Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lights Out. Dick. PENS WIN

4 - 1


Tonight's game proved two things.
1. The Penguins have what it takes to compete in the East.
2. We all were right about Mark Recchi. And wrong about Tyler Kennedy.

Solid Win.



** stat of the day -- courtesy of [LGP]

Tonight's anthem singer, Sarah Marince, has now won 2 games in a row.
Might have to bring her out come Monday.
And she is hot too. [ Myspace ]



According to some people, the NHL was in town the past few days to work on the ice.
It did look faster and in better shape.

The Pens helped that theory by coming out flying.
They were aided by the fact that the Stars started their backup goalie Mike Smith.

Smith was anything but impressive.

20 seconds into the game.
Bing walks out of the corner.


Right after that, with the crowd still abuzz, BGL beat the hell out of some white turkey.
The guy keeps mouthing off to BGL.

The Stars had no idea what was going on.
For the first time all year, we can say each line looks really good together.

Mark Recchi spills his diet coke all over his lap in the press box at the 3:30 mark.
At the 3:38 mark, The Tyler Kennedy Experiment scores.

Using the new official Tyler Kennedy play (TM), Kennedy walks out of the corner.


After the goal, the Pens went into their usual 2-0 lead funk.
Scuds took a penalty.
But never fear, the bank of Eaton is now open.

With Gonchar down tonight, Eaton takes over with the "A."
It stood for "A beast."
Plays just a solid game.

The Pens kill the penalty.
Gary Roberts- Staal- Kennedy experiment is clicking big time.
Staal and Roberts almost combine for a sick goal.
But the Stars goalie actually remembered there was a game.
No dice.

Crosby gets a chance as well.

The Stars rally the troops.
The ageless Mike Madano makes a nice pass to Mel Ott.


That pretty much does it for the first.
Gary Roberts lays his life on the line to block a shot just before the period ends.
Thats why he is playing, and Mark Recchi is talking to real-estate people in Columbus.



The Stars still have the momentum from a late surge in the first.
Pens looked poised to give a goal up.

At six minutes in, Mike Ribeiro confirms our worst fears.
Daryl Sydor forgets he isn't playing for Dallas.
He screens MAF.
Make no mistake though, Riberio is a beast. Top shelf.


Maybe a month ago the Pens would've lost control of this game.
No one can be sure.

But they didn't tonight.
Sydor makes up for his dumb play earlier, and gets the puck to the net.
Bing finds it in traffic:

He goes upstairs.

Huge goal.

The Stars came back with some guts though.
They cycled it deep a few times.
But they screwed up some big odd man breaks and could not beat MAF.

At the end of the second, we got a glimpse into a world that only exists in dreams.

Somehow Staal, Crosby and Malkin found themselves on the ice together.
They almost connected on a goal that would have changed peoples lives.



The third period was all about surviving.
Especially against the antics of Brendan Morrow, who is a joke.

Everyone wants Bing to score a hat trick.
We just want a win.
Everyone almost gets their wish.
Crosby gets rejected by Smith on a shot from mid-air.

We did not have the sound on, but it seemed like fox sports was comparing this to Bobby Orr's famous goal.

Yea, let's hope not.

MAF has to be sharp for some saves, but the Stars couldn't get going.

Then it happened.

Petr Sykora streaks into the Stars zone.
Makes a surreal pass to Mr. Malkin.

36 = Knows the goal is his fault.

After that, the Stars got a little bit chippy.
Brendan Morrow tried to kill 11 people.
The Pens get a few garbage Powerplays.
Stars can't do anything but watch.

Thanks for playing.

  • Crosby: 2 G
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • JFK: 1G
  • Army 2A
  • GR 1A

  • Dallas's goalie is mud
  • Nice to be winning some games.
  • Mark Eaton was a man tonight.
  • Mark Recchi still sucks
  • Staal is slowly becoming a beast again.

Huge game in Toronto tomorrow night.

Go Pens.


Marc said...

according to that girl's myspace, she will be singing the anthem come monday.... and i'll be in attendance....... schwiiiiiiiiiing

Jonny V said...

What a difference some ice makes...

Great game, wish I would've been able to go. Got a call from the reserve center on tuesday asking if I would be able to work tonight's Pens game and Sunday's Steeler game. Just had to show up in my dress blues for about an hour, then could change out and watch the games. They even said that last year they were able to meet some of the Pens and watch the Steeler game from the sideline. And I would be getting paid for this. I then get a call yesterday telling me that they didn't need me for either game. I felt like Evel Knievel after one of his crazy ass stunts (R.I.P.). Huge game though, def. worth the week's wait.

That disembodied head Sidney photoshop looks like something I would do with my limited photoshopping skills.

Pensgirl said...

