Saturday, December 29, 2007

GameDay (38) -- Sabres @ Pens


Lost in all the Ice Bowl hype, the Pens have a pretty important game against the Sabres tonight at the Mellon.

Our good friend in Buffalo, D.O. has a preview from Buffalo's side. [ DieByTheBlade]

Seth from [Empty Netters] has a look from the Pens side.

Ryan Malone returns tonight.

No word yet on whether Sabu or Conkblock gets the call.

It is hard to believe this is the last game of 2007.

What a wild ride it has been.


The Pens practiced in their Ice Bowl gear yesterday:

Pretty sick pads.

Here is a closeup of Sabu's mask.

From yahoo:


[Nicholas E.]

Go Pens


Anonymous said...

the NHL made a few minor rule changes for the winter classic

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!!

wilsmith said...

Can't wait to see the giant rebounds kicking off of those new pads.

The outdoor game is awesome, but those goalies have to be pissed about changing pads.

Jonny V said...

If yinz can somehow change the white background to black on it, I think that should be your permanent logo.

Oh, and maybe a pile of poop or something.

Tee said...

someone put a kryptonite bomb on the ice... GR is down, please god don't let this be bad.

chris e said...

Lloyd said...

for those not watching... Roberts... broken fibula

Doppler said...

Roberts out with the fracture.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Tyler Kennedy Experiment in the photoshop with BGL and Gary Bibs? I don't get it. EC is on that line. If this is an error, I blame the broken leg on this mistake. For shame. Then again, doing the photoshop is more ambition than I show....

Megan said...

First off - Love "The Office" picture.

Second - Poor Roberts. I read how he was joking about getting out of the classic the other day too...


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