Tuesday, November 27, 2007


If you didn't watch the Steeler game, it's easy to re-create the experience.

Pay some guy 5 bucks to watch him pee on a cat.

We'll poke fun of the Steelers.
But honestly it doesn't get much worse than Miami.

That's embarrassing.
Almost as embarrassing as that thing they call a field out there.


Well, this only seems appropriate:



Mark Recchi's dead hands.


Almost. [ PG ]

Recchi's agent has the "talk" with King Shero.

"It's safe to say I've had some conversations with Ray regarding the current status," Curran said yesterday. "When any player finds himself not playing, you call and find out how things are, what's going on."


Mark Madden made a list of what he wants to see from the Pens. [ Times Online ]

[ Sports Illustrated ] has a column on the Pens.

[ NHL.com ] does their Atlantic Notebook:

The Pens have hit their stride with 10 goals in their last two wins and have won two in a row for the first time since Oct. 23.

Sidney Crosby is dominating All-Star voting. [ ESPN ]

[Empty Netters] with the link of the month.
The Wheeling Nailers signed Frankie Leroux. [Wheeling Nailers ]

If you aren't on board with a Frankie Leroux comeback, you don't know what's going on.

And lastly....

Relive the 4-OT classic in Washington. [Doubt about it ]


Some dude with a blog at the [ Denver Post ] has this to say:

A little birdie told me the Avs had scouts at the Penguins-Senators game the other night, so start your trade rumors from those locations.

Personally, I think the Avs might be considering getting Marc-Andre Fleury, the former first-round goalie pick who hasn’t been that great for the Pens. But that’s just a hunch, not based on big word of mouth. John-Michael Liles could be part of that mix, but again, just a hunch.

Yeah, we have a hunch John-Michael Liles is a joke.


There's some news that just has to be addressed.

This past Friday night, during post-game ceremonies at a Princeton Bruins hockey game,
some kid won a Nintendo Wii. [ Fanhouse ]

He was undoubtedly pumped and probably ran down from the stands with excitement to claim his prize.

On his way down, he apparently fell.
He was pronounced dead later on at a nearby hospital.



[ New York Times ] did a nice piece on shot-blocking in the NHL.


[phi.<span class=
No one knows what to make of the Flyers.
Last night was the first game against the Bruins since Bergeon got owned.
And there was even another controversial hit in the game last night. [ TSN ]

Stay classy

[<span class=
Guy Lafleur says this year's Canadiens team bring four 4th lines to the table. [ TSN ]

Saku Koivu: "...when a team is number one on the powerplay in the National Hockey League, I think you have more than four fourth lines."

Guy Lafleur = 5 rings.
Saku Koivu = Just watching.

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Why was the release of Ilya Bryzgalov a big deal?
'Cause he's 4-0 since coming to Phoenix. [True Coyote Love ]

[<span class=
Look out for Dallas.
They've won six straight. [Stars blog ]

We hear of Eastern Conference teams going on West Coast trips.
And now we see the Dallas Stars, who are visiting all five Atlantic Division teams over the course of seven days.

[<span class=
Sabres have won 5 straight.[Die by the Blade ]

Toronto is burning.
[Toronto sun ]

Good times

Here's an excerpt from the new "Gretzky to Lemieux" book:

"Well, maybe he (Gretzky) wasn't in the best shape on this night (Game 2 of the finals). Midway through the first overtime, there's a stretch when Gretzky is noticeably absent. The problem, as the Great One would later relate, is he'd worked himself to the point of exhaustion, lost control of his bodily functions, and wet himself while he was sitting on the bench."


[ The Mario Lemieux Foundation ] has extended the online auction to December 5th.
No question, check it out.


November 26, 1991

Badger Bob passed away 16 years ago yesterday. [Going Five Hole ]

If this doesn't give you goosebumps.
Nothing will:

It cannot be said enough:

It's a great day for hockey.

Go Pens.


FritoWill said...



Hey big thing here if you are buying the greatest games DVD. But a pizza from Pizza Hut and you should get a $10 mail in rebate. Also Giant Eagle is now selling the DVD's.

Steelers Monday night, what is worse watching the NJ Devils with a lead 5 years ago, or watching that monday night game?

MattB said...

RIP Badger

Loser Chris said...

I didn't even realize it was the anniversary of Badger Bob passing away yesterday. I guess it was just fate that I spent the night parked on my couch watching the Cup clincher against the Stars. That 10 DVD set is money in the bank!

It's a great day for hockey!

Fleury29 said...

That Badger Bob Tribute video was awesome. Definitely got goosebumps with that one.

Can't believe the Steelers. What's up with that turf?

Guy Lafleur = 5 rings.
Saku Koivu = Just watching.

Good stuff.

Korn said...

