Saturday, November 24, 2007

GameDay (23) -- Thrashers @ Pens



The Thashers were left for dead early on, after starting the season like poop.

But then they fired their head coach.
And now they're clearly in the playoff picture.

It may have been a matter of players disliking their coach and tanking games to encourage his firing.

But whatev.

We get to see (and worry about) Kovachoo tonight.

Ad nauseamblog


Jonny V said...

Cats with lime helmets are almost as funny as babies eating lemons.

Nicholas said...

Awesome Video

Sid's passion for hockey is one of the things other teams love to try and exploit or hate about the kid.

I think all the sidfanatics and Pens-fans agree that his love of the game to an extent where he gets so upset is one of the things we absolutely love.
I dunno about everyone else, but it reminds me a lot of a young Lemieux who got hot-blooded a handful of times as well.

Should be a great game tonight. Hossa is just getting hot and Kovulchuk is insane right now. Luckily their goaltending is iffy right now (a situation we relate to).

After the Ottawa game I'm just excited to see the Pens take the ice again, and if we win the rest of our games 5-4, 6-5, or 7-6 I'm A-OK with that. better than "trap hockey"

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Fleury getting the start tonight, solid move.

Loser Chris said...

Am I crazy od did Stiegy just reference THIS?

At this point, how long before he cracks on Wanda?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Gonchar is fucking unbelieveable, anyone who wants to trade him is high.

PittHockey said...

There's only 1 way to describe tonight.

Unleash the Penguin

CG said...

We have a Kronk sighting....

PittHockey said...

scratch my back with a hacksaw, staal has a goal

PittHockey said...

MAF gets a shutout.


PittHockey said...

cg, I think you mean Gronk

Anonymous said...

GGGGGGGGGGGronk douche

jaos said...

big game all around. Colby showing why he belongs the lineup and Staal finding his way out of the Rest Area he's been trapped in.

Pensgirl said...

nicholas, the only thing better than Sid's passion for the game now will be when he's consistently able to harness it to own games. That only comes with age and experience. Was there anything better than seeing the progression of Mario's expression from disgust to "fuck this shit," steely-eyed swagger? That face meant "game over."

Right now when Sid gets pissed you still can't quite predict what he'll end up doing, but I don't think anyone doubts he'll get there. It's difficult to imagine that he could become even more fun to watch, but he will be when that happens.

Love the wins, hate the lack of momentum the week-long layoff gives us. Hopefully it won't have any effect.


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