Sunday, November 4, 2007

We use this way of thinking far too much:

But it cannot be said enough -- Games like these wear down your soul.

It is part of the grind, but that does not make it any less annoying.
The last few games in Long Island can be compared to getting teabagged by Shaq.

But hey man. This is the life we live.
Can't take the heat? Kill yourself.


We couldn't catch the first period, and if we could give the blogger password to everyone, we would.

So a wizard of photoshop, Canaan, stepped in and helped us out.


What do these pictures have in common?
They both will be dead before you know it.


[Note: Being in Philthadelphia, Canaan gets the Isles feed on Center Ice.]

Deb Kaufman is a minor league Trenni...anywho, she made the comment "...and the penguin faithful are acting like the sky is falling because of their high expectations and slow start."



Ted Nolan still in search of Lt. John J. Dunbar
Dances With Wolves is money.

Did anyone hear that Al Homo was coaching his 1,500th game?

Drop the puck:
(Thanks to Jeff M for the picture)

First Period

All Islanders early on. Good excitement and energy from the Islanders. Bad penalty by Malkin 30 seconds in. Andy Hilbert :cough: former penguin :cough: draws it.

Strong PK with some quality chances by the Isles.

The first half of the period belonged to the Islanders.

It was like watching season three of Sliders.

Seasons 1 and 2 were awesome.


Second half of the period was a different story.
Gervais gets outworked by Mark Wretched and gets a penalty.

Penguins PP = Vicious.

Crosby beasts a pass to Malkin. Malone does his best Dennis Rodman impression and rebounds for an easy bucket (er...goal).
( Check out the Penguin fan top left)

We blow.


14 Minutes in...
"hey, check it out. Nasreddine is playing. ...and going to the box"

Another solid kill.

Pens get another PP late when Witt interferes with Malkin.
Gotta wait for Malkin to touch that puck homo.



The Pens went into the second period remembering what happened in Colorado.
2-goal lead. Time to preserve it.

Out of nowhere, JFK gets a shot off.
Looks like it went in. Confusion ensues.
Roberts put his hands up, therefore you know it's a goal.
The play continues for a few minutes and then the whistle finally blows.

The refs call the Warren Commission in Toronto.

Goalblog. 2-0.

Goal counts, so Hiro takes everyone back to 18:08 remaining.
Do it

Later, Ryan Malone gets called for interference.
Usually he's interfering with Crosby trying to play hockey, but this time he interfered with an opponent.

Mark Eaton was there again to thwart a near-goal.
The Pens kill it off. Huge.

What wasn't so huge was Crosby's pass taking a bad bounce and finding Trent Hunter's balls.
Bam. 2-1.
No idea why Crosby is on the first line.

After some jobbing, the stick heard 'round the world was fired.
Some homo lifted Crosby's stick up near DiPietro.
Crosby's stick finds its way up into DiPietro's mask.
DiPietro pulls his best Clint Malarchuk and skates around aimlessly.
He goes directly to the locker room.

What happened next was interesting.
The refs had originally called it goalie interference, but one of the refs realized it was a high stick, so they summoned DiPietro from the locker room.

It took DiPietro a second or two to come out, since he was probably giving himself a papercut and wiping the blood near his eye.
Guess players can go to the locker room now before being checked for blood.

Sid goes to the box for 4 minutes.

It was here among 4,000 screaming Nassau Coliseum fanatics that the Pittsburgh Penguins discovered who they were.
They challenged the power-play unit at the blue line.
Time and again, the play broke down in the neutral zone.
New York was being smothered, by of all things, defense.
It was a beautiful harmony of movement.
It was the dance of champions.

Gonchar may have blocked a shot with his genitalia.
That looked like it was a brutal shot-block.

In the waning moments of the PK, the Islanders get a golden chance in the slot.
Unfortunately for NYI, it was Brendan Witt.
MAF makes the easiest save of his career.

