Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Only One Way To Go Now. PENS LOSE

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3 - 2

[Yahoo recap]


First off, let's assess the situation.

The Penguins are eating bugs off the basement floor in the Atlantic Division.
All we need is Zigmund Palffy and Lasse Pirjeta on the power play.

It's been fun to debate what's wrong with the Penguins.

After another loss, and it's now become obvious that all the blogging and message-board posting is futile.

Just gotta go along for the ride.
That's why there is a frickin chicken in the flash bar.



Imagine sitting down to dinner after a hard day of work.
Your next-door neighbor runs into your house, unzips his fly, and urinates on your face.
That's a recap of the first three minutes tonight.

Pens fall apart early.
Mark Recchi takes a penalty.

Here we go.
The Pens kill it. Small steps after Saturday's nightmare.
Devils still coming strong though.
Pens can't get it out.

Pat Sajak finds it.

1-0 Devils

The Pens aren't shaken.
New lines tonight.
Sykora-Crosby- Malone get things going big time, with perhaps the best shift of the season.
A lot of hard work in the corners.
Mark Eaton gets a shot on net that would've changed peoples lives if it would've went in.

Surprise starter Kevin Weekes says no dice.
A Devil tackles someone. Crowd goes nuts.
So you know what that means.
Devils get the puck.
Storm down the ice.

Penalty on the Pens.

EC is your guilty party.
And the Penguins pay the price.
Devils set up shop.
Rob Scuderi blows a tire.
Brian Gionta walks out of the corner, makes a sick pass. 2-0

The placement of this picture makes as much sense as the Devils being up 2-0.

Pens get a chance.
Recchi makes a half-decent play to Malkin.
Malkin to Staal.


The Pens are stunned.
Everyone is.

But then someone let the Jarko Rutuu-BGL-Talbot line loose.
What a shift.
Rutuu going nuts, BGL is posting up people. Talbot is jobbing.
Good times.
The work pays off in the form of some energy generated.
Rutuu goes all NHL 95 on some jobber and throws him over the boards.

Pens get a powerplay after some more work.

But scoring on New Jersey when you absolutely need to isn't a good business.
Weekes says no.
The second unit comes on.

That about sums it up.
(Thanks John T)



If you want to skip forward, this is the only thing you need to know about the second period

Things actually started out OK for the Pens.
Bing came out flying.
Stormed down the wing.
Nice move man.


Picture: Crosby and Malkin talk about how much better they are than everyone.

Things settle down for a little bit.
Both teams get some chances.
Then an unplanned parade to the penalty box begins.


Bad Call



[rough.<span class=

Guess you can't hit this year

Gary Roberts
Being strong

Awful call

Pensblog Charlie
Touching a man
[gay-man-pheromones-image.<span class=
Only guilty man in the penalty box.

Amazingly enough, the Pens kill 400 penalties in a row.
Sabu makes some big-time saves.
BGL and Rutuu bring some more energy.
Hall and Roberts playing hard.
So was your Mom.



These aren't your uncle's Devils, so you know the Pens had a chance.
Before the third, Steigy says something about Crosby and records.
No one cares. Get over it.

Just before the third period, Pens officials pass out milk cartons to help find Jordan Staal.

(Lloyd Jones)

No such luck.

But the Pens do get a Powerplay.
So close, but yet so far away.
But that didn't stop them for working their balls off.

BGL and Talbot almost hook up for a sweet goal.
No dice.

But then it happens.
Pens draw another penalty.
Malkin from the top circle.
Lights out.

What a player.
(Rachel F)

Teams go back and forth.
Kevin Weekes looks rattled.
But he remains calm.


Under six minutes to play, a point would be just fine.

BGL comes on, and starts dominating.
Behind the net.
Centers a pass.

No one home

Here come the Devils. Oh boy.
Gionta just makes a better play.
Pass right on Elias's stick.

Sabu still hasn't gone post to post.

The look on Elias's face said it all.
It looked like he finally got laid or something.
After that, it was all a matter of time.

Before you know it, there was under a minute to play.
Sabu has no clue what's going on.

Pens have nothing left.

It is cold in the basement.

