Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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2 - 1

[ Recap ]

Tonight's recap title was uttered by Michel Therrien in the post-game press conference, where he looked like he wanted to kill someone.
Whatever jackoff reporter he stared down may not sleep for days.
Wow. Hopefully video footage surfaces.

Early in the season?
21 games into an 82-game season.

If you die at the age of 82:

You just turned 21.
You're expected to be married and become a man by the time you're at least 30.
That's nine games from now.


Bottom line.
Tonight is why Marty Brodeur is a big deal.
He made two life-changing saves.

It is no one's fault.
It is just not happening right now.

God help us all.


(Thanks Sgq1)

Donnie Iris brings the noise.



The game started out like a hockey game.
Ryan Malone had seen enough of Kelly Clarkson's boobs and decided to drop the gloves.

What a start.

MAF was being tested early on, but he was standing tall.

But then the Pens started getting their hands caught on the Devils balls.

[gay-man-pheromones-image.<span class=
Guilty as charged

Christensen holds.
Mark Eaton holds.

Always scary when you're down 5-on-3, even if two of their players don't even have a face.
Jamie Langenbrunner makes the Devils a whole different team.

The Pens kill Christo's penalty off in time for Zach Parise to punch MAF in the throat.

And that was it.
Not much to write home about.

Fact: These kids got closer to the net in the first period than any Penguin did.


Dan Potash introduced a segment during the first intermission on WWGRE


The second period started with the Pens flying around.
They were everywhere.
The Devils had an occasional transition game, trying to catch the Pens over-pursuing.
But there wasn't anything too threatening.

Colby Armstrong was a force to be reckoned with.
He was everywhere in the first and continued to dominate in the second.

He seemed weighted down, though, playing with an entire bag of chips on his shoulder.

Staal gets one of his first excellent scoring chances of the season, but Brodeur stops shots like that in his sleep.

And finally, the Pens go on the power play after Oduya goes to the box.

They get a chance up close, as the garbage man tries to put it home.
But Brodeur was there again.
He was a brick wall tonight.

Bob Errey calls John Madden a pain in the ass on the air, which unfortunately was the highlight of the second period, maybe the game, maybe the season.

Armstrong holds a Devil, and the Pens go on the PK.

Sidney Crosby shows he belongs on the PK when he generates another opportunity, this time with a breakaway.
The ice at Mellon Arena was as consistent as Bob Barker's stool, and Sid couldn't get a handle on the puck.

Brodeur should be on Heroes.

The Pens kill that penalty, but Sykora blatantly hooks some Devil.
Just not good times.

The Pens head into the second intermission down 1-0, with Crosby's and Malkin's point streaks hanging on by a thread.




The Pens kill the penalty to start off the third.

But Sid tries to job.
And that trip is the definition of a job. Another PK.

Sid does in fact continue his scoring streak, as he assists on the Devils second goal.


And apparently, Sid says something about the ref's mom, a turkey, and a spoon.
Sid goes back to the box.

On the ensuing PK, Mark Eaton goes down.
And you actually have to give it up to the Devils player on that play for not lifting his elbow up.

The Pens kill the Sid penalty.

Just as a riot was about to break out in Mellon Arena, Malkin takes advantage of a Devils mistake and burns Brodeur.

And the next play, the Devils head to the box.

It had all the makings of a momentum swing, as the Pens set up the power play.
But no dice.

As Father Time flies to Mellon Arena, the Pens get another power play.

On the power play, Sid gets tripped up.
Two-man advantage for 29 seconds. Do it.

The Pens had it set up with a Gonchar slapper, but it was cleared.
The Pens buzzed some more, but it wasn't happening.

Their best chance came later when Letang put on his best Mario act, but he couldn't bring down the house.

Martin Brodeur shuts it down.

If that was Crosby being stoned, then you could've said that was game right there.

But the Pens pulled MAF, whatev.


  • Malkin: G
  • Your mom
  • Thursday night in Ottawa could possibly be one of the scariest games in Pens history.
  • Mark Recchi didn't play. He was still a minus 3.
  • Not much you can do.
  • Thanksgiving night in Ottawa is going to be the sum of all fears.


Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.

We'll see you tomorrow night.

And for the record,
We will be shipping the rest of the WWGRD wristbands orders this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Talbot in the booth was classic

Therrien will kill something in Canada if the Pens lose 2morrow

Staal's comin around, maybe by Jan. he'll have 2 goals...

These losses are more frustrating than watching Recchi's new commercial on VERSUS..."they'll have to pry the stick from my dead hands" wow.


wilsmith said...

You know, I never really noticed it until tonight, but our fans are all retarded.

I was listening to the people around me, and none of them had any clue what was going on. The complaining about Sykora's penalty was unbearable. It was obviously a hook.

Guys around us were bitching that the fourth line is never hitting anyone and they can't do anything. Yeah, nothing except possess the puck the entire time they're out there. There's more to the game than checking.

Yelling at a guy for not shooting ("OMG SHOOT IT WTF IDIOT YOU HAVE TO SHOOT") when he doesn't even have control. This is obviously people who have not played hockey before. You can't shoot it just because it's within stick reach.

Bitching during the PK that no one was hitting anyone. Seriously, did I hear that?

And I know that people complain about Crosby being a whiner and what-not, but if he is, it's definitely a result of the Mellon Arena fans. Learn the rules, then start booing and whistling when an actual penalty happens, not when one of your guys gets checked legally.

Oh, and the "Hit the Ref" chant. Good job fans, way to embarrass the rest of us.

I guess this is what happens when you have one good season and bring in a bunch of nubs. I hate to bash our own fans, but seriously, it was pretty embarrassing.

On a more positive note, Fleury was solid, shut down a few guys right on the doorstep more than a few times.

Something fundamental is wrong with the Pen's breakout. NJ was shutting it down all night and the only time a guy got through, he ended up being 1 on 3. It was sad to watch. I don't know if that's a result of our teams strategy, or just theirs being better, but it looked terrible watching them try and break it out.

and I think it's time for a new powerplay formation. It's not creating any traffic in front and it seems real easy for the other guys to get their sticks in all the lanes. Also, we have a good right-handed shot on the point now, and they don't even bother to use it. Four times during the third we counted times a pass came over to the left side D and he had to change his movement to take the pass, then turn it over and try to shoot it. Had Letang been in, it would have been a natty.

Sorry, first game I got to this season and things stood out a lot more being there in person and being able to watch the whole play develop... or fall apart.

StopTheInsanity said...

Maybe we are not supposed to know What Gary Roberts Would Do.

Maybe it goes against some basic laws of nature.

Maybe, if this season starts to spiral out of control, a sacrifice will be in order.

Maybe, I'm a tool.

But I'm burning my WWGRD wristband in a sacrifice to the Hockey God if things don't shape up soon. Things have not been good in my hockey universe since the arrival of this mysterious object.

I'm starting to think it is kind of like that little island creepy dude statue doll that curses the Brady family on their Hawaiian vacation.

I dunno. Too much work has been put into the project to expect everyone to do it, and I don't want to show disrespect to those who have put time and money into it. But a man has to do what a man has to do. And this has nothing to do with PensBlog Charlie.

I think I'm starting to lose it.

It's lost.

Fleury29 said...

I'm moving to a new apartment next week... on the 29th.

It's apartment number... 29.


Look for MAF to make a huge showing against the Stars the day after.

seth said...

"it's still early in the season"

10 games in is early, 21 games, not so much.

clip of talbot eblowing the entire devils bench: priceless

Anonymous said...

We are mud right now. That is all.

FritoWill said...

Wilsmith.... oh man last thursday night i wanted to beat people around me who have only watched hockey for 8 minutes.

It was nice seeing Colby carry all that weight and see just how hard my job really is, i mean those chips are heavy, just wait till he has to carry some doritos!

Happy Turkey Day to commentor blog and to Pensblog!!!!

Polish Kid said...

Wilsmith, you got it right. I sat in section 12 C, next to a lady who was obviously next in line for the coaching position and had all of the answers, and it front of the standing room attendance who were ripping on Whitney AND Malkin... pretty sure they are on the All Star ballot, and have done more with their lives at 21 and 24 (is Whitney 24 or 25?) than anyone in the seats have...

