Wednesday, December 5, 2007

GameDay (27) -- Pens @ Oilers

We'd do some trash-talking on how bad the Oilers are.

But they have more points than the Penguins do.

Every game during Sidney's Canada tour is gonna be like a Stanley Cup Finals game.
Buckle up.


On an unrelated note, we got an awesome hate mail:

Really?!?! Is that all you do... hate on entire cities? I happened across your steaming pile of a site after googling Kansas City. I must say you have shit for taste, HOCKEY IS FOR DOUCHEBAGS!! I hope your shitty Penguins do move here, hopefully they'll change the name to something a little more intimidating. Do you even know anything about KC? Oh...What's that? Your uninteresting and no one cares about douchebag hockey or talentless Kelly Clarkson? That's what I thought!

We were jobbing Kansas City relentlessly last season during the whole arena fiasco.
Good times.

It never ceases to amaze us that people can get so pissed.


bill said...

awesome hate mail...

i'd bet one of my testicles that this guy has never been outside of kc.

KC Tornados? Is that what he means by intimidating?

Go Pens. Sweep Canada this week!

JK said...

why would anyone ever Google something as shitty as Kansas City? There is no purpose to ever Google that hell-hole.

Nailer News said...

Like the Royals have ever scared anyone...

wilsmith said...

Don't worry, Stoosh, I always deliver.

Where did the Kelly Clarkson mention come from? Has anyone seen the video of her playing with that LA hair metal cover band? She got +20 respect in my book. Well, here it is.

Anonymous said...

so, recchi clear waivers and i was wondering if it is more beneficial if a team picks him up or if they dont. do we still have to pay his salary(partially) cause if he went to another team we'd have paid half or something? somebody clear the situation up for me.

stokes said...

The best thing about that hate mail, which i assume was received recently, is that if that mongoloid would remove his fucking head from his ass, he would realize that the Pens couldnt move there, not for another thirty years!

I know pittsburgh isnt what it used to be, but atleast it was something, unlike KC.

oh my bad- KC is something-

A JOKE!!!!

what a Pensblog Charlie.


wilsmith said...

If any team would have taken him on waivers they'd take his salary as well.

If the Pens assign him to WBS then call him back up (pretty much on paper only, for the purpose of re-entry waivers) then he has to go through re-entry waivers, where teams can pick him up and the Pens would still have to pay 1/2 his salary. The team would be getting him for 1/2 price, which is what most people seem to think will happen next.

If he clears those, then the Pens are paying his salary to have him sit around.

There's other things that I'm not too sure of, anyone else have anything to add?

Someone explain what happens financially if he is assigned to WBS or doesn't report to WBS.

Anonymous said...

To the other anon:

If someone else had picked him up this time around, they would have been responsible for all of his salary.

The next move is most likely re-entry waivers, in which the pens are still responsible for half of his salary should he be claimed.

firefox said...

Damn... I kinda like Kelly now. :)

Marv said...

jobbing at hockey is one thing...but no one, and I mean no one bashes Kelly Clarkson and gets away with it.

Mike Costa said...

Since Somebody Brought Up KC I'd Figure That I Bring This Picture Back¤t=YouGetNothingKC.png

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Hate mail rules.

Glad hate mail-writer can distinguish between your and you're. Poor grammar makes hate mail even better.

Sean said...

If the Pens changed their name to something more intimidating, would hockey still be for douchebags?

How dare he bring the name of Kelly Clarkson into this discussion!

Ryan said...

I'm a little late on this...but was anyone listening to Madden on Tuesday? The same day that PB posted that Mr. Kennedy picture for Tyler's goal, Madden had the bright idea that after JFK scores, and Barbaro announced the goal, the Mellon Arena fans should wait several seconds and then all yell "Kenideeeeeeeee" ala Mr. Kennedy's wrestling intro. (wow, talk about run-onblog)

Madden definitely reads PB. It'd be nice if he gave it some credit once in awhile instead of claiming to make everything up himself.

Tom "Old Balls" Fullerton in Denver said...

Is someone going to claim Rex off of waivers for their dekhockey team? He could probably dominate in an over 30 league.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Yeah Ryan it couldn't be that he announced wrestling for over 3 years with WCW and watches the sport all the time. Shut up assclown.

Jonny V said...

Nice to come to the fat man's defense melvin. Let him have it!!

And I don't watch alot of Oilers home games, but did they forget to turn on half of their lights?

Anonymous said...

one thing i never realy understood when it comes to pens bashing is why do people pick on the logo? seriously, they all say it isnt intimidating. sure, it isnt. but not many teams have intimidating logos. the sharks and panthers come to mind, you know, dangerous animals, and the avalanche, but then you have the rest of the league. im sure we are more intimidating than letters going down the front.

Jonny V said...

