Sunday, November 25, 2007

Interesting. PENS WIN.

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5 - 0


We're creatures of habit.

Ever since fat woman has been in Flashblog, the Pens are 2-0.
She's stayin'.

You have to love following an NHL team.
One week this is suicideblog, the next everything is looking better.
Good times.


Jason S.



Lord Therrien goes with MAF in net. Had to do it.
Good move.
Atlanta goes with Ondrej Pavelec. Moose played last night.
Bad move.

He also brings out Roberts-Staal-JFK line to start the game.
And just like the Ottawa game, they have some jump.

Overall you can just tell things are different.
The Pens cycle through the lines.
Pucks goes into the corner.
Some jobber D-man trys to clear it.
JFK throws his body in front of it. Puck bounces to Gary Roberts. He gets the puck in front.
Jordan Staal, welcome home.

Whatever this goal did we will never know.
Staal was a beast the rest of the game.

The Pens keep the pressure on.
Rutuu-Hall-BGL is everything a fourth line is about.
They hit everything that moved.
BGL, however got called for a suspect holding penalty.

We don't know much about the Thrashers.
But we do know Ilya Kovalchuk can score at any time.
The Pens do a nice job in front of Fleury.

The Thrashers really aren't that impressive.

Later on, AC Slater gets two minutes for trying to touch Zach Morris where he pees.
Pens on the powerplay.

The Pens have a new look powerplay.

Not sure if taking Malkin off the top unit is a good idea.
But we run a blog. So whatev
But if anything, the Pens now have two solid powerplay lines.

The new-look PowerPlay looks insane.
Gonch gets in on net.
Ryan Malone makes a surreal play to get the puck to himself, then spin and rock it home.
Ryan Malone is turning into a big-time hockey player.


2-0 lead is about as safe as your mom.
But the Pens keep coming.
Gonchar makes an underrated clearing pass to Bing.
Two-on-one blog.
Bing shoots.
Army cleans up the trash.
Chris Thorburn shoves Army after the play.

Great first period.
Maybe the best all year.



At the time, the second period might have been interesting.
But looking back on it, whatev.
Atlanta put forth the minimum effort.

Chris Thorburn forgets he is playing for ATL now.
He takes a dumb penalty.
The new-look powerplay jaunts out.
Gonchar to Sid.


Atlanta tries to get something going after the goal.
But Fleury looks good.

Honestly the second period was a waste of time.
Some dude from ATL takes another penalty.

The Pens don't convert on the powerplay.
The ice in the Mellon Arena looks a slushy machine.

We listened to the radio feed, but at one point FSN has a video footage of a 11/24/87 game: Pens vs. Sharks.

Uh, that's funny.
Because the Sharks didn't exist until the 90's.
Come on.
Couple that mistake with the wrong graphic to begin the game ( Stat bar said "Fleury career against the Devils"): tough night in the graphic department.

Other than that.
The second period was boring, but in a good kind of way.

We turned the radio off for one second.

Steigy: As they say on the street. It's all good. We'll be right back.



More of the same boredom for the third.
Malone-Bing- Army line is incredible right now.
Ryan Malone is playing out of his mind.

Is Kovachuck even playing?


Gonchar sits out the rest of the game with a sore groin.
Gery Roberts gets hit with a slap shot.
He goes to the bench.
Next shift he is right back on.
That is toughness.

Mark Recchi, who was scratched, turns a jar of peanuts over in the press box. He was the only minus player in the organization tonight.

Atlanta simulates the rest of the third.
Whitney sends one home.
This one was easy.


  • Bing: 1G,1A
  • Malkin: Point streak over. Still sick.
  • Gonch: 3A
  • JFK, Roberts: 2A
  • Staal: 1 G
  • The Thrashers blow
  • Long break comes at the wrong time.
  • Pens don't play till Friday night.


jammer jagger said...

man what a game.
mellon arena was nuts.

Talk about getting goals from all the right people.

all the guys that needed a boost. And a shutout from fleury.

If all that doesn't say turn around, i don't know what does.
solid effort.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't have the volume down you might've known what they were talking about on 11/24/87.

It was the day the Pens traded for Coffey. It was a highlight of Coffey, not a specific game on a specific date. They might not have even played a game on that date!

PittHockey said...

a week off is just wrong.

Staff said...

@ ANON 8:00am....

Well played

stokes said...

J Schiff: Awesome Kovalsuck 'shop.

hey, i've got an idea: let's let gonch feed the softest pass EVER to Sid, who be the way, is the best player in the game right now, and give him an open shooting lane. do you think he'll score???

NIne times out of ten.

that was two hot teams our penguins just put the brakes on, cblog. we've all been saying it all along. when the rest of the team participates in scoring, good things happen. you've got to think they are turning it around.

MAF wasnt tested TOO much, but a SO is a SO. good call with MAF in net.

rachel said...