  • Bing: 1G, 1A
  • Malkin: 1G
  • BGL played his heart out, tough break at the end of the game.
  • Rough times
  • The last minute was bad, real bad.
  • Rutuu was sick
  • Someone else has to score. Anyone.
  • Breaks just aren't there.
  • Kevin Weekes was just 4-16 in his career on Mondays. Solid stat find by Phil Borque. Not.


stokes said...

i'm turning a new leaf. no more whining and complaining about what's going wrong. i'm just going to (try) enjoy the ride.

Maybe the Pens will turn over a new leaf too.

FritoWill said...

how can you not mention Ruutu talking trash with his hand?

Hey i am going to the game Thursday i think i am sitting close enough to Jeff to snag some audio from the athem, you guys want me to try?

meecrofilm said...

What? We're looking at goaltender's records on different days of the week? WTF? And the Batman picture placement was amazing...

The way this team is playing, they could realllyyy use a steal from one of their goaltenders (gotta be Fleury). No offense, no defense.. we need a miracle in net to win at the moment.

At least the 4th line was beasting all night long. Really can't fault Laraque for that last play.. Sabu's post-to-post movement was downright pitiful (not that it's HIS fault either). Plus, if Talbot buries that chance earlier hardly anyone faults BGL for the last play..

Fleury29 said...

We could watch the Penguins lose every game for the rest of the season and for the next forty years for all I care... at least we get to watch them.

But they're not going to lose every game for the rest of the season.

No matter what happens, it's better than 2000-2005 and at least we know the Pens will be in town for a while.

wes said...

you know, the pens have sucked ever since i received the wristband.........

MummRa said...

That one hurt. Real bad. BGL was eating New Jersey souls all night and one instance of trying to force a play and bam, Patrick Elias goes Superfly Jimmy Snuka from the top of the steel cage.

Malkin is still a beast. Holy shit...does he remind me of Mario blasting those one-times from the half-boards on the PP. Eff the Whitney play, work that Gonch-to-Geno Speedy Delivery.

PittHockey said...

Ok, we've given the rest of the division a nice head start. Time to play hockey.

Nathan said...

You have to wonder how close King Shero is to dropping the bomb on Therrien. Perhaps the Pens will pull an Ottawa from last season and have a coach on the verge of getting fired and suddenly turn everything around -- I'm hoping so, because I'm pretty ambivalent about having Bob Hartley come in as head coach. I know Shero gave Therrien the public vote of confidence, but we've all watched enough hockey in our lives to know that the public vote of confidence means precisely dick. The coaching isn't necessarily the problem in Pittsburgh, but Therrien's time has to be getting short if the Pens don't turn it around really soon.

Anonymous said...



Jason said...

right now this team stinks worse then ten cans of shark shit...

through all of this i feel bad for Crosby/Malkin and the goaltenders.

I feel bad for Crosby/Malkin because they are the only two that show up every night consistently. Sure they make mistakes (turnovers that lead to goals) but at least they bring it every night.

I feel bad for the goalies because they just get buried every night (except the first goal on Sabu was pretty bad) because we can only put together 2 complete 60-minute efforts all season.

We still got time, and I'd love to see us turn it around like Ottawa did, but I'm just gonna be happy my team still exists...

Sinops said...

Playoffs? We stink. You talking bout playoffs, I don't think we'll win another game. Playoffs?

We couldn't do diddly poo on defense.

canaanregulatesblog said...

i think sabu must've taken the haitian pills (before every game this season) to diminish his goaltending abilities.

frito, that was the best part of last night's game. Ruutu was entertaining to say the least.

ratoni said...


Notice how I get to keep repeating a post that says "HEY LOOK SABU YET AGAIN LET IN THE VERY FIRST SHOT ON GOAL!!!!!' Every time he plays he usually lets in the first shot on net. If not the first then always one of the first three.

WTF I hate him.

wilsmith said...

That was why I never understood making Ruutu and Georges scratches. They're way more talented than people give them credit for, and when the put together shifts like they did last night, it's going to make the next line come out that much stronger. Ruutu is just a piece of the puzzle that has to be there every night.

Jason said...


For you Sinops

chris l. said...

4th line was exactly what it should have been. Ruutu with the hand puppet was inspired. Sorry for the long math, but:


But you can't break 'em off on him about the behind-the-net pass - he HAS TO be able to rely on someone getting to the slot. If it's empty, that's not on Georges. The Devils had men clearing the net, helping Weekes and stopping jammers (see: Talbot, Max), not to mention crashing the net and sitting on Sabu's face half the night. Pens? Macaulay was right on - NO ONE HOME!

