Tuesday, November 6, 2007

S For Shutout. PENS WIN

This post is brought to you by the letter "S."


5 - 0

[Yahoo Recap]

We always harp on the tough games.
Talk about the tough losses and gut-wrenching nights.
But you know what...

How enjoyable was it with 5:00 minutes left in the third?
On the verge of a shutout...
Brodeur chased...
Watching the Pens shut down the Devils.

Good times.



Chicken Little makes a few post on local message boards and in commentorblog:
"The Pens are done."
"Fire MT."
"Trade Fleury."
"Season is over"
"Wake up, RS."
"The sky is falling."

Marty the Pensblog chicken:
"Chicken Little is a homo."

Pensblog Charlie:
Two chickens can call each other homos. I'll allow it.

National Anthem

Ross S. --- Andrew P.



We get the word.
Starting in the net for Penguins...

The Homicidal...Suicidal...Genocidal...

The Devils were buzzing like a bunch of monkeys early on.

Then the Pens had to go to the box again.
Gonchar for intereference. Oh man.

The Pens kill like their 80th penalty in a row.
Gonchar came out of the box and joined an awkward odd-man rush.
Hall goes into the boards behind the net at Mach-3 speed.

Adam Hall is dangerous.

The sound echoes because there is no one in the building. So sad.

Great crowd on hand.
(Thanks to Andrew P.)

Oh, man. Roberts was a boob hair away from dominating a big goal early on.
It's nice to see Therrien putting My Two Dads on the same line there.

Tyler Kennedy had a sweet breakout pass to Staal.

The top line buzzes and almost gets a goal.
But every Devil was in the crease to thwart the chance.
Malkin dropped the f-bomb there, bringing his unofficial f-bomb count to two this season.

George Laraques celebrates not being scratched by heading to the box.

The Pens PK was a big deal again.
If two solid PKs aren't a momentum booster on the road, nothing is.

The Devils get a penalty. Three people boo.
Power play blog.

Gonch humps it towards the net, rebound, Sid.

A little later, Orpik does another wrist toward the net
Adam Hall deflects it like a beast. 2-0.
That play doesn't exist if BGL doesn't dominate.

That's the Devils season in about 8,000 square pixels.
Pack it up. Nemacolin Woodlands Golf Course opens in early April.

A 2-0 lead means as much as a high-school relationship.

Towards the end of the period, Aaron Asham makes more moves than a hoebag.
But he doesn't know what's going on when he gets to Sabu.



For the rest of the season, a 2-0 lead will mean poop.
This second period was gonna be big.
We were one wrister from the point away from it being a one-goal game.

Sabourin had to play the puck behind the net under some pressure.
No one was worried.

We see that Petr Sykora scored his first career goal on Tom Barrasso.
There's a joke here, and we just can't come up with it.

Then Malkin turns everyone into a woman with some sweet hockey playing.
He keeps the puck in the zone, gets dragged down, makes a blind pass from his knees to Sykora.
Syko buries it. 3-0.

We'd grab a pic of Sykora, but Malkin made this goal...and he knows it.

The Devils spent the first half of the second period taking lazy shots from outside the faceoff circles.

Recchi gets owned with a stick to the face, and the Pens go on another power play.
He can't even bleed right.
Sykora had a golden opportunity coming down the slot. No dice.

So, the Devils killed the penalty, but it didn't matter.

The Pens got a 2-on-1 right after the kill.
Talbot and Christensen do each other, and Christo bangs it home. 4-0.

Thanks to Brett for this pic.
He has a crapload more at [ Flickr ]

Towards the end of the period, Orpik jobs Parise, and Parise ends up going to the box.
Another Pens power play was on the way.

Roberts almost buried one early on the power play.

The look on his face is why people wear WWGRD wristbands

The Pens don't score on the power play.
And the boo birds were out as the players went to the locker room.



Barring a meltdown that can only happen at a home AFC Championship game coached by Bill Cowher , the Pens were gonna escape with a big W.

Orpik made a pass to Crosby that made Brooks look like Larry Bird.
Crosby goal. 5-0.

What a game for Orpik. He was a +4.

The rest of the game consisted of watching the Devils foolishly try to break Sabu's shutout.
It wasn't gonna happen.

The third period spoke for itself.
It was a great 20 minutes.
Beating the Devils with their own system.

It looks staged, but this pic is the real deal.
That kid is gonna meet the business end of Sutter's left hand.

