Saturday, December 8, 2007

GameDay (29) -- Pens @ Canucks


Vancouver has been insane recently.
Roberto Luongo has been shutting the door on the world.

Can the Pens afford going down two goals on Vancouver?


First off, you look at the Thrashers logo and think a thrasher bird is intimidating.

It looks like something Roberts drops into the toilet bowl in the morning.

But we didn't let that stop us from doing this:

Unless you've been living in a garbage can or haven't been on the internet,
you know that Mark Recchi has been picked up by Atlanta. [ TSN ]

( Matt Betush )

It's hard to believe that this is happening. And so fast.

There we were, complaining about Mark Recchi, saying he was a detriment to the team.
And now he's an Atlanta Thrasher.

After all the harsh words, we wish Recchi nothing but the best.



The little sports kiosk in South Hills Village Mall, across from the Apple store.
25 bones. Sick.

We also added some flavor to the Winter Classic in Flashblog.

Go Pens.


Anonymous said...

I got my Classic hat at Pens Station on Monday. and it was only 22 bucks!


complaintsblog said...

The Pens logo for the winter classic game should have a blue background

Vern said...

nice touch on flashblog

i really wish they didn't have those silly patches on the side of the hat. the colored semicircle (aka paint-spill) on the bill is bad enough. I could live with some spilled paint, but not along with that patch.

anybody find a throwback without the patch?

go pens!

stokes said...

Today, 7 years ago, Mario announces his comeback.

I cried like a baby.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

They sell the old blue hats on amazon and I think I saw one on the Pens site. I liked the Draft hat from last season. white with the Pens logo on the mesh. This seasons hat is just to plain, black and grey. Anyone else think the hats look plain?


CDUBBS said...

This camera guy sucks

PittHockey said...

bing and staal need some faceoff practice.

otherwise good first period

PittHockey said...

everyone complaning about the hat:

take a look at this one:

Anonymous said...

The game has had some crazy buildup here. Theyve been pluggin the crap out of how Sid skipped some junior camp. No one here cares though, its gonna be the real Canucks in the 2nd onwards though.
Watch and learn...

Lana said...

Casey Kuntz just added me as a friend on facebook. Ha! I'm 1 of 4 friends. WOW.

Lana said...

And how about the anthem guy?

Fleury29 said...

I got my throwback hat from Lids/Hat World for $25+S&H a few years ago.

It's the Twins Enterprises "Franchise" cap, which is the same hat as my normal Pens hat but the vintage one fit a bit smaller.

Let's Go Pens!

bleepbloop said...

Did Staal just tell Potash that "A Reacharound would be nice"?

PittHockey said...

ok, I'm calling on commentor blog for help

nhl had a winter classic toque on the site about a week or two ago.
put it on my christmas list, got emailed today saying the link didn't work.

looks like this:

searched amazon, ebay, nhlshop, penguins shop, hatshop, and half the internets with no luck. :(

PittHockey said...

and as I suck at linking:

hopefully that works

stokes said...


What a freaking game. Probably the most entertaining game this year.

By the way, this game is over at 2:26 if 66 takes that penalty shot.
i hear he's in the best shape of his life.

just saying....


The Hebrew Hammer said...


Anonymous said...


enough said.

Anonymous said...


Terry Brunk said...

Sabu > Bing

PittHockey said...

I thought of a good photoshop, hopefully I don't butcher it

Eric said...

unreal game, if you can sleep tonight, you are not human

the look on MT's face when Tanger scored was classic

EC is $ in the bank


Anonymous said...

ruutu song.

Jonny V said...

Pitthockey, thanks for bringing that skully to my attention. Friggin' sweet. I hope u find it, i'll keep my eyes peeled for u cause I def. want one.

Stokes, good lookin' out, money...

We swept western Canada. This team is coming together nicely I hear...

PittHockey said...

The Letanginator

Anonymous said...

mario was skaing at the plex early in the week with bing and the old 2-9'er.

wizardofcroz said...

great game, from start (the long-haired bearded anthem singer) to finish (Letang would've ended it if he shot in the #3 slot). i watched the hockey night in canada broadcast--great 15 minute post-game interview with Sid. Can't wait to finish off the road sweep against Philly Tuesday.

Go Pens.

b said...

Ok so I was wrong about Eaton. He definately does not suck. But, I still don't think he is fantastic. On the PK he let a few passes thru that could have resulted in goals, but Sabu was a brick wall. He is your basic stay at home d-man, but I'll admit the suck comment was unwarrented. I just didn't think he deserved the "A" in Gonch's absence.

And why did it take Therrien so long to put Legame in? Thank god he finally did.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:50
don't forget about robby brown. he still has the windmill celebration down pat

stokes said...

pitt hockey: great shop. awesome. although the red terminator eye creeps me out. still, QUALITY.


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