Following that penalty, Crosby started getting booed every time he touched the puck.
And he had to keep his head up for the rest of the game.
Big third period on the way.

Ryan Whitney jumped into the broadcast booth for the second half of the period, and it was pretty cool.
You could hear his immediate reaction to things without worrying about a journalist's code of conduct.

Dan Potash brought us the David Volek goal from 1993.
Always tough to see.



Early in the third, there was an egregious interference penalty that would have given the Pens a power play.
But no dice.
It truly is Al Arbour night because the we have gone back to 1975 officiating.
Good times.

Every time you go to Long Island, it always feels like the Islanders can crush you, even if they're awful that season.

That feeling was palpable as Miro Satan stared Fleury down with the puck.


Does Sabourin make that save? Does your mom?
As an answer to that goal, Sid gets a golden chance but rings it off the pipe.

And yet again, it's a tied game as we head down the stretch.

Then it starts getting serious.
Malkin falls/dives/whatevers and knocks some Islander down.
Biggest PK of the year coming.

MAF doing what he has to do.
The Pens kill it.

Everything goes back and forth. We just want a point.
Listening to the radio, Mike Lange tell us to watch out for Satan. He is nuts.
Roughly one minute later...

Oh, No.
A MAF rebound.

Satan again. 3-2.
The look on Scuds face speaks for everyone.

Out of nowhere, it was time to pull MAF.
Uh, game. Are you serious?

  • Malkin: 1A
  • Bing: 1A
  • Malone: 1G
  • JFK: 1G
  • Let's just forget this game ever happened.
  • Not real good times right now
  • The only good to come out of this, is at least we get to set our clocks back.
  • MAF faced somewhere in the vicinity of 40 shots. A good performance.
  • Kennedy with a big goal. What a shot.


Anonymous said...

If you're an old fart like I am, you just knew there was no way the Pens were beating NY on Al Arbour Night. We could have skated 5-on-3 the whole game and it wasn't gonna happen. That would be like the Caps beating Pittsburgh on Mario Night.

I watched all seven games of that 1975 playoff series. Still not over it.

Nathan said...

The Isles' broadcast treated us to the Volek goal at one point too. And at one point, they were talking about Petr Sykora after he finished a shift, so they showed him on the bench, and he took off his left glove to adjust his helmet, and we all learned that Sykora wears his wedding ring on the ice. It was just a real brief flash, but enough to identify it.

Kristen PB said...

The last two games have been gut-wrenching. I think I aged 10 years over this last game, at least. I HATE losing to NYI and I hate that the officiating last night was too often CRAP. That was no "interference" from Malone. And having to review the Kennedy goal...why? The 4-minute penalty to Sid AFTER DiPietro went to the locker room...what?

And, as has been noted often on this blog, someone, please...make Fleury stop playing the puck. He's no good at it and we all cringe every time he tries. Last night's attempts were torture.

Anonymous said...

we need to get a another play making center. staal cant do it and if they want to keep malkin on the top line then we need to bring someone up who can help the second line

The One Armed Violinist said...

Sitting at the ice level last night watching how good Malkin and Crosby and Staal and Gonchar and Sydor and Malone are, I can imagine how hard it must be for a penguins fan to watch that team lose. They are so talented, you have to wonder how any team can stack up against them. It has to suck watching them blow 2 goal leads on a nightly basis. It's amazing that they're only .500.

That said, they lost to a team that plays not with superstars, but with a system. Since the pens tried Bowman already, maybe they could pick up Arbour for the rest of the season? Maybe they could use a system that's a little more diverse than "Sid the Kid" and his Scottie Pippens and Horace Grants.

Fleury29 said...

Even the awsomeness that is the WWGRD wristband I'm now wearing cannot remove the putrescent gunge from my mouth after that game last night. Games like that leave a bad, bad taste.

The Penguins need to break through this funk and I know how... Tom Barrasso between the pipes. We could sign him to a one day contract so he could play in his 778th game. That'd work, right?

snoopyjode said...

fleury29 - putrescent gunge? hats off to you sir for the best description of how we all probably feel after last night's game. there's no i can top that, so i'm moving on...