With the game being blowout-esque, consciences were clear if anyone wanted to flip to Heroes or watch Ben turn the Ravens into bird feces.

( Ross S. with the pic. )

  • Bing: 2G
  • Malkin: 1A
  • Syko: 1G, 1A
  • Talbot: 2A
  • Sabu: Shutoutblog, 20 saves.
  • We run the straight and narrow line in terms of the goalie situation. We take it as it comes. But as someone in Cblog mentioned, instead of waiting for MAF to get his chance, maybe it is time to give Sabu the chance he has earned by mulling around in the minors and jumping around the NHL.
  • Max Talbot is insane
  • We get production from secondary lines, and we put up 5.
  • Just a solid performance all the way around in a gotta-win game.
  • And finally, how embarrassing is it to look at the stands during the game tonight? Even Crosby can't draw more than half-capacity.
  • Huge night for the Pens/Steelers.
  • Pens should sign James Harrison.


meecrofilm said...

"A 2-0 lead means as much as a high-school relationship."

oh. my. god. that may be one of my favorite quotes of all time.

And New Jersey is an embarrassment. New arena, nobody there. Didn't sound like anybody cared what was going on. I'm so glad the pens took the dump that everyone was expecting them to on jersey after the refereeblog game earlier in the season.

I guess you gotta give the philly game to Sabu, even tho MAF has great career numbers against them..

Adrienne said...

Amazing game.

I spent the entire evening watching the game in awe for a various number of reasons:
1. How empty the Devils arena was. Honestly, there were nothing but empty seats everywhere around the ice for it. It was ridiculous, and I can't imagine going to a game there, it seems like it would be no fun.
2. Malkin is clutch on his knees
3. Since when does Scuderi get complimented for making solid passes and making good saves? My brain twitched every time Steigy complimented him.
4. Getting to watch two hockey games was awesome. Sure the Rangers and Flyers serve as the game of the two ultimate evils, but it was nice to have something to flip to between commercials.
5. Brodeur getting shut out and pulled. :D yay!
6. The ultimate kicker, catching the scores at the bottom of the TV and seeing that Ouellet had a goal tonight against the Panthers; and even more disturbing, that it's his 4th of the season.

My brain was shutting down a lot over the night. Strange times, but a solid win :D Can't wait for Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Harrison is A BEAST...would be the best 92 for the pens since tocchet wore it when we were doing the oh lord stanley, give me the brandy!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, and Great win. They needed it before those Flyer homos come to town.

Looking forward to the BGL-Roberts-James Harrison line

chris said...

we won because we hit pandolfo early and often

i wish i had some pics to revisit those moments

go pens

Fleury29 said...

I wish we had James Harrison, too. That guy was on acid last night. What did he have, like, 4.5 sacks? That's insane.

When Recchi got hit in the face, did he have to go to the locker room and come back out before the penalty was called, or what? That's standard NHL ref policy now, isn't it?

Games like last night are why blogs like this exist and last night's entry is the reason The Pensblog is the fist thing I visit in the morning.

Let's go Pensblog.

Rob Carr said...

Standing outside Gate B last night at the Steelers game, waiting for a friend, I heard the "Please use all the entrances and prepare to be searched" guy announce "And from New Jersey, it's the Pens 2 and New Jersey nothing!

The crowd erupted in cheers!

Spencemo said...

It would have bee sweet to have seen that game. Damn job... >:(

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Brooks Orpik = Beast

Adam Hall = Beast

Evgeni Malkin = Gozer the mo-fucking Traveler

What the hell was up with Crusher's head during the 2nd intermission interview?

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

James Harrison/Geno were simultaneously on meth last night.

chris L. said...

What a game. My wristband(s) arrived yesterday. Just in time.

VH photoshop: Best. Ever.
Geno as EVH? Perfection.
BGL + M.Anthony = separated@birth?

Awesome work ("My Two Dads"? - I burst out laughing all alone in my office).

Best blog on the ether. Keep it up.

Go Pens!

Jersey Bill said...

The attendance excuses: the facility, parking hell, not enough luxury suites, not centrally located. The Prudential Center is phenomenal, Sid is in town, and Devils fans give us that? They ought to be ashamed of themselves. The Devs broadcast (although informative for me, because I didn't know about all the good eats there) was almost like a commercial. What a shame.

We know what MAF gives us, I think it's time to ride Sabu until there's a reason to sit him.

Stoosh said...