Gotta give credit where it's due...

You could not tell at all that the Pens hadn't played in a week. And that's coaching. MT and staff clearly ran effective practices, kept spirits high and focus narrow, and worked on all the right things.

I really didn't think they'd be able to carry the momentum for all that time...oh so happy to be wrong. Good on you Therrien.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bad grammar/spelling blog?

Hooks Orpik said...

9 hits for the Orp man too.

Also if every game was this stress0free i could probably save a lot of money on blood pressure medication and look forward to the later years of life.

Quick stat that I posted on my blog:

The Pens are averaging 3.60 goals scored a game with Old Man Recchi in the press box. When he's in the lineup they average 2.8 goals.

Few things are more satisfying than kicking the crap out of Toronto in their own building and on Hockey Night in Canada. Jordan Staal, who played well tonight, always shines in this situation. I'm predicting big things for him tomorrow.

snoopyjode said...

holy crap. what a game. our seats were great - we were just above where marty turco was standing in the walkway. the pens won, i got a "winter classic" hat to wear to that game, and the tickets were free.

...i am indeed a VERY lucky girl.

BUT the drive home was super lame. it took almost 2 hours to get from the mellon and through the tunnels. then people were blowing their horns in the tunnel. it was getting out of control. though, at the end of the day, it was TOTALLY worth it!!! :) now i must sleep!

DarkStar said...

wow, what a solid game. and here i thought a 6 day layoff would hurt the pens' momentum resulting in them coming out flat for this one...thankfully i was way off.

did my ears deceive me or did steigy say something along the lines of "after a number of shitty games..." on air after the game? anyone else notice this? maybe it's time for me to get on board with this tivo thing i keep hearing about.

go pens

John said...

"Penguins defenseman Mark Eaton has not had a minus rating in a game in his past 13 contests." ESPN recap

How about BGL taking two people out with one hit?

- John

stokes said...

"At the end of the second, we got a glimpse into a world that only exist in dreams."

I just peed my pants.

J.S. said...

darkstar, I thought I heard that too, but I think he said "shinny".


Robert Edward Healy, III said...

& nbsp;"Mark Recchi spills his diet coke all over his lap in the press box at the 3:30 mark."
  I love Mark Recchi, and I think that we all sincerely do, but I laughed out loud for about five minutes after reading this line.

bleepbloop said...

"With Gonchar down tonight, Eaton takes over with the 'A.'
It stood for 'A beast.'"


chris l. said...

Wow. Just wow. Great win. Solid play all around (from the online highlights, anyway - more below).

Recchi diet coke thing? pissed my pants.

BGL "some white turkey"? keeping it seasonal - ni-ice.

Said it before: Best blog on the ether.

pensgirl: right on. Maybe MT knows a thing or two.

FWIW: Someone asked here or maybe LGP about getting NHL network in the Center Ice package in outside Pittsburgh markets. I have Cablevision of Southern Connecticut. My online channel guide said I'd have it. The TV listing on the screen had it listed. Set it up to DVR (Christmas tree lighting on the town green and 3 kids < 10 = DVR the game). But when I went to watch? Gray screen of despair. WTF?

and finally: Evel Knievel R.I.P.
It's like part of childhood died.

Tonight in Toronto? Should be sick.


wilsmith said...

I'm buying an Eaton jersey.

Anonymous said...

After looking at the play BGL didn't really take the two guys out. It was more like them taking each other out and BGL getting out of the way, which is equally as funny.

Brett said...

Mike Lange's call on the first goal of the night was "(scores).. and can I get a witness?!"

I dont think I've ever heard him use that one before.

Jason said...

Just so that it is noted, on Ribiero's goal, the puck got deflected off Sydor's stick. Despite his play on that goal...I thought he played alright considering he had been riding the pine for 4-5 games.

Oh and how great was it that Robidas broke his stick over BGL and he just keeps on truckin?

Anonymous said...

I think you guys were a bit to hard on Smith, the guys 6-4 and had several key stops early on to keep the Stars in it for a little. Solid Game, Solid Post

PittHockey said...

I predicted a 4-0 game with gonch out... but I'll let MAF get away with letting 1 in.

Anonymous said...

I think I might start watching the game with the sound off. They seriously did compare Sid's shot with Orr's goal.

Bing did send that waterbottle about 4 feet off the net though. I was hoping he would catch it, take a swig, then slam it at Smith's feet.

Jason said...

Sid's shot was in fact more impressive than Orr's shot leading to the famous goal though.

Orr scored the goal AND THEN was tripped. He didn't score the goal in mid-air. Sid's shot obviously didn't go in, but it was definitely "levitation holmes."

luvnmypens said...

Mark Eaton = Silent Dominator


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