...for you unfortunate souls who didn't get the fsn pgh feed last night, the funniest part of the broadcast was when dipietro went down, immediately steigy, errey, and whitney all were like "bitch, please! he's diving!" almost in unison. then, when he came back out to the ice, they were joking (sort of) saying that dipietro had gone back to the locker room to cut himself with a razorblade so sid would get the full 4 minutes. haha, i think whitney's got a second career waiting for him when he retires from the ice.

Stoosh said...

Maybe this is just a little of the bad taste from last night's loss talking...or maybe this is just the beer and the Jack Daniels talking as well...

But did Arbourfest last night just seem awfully "Pittsburgh Pirates-ish" to anyone else?

I didn't think of it until they announced late in the third that if Arbour won, it would've given him 740 wins as the Isles coach, so they'd take down his 739-win banner and replace it with one that said "740". We had some friends over last night to watch the game and as soon as I heard that, that's what I thought..."this is something the Pirates would do."

Imagine the Pirates bringing Chuck Tanner back for just one game. Why stop there? Why not bring out Danny Murtaugh's casket? Maybe the next time we play the Islanders, we can put a lifesize cutout of Badger Bob on the bench, just to dick with them.

Look, I think it's a nice gesture to recognize the guy and all that. But it just seemed a little too over-the-top for a guy whose heyday was almost 25 f'ing years ago. Let's face it...back when Al Arbour was king of NHL coaches, Ronald Reagan was in his first term, it was OK to like Michael Jackson and the world was just being introduced to cable television.

I thought the only people who clung more to the late seventies and early eighties were Steelers fans and Pitt football fans, but even they were probably watching that last night and saying "Damn!" in embarrassment. And this even on a day where Pitt was honoring the 1982 team.

In all seriousness we jam the Steelers, but could anyone imagine the reaction of Stiller Nation if they brought Chuck Noll back for one game to get some sort of token victory or coaching milestone? Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I think most of Stiller Nation - despite half of them still being stuck in 1979 - would think it was a joke.

Want to recognize the guy? Cool. Fine. Have at it. I just think they went to such lengths to remind everyone about it, the whole thing seemed a little forced.

Anonymous said...

We suck right now, I don't think Therrien is gonna last until December. What a flop of a season so far. Unless we go on another 17 game point streak I think we're gonna get lost in the pack that is the Eastern Conference quite soon.

Anonymous said...




ds said...

Guys, I know you don't care, but do you ever count the number of times you use "homo" as an insult?

Really coming off as pretty classless. For a blog that claimed you weren't homophobic back in the summer, you're definitely not doing much to dispute the impression.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Colby hasn't scored much, but neither has Staal who looks lost most of the time and very weak on the puck. So scratch Colby and Ruutu in favor of LaRoque so he can get 5 minutes of ice time and cough-up the puck which lead to a goal? At least Colby can kill penalties.

We're getting out-coached!

Anonymous said...

ds = homo

wilsmith said...

I had to miss last night's game. Pissed.

Does anyone have the FSN Pgh feed with Whitney? I'd kind of like to hear that.

Staff said...

Thanks for the feedback D.S.,Homo

You're right we said we weren't homophobic, but yea we really are.
How anyone can call people "Homophobes" because they use the word "Homo" is stupid.

You are the one determining that we are homophobic. Most likely because you aren't secure with your own sexuality.

But in the spirit of responding.
We will start calling people "straight," so you can feel like you did something here today.

And really, calling us classless is like calling Mondesi's house original.

Have you really ever read anything or seen anything on here to make the assumption we had class in the first place?


Anonymous said...

Things that are NOT currently problems for the Pens this season:

* Marc-Andre Fleurry. He's playing how anyone that understands the game would expect him to play. He's not (yet) one of the best goalies in the league, but he's still a far cry better than anyone else we could get.

