Thursday, December 20, 2007

One year ago today, our very existence as human beings was on the line.
We woke up with a fear of the unknown.

One year ago today, we were only worried about the Pens' future in Pittsburgh.
Today, we are only worried about the Penguins not making the playoffs.

We never link to ourselves in posts, 'cause that's pretty lame.
But these posts and the resulting commentorblogs are why we run the site.

State of Emergency [ Pensblog ]

Reaction after the awarding of the license. [ Pensblog ]

"Let's just say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," Brenda Tinnen, general manager of Kansas City's new Sprint Center, told the Kansas City Star.

Adam Duritz Helps A Nation Cope With The News [ Pensblog ]


Eric Po with the vid.

Well, the Pens have resorted to dressing candy for games.
Jeff Taffe was re-called from WBS. [ PG ]

In more pressing matters, infections are nothing to laugh about.
Ryan Malone's out for a couple games. [ PG ]

McKeon's Power Ranking. Pens 18th. [ Yahoo ]
Pens 21st. Ouch. [ ESPN ]




-- From commentor "MasteroftheObvious"

"It's quite obvious that for every Rangers game recap that the writing style completely changes. I'm sure the writing is a collaborative effort for all your posts, but the Rangers posts are noticeably off.

The hockey-related knowledge seems to not be there as much as other nights. The person doing the recaps is usually stuck in 1997 when Jaromir Jagr really mattered, as opposed to now when he's as apparent most games as a silent fart. The jokes are sometimes forced and just don't really bang on all cylanders like they usually do.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just something different about playing the Rangers that makes you guys shift gears, but really it'd be awesome if those posts were on the level all of the others are.

I usually have to stifle laughter in my cubicle because of the way you guys describe what happens night to night, but with these games I usually find myself scratching my head and finding typos left and right.

So uhh.. I guess I'm about to get torn a new one by Commentorblog, or Staffblog or Gofuckyourselfblog, but I don't know. Pick it up. Stop drinking so early in the day. Or start... Do something"

Picture: Adam Graves slashing our wrists before a big recap


Trades don't exist anymore. [ MSNBC ]

Clutch-and-grab is back jack. [ London Free Press ]

A lot of mish-mash to discover the NHL's most clutch performer. [ Hockey News ]


The long arm of the law came down on Chris Simon Wednesday. [ TSN ]
He's been suspended 30 games; 10 games longer than Milan Kraft's career.
Pens-Islanders on Friday.

As many people in commentorblog pointed out, just as you started pulling for the Blackhawks, they make a trade with Philadelphia to land Ben Eager. [ TSN ]

Throws a huge wrench in the photoshop expo.

Over here in the Eastern Conference, even if you run a blog, you try to pay as little attention as possible to the Red Wings.
They have snuck up and possess a 25-6-3 record right now.
It will be meaningless when they make a second-round exit at the hands of St. Louis.


[Picture+6.<span class=

NBC announcers run nostalgiablog. [ ]

More crap about the game. [ National Post ]


J.S. said...


Vancouver's acquisition of goalie Roberto Luongo from Florida in June of 2006 was the league's last blockbuster trade, writes NHL [b]Exeprt[/b] Kevin Dupont.

Oh, teh irony!!1!1one

canaanregulatesblog said...

all remarks concerning the early exit of the red wings in the playoffs is worthy of a "hey-ooo!" from me.

J.S. said...

forgetting that c-blog using HTML formatting and not bb also makes me not an expert.


Griswold00 said...

I hate these lulls... not much going on. Douche Eager gets traded to the Blackhawks, a lot of cool articles about the Winter Classic and what not... speaking of the Winter Classic, has anyone seen the Penguins gloves?

I can't decide if I want them or not. They're pretty cool but most of my Pens outerwear is black/yellow or black/gold and I'm not sure how the blue/white would look with that.

Sucks about Whitney. Here's hoping he's better by the outdoor game.

Fleury out six-eight weeks? He gets to watch the Winter Classic from a luxury box. That totally sucks for him... although he'll be much warmer than if he were on the ice for three 20 minute periods in Buffalo, NY on January 1st. His injury may be a blessing in disguise.

Kristen PB said...

Good to hear about the suspension of Chris Simon.

Annnnd, I see the Blackhawks' GM is scrambling for his thesaurus looking for ways to describe Ben Eager..."high energy player"..."a very gritty player."

I guess terms like "poorly-disguised penis envy" were too strong.

jim said...

fyi, i went to the NHL store in NYC this past weekend. it rocks...plenty of winter classic snow caps along with lots of other cool gear that will make you waste your money.

