Monday, November 26, 2007

Job Tour?

We have almost a full week of no Penguins games.
We are staler than Rosie Odonnell's vagina.
Time to get back to the immaturity that makes life worth living.
Someone is going to get jobbed.

You know, it has been quite a while since we dialed the number 412-333-PCNC


Everyone remembers when the NFL had ESPN take "Playmakers" off the air because it conveyed the NFL in a negative light.

Now we're gonna get a chance to see if Gary Bettman and the NHL has the same leverage.
CBC will be airing a show titled " MVP," a soap opera crap about life and time of players of a fictional professional hockey team.

[Edmonton Journal]

If anything, the NHL will take offense because they thought the CBC was their boy.

We don't know if it will somehow get transmitted to the United States, but it looks like it's gonna be a joke.

If Gary Roberts makes an appearance, it easily becomes Emmy city.
In fact, they should make it a point to have NHL players and ex-players guest star.

Imagine an episode where Mario battles Gretzky in three-bar like Gordon Bombay and the coach of Iceland in "D2."
The game would have nothing to do with the central plot of the episode.
But it would be awesome.

Who wouldn't watch that?


speaking of Gary Roberts.

WWGRD wristbands will be shipped today at 3:45pm.
We'll try to compile the final list. But everyone who ordered some should get them.


The rumor mill is churning.

Mark Recchi and Daryl Sydor to Columbus?

This was all brought to you by Rob Rossi of the [ Trib ]

"The Columbus Blue Jackets continue to deploy scouts to Penguins games. Columbus is coached by Ken Hitchcock, who has ties to forward Mark Recchi and defenseman Darryl Sydor from previous stints in Philadelphia and Dallas."

No reason for Rossi to even put this in the paper.
Why would the Blue Jackets be scouting two players that have been sitting in the press box?
But hey, it gives us something to talk about.

[LGP] is all over this.
Some people bringing up good points.

Now, we say if you could just get a few thousand dollars, ten powerball tickets, and maybe a pound of gushers for Recchi, you're set.

Best snack there was. Best snack there is. Best snack there ever will be.

Obviously if Columbus would be dumb enough to make that trade, the Pens would have to deal someone else.
Recchi is making 2 million.
Sydor is making 2.5 million.

Some players of interest for Columbus:
Adam Foote--4.6 million. UFA in 08-09
Nikolai Zherdev-- 2.5 million. 2 years left.
David Vyborny-2.2 million. UFA in 08-09

Bottom line.
Nothing is going to happen.
Although you'd have to think...

if something were to happen, it would happen during this little vacation.

If you are looking for more rumors to quench your thirst,
we highly recommend one of our favorite rumor sites ever.
[Spector's hockey ]

The site has been around since the early days of Al Gore's Internet.
Good times.

It is kind of like Eklund's site.
But not a joke.


[tor.<span class=
It is useless to read everything about Toronto and the possibilities of coaching changes, GM changes, and trades. [ Kukla's Korner ]

So we'll let other people do it for us.

[<span class=
First off, do we hate Ovechkin because he plays for the Craps?
Or because he's somewhat of Sid's personal rival?

Hopefully, we'll get to find out. [ NY Post ]
Larry Brooks may be the worst writer in America.

Honestly, we would enjoy Ovechkin more if he played for the Blackhawks or the Kings or something.
Washington sucks.

[chi.<span class=
Nikolai Khabibulin is a beast.
He's had to undergo a couple of extended intravenous treatments after a couple of games this season.
They said he's lost 12 pounds and 9 pounds, respectively, in a couple of games. [ Sun Times ]


Heinz Field got re-sodded.[PG]

No word if [Mondesi's House] will be selling autographed pieces of it.

Picture: Four people wasting their weekend.

Big game for the Steelers.
Maybe the worst Monday night football game in the last 16 years.


Go Pens


Jonny V said...