* The Power Play. We're ranked 3rd in the league in PP%. Why is it that everyone I talk to says that the powerplay is garbage? Can someone explain the logic to me?

* The Penalty Kill. We're 10th in the league, which isn't too shabby considering that we're 21st in overall goals against.

* The Blue-Liners. There's probably a lot of people who disagree with me on this one. We've given up on average 3 goals per game. A team this loaded offensively should be able to win games where they give up three goals or less.

Randy said...

0-2 with the wristbands

Staff said...

if we call people idiots, are we idiotophobes?

We're surprised there's someone out there who still doesn't realize that calling someone "gay" or a "homo" doesn't mean we think they prefer men in terms of sexual orientation.

In the American lexicon, the term has turned into a fly-by insult that has no meaning at all, other than the fact that you don't like that person.

We use gay pictures with the Ottawa Senators because we think their fanbase prefers men.

We've never said being "gay" is something to be looked down upon.

If someone is homosexual and gets offended if we call someone gay, then should straight people get equally offended if we call Lance Bass straight?

Go Pens.


Brett said...

There are some who are saying that Crosby's shank on DB was intentional. They're also the same people who think Crosby shouldn't be captain, and that he's a pussy.

I don't like those people. They make me angry.

Anonymous said...

Al Arbour and all of his teams played with heart, sweat and class. The last one I don't think you even know the meaning of.

Staff said...

haha oh no don't call us classless.

Get a clue man.


wilsmith said...

The Pensblog: Uptight Pricks Not Wanted.

Get a grip.

Any time someone jumps in to complain about something like using the word homo, they're usually a homo, or one of those "I'm so much better than all you people" kind of person (and they'll prove it on the internets, just you watch).

If you're so disappointed in the way they write their own blog, then get the f out. If you check back just to police it for the word homo, then seriously, get the f out.

They're not being paid, they don't have to cater to the standards or whatever forms of censorship that govern most types of media, and thats why people like this place.

The use of the word homo as an insult probably doesn't even have anything to do with sexuality anymore.

and I'd be willing to bet that when you call these guys classless, they probably enjoy it with a "we're doing our job right" kind of feeling.

go pens.

Stoosh said...

STAFF - Better watch out the next time you run the photo of Jake Wheatley sporting the Pens cap. You certainly don't want to be labeled as racists, either.

ANON @ 4:53PM - No one here said that Arbour's teams were not classy. No one here even remotely intimated that Arbour himself was not classy. All I did in my post above was point out that 1) Arbour was old and 2) the celebration last night seemed a bit forced.

And if you're an Isles fan, the lecture on what constitutes class is incredibly ironic considering this was the same crowd that was chanting "asshole" to Crosby as he was skating to the penalty box last night after DiPietro got hit.

General Tangent: If Crosby did that intentionally, then he has more control over a hockey stick than any mortal human being ever. Go back and watch the replay. The only crime Sid committed was not having his stick on the ice. Martinek was able to lift his stick up and that's when it hit DiPietro.

Anonymous said...

the homo comments are lazy, overused abd just not funny but the pic of Arbour and "dead before you know it" is classless.

The indian references with Nolan also classless.

Got a Clue !

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 2:49PM - One of the best serious hockey-related posts on commentorblog in a long time.

PK - I've been following the Pens as a diehard fan for about 12 years now or so, and this is the best PK unit I've ever seen them ice. I've never seen a PK unit eliminate shooting lanes as well as this one.

MAF - My thoughts on Fleury have been well-documented. People need to realize that just because Fleury isn't currently at Luongo or Brodeur's level and capable of carrying this team for 70 games doesn't mean he never will be. If they end up having to go out and deal for a decent veteran to stabilize the situation and take a bit of pressure off MAF, it's not an indictment of MAF or his future with the club. This isn't an all-or-nothing thing with Fleury this year and I'm sick of people acting like that's the case.