The loss sucks, and the net presence in the offensive zone needs work, but this game still brought with it some of the best effort of the last two weeks. I'm no strategist, but it seems to me the boys just have to get dirty and bring the intensity to the slot. You'll know when it happens. As my son says, "dirt smells like worms."

Let's bring some dirt to the Islanders.


Stoosh said...

Thoughts from F1, dudes...

1. BGL and Ruutu = Sick. ESPN.com says BGL got 9:48 of ice time last night. For 9:38 of it, he played his best game as a Penguin. He plays like that each night and he easily stays in the lineup.

2. From Rob Rossi on with Mark Madden yesterday (take this for what it's worth)...Put simply, the coaching staff isn't doing much to hide the appearance that some veteran players are on significantly-longer leashes than some of the younger players. Might not take long to figure out who's in which group there. Let's just say Army, EC and Fleury just read what I wrote and said, "No shit."

3. On the post-game call-in show, Bourque really questioned the decision to scratch Armstrong last night, especially after he said Army seemed to be back to his normal self with seven hits against Philly the game before. He said he doesn't know what the coaching staff expects of Armstrong and apparently Armstrong doesn't either. Bourque also said it might be time to sit Recchi and/or Roberts, if for no other reason than to give them a rest.

4. The next time someone wants to job Whitney for the mistakes he makes in his own zone, hows about taking a look at Gonchar, too? Whitney makes mistakes because he hasn't even played 200 games in the NHL yet. Gonchar makes the same mistakes and he's been in the league for 12 years.

5. Jumbotronblog -- Apparently, that really was Kevin Smith on the "Silent Bob" jumbotron look-alike. Maybe he's working on a Pens-related sequel, "Chasing Army" or something.

Ba-dum-ching. I'll be here all week. Try the fish!

6. Obscure jersey sighting - a mid-1990s third jersey (gray & yellow stripes around the middle) with a #9 TITOV on the back. I can't believe German Titov jerseys were once available at PenStation.

7. Said before but bears repeating: The main reason this team isn't winning right now is because the secondary scorers aren't scoring. Once this changes, we'll start winning games.

Anonymous said...

I think the BGL play that led to a goal, was really him trying to bank it off the post to someone for a rebound to bury the puck. sadly, no one was home.

MummRa said...

Awesome sinops...imagine that with a french accent. Or better yet, going Dennis Green:

"Duh Devil are who we Taught dey were."

Jason said...

what about Herm Edwards:

"You PLAYYYY to WINNNN the game..."

Loser Chris said...

contrast of how things are going right now... Cory Stillman threw a blind backhander in front from behind the net last night for the Hurricanes with a minute left in the game and it banked in and was the game winner.

It's time for the Pens to start making their own luck and get on a roll here.

Talbots Moustache said...

These are the times when you see the true character of our team...Someone has to step up and get the troops going in the locker room...Just as a leader on a football team get everyone going before a game or a half...We have no heart right now and someone or anyone needs to step up in the locker room and fire these guys up...MT obviously isn't so maybe a player has to and the way Ruutu, Talbot and BGL played actions aren't translating over so maybe it's going to have to be words...

The Seeker said...

ratoni said...

"Every time he plays he usually lets in the first shot on net. If not the first then always one of the first three."

Sabu shut-out the Devils only a week ago.

rwarner174 said...

No more excuses,

I was at the game and most of those penalties in the second were just that. Gonch, if you don't want to be called for a hook, do put your stick in the mid section of another player. George you don't want to be called for a slash, well then don't slash. I didn't see the Orpik penalty. Roberts could of went either way, though if it was our goalie I probably would of been calling for a penalty. We just need to start being a little more disiplined. The pens haven't been to bad with penalties this year, but when they get them they come in bunches.

Laraque had a very good game, that is until he pretty much head manned an outlet pass to the devils. I would understand if someone was in front of the net and he just missed. But you need to at least give a look and see if someone is there. Oh well, we all make mistakes.

The big difference in this game was Jordan Stall's inability to score on a wide open net and Sabu's really weak first goal. That is a two goal swing.
It may be time to give Mr. Stall some tickets to the minors for a while to get his game back. Stall and Recchi are killing us right now in my opinion.

