Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ring Ding Dong, Ring-A-Ding Ding Dong

First off, no matter how shitty your life is...

at least you're not in prison.

Bogs is waiting,



-- Craig over at [ AJC Thrashers Blog ] has the lowdown on the Mark Recchi situation. Good info.

-- Also, we found this on [ Palebluescot ] via [ Fanhouse ]

Apparently, Gary Roberts can will himself into e-mails.

That is good stuff.

We are way late on this.
Big ups to "Conforto45" on [ LGP ] and Seth Money over at [ Empty Netters ] for finding the shopping video on how Gary Roberts eats.



Ross McKeon at [ Yahoo ] brings us his Sidney Crosby mailbag.
It's still interesting to see what the rest of the hockey world thinks of Sid.

-- Sidney Crosby a leader? He's only wearing the C because of his name recognition. If the Penguins had any real leadership they wouldn't be hanging Marc-Andre Fleury out to dry and blaming scoring depth problems on guys who have been there like Gary Roberts and (ex-Pen) Mark Recchi. Anyone can spit out the hockey cliches, but a real leader would have stood up for what his team did to a great player this week.

-- Just want you to know that after Sidney Crosby did his little spiel at the Sportschek in Mississauga to announce the Reebok clothing line, he ditched 15 fans waiting for autographs. None of his teammates were there, there was no craziness; he just ditched us, didn't even say hi. So he's been ditching his fans long before his teammates were his excuse.



[<span class=
Can you entertain the notion that Vinny Lecavalier is better than Sid? [ Sportsnet.ca ]

"He is the best player in the league," Tortorella said.
"I don't care what anybody else talks about."

The arguments and debates about who is the best hockey player in the NHL is stupid.
Would we complain if we had Lecavalier?
Would Tampa complain if they had Crosby?

[<span class=
Last year at this time, the Blues were mud.
Not anymore. [ TSN ]


Eric Politowski has sent us the goal montage for games 21 - 29.

Speaking of which, we found a familiar name in the full cast of "Sudden Death." [ IMDb ]


On the subject of YouTube...
by now, everyone has seen the cheap play by Dominick Hasek on Marian Gaborik.

The worst thing about it: Listen to the homers on the Detroit feed.

We forgot that Detroit isn't allowed to be called for penalties.
A lot of people were concerned that fans would be mad about this play.
But then they remembered the game was in Detroit and no one goes there anymore.


Unreal [ GeoCities ] find by Matthew Nelson.

You may have to sit down for a lot of these.

Whoever this jobber is created a random list of people he hated at the time.

You must meet:

[ Yareaqueer Fagr ]

[ Whine Gretzky ]

[ Kevin Don't Believins ]

Before it is all said and done, someone may need to start Geocitiesblog.


Philadelphia sucks.

Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

good work, gents.

cough: first?

pensblog jeff said...

Am I stupid for not getting it?

Who are we supposed to be shocked was in the cast of Sudden Death?

stokes said...

listen about Lecavlier: what is he? 27? How long did it take him to actually start to play? like 7 years or something?

So he's got more points this year. big deal. when sidney is 27, he'll be so astronomical, it'll put vinny's numbers to shame. (and every other 27 yr old to ever play the game) Plus, turtlerella has to say those kinds of things about him: its his player.

that geocities guy needs to get a life. seriously.

J.S. said...

there's a few familar names in the Sudden Death case. Which one are you referring to?

wes said...

anyone else see bob errey live 'on the fly' last night (nhl network)?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Jimerson is my guess.

bnee said...

i def caught bob last nite! nice

Jonny V said...

I think they were talking about the politowski kid that made the highlight video.

And bitch about Steigerwald and Errey all some of yinz want, but thank God we don't have to listen to douchebags like those "hockeytown" announcers call our games. The chance Hasek is taking with someone's career when he does that ish is pretty great, not to mention the fact that he could get Malarchuk'ed.

hooks orpik said...

Really you could make an argument for a handful of players being the best in the world.

What would it all add up to? Just a lot of hot air.

Andrew said...

If you go to the bottom of the cast list, you find Eric Politowski as the uncredited Boy in Crowd. I imagine that's the familiar name they meant, (considering it was after his goal montage) in addition to all the great ones in there (Jeff Jimerson comes to mind). Also, not shocking that the geocities turd is/was a Bruins fan. He's a joke

firefox said...

I'm still looking for the suprising name in the cast of Sudden Death as well. Pensblog, please tell us! :)

As far as the guy that whined about Crosby not stopping for autographs... POOR THING! Oh I feel so bad for you... LOSER. Look, it is not your right to receive an autograph from Crosby nor is it his requirement to give them. From what I hear, he gives them out a lot. But naturally his autograph is a bit more in demand than some 4th line scrub. He can't sign every last one of them. His schedule is tighter than most other players because he is the best in the league. (Yes, Tortarella, I stand by that statement) So you didn't get one, tough luck.