Defensemen - By and large, they seem to be playing better. I'd like to see them assert themselves in front of the crease a bit more, but they haven't been bad. D-men are like offensive linemen - you only notice them when they absolutely pancake someone or make a mistake. Again, people need to realize that even the best ones are going to make mistakes.

Interchangeable Parts said...

The Pensblog is one of our favorite spots in the hockey blogosphere -- there are few voices as consistently witty, insightful and laugh-out-loud-funny. But we have to agree with ds that it is disappointing every time the terms "gay" and "homo" are used as insults. We have to disagree with the assertion that these are meaningless, generic insults in the American lexicon now, and it is disingenuous to argue that you're not using them as insults. Furthermore, to argue then that you'll be branded a racist if you include a picture of an ethnic minority on your site is patently ridiculous -- you will be branded a racist if you use a racial slur, just the way you mark yourself as a homophobe if use the term "homo" as an epithet when mocking an opposing player. Again, we love this blog, but wish this was something you'd fall back on with less frequency -- frankly, you guys are better than that.

Mike said...

That guy Stoosh

He Like Men

Sinops said...

everyone that complains about the gay jokes, go suck a fat dick, faggots. don't fucking read the blog if you don't like it. it is their style and it is hilarious.

if we keep blowing these two goal leads, i am going to blow my head off. wtf was colby scratched for?

Fleury29 said...

Oh, geez. This is not The Sociopoliticalblog.

Look, you don't have to agree with everything The Pensblog writes to read the site, think it's funny and enjoy it.

I don't agree with many things they write but if you really have a huge problem with it stop reading or, if you feel you must let them know how you feel then do it in e-mail, don't start some shit storm in commentorblog about it.

Commentorblog is here for us to talk about hockey and talk shit on the Steelers and their fans.

The Pensblog staff doesn't care what you think about what they write, they aren't doing it for you. 5 readers or 500, they're doing it their way (just like Sinatra.)

Keep it to yourself or send it in e-mail but don't bring it over into commentorblog. I don't come to The Pensblog to get all heavy and have debates about the term, "homo." If I wanted to do that notorious douchebag and closet homosexual, Fred Phelps lives 45 minutes up the road in Topeka.

And Gary Roberts dammit, who the hell keeps coming here looking for class? Are you people regular readers? Have you not seen the picture of the Penguin shitting on a Red Wings logo? What is wrong with you? As if calling them, "classless" would have any impact.

So, the next time you have an urge to post a comment in commentorblog about how offended you were when the word, "homo," was used on The Pensblog, or a picture of two men kissing was used to celebrate a new Ottawa signing or someone made a Ted Nolan Indian joke, just ask yourself... what would Gary Roberts do?

Let's get back to the hockey, please.

Doc Nagel said...

Dear assholes of commentorblog,

I don't think "witty" really captures it. Adolescent does.

Of course "homo" is meant to be offensive. I think the point is that you choose one term rather than another. "Dick" has about the same cash-value offensiveness, but you don't use that one as often. I think that's the point.

But the real point here is that offensiveness and immaturity are your tools of the trade. If you weren't offensive and adolescent, you'd have nothing to do.

Yours sincerely,
Another asshole

wallflower said...

More annoying:
people who complain constantly about the same thing over and over again
people who want to make trades just for the sake of making trades?

Both are making me want to avoid any Pens talk at all. It's gotten so disgusting.

Speaking of which, I heard Ken Laird on espn radio this morning implying that Crosby needs to be doing more. WTF?

Staff said...

Feedback is probably the best thing in the world.

This blog sucks cock said...

This blog sounds like it was written by a 12 year old. "lo lhes gay!1/!/!/!! becuz hes betar dan our teem!!11".

Seriously. Grow up. If you're gonna insult a team, atleast do it like an adult and not like a 12 year old getting into a scrap on the playground with some guy and resorts to calling him "gay".

PittHockey said...

oh man the sliders reference brought back some good memories.

