Sunday, December 30, 2007


Demondg1 is already up in Buffalo.


PittHockey said...

tailgating begins now

Stoosh said...

I get to go to work tomorrow. Meanwhile, my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and my two nephews are holed up in the Great White North taking a trip to Niagara Falls tomorrow and then to the Ralph on Tuesday.


Dammit straight to hell.

Stoosh said...

Oh hey Canaan,

I forget to respond to this from a couple of days ago...

If there's one person out there who rocks the short-sleeved white button-down shirt and tie better than Sipowicz, it's Papa Stoosh.

Only a select few can really pull that off.

Anonymous said...

To stoosh, on your comment in the last post:

Errey was ripping into Recchi about not being a team player, and pointing out that if he had stayed here and been willing to play on the third or fourth line, we'd all be happy to have him filling in for the injured players now.

dennis said...

That baby blue background is unbelievably awesome...seriously.

Erica said...

Love the blue guys =D

See everyone up there and have a safe trip up!

RyanOShea said...

I like the vintage blue background, for a second I was thinking there was a second contest.

Adrienne said...

Sexy. I expect pictures, and a total fucktonne of them

New York Penguins Fan said...

If there is a god in heaven, he will grant me the winning ebay bid for those Winter Classic Tickets. There is fine man out of Toronto selling them and I hope he finds in his heart to let me see the boy in blue on the ice in the outdoors.

Staff said...

We'll be taking pictures like crazy.

We'll also be taking the video camera with us, and we hope to get the video up by Tuesday night.

It's gonna be weak just watching people yelling into the camera, so we're gonna somehow make it worthwhile.

Sorry we haven't been too vocal in the comments as of late.

Our New Year's resolution is to bring this blog back to where we want it to be.
Be honest. It's been mud.

Happy New Year guys.

You make the blog what it is

ac, dr

stokes said...


I've been a regular since August, so i didn't really get to read last year's posts, and just don't have the time to read the archives.

However, if this has been mud, then i love mud.

Anonymous said...

Staff, what section are you guys in? Are you meeting the DoubleTree crew at the hotel lobby, or in Tundra Lot 5A? I owe you all a beer. or several.

RangerFan said...

Just want to say that even though I'm a Ranger fan, thepensblog is my 2nd homepage (after google) - you guys are the best!!! Every day I know I can count on some rofl's - Keep it up!!!

p.s. am I the only Ranger fan that thinks Jagr blows??

Staff said...

We're in section 243.

A couple people in our group are under 21 without fakeys, so we'll be in the sanctity of our hotel room on NYE.

We'll be in Tundra Lot 5A at 8:30am.

I'll have a video camera just recording stupid shit, so that'll be us.


Steve In Denver said...

Stoosh, you need to pull a Ferris Bueller and take a sick day, rig your room up so Mrs Stoosh thinks you're in there dying, and score a miracle ticket.

I hope the nasty wind and whiteout snow we had out here takes a crap and heads southeast so you all have a great game.

Cheers and safe travels to you lucky bastards and bastard-ettes that are heading up for the game.

Tailgate like Heatley (except the driving part) and represent the Pens well.

demondg1 said...


I got my own post!


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