On on the subject of Lecavalier, yes he is a great player. But he developed very slowly. He was once given the captaincy and then had it stripped from him. He was also a healthy scratch in his career at one time. His career totals have him at less than a point per game production. Last season was his first ever to break 100 points. Crosby in his 3rd season is better than a point per game, broke 100 points his rookie season and the one after that. And do you think he is doing anything this year to get his captaincy stripped and be benched? Not a chance.

By the way, the coach that benched Lecavalier? John Tortarella.

wilsmith said...

"What's he supposed to do?!"

I don't know, play goalie?

Jonny V said...

And I'm sure any real fan of an NHL team would pull a Kruk (give their left nut) for a chance to have el Sid on their team.

Oh, and I'm not sure any of yinz have heard, but apparently Mike Vick got 23 months in prison yesterday. U see, the story is hardly on, so you really have to dig if you want find that story.

Tee said...

Those detroit announcers sicken me....

"What was he supposed to do?"

hmm, perhaps stay in his fucking net instead of slide tackling the guy on the breakaway? Absolutely sickening, you'd never hear Bibsy or Steigy go that far and Mike Lange would tear Fleury a new asshole if he tried something like that. Jobbers.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

I'm Ulfie! I respect the play of Tie Domi a lot.

Unreal Geocities page.

Loser Chris said...

Hasek pulled the same move on Kevin Stevens in Game 4 of the '92 Finals. It's not out of character for him. I'm not defending him, I hate Hasek with a passion, I'm just saying... this isn't an isolated incident.

Also, those Detroit announcers are unreal. I understand you have to remember who signs your paycheck at the end of the day, but that was still way over the line.

firefox said...

Even more shocking than the move Hasek made and the annoucers with their jobbing. Look at the damn score of the game. It was 5-0. Hasek nearly ended someone's career to preserve another shutout. Like he doesn't have a truck load of those already in his career.

It was pretty funny to watch that video and the guy do a flip, but Hasek was still a dick for doing that.

Paul O said...

Maybe he should have kept his head up. Hasek frequently comes out of the net to challenge the player on a breakaway, it's no big secret. He got the puck first, it shouldn't even have been a penalty. It was the right play to make, because it worked. Would you complain that Gaborik almost ended Hasek's career if he had driven the net and crashed into him while scoring a goal? I doubt it.

Stoosh said...


1. Yet another reason why I will always love the NHL over the NFL. Last night, DeAngelo Hall of the Falcons takes the field holding up a Michael Vick poster. And after catching a pass, Roddy White lifts up his jersey to reveal a "Free Mike Vick" t-shirt. I realize they're his teammates, but let's not treat Vick like he's been wrongfully persecuted throughout this whole thing. Just what I need is another reminder that athletes KNOW different sets of rules are supposed to apply to them. Not this time. He broke the law and did some pretty deplorable things along the way. Let's not treat this clown like he's some sort of martyr.

The NFL = closer and closer to becoming a joke every day.

2. I hate, hate, HATE not having my computer at home. It's currently being repaired up at Best Buy because of a virus and they're taking their sweet old time with it. This coming Saturday will be two weeks since I dropped it off.

3. Big ups to Bob Errey last night on NHL: On The Fly. Nice, objective analysis, even in the Crosby and Penguins discussions.

4. The Bing hatred boils down to pure jealousy. We have him. They don't. And no matter how much they try not to admit, they wish they did.

This, to me, is the ultimate compliment that can be paid an athlete. He is the same type of polarizing player that people either love or hate. You love him if he's on your team because he's so damn good. You hate him if he's not on your team because he's so damn good, yet you know you'd cheer your ass off for him if he was on your team.

Just wait until 2010 when all these Canadians who profess their hatred for him now see him lead Team Canada out of the locker room in the Olympics. Wearing the "C". On their home ice. They'll be gushing like Old Faithful for him then.

Anonymous said...

badger bob must have been a heartless animal with the courage of a badger to be able to tell gary roberts what to do.


Loser Chris said...

My nominee for the Jobber of the Week Award

I wish I lived close enough to Atlanta to go to a Falcons game and hold up a banner with a bunch of dead dogs saying, "Vick got off easy!" Anyone who can defend that "man" should be stuck in a cell with him.

Steve In Denver said...

Personally, I don't have a problem with the Hasek play. It was total brass on Hasek's part. If he misses or his timing is off, it's an empty net goal and he looks like an ass. The guy is 100% competitive, all the time. Sometimes I wish our goalies played with that kind of tenacity.

I've been a goalie for over 20 years. You get a chance to get to the puck first, you take it. You don't have time to think...you react. It's not like he went out to take Gaborik's head off. 99% of the time Gaborik has his head UP and would have dodged or jumped over Hasek.

The result of that play was pretty scary, don't get me wrong, and I don't stand for malicioius cheap stuff. (see Smith, Billy; Hextall, Ron).

Just my opinion. I promise I'll never submarine any Pensbloggers. Unless you come to Denver, play in my league, and get the perfect breakway chance....:^O

Diff subject...can the NFL fine the players that came out flashing posters and t-shirts supporting vick? If so, they should nail them as well. Thugs suck. If I was the Falcons president, Hall and White would be cut. On the spot. What if the Dolphins all came out a few years back wearing pot leafs on their helmets and a "free Ricky" t-shirt? Or if the Bills came out onto the field riding in White Bronco's with custom plates saying Free OJ? WTF???

