Sunday, December 30, 2007

2 Points. 1 Broken Leg. PENS WIN.

2 - 0

[ recap]

It looked like a normal game.
Everyone was getting pumped for the Winter Classic.
Then all of sudden Gary Roberts is laying on the ice.

We wish him the best in recovery.
Mark Eaton and Gary Roberts in the press box.

National Anthem

[Thanks to "Go Pens"]


Shero gives Roberts something for his 900 point.
Roberts almost trips on a camera cord.
A camera man is reported missing later in the evening.

[Derek Ausk]


Therrien stayed true to his philosophy and started the hot hand, Ty Conklin.

The biggest excitement early was Sydor getting the puck out of the Pens crease after the puck was going crazy.
Crosby was the one who deflected it in on Conklin.

The early frantic pace was finally stopped with a whistle.

That didn't deter the pace at all once the puck was dropped again.

Out of nowhere, there was 6:00 left in the first.
Both teams were beasts in the offensive zone, playing puck-possession hockey while getting some nice chances.

The Pens ended round 2 with Colby hitting the post, and then trying to Lemieux it off of Ryan Miller.

And then crap. The next segment last about 8 seconds, as the Pens headed to the box.

The Pens kill the penalty, and the rest of the period disappears faster than the Little Ceasars franchise in Western Pennsylvania.

Big time Pizza

Before you know whats going on.
Crosby walks down.
Saucer pass city.


The second period was going along swimmingly.
The Pens had the lead, Conklin was making saves, the Pens were getting chances.

Then an eerie silence enveloped Mellon Arena and most of the tri-state area.
Roberts is down. Repeat. Roberts is down.

WWGRD. Break his leg.

Tough times.

Ryan Malone was heading to the box later for tripping up some guy.

The Pens survived the Buffalo power play, and then had to weather some more before Conk was able to freeze that.

Konstantin Koltsov/Afinogenov flies down and pounds Sydor into the boards.
Guess they don't call boarding anymore.

He got what was coming to him later on the play though, and the Pens jumped on the power play.

The power play was mud.

That was it for a second period that will resonate throughout history.


Three minutes into the third, you simply realized that this game was gonna be a big win or an awful defeat.

Errey drops a bomb on the world with the news that Gary Roberts broke his left fibula.
Half the world Googles "fibula" to see what it's all about.

After some extensive searching, we find a broken fibula takes a good 6-8 weeks to heal.
That brings us to the playoff push in March, which is when Roberts has earned his bread throughout his career.

Well, the third period was heading down the homestretch.
The Pens took another penalty.

The Pens had a golden opportunity on the shorthanded side of things.
They forget what's going on.

Where's the jokes this season, dicks

Scoods gets high-sticked/stuck in the mouth, and the Pens eventually jump on the PP.
Nothing doin' on the PP.

9:00 left.
Conklin had something special going.
You know what that means.
Conk blocks everywhere.

Staal had a chance later on a breakaway, and Derek Roy hooks him up.
Staal is a midget, so it's better that the Pens were able to take another two minutes off the clock instead of Staal getting a penalty shot.

The Pens don't get anything going on the PP.
And then it was crunch time.
Father time rolls in and things start to get crazy.

Daryl Sydor played a big time hockey game.
He cleans up the mess.

The Pens survive one more scare late with Miller pulled, and then Malkin lays it up into the empty net. 2-0.


  • Bing: 2A
  • Army: 1G
  • Conklin: Shutout

  • If you would've told Ty Conklin in September that he'd be starting the Winter Classic, he would have banged your girlfriend.
  • last game of '07, what a year.
  • Buffalo looked tired.
  • Sykora was out with a illness.
  • Defense was solid tonight
  • See you in Buffalo


TerraFeeshMD said...

Correction: Crosby with Two Assists.

alex said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention how TERRIBLE the camera work was tonight. Half the time the camera guy didn't even know where the puck was!

FritoWill said...

The PensBlog Curse!!!!

First Eaton, now Roberts.

Somewhere in the back of my mind i am thinking of this as one of those WWE the wrestler is actually on vacation things.

Gio said...

Seriously, I have to agree with what I've read already tonight, and heard from fellow fans: I've never been so unhappy after a win. It was a huge game tonight, and we got the win, but at what cost?

Possibly the only good thing to come out of the whole ordeal were the comments Errey and Steigy made right after Roberts got hurt.

Errey said something to the extent of this would be a good time to have a player like Recchi able to step up for his team. And without missing a beat Steigy goes on to talk about how sometimes players just can't see the big picture and do what is good for the team instead of thinking only about themselves.

Tonight is probably the first time I almost like Steigerwald. Well, for that reason and almost making Errey's head explode by using the word trapezoid.

WWGRD? Get a bionic leg and be back in 2-3 games.