Anonymous said...

I just read all of last years posts and comments from last year about pens leaving. Really put into prospective that at least we have a team to cheer for and are getting a new arena. Makes me less pissed off about how shitty we are doing this year. I still will never go to the casino, though. Fuck Don Barden and Jerome "lips" Bettis.

Anonymous said...

i am the one who posted before the last game that malone had an infection on his leg.

he was sent home by the team due to the infection. think of what infection is going around the pittsburgh area and that is what the team think he has.

firefox said...

30 games isn't enough punshiment for Simon. He has serious issues that time away from the game does not resolve. (See previous 25 game suspension that crossed the off season.) He needs to be banned from the league. NHL executives with another dropped ball. I guess that is why they work for a sport that doesn't have one. :/

Anonymous said...

I will be at tonight's game, since I am temporarily exiled in New England. Hopefully, the stench of Tuesday's performance will be gone.

No matter what happens, at least we still have the Penguins, which is more than we were able to say one year ago today.

December 20, 2006: One of the worst days
March 12-13, 2007: Two of the best days


EmDubs said...

Incase anyone is interested, prices for the Ice Bowl are somewhat reasonable on eBay or StubHub..... some tickets in the 100 level that originally sold for $90 are available now for like $140 (just be careful not to buy anything below Row 16 - its obstructed view!)

Indiana Johns said...

Anyone watching the Buffalo game from March last year on NHL Network what an amazing game

Adrienne said...

Damn it. Just when I was getting on to like the Blackhawks they pick up Eager. :( Fuckin a.

Simon needs taken out of the league. Forget this stupid fucking suspension shit. 25 games didn't teach him anything, and 30 sure as hell isn't going to. What's it going to take? Will Simon need to kill someone before he gets kicked out?

Fuck Bettman. He needs to learn to take responsibility for the players of the league, as well as their actions.

Stacey said...

Conklin is starting tonight..

Anonymous said...

people may hate ovechkin..but the kid has a sense of's a great article:


Stoosh said...

ANON @ 11:47 AM - The infection you are talking about as if it's a matter of national security is called MRSA. Not sure if that's what Malone has. The way I heard it reported, he had a cut on his leg that got infected, he got sick from the infection and experienced some flu-like symptoms. Not sure if that's MRSA. He was in the greater New York area for like three days, so it's just as likely that he could've caught something there, what with the sewer rats the size of Rottweilers and all.

Stoosh said...

ADRIENNE - Yes, but just think about how much fun it's going to be for BabyFat in Chicago now. He gets to see Boogaard, Zach Stortini and Robyn Regher eight times a year now. He also gets to see Raitis Ivanans in LA more often, as well as Carcillo, George Parros, Phaneuf. They'll all be thrilled to death to see Eager come to town chasing after the smaller players on their respective teams.

I personally can't wait for the first time Eager has to play Minnesota. Boogaard has reduced men far greater than BabyFat to blubbering piles of nothing.

Seeing Boogaard trying to hunt you down must be about the same as those kids in the horror movies who have Jason Voorhees chasing them through the woods or something.

Anonymous said...

What are people watching tonight?
-Pitt vs. Duke

wilsmith said...

Adrienne is PISSED

Master of the Obvious said...

I should've known Grave-y had something to do with the Rangers game posts.

Seriously I hope I didn't come off as too huge of a dick with that other comment. You guys are friggin' hilarious, but I expect big things for the January 14th post.

The first time I came to this site a friend showed me the picture of Mark Messier in his jock hanging out with Gary Coleman in the Oilers locker room.

I've never been closer to uncontrolled urination in my life. I was hooked, but I mean who can resist Mess with both hair and a undersized, black piece of 80's pop culture at his side.

So I expect at least nine obscure late 80's / early 90's references and no fewer than 3 pictures of Jags in drag the next time the 'gers are in town.

Adrienne said...

I find it a bit complicated to be pulling for Chicago, and hoping to see Eager get the shit beaten out of him on a game-ly (word? lol) basis. I'm sure the idea is there, but it's not clicking for me. :(

Just a little bit. :x Kinda hurts my animosity to go to Philly for the season closing game (gonna do it anyway)

Pens > Pitt > black plague > the red death > Steelers
Pens game ftw

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Solid Sgt. Pepper's reference in the post title, staff.

Your ability to bring classic songs and lyrics into hockey-related post titles inspires me to be a better man.



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