Since it got buried on the last post:

From's truth and rumors section:

Avery refuses Shanny's advice
Posted: Sunday November 25, 2007 07:07AM ET
Sean Avery, who may be more important than Jaromir Jagr to the Rangers' fortunes, dismissed out of hand Brendan Shanahan's offer to work with him on his shot earlier this year, according to a piece in the current issue of Men's Vogue magazine. According to Shanahan, Avery said, "No, I know what I need to do, I don't need any help." Shanahan was duly flummoxed, telling the magazine, "I thought, 'You have a 600-goal scorer thinking about you, and you're not willing to listen to what he has to say?' " Later in the same practice, Avery came back to hear what Shanahan might suggest. "I said, 'It's all right, you know what to do, you don't need my help,' " said Shanahan.

The doucheness continues...

And an interesting little read from the whirl why leader

Toronto looks like jackasses with the contracts they threw around

John said...

I disagree, 49ers v. Cardinals, week 1 suckfest

J.S. said...

I agree with John. Week 1's steaming turd of a game has to be at least the worst MNF game of the decade, if not evar.

vakfan said...

Where´s the chicken?

Anonymous said...

Just b/c you two are steeler jobbers doesnt mean the nfl game tonight isnt the worst. at least week 1 this season was close.

hooray the steelers beat the 0-10 dolphins by 35. YAY!


Stoosh said...

There's nothing more fitting than drama in the NY Rangers locker room being documented by "Men's Vogue" magazine.

Nevertheless, that's further proof that Sean Avery is indeed a hockey legend only in his own mind.

Stoosh said...

Interesting read by Amber on that article.

That article states many of the reasons why Shero needs to be careful with free agency, especially with a roster full of young talent. The problem with some of these veteran players is that you never quite know when the talent is going to start to fade (see Jovanovski, Ed or McCabe, Bryan) or if they're going to produce old results with new teammates and a new system (see Chara, Zdeno).

The top veteran free agents each summer are going to be looking for two things - money and years. They know it's their last big chance to cash in, and they know the money is pretty much guaranteed.

That's why most of them won't start talking unless they know at least four or five years are on the table. But there are always a couple of sucker GMs desperate to make a splash, so they wait until those guys show up and start the bidding war. Before you know it, Daniel Briere has a deal that's going to have him count against the Flyers cap until the end of the 2014-15 season, when he'll be staring 38 years old in the face.

If you don't think it matters, read what Amber wrote under Brad Richards's name, and plug in the name "Sidney Crosby" or "Evgeni Malkin" for Vincent LeCavalier. Every signing made has an effect on the cap both in the short and long term.

MummRa said...

Empty Netters mentioned this but it bears repeating as often as necessary; that today is the 16th anniversary of Badger Bob's death.

Somewhere in heaven, it's a great day for hockey.

Stoosh said...

The best thing about this Steelers-Dolphins game is that at one point tonight, it'll be over.

Why I Hate the Pittsburgh Media Reason #32,204:

What's Joey Porter thinking?

What's Joey going to say? Can you believe Joey said that?

How is Joey going to act in warmups? Is he going to kiss Sally Wiggin? Does Sally Wiggin still fawn over Joey Porter like a freshman cheerleader in awe of the high school quarterback? Has Sally Wiggin had an "O" on the air yet when talking about Joey Porter?

How are the fans going to treat Joey? Does Joey miss Pittsburgh? Did Joey even like Pittsburgh in the first place? Does the fact that Joey left for Miami devalue my existence?

At some point, Pittsburgh Media, don't the desperate attempts to create a story here just get ridiculous? Can't we just admit that this game has about as much intrigue as another Friday the 13th movie?

In the general context of this football game, does it really matter what Joey Porter thinks, says, or does? The only thing that sucks worse than the Dolphins' record is the return on their investment so far in Joey Porter.

Here's what Joey Porter is going to do. Joey's going to come out, run his mouth a bit, put on his little song and dance act, maybe make one or two plays tonight.

