Thursday, December 13, 2007

GameDay (31) -- Senators @ Pens



Even after they lost 6 straight, they still have huge balls.

They have 41 points, tops in the Eastern Conference.
They played the second-place Eastern team Wednesday night -- The Hurricanes.
Ottawa - 6
Carolina - 0

Sabu is starting his reign as Penguins starting goaltender.
Of course, we want him to succeed.

Succeed = .500 - .650 winning percentage.

For a goalie who's been mired in the minors and in big-league backup roles,
if he isn't priming himself for this 2-month showcase, he shouldn't be alive.

Picture: Sens fans getting pumped up for the big game.
Sad: Every man in the crowd is staring at these guys.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Recchi is such a force now, he refuses to not be the first post on the page.

WufPirate said...

This game is being broadcast via FSN Pittsburgh for free on Yahoo! Sports TV.

canaanregulatesblog said...

weird. this post just showed up for me and it says it was posted way earlier...hmph

Jonny V said...

Gee, with your Recchi comment it leaves us to ponder who was leaving all of the anonymous pro-Recchi anti-Roberts posts...

Anonymous said...

someone posted a comment a couple days ago that they were looking to buy this winter classic acrylic hat with pom:

whoever posted, did you find it yet?
if not, i know where you can get one

Anonymous said...

i found an interesting video of our backup goalie fighting: ty conklin

at the end of the video

PittHockey said...

anonymous, I haven't found the hat yet.
what've you found?


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