Ten thoughts on the Debs beatdown...

1. Devils crowd = Pathetic. Bob Errey said it best, "There's absolutely no atmosphere whatsoever in this building. None." I know it's all a moot point because Lemieux Gardens will be up and running in a few years, but I see a crowd like that and it still makes me f'ing mad that WE were the ones on the verge of losing our team last year.

2. Martin Brodeur is starting to look old. And I think the Devils' practice of plugging in some of these no-name players in big roles has finally caught up with them.

3. Last night was one of those nights when I was thrilled to death that we got Laraque last night. He was awesome last night on the cycle. He forced a turnover that led to a goal. And Aaron Asham was much less brave when, as Johnny Cash said, the man (BGL) came around.

4. How about that cycling clinic that our forwards were putting on the third period?

5. Nice to see some other guys chipping in last night. I thought Talbot and EC had great games. Adam Hall and Tyler Kennedy were everywhere. And what a goal by Hall on that deflection. I thought Rex had a good game, too.

6. Frustrating to see how close Staal is getting out of this slump.

7. Love Talbot on that wing. He and EC had something going last night. Hopefully MT keeps that pairing together.

8. If Scuds could ever improve his offensive game, he'd be an aboslutely awesome defenseman.

9. Picture of Sutter with the little kid behind him = priceless.

10. Line of the night - Geno drops the F-bomb and the lovely Nancy Stoosh says, without missing a beat, "Well, it looks like Geno's learned English!"

Stoosh said...

Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson,

I'm asking you this mostly because of your name...I admittedly didn't catch much of the Steelers game last night (and I'm honestly sorry I didn't), but Randy Baumann this morning compared James Harrison to Tecmo Bowl Mike Singletary or LT. Truth? From what I saw of the highlights, I'd say so.

Stoosh said...

What a friggin' week this is going to be.

Pens-Flyers tomorrow night.

Pens-Rangers Thursday night.

Vacation day Friday.

College football Saturday, followed by Pens-Flyers in Philly.

Steelers-Browns Sunday.

Vacation day Monday.

As Red said, "I find I'm so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head."

Matt G said...

Just got done reading the PG's coverage of Pittsburgh's phenomenal night.

I swung by Molinari's Q&A and he posted a question from "Bill from Amsterdam, NY" that made my head spin. This joke asked when Ray Shero was going to make a good move. My head almost exploded, and give credit to Molinari for not straight-up questioning his sanity.
(Although DM's sarcasm-laced response comes pretty close.)

Go Pens...the Flyers game is gonna be nuts.

Arlow said...

Great game. Damn, I've been waiting for one of these. A great chance to sit back and enjoy a thorough ass-whooping. But let's be realistic...if we turn around a get our asses kicked Wed. night, last night may as well have never happened. It's time to start stringing something together.

snoopyjode said...

oh man, you can't say homo anymore?! wow. (apparently, a person misses a lot if they miss a day at pensblog.) what's with fans of other teams coming here and trying to tell the staff how to write thepensblog, anyways? more importantly, what part of "if you don't like it, don't visit this site" don't people understand?! JESUS!

staff, you just keep doing what you do and ignore those whiners. (btw, Pensblog Charlie ending up with p.c. as his initials = pure genius. just when i think you guys can't possibly top yourselves, you do it over and over again.)

big win last night - what a great accomplishment for sabu. :) AND JUST 'CUZ I'M HAPPY FOR SABU DOESN'T MEAN I'M HATING ON MAF (loser chris, i'm talking to you - haha). seriously, the guy was outstanding last night. and it's always good to know the backup goalie is a beast between the pipes, too.

Chris L. said...

It's official:


The Winter Classic a/k/a "Ice Bowl" will be essentially a visual repeat of my first Pens game.

Battleship Kelly, baby.

Geno Cide said...

"2. Malkin is clutch on his knees"

-And all of the Newark Prom Queens know it.

Sid + Sabu = the reason your uncle is on welfare

PittHockey said...

for some reason the throwback jerseys still aren't customizable.

Spencemo said...

I think that we need to embrace Sabu...he's done a great job so far, and, what could be better than a solid one-two punch between the pipes?

MAF will (fingers crossed) continue to develop nicely, which will only help to solidify the Pens' position coming down the stretch.

Pensgirl said...

You gave Orpik his due credit, except on your stat sheet. Dude racked up two points. That's like Crosby getting 6 - should be noted.

