Thursday, December 6, 2007

GameDay (28) -- Pens @ Flames


11 - 13 - 4

A lot of things happening tonight.

We get to see Mike Keenan get pissed about something.
Gary Roberts returns to Calgary.
We get to watch a Pens game in Calgary.

GameTime Forecast:

12º on the Fahrenheit scale
-11º on the Celsius scale
Cold-as-ballsº on the cold-as-balls scale


karri said...

Derek, the blog...

Just watched the DVR of the Pens game from last night...worked until midnight...what a game!

I counted 7 JBR commercials during the game with 1 more in the post-game wrap-up (3 for the ring, 2 for earrings, and 3 for the necklace) wtf...FSN can't find anyone else to advertise?

Last year, all of you guys talked about the "Minivan Mom"


“Imagine what a well-tailored suit can do...Men’s’re gonna like the way you look...I guarantee it.”

Oh, yes!

MetroGnome said...

Bah. -11 Ain't cold. It's been -20 here the last few days.

Also, go Flames.

PittHockey said...

Hopefully the Penguins play 3 periods tonight.

Ex-Pat Pittsburgh Girl said...

Great recaps guys!!! Even though I watch most of the games on Center Ice, I always like to read your recaps. Keep up the great work!

John said...

in all fairness, the wife in the JBR commercials is seriously hot.

wilsmith said...

Heh, gotta love the visiting team fans coming onto C-Blog.

Kind of makes me wonder if metrognome is a regular reader or just dropping in.

What's up dude?

Also, I don't usually put too much stock into home ice advantage, but if there's an arena and set of fans that would seem intimidating at all, it's the Saddledome.

stokes said...

That picture of the frozen ass dude makes me think of something from Star Wars, like somebody/thing you'd see in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

It was like 10 degrees in pgh this morning at like 6 AM.

But i heard that it was 0 degrees last night in Edmonton. That's like negative-cold-as-balls on the cold-as-balls scale.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say no to her, but that commercial is nothing short of annoying.


wizardofcroz said...

Prediction: BGL will drop gloves within first 10 minutes to set the tone.

firefox said...

Much respect to the Flames fan. He didn't come in with stupid trash talk about the Pens. Just a "Go Flames" and moves on. I like that. I wish people would more people would show that level of respect.

Go Pens!

MetroGnome said...

Much respect to the Flames fan. He didn't come in with stupid trash talk about the Pens.

Repay class with class, that's what I always say. Plus, I have Crosby and Gonchar in some of my pools, so I spend a generous amount of time cheering for the Pens whenever they aren't playing Calgary.

Kind of makes me wonder if metrognome is a regular reader or just dropping in.

I swing by every so often, but moreso when the Pens are mixing with the Western Conference in some manner.

bill said...

flames fan = no joke

Go Pens.

Brett said...

so I turn on the tube to catch the Bruins/Habs game, and I get greeted with the absolute worst, horrid, embarrassing rendition of both anthems i've ever heard. Wow. Old-school organ, a guy singing with way over-the-top tremolo and out-of-tempo with the organ player. just horrid.

Anonymous said...

Busting out the game worn Dany Sabourin Flames jersey for this game. The "rare" one with the 2000 patch and the #42. When he only played Pre-season with the Flames and sent to the minors his rookie year. HARDCORE HOMECOMING FOR SABOURIN. If he plays or not!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gary Roberts should pull a stunning retirement after the puck drops. End it where it all began.

Staff said...

Thanks, Karri.
We may have to do something in a post about commercials.

Metrognome is a beast. What a screenname, too.

EX-PAT!! Good to hear from you again.

I wouldn't mind coming home to JBR lady, as long as I didn't have to give her jewelry every time.

Anonymous Mark Recchi has some unfinished business.


Anonymous said...

MAF and Roberts playing tonight... Crosby better bring out the extra strength advil for this game. MAF=Over rated. Roberts=Should retire while the benefits are good.

Anonymous said...


b said...

Georges almost killed someone with that rabbit punch. I hope he shatters somebody's collarbone on the seamless glass that shit is like running into a brick wall.

b said...