Games like this just make you smile. How can you not with these kind of stats:
Staal - 6 shots, 1G, 71% on faceoffs
Malone - 7 shots, 1G
Crosby - 5 shots, 1G, 1A, 81% on faceoffs
Gonch - 3A
Kennedy/Roberts - 2A
Armstrong/Whitney - 1G
Christensen/Letang - 1A
Orpik - 6 hits, 3 blocked shots
Eaton - 4 blocked shots
Hall - 57% on faceoffs, 2 hits
Scuds/Laraque - 2 hits
Fleury - 28 saves = shutout

10 different players contributed to the scoresheet, good times. Friday feels like an eternity away.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Few points:

*Maybe Staal finally got over his bachelor party hangover this summer, if I had a nickel for every time Steiggy said, "Staal playing with confidence" I wouldn't be posting in this blog, that's for sure.

*Gonchar for Norris anyone? I know he may not be Scott Stevens in his own end but offensively he's scary right now. See how he just laid that puck into a soft spot for Sid to step in it for the 4th goal? He's on pace for 80+ points this year.

*Solid move to start Fleury, this has to be a major confidence booster.

*It's amaziing how two games can change the outlook on a season. Before the Ottawa game we were ready to fire the GM, coach, trade Gonchar, Whitney, and Staal. After two wins we're on a team on a roll that's only two points out of a playoff spot. Like you said good times.


Anonymous said...

Not to sound like a douche, but these recaps blow. A big dropoff from last year.

Jason said...

I didn't actually get to watch the game, but from looking at the score sheet an interesting stat jumps out: Letang led all pens players in ice time. By alot. He had atleast 3 more minutes than the next closest player. Is he really that good already?

Pensgirl said...

Something else they mentioned on FSN: Malkin's points streak was the longest ever for a Russian player.

Federov, Bure, Kovalev, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin.

Malkin did what none of them have. Beast.

The last two games reminded them that hockey is fun. It's no coincidence that their finding enjoyment in the game resulted in wins.

Five days without Penguins hockey. I have no idea what to do with all that time.

Christina said...

loved being at the game last night....great game and effort all around.

my entire section erupted with a "STAAL!!!" shout as soon as he poked the puck in the net...awesome.

i knew bing had that goal before he even started the windup...i was sitting in the same line from the goal to him and there was a gaping hole over the ATL goalie's shoulder...i probably couldn't have missed that shot. what a shot by sid though.

shame they don't play until friday...i'm liking the momentum they have now

Troy Loney said...

If this were the NFL, 19 hours of ESPN programming would be dedicated to this being a turn around game.

The guys who need to start scoring did so. Letang is filling the right handed gap on the power play. Fleury could have his confidence back. Malone is playing to his potential.

But its not. The fans know it. That's all that matters.

Who sits when Talbot's back?
WWGRD? Take one for the team?

Jonny V said...

staff i know our play is a little shocking but we have 22 points now.

Jonny V said...

And a phrase spoken by Steigerwald is all it would take to make you stop posting here? Who knew...

PensGuy said...

Second strait game I didn't wear my WWGRD wristband. Second strait win for the Pens.

I don't know what to do.

wilsmith said...

Anyone find the numbers on blocked shots? It seemed like there were a ton, especially in the third. Just kind of curious to see what the count was.

Letang on the powerplay is huge. I just watched the game again and anytime they have him, Gonch and Sid working that blue line, there's just a mess of defenders on the ice. Even if he's not scoring, just his presence makes a huge difference.

It looked like the whole team had this "oh yeah, this is supposed to be fun" attitude.

And I was at the game and so I missed something that happened at the opposite end of the ice... I saw Crosby chasing some guy down a couple times, eventually grabbing his jersey and giving him a little tongue lashing. I don't know what started it and was curious as to what had happened.

ru10tu10 said...

No game until Friday?

Could that mean more of the Jobbers-Saga?

homesprout said...

What a fun game to watch!!

Terrible time to have a week off!! I just hope Coach T doesn't mess with the in trying to get Rex back in the lineup.

Although I assume Talbot will be back for Friday so I wonder if Roberts will sit!?

It's so nice to have a right handed shot on the powerplay......

Nick said...

Did anyone else notice that Letang got an assist when the puck went from Crosby to Christensen to Gonchar to Malone to the back of the net for the second goal? Maybe those conspiracy theorists who claimed that Sid was getting phantom assists were onto something?

Too bad Sabu didn't play, maybe the game would have been close and more interesting/exciting to watch.


Christina said... started because the atlanta guy got sid in the face with a high stick off the faceoff a few seconds before then

slush said...

pensguy- same dilemma. took mine off 2 games ago. hrm.

Erica said...

I took my WWGRD wristband off 2 games ago as well...

Anonymous said...

nick your a moron, you dont like watching the pens blow someone out ? of course close games are a little more edge of your seat but saying you want our backup in to see a closer game = you full of gayness. go away

wilsmith said...

anon at 6:25, I think you missed entirely what he was saying. Congrats. Post your name next time so we don't credit future anons with your mistakes.

and thanks, christina. I figured it was something like that, just missed it.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post the following stat:

Letang led the team in ice time with 24:09. Orpik was second with 21:49.