Lana said...

I really don't think its fair to say all these Canadians who gush their hatred at Crosby. I really think they are a minority and it's more the jealous people in the league as a whole.

Anonymous said...

The Hasek/Gaborik play was quite similar to one made by Belfour on Lecavalier, the major difference being Belfour wasn't penalized.


wilsmith said...

Maybe those forwards should take some lessons from our man Geno.

stokes said...

Stoosh points number 1 and 4 are money.

Personally, i've never really thought that Hasek was all-amazing. i think he relies on luck and athletic ability, the same thing that everyone jobs/used to job Fleury about. He looks out of place more often than he looks positionally sound. But, i'm not a goalie and don't profess to be neither a goalie nor a goalie coach.

The NFL buries the Mike Vick thing, or they try their best. (My jury is still out on whether or not the punishment fits the crime.) and they also cater to their beloved Patriots. While i hate them for beating the Steelers year after year, i do think that the NFL has some kind of man-cursh on brady, belichek, et al. But notice how fast the cheating thing went away: Lickety split- gone.

Sorry to make this NFLblog. I just agree with Stoosh about the NFL becoming a joke.

I like the Pens tonight, i dont know about yinz guys..

thank you firefox. 6 AM is way too early to back up opinions with facts.

Nailersfan66 said...

So my question is:

Would it be uncalled for if Gaborik just jumps straight up and lands/has his skate blades come down on Hasek's ribs or midsection, slicing the old man up? Would there be an outcry if that happened, despite an argument that it was done in self-defense?

Stoosh said...


You're 100% correct and I didn't mean to give that impression about the Canadians.

The booing and jeering he's getting now is strictly because he's playing in the NHL and he's wearing the sweater of an opposing team.

An Edmonton fan or Calgary fan isn't going to refrain from booing Crosby when he comes to town simply because he's going to play for Team Canada in two years in the Olympics (which can't get here soon enough, IMO...LOVE the Winter Games). I shouldn't have generalized like that.

There ARE, from what I can tell, a segment of hockey fans - both Canadian and non-Canadian - who just can't stand Crosby no matter what. Those are the fans - particularly the Canadian ones - who I should've specifically directed that statement at.

Steve In Denver said...

I went back and watched that Hasek video again and the Belfour one too. I'll half retract my comment...I thought that puck was more loose...Gaborik clearly had control of it. And Hasek did get called for a trip. Still, pretty ballsy to challenge like that.

The Belfour/Lecavblahblah play was different in that Vinny didn't have possession of the puck.

Flyers suck. Go Pens.

bill said...

I totally 100% agree with Loser Chris on his vote for Jobber of the Week.

First of all, that kid’s jobber parents should not have let him out of the house with that disgraceful sign. They also should have made him burn that jersey right after all of this because all Vick is showing America’s Youth is how to be a thug. All the kid did was embarrass himself and the city of Atlanta. But the NFL in Atlanta: thug seems to be in.

Ok vick had a rough childhood and overcame a lot, which is fine. But he threw out hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars for fighting dogs? The guy has never made a smart choice in his life. Nor has Marcus for that matter.

I personally do not have kids but if I did there is NO WAY he would make a hero out this fido-killing convicted felon.

All of my “Only American beer drinking”, “NFL-Or Die” loving friends always tell me hockey is a thug sport b/c they fight during the game. It is hardly worth my while to try to explain it to them once again.

Its people like them who buy the Vick jerseys and over-hype the watered down thug cesspool known as the NFL

Go Pens. Kill Philly.

bill said...

Ok, sorry. I mean:

"hundreds and hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars"

a hunderd thousand isnt that much

Loser Chris said...

The biggest thing for me on the Hasek slide... he easily could have gotten the puck without going head-first into Gaborik's knees/shins, but he made sure that he was taking out the man too, which is a trip every day of the week. And in this case also very reckless. Gaborik should ring one off of Hasek's forehead the next time they play.

Fleury29 said...

Fucking ice storm knocking out my power all day. I hope I get to listen to the Pens game tonight.

Let's go Pens!

Go away ice storm!

Anonymous said...

On another topic, Tom Barrasso was named goaltending coach of the Hurricanes...


With the kind of rapport that he had with Aubin, he should do just fine.

Lana said...

I think the Canadian fans that get all worked up over Crosby are suffering from a lack of common sense and the lack of being able to realize he's not campaigning for these press confrences and coverage.
And anyway these are probably the same adults that booed him when he was very young performing above the kids around him. No reasoning with that crowd.

Korn said...

Gotta say, I have no problem with the Hasek play. Ballsy. And if he's going to slide, there's no other way to do it without putting himself at risk.

But I also think goalies should be fair game if they leave the crease i.e. playing the puck behind the net. You want to dish it out? You should be willing to take it too.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Hasek maneuver was pretty wicked. I guess that's because I am on the Dark Side. I like Detroit. (ducks and runs for cover behind my Sweet Baby Sid.)


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