Malkin finally figured out he's a Devil killer.

Gotta give MT credit for being classy and not using the first-unit PP after it was obvious the game was in hand. Against the Flyers or Rangers I'd say run it up, but otherwise it's nice to see sportsmanship.

In the third, the Devils' announcers said something like "A game like this becomes fun for stars like Crosby and Malkin, because they can go out there and show off their skills without worrying about the outcome." In other words, they can make the risky plays because the Devils can't buy a goal. THAT'S gotta smart.

Elly said...

Sounds like one hell of a game, I'm pissed I was at work. My consolation was the ever-increasing number of goals that I could rub in the faces of the two Flyers fans sitting at the bar.

Here's hoping we beat them on Wednesday, or I might have to eat some crow after all the smack talk last night.

Pensgirl said...

elly, we can't just beat the Flyers, we have to annihilate them. Wednesday and Thursday better involve major smackdowns. I wanna see some crying goalies.

Forgot to mention before - even-strength goals from each line last night. Just what we needed - now they just have to keep it up.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...


Yes. Singletary or LT. Their defense was as equal to Bo (or Christian Okoye's) offense. Unstoppable. Man I haven't played that game in ages.

Here's a clip I just found (I needed to Youtube it). LT comes right after the Eagles' QB. Its pretty much a replay of Harrison last night.

Tecmo Stars

If I saw a BGL-Roberts-James Harrison line, I'd shit in someone else's pants.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Flyer game=MAF start

Anonymous said...

Anyone else worried about Crosby's lack of assists lately?(joke) What a gratifying win BUT as has already been said, if the Pens lose tomorrow night it doesn't mean shit. Staal and Roberts are getting closer and closer to putting some points on the board. I am sure Fluery will get a start one of the next couple nights. I just hope he does a solid job.

Stoosh said...

As Herbie said in Miracle, the way to beat this Flyers team is to take their game and shove it right back in their face. This Flyers team is physical, but they aren't as big up front as they used to be. The Pens might actually have an advantage in that department.

Start with Briere...he is what's making this Flyers team go right now. The best way to take Briere off his game is to get physical with him. Turn Roberts, Hall, Talbot, Army (if he's back) and Orpik loose on him and bang him around a little.

They need to get someone out there to start yapping with Richards, too. He's a good player but he's a bit of a short fuse and he can be taken off his game when someone gets in his face (he's been like that since juniors). Same thing with Carter.

I'm dressing Laraque because Cote and Eager will likely be up to their old tricks, trying to goad us into penalties. I give Eager credit because like Matt Barnaby, he's willing to drop them with just about anyone despite the fact that he's not really a heavyweight, but he was much less apt to run his mouth last year after BGL was acquired (as was Fedoruk, and he's gone). Can't say the same for Cote.

Sid and Geno need to prepare for a healthy dose of Jason Smith. I'm not sure Smith is good enough to keep both in check, but it'll make things a lot easier if the lower lines step up again.

I'm with Pensgirl here. After last night, they need to keep rolling, keep finishing their checks, keep working like they did last year. I think we come out flying tomorrow night.

And I'm not hoping for just a win. I'm hoping for a public evisceration of the Flyers on the Mellon Arena ice. Bring these clowns back down to earth a bit.

Adrienne said...

10. Line of the night - Geno drops the F-bomb and the lovely Nancy Stoosh says, without missing a beat, "Well, it looks like Geno's learned English!"

I completely forgot to mention that. After Malkin swore straight on tv (great camera work) my boyfriend turned to me going, "Well. Malkin knows English now!"

I had to laugh though, didn't he learn it from Gonchar's daughter?

Loser Chris said...

Someone who knows a thing or two about goaltending has MAF's back.

Kicksave said...

So are these the new lines?

Malone - Crosby - Malkin
Kennedy - Staal - Sykora
Roberts - EC - Recchi
Hall - Talbot - Laraque

If they are, I likey.

Kristin said...

It was a bit depressing with so few fans in the stands but I have to say the arena is AMAZING. And there was a strong base of Pens fans in the stands. And we were loud and proud.

But not as loud as the Devils fan who yelled "Fleury you suck" which may have been a highlight. Especially since after he was corrected and tried to heckle Sabu even the other Devils fans had to laugh at the guy.

I have no voice this morning from all the yelling and cheering I did last night but I'm not complaining.

Sinops said...