But, sadly this was a much better effort from the pens tonight. To bad they didn't end up with the Win. They are going to pull out of this, if a 4 game losing streak happens during January it would be just a slump. Can't say I'm not worried, but I'm not ready to fire sale my season tickets yet either.

The Seeker said...

fritowill said...

"how can you not mention Ruutu talking trash with his hand?"

That was the highlight of the entire game!

My own points:

Kennedy plays better than Recci (at least with speed and intensity) and Colby couldn't play any worse than Staal...sit Recci and Staal.

We aren't even playing good positional hockey and are being beaten to the loose pucks even by the Devils, at home, and when last place threatens us.

Our break-out and neutral zone passing is horrible. If we are pressured to act quickly, they make bad passes and no one is in position to help when a quick no looker is needed.

Rarely does anyone cover the bodies in front of our own net or make them pay a price for being there. Other teams watch the tapes and know this...that's why you see so many plays from behind our net and in or around our crease.

Our D allows players on the rush (even defensemen!) to skate until they either shoot or pass, backing-up and NEVER taking the body. You can't always rely on a poke check...you need to stand them up SOMETIME.

Korn said...

Really liking the new line combinations, seems more balanced. Much love to the 4th line, that's the Ruutu we know and love from last year, not this year's incarnation that just takes bad penalties.

Errey mentioned last night that "now would be a good time for a shorthanded goal to get the momentum going". And then before the third they detailed Sid's ice time for the game, alarmingly low due to all the penalties in the second. I'm not saying Sid should be a regular penalty killer, but Therrien should toss him out there occasionally to shake things up and give the opposing PP something else to think about.

Time to sit Roberts or Recchi for a game, they need a rest and Colby should be a regular on the third line.

Anonymous said...

Season. Over. At least they're not moving, right?

Lloyd said...

i agree with Anon (8:20 AM)

we are in need of a Photoshop Expo. Wasn't that about the time of the turning point last season?

CG said...

My 2 cents:

Ruutu/BGL/Talbot did exactly what they need to do. Turnovers happen. I'd take that effort every night even if it means a few bad passes.

I was all for (pick one: EC / Staal) playing more, but he's got to start burying his chances or it should be scratch city.

Love Roberts / Hate Recchi - but I don't see much difference between the 2 right now...both pretty bad.

Get colby and kennedy back in there.

Let Fleury play through his slump.

Other than that, I'd make no changes...lol...except maybe find a way to play Crosby and Malkin 40+ minutes a game...

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 11:32AM -

You're probably the guy who calls in to SportsBeat after Week Four of the NFL season to tell Stan how "da Stillers are winnin' da Sooooopr Bowl cuz 'der tree-an-one an' dey just stomped da Braaahhhhhhns"?

Go listen to your Steelers of the Seventies tapes again, f-stick.

Marv said...

Guys, don't know if it was stated earlier but the Senators started out 8-11-1 and went on to reach the cup. Don't call it quits just yet, they will bounce baack.

"Therien wondering what the team would be like if he had Endicott"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At this point can it really hurt to scratch recchi and stall?

Sinops said...

Does anybody know where the pens could send Staal? Would it be juniors or WBS?

wilsmith said...

You know it's the bandwagoners complaining when they don't even spell the player's name right.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost positive Staal would have to go back to Juniors. I don't think he can go to WBS...

Gary Roberts Should Retire said...

A point of comfort, the Sens were 7-10-1 at this point last season...

Stoosh said...


If Staal goes down, he has to go back to juniors and he can't come back up until after his junior season is done.

andrew said...

I have always hated doom and gloom fans, who easily jump to criticize teams in slumps. No matter what, I’ll still watch every game I can (only missed 1 so far). I’d like nothing more than to see this team win. But I cannot continue to deny what I’m seeing on ice in the belief that unbridled hope that the Pens will be able to turn this around and even approach the lofty preseason expectations.

From what I have seen, not only are the Pens not a playoff team, but I fear we are looking at another lottery pick. As much as I dont want that to be true, that is my honest to God feeling about this team right now. They completely lack the moxie that brought them 105 points last year. Big-time contributors from last are non-existent (Fleury and Staal especially) with no indiciation they can turn it around this year. Our veterans (Roberts, Recchi, Sydor) have done little in terms of production or leadership. No one outside Crosby, Malkin, and Sykora can score. Outside of Ruutu and Laraque last night, we do not have any consistent physical presence, unless you count Orpick’s oft ill-advised runs for big hits.