My 1 year old daughter and I watched "Against the Odds" the other night. She was riveted during the Badger tribute. Tough to watch that, always get a little misty when I hear that song. Every day is a great day for hockey.

And that story about the Wii kid is terrible.

Anonymous said...

The entire Flyers organization is a joke. The announcers continually defended the cheap shots throughout the season and at the end of their rants they'd say "We're not defending the hits, we just think it's accidental." One or two is accidental, three or four is obvious. The NHL should have know this would happen when one of their marketing ploys is "By Any Means Neccsary"

Nathan said...

The Steelers game was a disaster last night. It would've been better if they were playing it over at the Igloo on skates, because at least then they would've been on a solid surface. As it was, they may as well have been playing in the river.

Long layoffs suck. Can't wait for Friday.

Lady Jaye said...

I'd love to see the new arena named after Badger Bob... but hey, what do I know.

wilsmith said...

Wheeling will be Johnstown this saturday, I believe... if anyone lives out this way.

J.S. said...

Wheeling will be in J-town, and I plan on making a trip to the arena. I live maybe a mile or two from the War Memorial, and I might do my best Newcomer impression by trying to snag a pic or two of Frankie Leroux.

Plus it's Toy Toss night. After the first goal, everybody gets to toss a toy (a stuffed one) onto the ice. All toys will be rounded up and given to Toys for Tots.

I should be in section 9 with the rest of the inebriated fans.

Jonny V said...

I'm with u on that Flint's chick, but what would the name be? The Badger Dome? The Lemieux Arena at Badger Bob Way?

Good lookin' out on that Pizza Hut deal frito one.

And to all of yinz bashing last night's game as being horrible to watch? That's an understatement. I can't believe the Irish people that own the team thought it would be a good idea to lay new sod when they knew there was going to be rain. I used to work in landscaping, and when new sod was laid, we told the people to stay off of it for at least a week, two preferably.

It was still better than the slush the Pens have been skating on at home. I can't wait till it gets cold out so we'll have better ice. THEN the fun begins...

Anonymous said...

Is the main reason the ice has been bad this season the weather in Pittsburgh? Does the Mellon being old and having concerts there a day or two before effect the ice at all? I try to watch west coast games and I have never heard them complain about the ice even with warmer weather year round (not like I was paying close attention to be honest).

I worked at a golf course in high school and know absolutely nothing about turf and sod but common sense tells you putting grass on top of grass is not a good idea especially in a monsoon.

The person who schedules shit at Heinz Field needs to be fired. Six football games in 4 days? C’Mon yinz.


Twinkie said...

Mark Recchi's hands are dead, so maybe that is what he meant..... just because he is still breathing and the rest of his body is still alive doesn't mean the hands are any good.....

Anonymous said...

espn ran this article. it loses any credibility because under norris trophy it says gonchar plays for washington.


tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Saku Koivu: "...when a team is number one on the powerplay in the National Hockey League, I think you have more than four fourth lines."

Five fourth lines?

Anonymous said...

-- Demand equal accountability. If Gary Roberts stinks, scratch him occasionally. I know Roberts will get real mad, but old people get cranky sometimes. Picking a lineup isn’t about veteran respect. It’s about winning. Roberts has played every game this season and has one goal.

CLASSIC!!!! WWGRD? RETIRE to the nursing home.

Anonymous said...


It's my understanding that the ice is bad because of all of those.

The Mellon Arena doesn't have the best cooling system to start with, and warm weather just makes it harder.

The high humidity tends to make the ice surface more like slush.

Now, if the ice could sit around and freeze for a few days, those wouldn't really be issues any more. But, every time there's a non-hockey event at the Igloo, they basically have to start over.

Anonymous said...


steeler fan might like this...

Jonny V said...

I just got a phonecall today from my reserve center, and I got picked to work the Toys for Tots promotion at fridays game against Dallas. Every toy donated is a chance to win autographed shwag, so bring lots of stuff. Hungry Hungry Hippos n' shit. I'll be there in my Navy dress blues if any of ya want to say hey...

Elly said...

Rest in peace, Bob.

Kicksave said...

Anon @ 7:33 p.m. is a douche bag.

wilsmith said...

At the game saturday they showed on the 'tron that Wheeling had signed Leroux and there was a collective "huh, wha?" from everyone in attendance.

Fleury29 said...

I've often said that Robert Johnson Memorial Arena would be a great name.

"Where you goin?"

"I'm goin dahn The Badger'n watch the Pens play."

Pure. Gold.

Mario, make it happen.

Eric said...

if not naming the arena after him, at least put some kind of memorial inside, a big plaque or something to commemorate him...i'd say a statue outside, but I think Mario has already gotten that one reserved for himself

anyone hear if Max is coming back Friday, or what the deal with Gonch's injury is??

this layoff sucks, Go Pens


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