Anyone else think that Fleury's lack of playing time has something to do with him being a RFA at the end of this season? Maybe mgmt. is trying to keep his stats down to make him more affordable when it comes time to negotiate a new contract. Might sound dumb, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to catch the game (stupid work), but boy was I happy when I saw that final score. Hopefully this will carry over to Wednesday, another gotta win. 1-2 with the bracelets. Harrison would own Briere and his boyfriend.

Keep up the good work guys.

Go Pens!

meecrofilm said...

I dunno Hammer, I think you gotta give the first flyers game to Sabu; you just can't sit someone coming off of a shutout. That way, MAF is gauranteed to start on thursday, and, good-play pending, will then get the nod for the philly rematch on saturday. That's just what I say. Things are different on Planet Therrien though...

bnee said...

mumm, love the reference to gozer...egon and venkman, they know it

btw, as i'm reading the latest issue of hockey news (with sid as the cover story no less) i flip to the team reports page and under the penguins column there is def a reference to the WWGRD sign that was at the arena! it goes on to report that roberts is the soul of the pittsburgh team. sick.

that's national publicity baby

Loser Chris said...


I said a while ago that the one upside to MAF struggling is that it makes him slightly more affordable. Gotta start finding ways to save cap space for Staal and Geno!

Stoosh said...

Iiiiit's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Loser Chris said...

NHL All-Star ballot has been released. No MAF and no Gonchar.

NHL = joke

canaanregulatesblog said...

fleury doesn't deserve to be on the NHL allstat ballot.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

There's a great video feature on Ron Francis on the NHL.com home page right now. What a player.

Anonymous said...

MT still sucks.

Ashley said...

I listened to Lange and Bourque on internet radio and it was funny b/c I swear I could hear lots of cheering when the Pens scored. Every time, I thought that the Devils had scored a goal, but no...it was five straight Pittsburgh goals! :)

I hope this develops into a trend - the Pens beating other teams into submission.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

"Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was like to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day I can tell you!"

I admit that sometimes, on the Power Play, I find myself lost in watching Sarge skate. Dude always has his head up surveying the breakout, it's quite awe inspiring. He actually looks like he is in much better shape this year as well compared to years past. For a notorious slow-starter, he's doing pretty well thus far.

Pensblog Charlie will need to inform me if that previous observation sets off his Pensblog Gaydar.

Spencemo said...

"Ray, if someone asks you if you're a god, you say yes!

Joshua said...

Stiegy and Errey were talking about a man named Hobie Baker in I think the third period and how he was a great hockey player and such. I took it upon myself to wikipedia him. WHAT AN AMERICAN MAN!


Check it out!

Loser Chris said...

canaan, I would more or less agree on MAF except when you take into consideration that those ballots are generally based off of the previous season's performance,

The Seeker said...

Anonymous said... "MT still sucks."

Well, anon....not everyone can BLOW like you.

Amy said...

Winter Classic Tickets for Season Ticket Holders:

Adrienne said...

I will pay someone to get me a ticket for the ice bowl. God. I'll kill people if I can't go :(

chris l. said...

meecrofilm: I agree on the goalie start (no offense Hammer). MAF is still the #1, but you have to give Sabu the Wednesday Flyers start after his performance last night. Plus, Lord T is still letting MAF stew in it. I saw a comment from MT about why Sabu got the call last night - something like "we needed the win." Ouch.

Come on MAF. We know it's in there.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

No offense taken Chris but I think Fleury did nothing to lose his job on Monday so he should regain it on Wednesday. It probably doesn't make any difference since we have back to back games. In any case come on Sabu!!

bnee said...

spencemo, one of my fav lines in that movie...i only wish that when i opened my fridge door there was a pyramid thingy with lots of mist and smoke. and what appears to be david bowie as ziggy stardust

Anonymous said...

"Well, anon....not everyone can BLOW like you."

Oh, you're so clever. Maybe everyone can't blow like me, but your mom sure tries as hard as she can.


bluzdude said...

Re: Devils attendance... I smell a road trip.

Re: Malkin's F-bomb... Maybe his teammates told him that's the word for "respect" or something.

Re: BGL/Roberts/Harrison line... I can just see them hop onto the ice, 5 guys on the other team hop off, and everyone else refuses to go on.

I've been a Harrison fan ever since the day he threw that Browns fan on his ass. He's a bad mo-fo.

Bob.C said...

WWGRD? He would want you to vote him into the all-star game. So when does the Vote for Gary campaign start?