That Penguin in the logo will gnaw your face off...

John said...

this game has been incredibly boring

Anonymous said...

At the end of 2 only TWO PENGUINS have a -2 rating.... Mr. Kennedy...KENNEDY and ofcourse old man river Roberts. Wrong old man to dump. Way to go Shero.

Fleury29 said...

KC is cool but nowhere near as cool as Pittsburgh.

But, as I learned this weekend, if you want to talk fair weather fans, you talk Kansas City. I never would have thought that was true until I witnessed it.

I was at the Chiefs game Sunday against the Chargers and when the Chargers scored to make it 24-10, it was a mass exodus from Arrowhead, not that there were that many people left at that point anyway.

It was bitter cold, the team was down, so everyone left. We stayed for the whole game.

And yeah, you'd think that anyone from KC would have some empathy for Pittsburgh given that the Royals and Bucs are about the two worst teams in MLB over the last 15 years... not that I give two shits about baseball.

stokes said...

Holy balls. wow.

Fleury29 said...

And for the record, I love Kelly Clarkson. If that video doesn't turn you on you're a woman or Pensblog Charlie.

She's from Texas, by the way, so I have no idea what she has to do with KC or Pittsburgh.

But I digress... isn't this a hockey blog or something?

PittHockey said...

heart attack kids.

waiting till the 3rd period to start playing.

I guess not scoring for the first two periods is a tribute to recchi.

stokes said...

When you need a comeback, who do you call?


You know it.

Jonny V said...

Did they liven it up for u any john?

And staff, how about not posting anymore messages by anonymous douchebags anymore. Make 'em register to grace us with their thoughts

And it looks like Scottydon't is going back to Anahiem

I would have streaked down the street if Fleury scored that goal.

Ryan said...

aw hebrew hammer coming to the defense of his hero. cute.

relax dude. I listen to him every day. I was just stating that he has made several references to things that are said on this site. i.e. "from the station that asks you, what would gary do?"

hammer = joke.

what a 3rd period. that was unreal.

Anonymous said...

holy carp, what a game

why can't the pens put together 60 minutes of greatness, instead of saving it for the last 10-15?

John said...

jesus christ glad i kept watching

Jonny V said...

Fleury, last four starts:

88 shots faced
4 goals given up
4 wins

Straight cash homey

rachel said...

So glad I stayed up... I guess the Pens just wanted to make it interesting and save it all for the third, haha. Eaton has been a beast.

Anonymous said...


Staff said...

We have an anonymous Gary Roberts hater.
Is it so hard to believe that it might be Mark Recchi?

If we abolish the anonymous comments, it would mean that commentors like stokes and mummra would have to register a blogger name.

we moderate comments.
we won't play God, but if someone's main goal is to start shit, then we'll take the gloves off.


Adrienne said...

*snip* I hope your shitty Penguins do move here, hopefully they'll change the name to something a little more intimidating. Do you even know anything about KC?

Apparently this retard doesn't know anything about KC either, given the fact that they don't know KC isn't getting the Penguins. LOL

Fucking AWESOME game tonight. I'm now convinced my best friend is the key to the Penguins winning the cup.

Anonymous said...

In the 19 games Recchi played...
He had 2 goals 6 assists. Old Man River Glass neck Gary Roberts, had 1 goal 6 assists in those 19 games. When Recchi got benched, it was only 4 games later Pops Roberts shows up with 2 assists in a game. You can hype up the Roberts all you want, I am not "hating" or posting to "start shit". If you are going to dump vets so "the younger guys have a voice" then don't single out Mark Recchi. He has done a lot for the team and the city, and it was only 19 games into the season to pull the trigger on a slump. Hell if that was the case why wasn't Staal sitting the bench for a few games for his slump? Ryan Whitney is the new "turnover" guy and watching Roberts in action, you can tell he can't keep up with the younger kids. Recchi couldn't either, so package them both up and lose the dead weight. There are so many options out there, instead of a 42 year old left winger who USED to be a tough guy. Now he is just a sad old man waiting for the home.

b said...

Whitney finally scored on the "Whitney Play tm" that PB correctly identified. If he would do that once a week imagine the results.

Like the stat check shows Fleury isn't the problem. We are not scoring enough. The third period today was a great exception.

I hate to see the wreckin ball go. He has not performed well this season but as anon pointed out Roberts hasn't done much better. The difference is that Gary is quicker and much more physical.

Kennedy is sick. It's obvious when he's gonna score. Every game he has scored in he's had an awesome shift early on. I hope he keeps it up.

Anonymous said...

Roberts quicker? If you see any pens game, when he is out there on a breakaway his linemates anticipate him being there to tap it in, and while they are near the net, he is back at the blue line. Monday nights game Robert drops his stick and he actually skated so slow to get it.


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