Not sure what to say, I'd like to think we're going to be ok. These one goal losses are getting to be a recurring theme. Huge personnel, morale, skill and heart test in Ottawa tonight.

CG said...

Talbot sounds like Fez from "That 70 show".

Fleury looked good we just need some freakin goals....

Having the best player in the world, and making him skate on f'd up ice = frustrating.

J.S. said...

stoptheinsanity, that's not the first time I heard somebody use WWGRD wristband and slump in the same sentence. I may have to pay a little closer attention to that.

Stoosh said...

So here's what's going on...

1. About two weeks ago, a coupling connecting a pipe to the the drain trap of the bathtub at Castille de Stoosh blew out. Unfortunately, we didn't realize it until after we took our showers that morning, meaning the broken threader turned the basement of Castille de Stoosh into LakeErieBlog. Just a couple of weeks after getting that fixed...

2. The pilot light on the hot water heater at Castille de Stoosh went out last night and I can't get the f'ing thing re-lit.

3. The fuel gauge and tachometer in the Stooshmobile (2004 Cavalier) aren't working properly.

4. Castille de Stoosh guard-dog Buddy has been sick and can't keep any food down. We took him to the vet Tuesday night. Nothing serious. Turns out Buddy has pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas that causes him to ralph once in a while. Got some medicine for him and as the Good Doctor said, "It's just gonna take some time. Let it work itself out."

The point is this...sometimes, things just go bad all at one time. You're cruising along livin' life (L-I-V-I-N, like Wooderson) but all of a sudden you get home one day, walk in the house and realize you've got a 15'-wide pond in your basement and your dog puked all over the living room floor upstairs.

But it'll get fixed. It'll get cleaned up. As the Doc said, "It'll work itself out."

So did I just compare the Penguins seasons so far with a busted drain pipe, a pilot light, a faulty fuel gauge and dog puke?

Let's ask Col. Nathan R. Jessop...


chris l. said...

Donnie Iris rocks. Saw him at St. Vincent College about a million years ago. Lots of sweaty Latrobeans and fake leather jackets.

Had the FSN feed too, didn't see Malkin's goal till the replay (finally). Lightning release. Marty=stunned.

Speaking of Mar-taan, anyone else think he beer-leagued it and kicked the net? He is sick, but still kind of a pussy (recall, if you will, "Wah-wah, Ovie's mask is too sparkly - make him stop." NHL: "Yes Mr. Brodeur.")

wilsmith - good point re PP formation and traffic in front. You gotta establish and maintain that presence. I think I saw Roberts job some guy right in front of Brodeur after possession was lost and the Devs were headed out of the zone. Looked like he was doing his job last night.

Chico Resch is the biggest cheerleader in the world. (There's a class ring/Cup ring joke in there somewhere, but I'll leave that to sharper minds). Can someone photoshop a SNL-Spartans sweater on his kiss-Marty's-ass mug?

Let's keep the intensity. The boys had a lot of looks last night but Brodeur decided to wake up and be sick again. Keep the faith, but finish your checks, and get the hell in front of the net.

Oh, fleury29: good luck with the move.



Stoosh said...

I agree about the "new" Mellon Arena crowd.

Look, I can't begrudge the Pens for running their business like a business. They need bucks because they need to keep some kids around.

But the Student Rush section is clearly missed. A lot of those kids understood what it was to be hockey fans.

Too many people are there now because Pens games became the place to be last year among the three big sports teams here.

Too many people there now are there to be a part of something simply to be a part of it; they don't give a flying fornication about what's going on down on the ice and they don't want to.

But this isn't pncparkblog. Hockey fans don't go for bobbleheads, Primanti sandwiches, cigar clubs, fireworks and those Godforsaken pierogie races.

This isn't heinzfieldblog, either. Hockey fans aren't stuck in the past despite having a perfectly good group of players to cheer for now. Hockey fans don't use the games as excuses to get shitfaced to the point that we're crapping ourselves in the parking lots after the game. Hockey fans don't pick fights with fans of opposing teams for absolutely no reason at all. Hockey fans don't maliciously boo the player who commits a turnover, misfires a pass, misses a shot or gives up a goal like they just insulted us or something.