JFK might replace Christensen as my favorite nonsuperstar.

team needs to get into a rhythm

PittHockey said...

Does anyone think if MAF would switch to darker pads, the other team might have more trouble seeing initial rebounds?

just a random though I had today.

Stoosh said...

INTERCHANGEABLE - I know the suggestion is patently ridiculous, and I know it would take a racial slur to be branded a racist.

Unfortunately, there are instances where the mere implied presence or even potential for something like this to exist hasn't stopped people from going to those lengths to make those kinds of accusations.

I was being sarcastic and simply trying to lighten things up a little bit, and maybe in the process take a little jab at a society that seems to me to be a bit too sensitive when it comes to some stuff like this.

I'm not saying you were being hypersensitive about it. Your points were valid. It's just a comment on society in general.

Kristen said...

maybe i'm immature, but i laugh everytime you say homo. i think it's awesome... so keep doing it. people shouldn't read this blog if they don't like it.

Stoosh said...


That should read, "That guy Stoosh, he likeS men."

You forgot the "S" in "likes".

The Seeker said...

Screw the politically correct crowd.

Run of the mill control freaks. There's nothing in the Constitution that says you have a right never to be offended or jobbed.

This is the Pensblog DAMNIT!

Stoosh said...

Let me get this straight...

Someone who posts as "This Blog Sucks Cock" is telling the Pensblog staff to grow up and stop acting like 12-year olds.

I'll just let that one go. That's too easy.

Staff said...

We'll gladly take feedback and take measures to rectify it...

but only if that feedback would come from respected Commentorblog members who have been around here for a while and notice that things aren't what they used to be or that our style has changed for the worse.

To trolls who come here and are offended, who cares about your feedback? Not us or anyone here.

Start a blog about how much you hate us. That would be ideal.


rachel said...

Staff, good post... and don't let this become minorityrulesblog. who cares even if you are homophobic or whatever. we all have our own opinions, and people need to deal with that.

Back to the Pens, MAF was pretty solid, and Kennedy's goal was nice. Now it's time to think of the Devils and move on.

Steve In Denver said...

Oh goody....a Sunday dose of anonymous homos changing the world for the better one blog at a time. What happened...commenting on society through MSN articles just isn't getting it for you these days?

Talk about hockey, make people laugh, or visit the salty side of the Pensblog's collective teabag. Those are your three choices when speaking up here.

On a happy note, WWGRD bracelets are alive and kicking West of the Mississippi. They gave me the power to make a sprawling glove save Friday night. It was like an out of body experience. I couldn't have done that shit on my pwn.

Thanks for the quick delivery!!

Nick said...

To all the homos out there,

I guess I missed the part where the commenters get to tell the 5th best hockey blog on the internet how to operate their site. (I was there when jobbing started, I know a little about how it works)

No one is making you come here and read this stuff. Nor is anyone asking for your opinion on the obvious sarcastic remarks which have absolutely nothing to do with the personal beliefs of anyone who writes for this blog.

AC-I'm going to start leaving jobbing histories of our lives in here to ponder. 45 minute bus ride. Late as always. Have to drop the biggest deuce ever. Steve Brown and I chase you through the maze that was CMHS and sit outside your stall for the better part of 10 minutes crying in laughter. BA NA NA.


Mike said...

Thanks Stoosh - you da man

Once again everyone:

That Guy Stoosh


Elly said...

Stoosh: this is probably a day too late, but good points about Fleury. It took me a while to warm up to him, but once I did it was easy to keep up. He's got a lot of raw talent, and a lot of heart to play with...and he's still under 25. Yes, if he doesn't start to show the stabilization that he did last year and build on it, he might not hit his peak until after his contract runs out...which would make the management iffy about resigning him (and at this point, I think he would be a gamble worth taking). I think the addition of a veteran goalie would also help him quite a bit, just to have someone there to point out little things that goalie coaches and teammates might not see, or to take the load off and know that he isn't holding up the pipes with his back all alone.


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