Friday, December 21, 2007

GameDay (35) -- Islanders @ Pens

Home sweet home

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Oh great.
We get to play the Islanders again.
Last time they played, Chris Simon went off the deep end.
He tried to cut Jarko Ruutu's leg off.
Typical Islanders stuff.

Should be fun.
  • Game notes thanks to [LGP ]
Anthem singer is Sarah Marince.
She is 3-1 this season.

Huge sigh of relief.
Mark Eaton is OK.

He will play.

Do you feel lucky punk?


Speaking of Mark Eaton.
By now we're sure everyone has seen the AP article from last nights game. [ Yahoo ]

"Ryan Christensen and rookie Chris Letang scored for Pittsburgh in the shootout, both beating Tim Thomas, who was making his first start after missing seven games with a groin strain."

For this to happen is beyond embarrassing. They also called Mark Eaton"Adam," at one point.

Does the AP fact check anymore?
Why not actually read what your wrote.
It also appears the article is still up and unchanged.

No excuse for this.


Go Pens.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

There's nothing better than playing at the good ol' igloo

CDUBBS said...

They finally fixed it...;_ylt=AnzAJVpyV4cCwlWVN4PbQkx7vLYF?slug=ap-penguins-bruins&prov=ap&type=lgns

PittHockey said...

I was at the Boston game last night.
2 seats to the right of the bruins entrance tunnel, 8 rows back from the glass.

Awesome game, probably the best one I've been to after the neverending playoff game against the caps.

But the boston fans insisted on proving they were from the gay state, and pensblog charlie will agree with this.

There's 4 or 5 mins left in the third, bruins are down by 1, and 5 "fans" in front of me got up and left. They miss the Bruins tying the game up. They miss OT. They miss a shootout.

Also, there were empty seats everywhere as ticket holders were probably trying to sell to visiting penguins fans, who probably made up a good third or so of fans present at the game.

PittHockey said...

also, for the Nokelainen goal last night, Gonch skated out of the box and stood on the blueline just watching.

10 seconds later, goal.

I don't know if anyone watching the game on tv got to see that, but it was rather pathetic.

PittHockey said...

stuck with the islanders broadcast...

these guys are terrible.

so goes newyorkblog.

Anonymous said...

gary roberts counted 17,132 pair of hands clapping after his 900th point. he knows if you clapped and will be looking for you if you didnt.

jim said...

how are you getting the game? it seems like it's blacked out on nhl network.

Matthew said...

yeah, game is blacked-out all the way up here in Cleveland as well. Pisses me off!!!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Another pathetic effort at home

PittHockey said...

jim, if you get any of the new york / new jersey sports stations, nhl network blacks it out and makes you watch it on the actual channel.

although I've talked to people from out of the area (ie canada) who have their games blacked out for no reason.

Spencemo said...


That's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

the penguins suck, shero is forfeiting the season by not getting a real goalie. conklin, as we saw last night, is a complete joke and sabu amazingly manages to find a way to lose every game, even to a team as horrible as the isles. this is beyond frustrating

Anonymous said...

anon @ 8:22pm


wilsmith said...

This makes me feel better about being an asshole over the fleury/sabu debate going on a while ago.

Anonymous said...

to be honest...we didn't play bad. I was at the game tonight and if we had scored on one of our effing power plays (10 minutes of pp time we had???) it would have been pens in the lead. but our pp sucks and it can't be emphasized more. like I don't know what they are doing in practice but when they get the chance to take the lead we blow it.

everyone chanting "gary" was a great time. stayed after to see the players leave, christensen wished us a "merry christmas" back. awe. what a guy. looked like he was having a little fight with his girl too. haha..quite a scene. malkin seemed pissed he flew out of the arena. laraques signed autographs for an hour i swear. talbot was his usually awesome self waving back and such. gotta love the players.

Mike said...

Conklin makes 37 saves against Boston as a 3rd string goalie and he's a complete joke? Makes sense to me.

And who do you expect Shero to go after? What "real goalie" is going to want to come here to start for a couple months just to have his job taken away once Fleury comes back?

This isn't Playstation 2. There's not a whole lot Shero can do, and not a whole lot he should do. Sabu can get the job done when he's on his game, and Conklin gave the team a chance to win. It's not his fault that the team forgot to show up for the last 25 minutes.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:46...

you are a joke. he's a backup and was signed as one. that isn't shero's fault that their starter has gone down with an injury and their back-up is playing mediocre hockey (not as bad as you make it out to be). dont be such a faggot.

stokes said...

@ Anon 10:46

more like the penguins are forfeiting their own season by PLAYING LIKE SHIT?


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