Anonymous said...

Bing had two assists

PittHockey said...

Actually, Bing w/ 2 assists.

Although he may have sacrificed one in honor of Gary Roberts' leg.

PittHockey said...

Also, Eaton is getting surgery for his torn acl, meaning he's gone till next season.

Reading the book Jonesy, those things are apparently a real pain if the docs screw up.

Hutch said...

Bing had 2 assists

hashmoney said...

from espn

"A stretcher was brought out but Roberts did not use it."


stokes said...

I'm not happy that Roberts is out by any means, but a positive may be that he'll be well rested by the time he comes back and it will definitely be a huge boost for the pens, especially because march has quit being the beginning of spring and is now officially listed as Gary Roberts Season. The man will be on FIRE.

Let's Go PENS!

Brett said...

it really depends on how/where the fibula is broken. he could be back in as little as 6 weeks, but he might be out as long as 12 to 15. It could be just a crack for all we know, but he might need plates and screws and the whole bit.

Just my amateur 2 cents

Anonymous said...

any thoughts on who will get the call up?

Anonymous said...

so, who now gets the 3rd A? malone?


wilsmith said...

This is just adding to the lore...

Maverick said...

Somebody please let me know I am not the only one who does not see Roberts as a huge loss for this team. Talbot and Fleury are HUGE losses, Eaton is a significant loss. Roberts is just a loss to the fans because everybody loves him but the truth is he has not been doing much at all. Early in the year all he did was take stupid penalties. He does not have a significant presence on the power play or penalty kill and isn't putting up to many numbers on the state sheet.

Don't come at me with intangibles and stuff like that because Kennedy has been providing plenty of those. This team needs solid defense and goaltending, a productive PP and PK and for lines 1 and 2 to produce. Ruutu and be bumped to the 3rd line and do what Roberts does, and we can bring up Connor James to fill the 4th line role. Plus Mad Max will be coming back soon and he is def. more valuable than Roberts. I actually think we will be better off.

Look I love Roberts too, he is gritty and a fan favorite but I don't think he is that significant to the teams ultimate goal now if we blow without him I will be the first to admit that I am wrong but as of now I think we won't miss a beat.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Have a great time in Buffalo guys

Anonymous said...

Roberts is a huge loss for the team because of his presence in the dressing room. I've seen interviews with just about every player on the team where they praise him for his leadership.

With modern sports medicine, he could be back in as soon as four weeks, but that's a best case scenerio.

stokes said...

@ maverick and Anon 6:05:

I agree, maverick, with every thing you said except for the intangibles thing. that's where anon is correct. kennedy (kennedy!) is playing well and throwing his weight around, etc, etc., but i can't believe that the intangibles in the locker room are the same between them and that's where roberts matters the most. sure, he can be in there on crutches, but if he's not out there backing it up and making a difference on the ice, would they ring hollow?

Another thought someone brought up to me: at 41, could this be a career threatening injury? i told him he was stupid and then bitch slapped him, but is it possible?

homesprout said...

I just knew that Gary Roberts 3-1 victory over Jesus on the 25th was gonna cause problems......


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said maverick...on the stats/score sheet he may not be a loss... but on the other hand he will be missed as a leader. then again, you have to think of the past couple of games, roberts actually had a goal and a few assists (at least one anyway).

i do think tho that we will be alright without him until playoff time and fleury and talbot should return soon.

go pens.

PittHockey said...

awesome background change!

Stoosh said...

I'm normally a Bob Errey fan, but when he went on his little Mark Recchi rant after Roberts got hurt, I wanted to put my foot through the television.

Mark Recchi is a great guy and had a great career. But he was given 1001 more chances and infinitely more rope to hang himself with than were most of the younger players on this team and guess what? He still hung himself. He still squandered his chances.

You know what the very first thought that went through my head was last night after Army scored that goal? I thought that if Mark Recchi had done that half the time Sid's thrown that pass to him this year, Recchi would've had 20 fucking goals already and he never would've been benched, let alone waived. If third-liner, grind-it-out, low-offensive-talent Colby Armstrong can keep his stick on the ice when he goes to the net on a line with Sid, how couldn't Mark Recchi figure it out over the last, what, forty games??

And Errey's rant about depth? What's Shero supposed to do? Keep a disgruntled vet who's already been a pain in the ass twice in three years about his role on the team in the locker room just for the sake of depth? The guy was pissing and moaning to everyone who would listen about how Therrien was screwing him over. Shero did him a fucking favor getting him out of here, and there was no possible way Shero could've foreseen the injuries to Malone, Talbot, Eaton, Sykora and Roberts in lieu of that.

Ridiculous. I know Errey wants to stick up for his buddy, but how many more chances was Shero supposed to give him?

stokes said...



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