot. A moron.
He was the guy who tried to take a player's head off last season.
He tries to cut Jarkko Ruutu's foot off with his skate.

Simon gets a 5-minute penalty for intent to injure since there isn't a penalty in the rule book for stomping.

There was just under 6 minutes left when Simon went off, so the Pens were looking pretty sharp.
What ensued was the scariest power play of our lifetime.

The shorthanded Islanders even somehow managed to spring Mike Sillinger on a breakaway, but he missed the net. What a mistake.

Thank God Sabu didn't mentally leave the game when the Pens got that 5-minute gift.

With 50 seconds left, the Pens all of a sudden found themselves short a man when the Isles pulled DiPietro.

The Isles couldn't do anything before Father Time gave them a DDT.
Sabu leg-dropped them from the top rope.


  • JFK: 1 G, 2 A
  • Staal: 1 A
  • Jesse James: Treated like a ragdoll.
  • Sabu: Gets the job done.

  • Jesse James is another right-handed forward. Good.
  • You forgot the Pens were down to five defensemen.
  • If Sillinger scores on that breakaway, we shut down the blog.
  • Letang is a beast. He can dish out a good check.
  • Sydor has been playing well.
  • Chris Simon should be kicked out of hockey. Terrible.
  • MSG tuesday night.


TerraFeesh said...

Apparently, a players' only meeting after a win.

Has that ever been done before in history?

canaanregulatesblog said...

i am shitty drunk. that being said, i just watched the game on DVR and man, Chris Simon is a great hocey player who doesn't deserve any suspension at all.

fuck you i fyoiu dont like sarcasm.,,,or bad jokes.

Adrienne said...

Chris Simon should be kicked out of hockey. Terrible.

I started screaming when I saw what he did.

For whatever reason quoting Therrien seems appropriate here: "Are we talking about the same team that has had five guys suspended this year?" Therrien said. "Is that the same team?

Bettman is fucking KILLING the league, and I don't understand HOW THE FUCK Simon is still in this god damned league.

Good win though :)

Lady Jaye said...

Needless to say, I wasn't shocked at what Simon did. He's a goon. Folks like him need to be gone.

Is it me or has the goonery really picked up this year?

Andrew M. said...

I honestly think staal played his best game of the year. after the first period, he looked to be hustling and making plays. good job staal, keep it up. goals will come.

BlankieGIrl said...

Hopefully the leauge will see what a POS Chris Simon is, realize it fully, and take the appropriate action for once... there is no place in hockey for someone trying to deliberately hurt someone...

jim said...

people: Andy Sutton is listed at 6-6, 245 lbs. GR is a beast.

PittHockey said...

theres the simon stomp

Mike Costa said...

An Ouellet Reference, Very Nice

Anonymous said...

"But if you would've listen to Beyonce Knowles and upgraded to DirecTv, you would have watched the rest of the meaningless action in the first period with no problem."

love it hahaha. these commercials are all killing me. not just the jbr one anymore. they keep repeating. at least lotr was on last night, so I could switch to that during commercials lol.

stokes said...

so i was forced to go to buckhead's last night, where they were playing the fucking bengals game on almost every TV. THE FUCKING BENGALS! when i finally found the ONE TV with the game on, it was over. so i missed most of the game, which really pissed me off. so i ended up like canaan(see above).

I heard that Legame had a couple run ins with some guys trying to job him and he wasn't having it. apparently, a category 5 hurricane couldn't knock him down.

Simon used an old Indian trick called the Tomahawk Chop. Chief Nolan told him to do it.

John said...

yeah letang was really destroying some souls out there tonight, completely unexpected

JimmyMo said...

you guys are disappointing me... i cant believe you didnt mention that mark eaton was wearing the A on his jersey last night.... that is the reason why we won!

Anonymous said...

Ouellet apparently cant handle the greatness of being mentioned on this blog, dislocated shoulder, out 4-6 weeks

John said...

eaton has been wearing the A since recchi departed


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