There's something different about being a hockey fan that you don't see with fans of other sports here. Hockey fans make it a point to try to understand the game. We love going to games and cheering and getting into the games. But even more than that, hockey fans enjoy doing all of this with other hockey fans.

There's a sense of camaraderie and family in a hockey arena that doesn't exist at Heinz Field or PNC Park.

I grew up going to Erie Panthers games with my uncle. We'd sit in the same seats, BS with the same people (not just the people around our seats, either), BS with fans from other teams, and then after the game was over, go out to the same places to get something to eat with the same people we just watched the game with. When the team was winning, it was all the more fun to be a part of it. When they lost, no big deal. It was still fun. We loved being a part of the whole thing, and people who eren't a part of it never really understood why we enjoyed it so much.

The same sort of thing existed at Mellon back in 2003-04 when we sucked out loud and the only people who would show up fans. It was there towards the end of 2004-05 when the team had the bad start, all the newbs stopped showing up and the arena became filled fans. And it was there when all that came back to watch the team fans.

It's not there as much now, but maybe the slow start will send some of these asshats back to Heinz Field.

Sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

even though sid's job/trip led to a goal, it was just gorgeous. sid's a jobber, he is one of us.

talbot was priceless in the booth..what a classy guy.

speaking of jobbing...maybe pensblog nation needs to job fedko to spark a streak...couldn't hurt....

Anonymous said...

"swear" words on the air lastnight: 3.

indeed, talbot elbowing the entire bench was pretty funny.

tonight, we dine in hell.


PensGuy said...

This is so frustrating to watch.

Nobody except Crosby and Malkin can score on this team.

These lines are horrible. There is so much confusion and lack of chemistry with the players.

I don't know what to do with myself.

Completely true that tonight could be very scary.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Wow, noone could have predicted early in the season that Turkey Day would suck this bad. I bet a lot of us thought tonight's game might be a battle for 1st overall in the East. Therrien needs to go, he's lost it.

Anonymous said...

How bout we discuss more important things.

In the picture of the little kids getting their picture taken at Mellon Arena, there appears to be a fine blond with her ass to the camera? Any guess as to who she is?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

You know what's funny, the Penguins are still only 4 points out of a playoff spot.

Staff said...

STOOSH -- Our hearts are with you.
Solid rant.

Solid rants all the way around.
It's better reading those than reading things about Therrien getting fired or trading Staal for a goaltender.

ADRIENNE -- Sorry this isn't in the previous post, but that Mellon pic is the highest resolution we could find.

Anonymous said...

i think the bottom line is we need to score some more effing goals. same players almost every night. someone please step up. amen.

stokes said...

MAF played solid. That is a big deal right now.

I was pretty disappointed to hear the cheers when Rex was announced as a scratch. that's not right. its not like he's josef melichar.

My section in the igloo is usually pretty boring.

Once again, Stoosh=genius.

Speaking of jinxes, i tatooed the Skating Penguin on my leg last year, right before we lost against Ottawa. And they obviously aren't playing that well right now. I think i may have to laser the thing off my leg?

PittHockey said...

the hebrew hammer said...
You know what's funny, the Penguins are still only 4 points out of a playoff spot.

11/22/2007 11:51 AM

Bingo. That's all that matters. We don't need to win the division this year, we just need to make the playoffs. It's possible, but the Penguins have to get into some sort of rhythm.

Jonny V said...

Hockey fans don't pick fights with fans of opposing teams for absolutely no reason at all. Nice rant there, it made me cry.

Fleury29, last season when your namesake was having his huge season, I lived in Twentynine Palms, California on the Marine base. Perhaps I should go active again?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

We all have to make sacrifices right now, JonnyV ;)

Fleury29 said...

jonny v, I don't see how you re-upping with the Marines would bring anyone good luck.

"Don't do it, man!"

jefe said...

its not too late to comment this is it? i just found a ticket stub, and apparently i was in town for this game. the only one of the season i made it to. i dont remember much.
but the very next game was the comeback against ottawa and the turnaround of the season.

and now we are in the conference finals. way to go pens!


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