Then he's going to then hop on the plane, go back to Miami, and spend most of that time laughing - hah hah hah - all the way to the bank. And good for Joey Porter. If I could pull the wool over the eyes of my employer like that, I would too.

stokes said...

Obviously, Sally Wiggin is going to be wearing black and gold tonight. But....will she have any turquoise or orange on for her man Porter?

Holy balls. We still have three full days left before the Pens play again and we've already been reduced to talking about the steelers.

John said...

Well anonymous I have to disagree with you also, since the Steelers proved not only last week, but what seems like every season, that they play their worst against terrible teams I am not sure tonights game will even be a blowout. And if I remember correctly their was something like 200 combined passing yards between the two teams in that amazing Niners v. Cardinals showdown. I sincerely apologize for living in Pittsburgh and being both a Steeler and Penguin fan, it really seems to bother you.

demondg1 said...

Mario Vs. Gretzky in three bar would end with Mario winning in 1 shot.

F Sally Wiggin and her big fat head. Get off the sideline and let a real sports journalist provide actual insite. Not that any actual insite is needed or provided by WTAE's stupid MNF pregame shows.

F Joe Porter.
F shitty new sod.

Let's Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

i cannot wait to hear the spin the amazing local news stations make of the game tonight "BIGGEST WIN OF THE SEASON" or "STEELERS BEAT UP AND COMING MIAMI" or "BIG BEN TAKES GIANT DUMP BEFORE GAME, THROWS 5 INTS"...
I sort of hope they lose tonight. Not like they are going to be the #1 seed anyways. and as history shows us every year, it is better to play on the road in the playoffs.. because home games = cough cough choke choke.

most likely i will be watching NHL Center Ice by halftime and not even give a shit.

Go Dolphins, Go Joey Porter-Wiggin

-Overdrawn at the Memory Bank Fan

The Hebrew Hammer said...

If anyone is going to give Sally Wiggin the big O, it would be Jon Burton.

One Eye Willy said...

I am not a Steeler fan. I am a Penguin fan. I live in CA now but grew up around Pittsburgh and like the 49ers.

both games are bad. but week one was VERY VERY hard to watch. if i was not at the bar watching i would have changed the channel. the ricky williams factor tonight alone has more drawing potential than the 49ers and Cards wk #1

Pitt does seem to play down but i think they will win tonight by 2 TDs if only b/c of the way they lost last week.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Sabres vs Capitals on Versus>Steelers vs Dolphins

Anonymous said...

Hogan Knows Best reruns>steelers v fish

wilsmith said...

drop-in at the local rink > *

J.S. said...

Anon @ 11:23, you can job me if you want, but this game sucked more than most Vegas hookers.

The game was a hype machine for Matt Leinhart, and how did he do? He barely went over 100 yards. First play of the game for Leinhart...INTERCEPTION!! The next drive, Leinhart completes one for 14 yards. Now it's been a while since I had basic division, but that would tell me that play alone accounted for 1/6th of his TOTAL yards that night. One play! But it wasn't only Leinhart who was driving this shitwagon of a game. Edge's longest run of the night: 9 yards. Not a single Cardinal receiver went over 22 yards that night. Shall we talk about Frank Gore? Gore damn near made me snore that night. Outside of the unimpressive touchdown he scored early in the game, Gore didn't have a run of more than 2 yards during the first third of the game.

Shall I go on, or am I just being a "Steeler jobber"?

John said...

dont really get the constant steelers hate here

Stoosh said...

I've said before...I love the Steelers and I hope they win every week. I just don't hang on every game the way 75% of the population here does (and many of them make you feel like you have to).

I knew in the wake of the Super Bowl XL win there would be a ton of coverage.

But stories about Ben going to Switzerland to get in touch with his roots (which seemed almost uncomfortably forced in the wake of Ward's Korea visit) or another fluff piece on Mike Logan's hair salon were just too much. I couldn't have possibly cared less and I can't believe there are people out there who hang on this stuff. It was too over-the-top and by the time the 2006 season started, I was sick of the team three weeks into the season. It's been less fun for me to watch the team since. There's just too little down time.

