Thursday, December 27, 2007

GameDay (37) -- Crapitals @ Pens


Nothing says the holidays quite like flicking your middle finger to the Washington Capitals.
What a joke organization from top to bottom.


Moment of silence for Mark Eaton's knee.
What a human.

You are out but not forgotten.
For the remainder of the season, we will honor Eaton before each game.

During the anthem no matter where you are.
Stand with one fist thrust in the air.

In Scuds we trust.

God Help Us All.

Vintage Therrien

Thanks to Eric P.


Pens fans are easy to spot in Washington.

The same pertains at the Mellon.


chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

Sean said...

For folks in the DC area (like me), the Pens game is on Comcast SportsNet tonight.

PittHockey said...

they are giving roberts the love tonight.


PittHockey said...

also, is there a hi res version of the igloo photo?

Sean said...

Who is Jeff Taffe?

Davy D said...

"Redeem yourself. Oh my God. Potash can shoot harder than that. Oh my God. What are we the muffin line?" - Laraque to Roberts

Staff said...

clicking that pic may make it a little bigger
but that was as hi-RES that we could get it


Anonymous said...

nothing helps you sleep like a sweet comeback win against the caps. sidethought: if the pens and cryers meet in the playoffs, i dont know what im gonna do


canaanregulatesblog said...

For tonight's game:

+'s Conklin, Kennedy, Malkin, Sarah Marince, Errey ("thirdiary" and "suck on that, kolzig")

-'s Gonchar, Hall, Gonchar, Eaton's ACL, Gonchar

Gonchar: 1G, 2A


i'll take it.

Master of the Obvious said...

Errey is just irreplaceable for the FSN Pittsburgh crew...

After the Jeff Taffe goal Steiggy comes out with "That's secondary scoring if I've ever seen it" To which Errey replied "Maybe thirdary scoring"

I think that's tertiary slick..

I'm a Rangers fan and I only get to see so much Penguins hockey, is this nugget something that happens on a nightly basis with this guy? Just curious...

jim said...

recchi scored again for atl, but in a losing effort. he now has 4 goals/4 assists in 8 games with them. but i still think it was a good move for us to release him.

i am so pumped for the winter classic. new year's can't come fast enough!

stokes said...

games like this drive me insane thinking about what would happen if the Pens would actually play closer to 60 minutes instead of the 40 minutes(if i'm being generous) tonight.

i called out a steeler jersey wearer tonight. surprisingly, it wasn't jamesharrisonjerseywearer that got pissed, it was his little buddy, who actually had pens gear on! they were both morons though. and the lovely section E16 had people busting for the exits with 5 minutes left. here's the kicker: the couple next to me came for the second period and 10 minutes of the third.

sorry for the rant.

any win is a good win.


canaanregulatesblog said...

Dear thepensblog:

i apologize for my lack of commitment as of late due to work.

let me lay a rumor to rest...

no, i am not disgruntled with my playing time with and i have not asked to be traded to a different blog in exchange for bandwith and a photoshopper to be named later. these are lies constructed by rumor mongers and i will not have them mentioned anymore!!!!

ReaverOfSouls said...

During warm-ups before the game, I saw Darryl Sydor tossing a couple of pucks to kids sitting near the Pens bench. Maybe that little bit of karma rubbed off on him to allow him to score the tying goal? Either way, I thought that was a classy gesture.

wilsmith said...

Master of the Obvious: No.

I'm surprised no one mentioned this one...

Steigy mentioned how the pens played the capitals in like 6 of 7 seasons in the playoffs, and won 5 of the 6, and almost like he was trying to get it in under his breath Errey says "suck on that."

mike m said...

Hey MotO,

bob errey can be hilarious at times. i can see what it turns some people off but he has had some gems.

-"the galloping gourmet, malkin that is. hes got some dishes he can really serve up!"

-"we saw jordan staal with his headphones on earlier. what do you think he was listening to steigy? some confidence tapes maybe?"

-"look at ruutu swinging like a rockem sockem robot!"

-"nittymaki kinda sounds like sushi or something"

-"now a say therrien has a birds eye view because the penguin doesnt fly so a birds eye view is right from the bench."

-and the absolute best is when we play in Ottawa and the glass breaks. I hope to God that happens this year.

"Oh man look at 'em go Steigy! What is this?! This is like Cirque Soleil, err, Cirque du Soleil? What is that, french??"

Oh and once he somehow compared Jordan Staal to a platypus.


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