Friday, November 16, 2007

Recap Coming later

We're still stuck in traffic leaving the arena.
Yea thats right, it is 9:30am.

But really
Recap is delayed.

Huge win.

In the meantime.

Get ready to bid on something from the [Mario Lemieux Foundation] to pass the time.

BGL lives

Go pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

Fleury + old mask = solid.

Coffey should commentate every game.

Anyone miss rex/sydor? no? didn't think so.

jaos said...

Great game last night. I have pics of the national anthem, Crosby coming out for more in the third, BGL vs Potash, and BGL vs Potash, part 2.

My son got close to Gary Roberts. The stun of Scary Gary's presence was counteracted by my sons WWGRD wristband.

chris l. said...

jaos: great pics. BGL is an imposing figure. Wow.

Stoosh said...

I wasn't in the arena when the pregame lineups were announced. It never occurred to me that Sydor was out of the lineup until we were halfway home and a caller to the post-game show brought it up with Grover and Bourque. I never realized during the game that he wasn't playing.

I don't know if that's good or bad.

I don't think Sydor's been terrible, but he hasn't done much to stand out in a good way. I was very comfortable with Letang out there last night. I thought he played well, and his presence puts a mobile, puck-moving defenseman on each pairing. He's not going to be perfect; he's going to make mistakes. But he did well out there, and you can see why opinions of his game are so high.

If the chemistry with some of the personnel kicks in and we start just trying to win games like 5-3 or 6-4, cool.

Realized early on that Recchi wasn't playing, and no, I didn't miss seeing him fan on gift passes from Crosby and Malkin, either.

slush said...

Whats the deal with Colby? No mention on why he was scratched last night that I saw...

Anonymous said...

Best move by Coach yet, it was nice to not see Recchi out there.

Great game by BGL and MAF

Letang played well for his first game.

How long before MVP rumors for Evgeni?

And for the record, Stiegy still sucks. Coffey was great.

Stoosh said...

Cool brush with greatness last night - we got to the arena and our seats were in C12 (not C13 as I had accidentally reported). My wife wanted to drop off her coat at the coat check station near the Igloo Club entrance on that side, so we did so. On our way back to go to our seats, I see this lady taking a picture with a short, balding guy in a suit who was attracting a bit of attention. The guy had his back to me, so I worked my way around to see who it was. None other than Bryan Trottier, one of my favorite Pens from the Cup years.

Couldn't get close enough to get an autograph and I didn't have my camera with me. I thought about going up to him and asking him what he thought of Brian Bellows, but he told someone he had to go so he could get up to the press box.

Anonymous said...


I'm so excited to come home to pittsburgh this weekend, watch the game with fans and not be stuck watching SOP cast in dirty New Jersey!

LETS GO PENSSSSSSSSSSSSS! A penguins game and a night of drunkeness at buck head. Woot Woot.

Anonymous said...

Anybody hear Errey say something at the end of the about about Laraque not tripping over his own lips, or something like that?

What the hell was that?

Todd said...

Anony: Yes, I heard Errey say that about BGL tripping over his lips...truly a "What the hell did he say!?!?" moment.

My other favorite Errey comment was how Sutton has fewer PiMs than Gonchar, which somehow equates to physical play. Yes, he really said that.

Anonymous said...

What the hell just happened?


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