This is something I hate about sports in general today, and probably a big reason why I've always loved hockey.

I'm sick of being made to feel like I'm not a sports fan if I don't immerse myself in the NFL.

I can't stand the fact that only eight or nine baseball teams truly matter anymore and the rest are just schedule filler (how many times a year does Peter Gammons talk about the Pirates?).

I hate the fact that between ESPN, Peter King's ridiculous columns and the NFL Network, the game is analyzed, overanalyzed and then hyper-analyzed again to the point that the games are almost always anticlimatic (on top of what we get here in Pittsburgh). It's really less fun to watch a lot of the games now.

That's why I stick to the Pens and to Pitt/college football. I like the Steelers and I always will. I just don't think it'll ever be anything more than that.

FritoWill said...

hogan knows best, would be funny since she filed for divorce this weekend.

Jonny V said...

Stokes, good points, and it's been rehashed here many times. I myself am a fan of the "Big Four" (yes even NBA) and their respective college games, but I know that league popularity goes in cycles. The NFL will not stay the cash cow it is now, the whole commercial-saturation and dish vs. satellite NFL network bullshit is going to start alienating people. It is refreshing to be able to watch hockey and not worry about being bombarded with ads and constant commercial breaks. That's kind of why I hope it stays how it is popularity-wise. And John, the staff does their Steeler bashing in jest, but as for the rest of the commentors, I just really think they are un-American puppy killers...

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Speed 3 is more interesting than Steelers-Dolphins

Fleury29 said...

How is it that it's almost the end of the game and the Steelers haven't fucking scored on the worst team in the NFL?

Anonymous said...

steelers suck

John said...

I take back everything I said, I will admit when I am wrong and in this case I was 100%, that was the worst NFL game in history.

wilsmith said...

I almost threw up all over myself when I got out of the rink and it was 0-0 at the start of the fourth.

I'm not really that surprised. The Steelers deff aren't as good as people think, and there's no way the Dolphins are actually 0-10 bad.

I thought for sure they'd come out smokin after last week, but I guess the field played a huge part too. I didn't see any of the game, but accoring to steve young it was the worst playing surface ever in the history of sports and the steelers are the worst team ever to have a record so nice.

Steve in Denver said...

After watching the majority of that painfully boring football game, I now have one little shard of empathy for hardcore New Jersey Devils fans that suffer through 82 games a year since they started playing the trap.

Jazzhall said...

Been away for a time.

Although the article and the issue strikes me as a bit of slow week timing, P-G reports on Recchi's agent speaking with Shero regarding the wrecking ball's future.

I know that Mark has had a rough quarter thus far, however he hasn't been scratched that long, and his play was notably poor. Modano is playing 4th line with Dallas, there are several of the league's older(est?) players whose play is declining this year compared to previous, a bit premature with this response/potential trade request?

Mario's making his return at the All-Star break right?

steelers said...

Anonymous suck

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Isles and Flyers lose tonight

Anonymous said...


Blame it on the turf.

Game tonight = painful


J.S. said...

I still stand by my comments about week 1's game. The only thing that kept me interested in this game was the train wreck factor. The field was so bad that there's no way you could turn away. I was betting on at least two players tweaking a knee and/or ankle last night due to the field conditions. Once it got to the point where you knew it was gonna be that the first points on the board would win the game, the only thing I was wondering was whether Interceptionberger would ever throw the ball away instead of taking a sack. 12 sacks against 2 teams with 1 win between the both of them is unacceptable. I think that photoshop of Ben's specialty should be modified to show Ben holding a sack instead of a turnover.

(Sorry, Pensblog Charlie, I'm not sure that somebody will be doing a 'shop of Ben holding Charlie's sack.)


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