In short, we lack team speed, toughness, scoring depth, and above all, consistent goaltending. And I see no indication any of these problems are close to being fixed.

I know it is still early, but I honestly think we Pens fans need to come to grips with the fact that what we believed was a 90-point team at the absolute minimum may actually be 70 point team. Just look at the Nordiques/Avs teams of the early 90s after the Lindros trade. They broke out one season, regressed for 2 seasons, and then won the Cup.

I trust Ray Shero has the patience to see this out and I still trust him, probably more than any Pittsburgh sports team GM in the last 15 years. I have faith that Staal will turn out to be a beast and Fleury a top-5 goalie, but right now, this season, and I truly hope I’m wrong and shelling out cash for playoff tickets in April, but I think the only question that might end up mattering come spring is:

Stamkos, Doughty, or Pietrangelo?

Sinops said...

Thanks guys, not sure sending Staal to juniors for the entire season is the best way to go. Hopefully, he can break out of his scoring slump and it will not matter where he would go. He needs to get his head outta his ass.

stokes said...

That's right wilsmith.

If you're gonna job the kid- who's 19 by the way. you probably couldn't keep your hand out of your pants when you were 19- atleast spell his name right.

It's S-T-A-A-L.

CG said...

The other day I posted that we need someone to play like Sean Avery (minus the tampon). I take that back.

Making fun of someone for having cancer? What a cuntbag move....


April said...

Blurb from Post Gazette site...

Penguins unveil arena design
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
By Mark Belko, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Penguins unveiled the master plan this afternoon for an 18,500-seat replacement for Mellon Arena.

The design, by HOK Sport of Kansas City, will feature a glass atrium rising as high as 80 feet on the west side of the building, facing Downtown. The $290 million project also will include an attached 500-space garage; a surface lot with 150 spaces; and retail space along Fifth Avenue, Uptown.

The former location of St. Francis Medical Center will be a site for future development, possibly a hotel, the team said.

Penguins CEO Ken Sawyer said the team has submitted the project to the city Planning Commission for consideration, calling it "another milestone" in the effort to replace Mellon Arena. He hopes to have the project approved by January.

Stoosh said...

Kris Letang, get in the game.

Letang recalled by the Pens today per ESPN Radio 1250.

bnee said...

haha stokes. so true. you know if this was last season, thibault would have been tebow to that person and a great many others. pathetic.

Anonymous said...

People need to seriously stop FREAKING OUT. This happens to teams. They go through a bad patch. And its not during january or march where it would seriously cause some problems. The pens last year went on a 5 win and 5 lose streak for awhile.

And bandwagon fans= pet peeve. You can always tell because of their spelling(i loved that one so true). Get it right or get off the website. This is a real's fan site.

Go Pens :)

Anonymous said...

Letang is back.. Nas and Kennedy gone



Brett said...




Kennedy and Nas reassigned to Wilkes-Barre.

Letang promoted? I want a right-handed shot as much as the next guy, but uh.. I thought Letang was a huge disappointment in the preseason and camp, and didn't look much better at the beginning of the season in the farm club. Things have changed?

wilsmith said...

This is called taking a chance.
We can only go up now, right?

Anonymous said...

Sydney Cosby, Evgeni Maulkin, Mark Wrecky, Mark-Andre Flurry. Kobe Armstrong, and George LaRock.

Pens are trying to make moves to spark something. Gotta like that. They will NEVER QUIT...

Anon 3:16

meecrofilm said...

What happened to the flashbar? Or is my computer just mud at the moment..

And Letang? ...I am VERY intrigued.. and can't wait to see how he performs in his first game. Even if he does blow balls.

Anonymous said...

everyone's thinking it.....
mario's in the best shape of his life.....


Anonymous said...

So, I screencaped the map view of the new arena plan from the pens website and fit it onto google maps for the area.

After the fact, I probably should have used the hybrid view instead of map view, but it still gives a better idea of how the arena will fit into the area.


I'm kinda suprised - i thought the building itself would be significantly bigger than the Igloo

canaanregulatesblog said...

^good work on the img placement, anon.

PittHockey said...


arena gallery flash thing


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