I know Gonchar was hurt for the 3rd, but it's still awesome that Letang is playing with so much poise that MT played him that much.

Stoosh said...

Drinking game time...

Next time we play New Jersey...,

1. Do yourselves a favor and buy about two bottles of your favorite drink of choice. Maybe it's Jack, vodka, a good scotch, Ouzo, whatever floats your boat.

2. During the pregame, place a call to your local ambulance authority and tell them that you are going to need an ambulance to stop by the house around the first intermission of the game that night to treat you for alcohol poisoning. Make sure to leave your door open so they can get in.

3. Open bottle.

4. Take a drink every time Steigerwald mentions the name "Johnny Oduya."

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4.

6. Send bill for emergency services to Paul Steigerwald c/o Pittsburgh Penguins and include a note telling him to seek treatment for his Johnny Oduya name fetish.

wingergirl said...


as far as blocked shots:
eaton had 4, orpik had 3, ruutu, malkin, and letang each had 2, and scuds, kennedy, whitney, and crosby all had 1.

you can find that on the pens' homepage under the event summary for the game.

Nick said...

Wilsmith, thank you for the support and actually understanding that it's okay to make jokes on c-blog.

Anon, somehow the phrase "your a moron" just didn't truly capture what you were trying to say. Oh well, maybe once you figure out the whole your vs. you're thing you'll figure out the Sabu/Fleury joke.

Anyone else---Christensen for the 2nd assist on the Malone goal? Anyone? Give Crusher some love, that would have given him two assists on the night.

wilsmith said...

wingergirl - thanks. I checked around earlier and couldn't find it.

the ladies come through in c-blog, time and time again.

sometime MT might have to dress eaton in goalie pads if Sabu and Fleury ever need a break on the same night. Those numbers were lower than I was expecting, but still good.

Loser Chris said...

Anyone else catch Steigy's line about Ruutu being "the star of Ruutu"? First WWGRD, now a Photoshop reference... What's the guy gonna do for an encore, have Wanda in the booth for a period?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who says that the best hockey games are the ones that are back and forth and are close until the very end are freakin' liars. I was there last night, my first shutout, and it was just awesome.

I'm through with heart attack games, the Pens are just going to have to dominate the rest of the season. That's all, plain and simple.

Loser Chris said...

Rumors of Recchi and/or Sydor being sent to Columbus in a trade...

How freaking awesome would that be?!? If I was Shero I'd trade those two for an autographed picture of Pascal LeClaire and a six pack of Mountain Dew. Do it!

J.S. said...

I made up for everybody ditching the WWGRD wristbands by wearing two. Never underestimate the power of the wristband.

Got some solid pics of Fleury from my seats. I'll have to look at the pics again, but I think I even had some decent pics of the Pens on the power play in the opposite end.

stokes said...

Wilsmith and nick:

Again it needs to be said: you can't type sarcasm.

I LOVE when someone is trying to job another c-blogger, and they can't even use proper grammar. Its usually some tool using Anon as well.

I'll take a blow out any time.

As great as that would be, who the hell would take a Rex/Sydor trade?

The Crapitals??


Anonymous said...

Shit, I'd trade those two for some RC Cola. Mountain Dew is a little too much to ask for

Andrew said...

i'd love to see rex for Brule. make brule a winger and throw him out there with malkin or sidney... that'd be sick. Columbus doesn't seem to use him at all, so it may be a possibility.


sidconceivedmewhenhewasinthewomb said...

Kovalchuk and Ovechkin will probably never have a 15 game point streak because they can only score goals. I realize they rack up some assists but I wish they recorded this stuff like they did in the early 90's... when the puck hit the goalie the assists were wiped unless it was immediately banged home... because ovechkin would get 60 points every year and sid would still be well over 100

Jonny V said...

From's truth and rumors section:

Avery refuses Shanny's advice
Posted: Sunday November 25, 2007 07:07AM ET
Sean Avery, who may be more important than Jaromir Jagr to the Rangers' fortunes, dismissed out of hand Brendan Shanahan's offer to work with him on his shot earlier this year, according to a piece in the current issue of Men's Vogue magazine. According to Shanahan, Avery said, "No, I know what I need to do, I don't need any help." Shanahan was duly flummoxed, telling the magazine, "I thought, 'You have a 600-goal scorer thinking about you, and you're not willing to listen to what he has to say?' " Later in the same practice, Avery came back to hear what Shanahan might suggest. "I said, 'It's all right, you know what to do, you don't need my help,' " said Shanahan.

The doucheness continues...

chris l. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris l. said...

Loser Chris: Not sure, but I thought Steigy said "Star of Ruutube..." Pretty cool either way.

Big win for the kids. Nice to see it look like fun. It's gonna be a long week though.



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