Nice screen Eaton. I don't know why I'm so pissed off excuse me.

John said...

hoping fleury is not seriously hurt, although not sure how he could be when all he did was trip over himself.

J.S. said...

Anonymous Roberts slanderer should swallow a 40 oz of rat poisoning in one chug.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

How the heck do you consider it slander? 42 year olds DO NOT MAKE ALL STAR TEAMS. He is a -3 overall. The stats say it all, it's all truth.

Anonymous said...

in what game do you not see fluery trip over himself or do some strange stuff, cause we sure know it was either him tripping on himself or the only other way he gets an injury is when he goes down way to early

stokes said...

Awesome. We have some douchebag jobber who's not man(or woman) enough to leave their name. Grow some balls, asswipe.

By the way, see the metrognome classy commentor.

Anon, you're an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Malone saving old man Roberts with his high caning. Malone used his patended POWERMOVE! (tm)

b said...

plus/minus can be a horrible stat. If the goalie gives up a soft goal, -1 for everybody. If Roberts is skating to the bench, and the Pens score on the rush before he's off the ice, +1 for Roberts. He may not be an all star but if you're watching tonights game you can see that he fights as hard as a 25 year old. That's why many of his teamates have been quoted saying that his play is inspiring.

Jonny V said...

Stokes, I bet u bottom dollar anon's initial's are K.M., and the original Aunt Penny died in like 1985, they just used her likeness all those years until hiring some old chick with bad accents to play her. Kenny Ross is some kind of weirdo

Stoosh, awesome use of the word "traipsing". I really do get a kick when people use obscure words like that. Solid all-around effort. Maybe we'll call u "Tater Salad"

And the best thing about the game tonight, besides us tying the game up and earning a point, is the Haaken Loob sighting in the clip of the Flames' Stanley Cup winning game. Truly an epic moment.

Brett said...

Whitney totally made out with Letang after the shootout.. the Calgary feed showed it,,haha

stokes said...


what a sick move by LETANG!

Eric said...

Roberts was insane tonight, his best game of the year by far
Bugsy has improved 110%
Laraque dominated whoever he fought
Sykora looks like he is ready to explode

Luongo -> bring it

Go Pens

Anonymous said...

Gary Roberts has to fight hard every night... he has death chasing him at every corner. As Blue Oyster Cult once said, and I say it to Old Man Roberts "Don't fear the reaper."

If you can tell me his play tonight was stellar then you all have your head up his ass way to far.

MetroGnome said...

Good game. I thought we had you, but, as usual, the Flames give up a SH goal at the wrong time (it's happened more than once this year). Sigh. once the game went beyond extra time, I knew you guys would win (Calgary sucks in extra time).

Was an entertaining match though.

big ray said...

outside the screen, eaton is a god

rwarner174 said...

What a hockey game. Pens are starting to heat up. The great Ryan Malonedenie made an apperance. But seriously, he has had a great season so far.

There is only 3 points between us and the #2 seed Carolina. Things are really tight right now. Talk about parity.

Hate to talk about the steelers here, but Anthony Smith is an idiot. Never here that crap comming out of a Penguin's mouth. Smith should of watch Sid's comments after todays game if he wants to learn how to carry himself on the camera.

lazor said...

Wow, that game makes the short-list of top games of the season! Great to see Letang get the shootout winner!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

It's great to see a fan from an opposing team give props to the Pens in defeat, big ups Metro. I speak for Penguin nation in expressing our man love toward Kris Letang. What a friggin' hockey player, you could just tell he wanted to be the last shooter so badly.

PittHockey said...

I didn't see the game being that competitive.
Hopefully the team learns from it.

Jonny V said...

You will never speak for Penguins nation anonymous roberts basher i mean melvin i mean hebrew

And fuck you for being the reason comment moderation has to be turned on.

Anonymous said...

Johnny V = Roberts Lap dog. This guy would trade Crosby Lecavier for Gary Roberts in the Fantasy leagues.

stokes said...

Hey all you Anons. you suck.

Jonny V- do you think that Kenny Ross is like that dude in psycho? he can't let go of his aunt penny even though she's been dead for 20 years?


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