Jonny V said...

My favorite, even though it's from the sequel..."He is Vigo!! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!"

That was my go-to line when i needed to talk some shit at beer pong.

Man i miss college...

Jonny V said...

and bob c. worry not, if anyone will get Gary Roberts into the all-star game this year, it'll be all of us.

Ashley said...

we could put the "vote for rory" campaign to shame

Fleury29 said...

MAF is still the man. I've not lost faith.

The Ice Bowl, classic jerseys. I think it's awesome and I wish I could be there. I'm definitely picking up the Ice Bowl Pens hoodie at NHL.com. What a sweatshirt.

homesprout said...

Big Trouble in Little China....best film of 1986 :-D

Good game on Vs earlier....Rangers/Isles.
That douche Satan got the game winner. I guess DiPiegaytro recovered enough from his sprained vagina, I mean scratch to the face, to get the win.

Go Pens!!

the seeker said...

anon: I'm not to one in hiding....

Anonymous said...

Surprised no one brought up the comment from the tv boys when a late game shot of a totally pissed sutter hit the screen....they remarked 'bitter beer face'...lol. Thought they scored on that one.

Anonymous said...

"anon: I'm not to one in hiding...."

Apparently you're not the one into grammer either.

chris l. said...

anon jobbing seeker: it was a typo. That's all you have?

And MAF does not suck. But consensus is growing (by one at least) that you do.

chris l. said...

and, uh, anon: it's "grammar" (unless you're a fan of Kelsey).


canaanregulatesblog said...

hahaha...i love when people fuck up grammar burns. way to go, anon. what a homo.

Anonymous said...

Okay, all jobbing aside -- what has Therrien done to prove he's the coach that can take this team to the next level?

He misused players last year. For example, taking Nils Ekman off Crosby's line the game after he scored the fastest hat trick in Pens history and his love affair with Ouellet.

This year, he's misuing Mark Recchi by thinking he's still at top-six forward and by not playing Sykora on the third line.

He is destroying Fleury's confidence by playing Sabourin over him.

He cannot settle on line combinations, holds some players accountable -- see Ruutu and Armstrong -- but not others -- see Recchi.

Rob Rossi, who is with the team on a daily basis, said the players are ready to revolt on him because "they're not buying into things."

On top of all that, he seems to have no discernable gameplan.

This team wins on the backs of it's star players, but with a competent coach they'd be doing even better.

Anonymous said...

I meant playing Sykora on the third line. Fuck. Sorry about that.

chris l. said...

anon: All kind of fair points re MT. But didn't he put the "my two dads" line of Recchi, Roberts and EC (best line name in a while, BTW) together because the guys asked for it? And didn't his seemingly haphazard tactics have at least something to do with last year's improvement? It's relatively early, and nothing is truly falling apart yet. There's a fine line between stupid and genius. I'm willing to see what the crazy F'er gets out of the boys (and the dads) during the next few games before I jump on the fireMTblog.

Anonymous said...


He did. But what does that say about the coach that the players are suggesting line combos?

I think the team is past the point where MT is effective. They don't need the motivator, the need a quality Xs and Os coach -- which Therrien isn't.

To be honest, I don't want him fired before the season is over. I think changing coaches now would solve some problems but create some others. I just don't think he's the coach to take them to the next level.

chris l. said...

anon: To me it suggests, at least, that he's approachable. I see your point on Xs and Os, but it seems the team right now is still young (read: streaky) enough that the occasional benching, call-out, or other JV-style motivational tactic might be of use to get them down the stretch. That being said, he will need to transition from a whip-cracker to a tactician at some point. Hopefully he can draw on what went wrong in his '02-'03 season with the Habs (his second full season there after starting mid-year '00-'01). From wiki: "After starting the season 16-12-6, the Canadiens slipped in the standings winning only 2 of their next 12 games. This prompted General Manager Andre Savard to fire Therrien with a record of 18-19-9. Michel had a total record of 77-77-37 with the Habs." Learn from history, or repeat it. We'll be watching.

But either way, we better beat those g-damn Flyers tonight!

Go Pens!

Anonymous said...


The thing I see as a problem is this -- Does Jordan Staal need motivated? Probably not. Does he need an Xs and Os coach to tell him how to be more effective? Probably. Telling him to go play better isn't going to help his game. Telling him HOW to play better will.

Hopefully he learns from past mistakes and takes these things into consideration.

And I agree, beat the Flyers.


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