Wednesday, November 21, 2007

GameDay (22): Pens @ Senators

Scotiabank Place


(16-4)-32 points

No question when the Pilgrims and Ted Nolans grandparents got together for the first thanksgiving, they thought about huge games like this tonight.

Picture: The Pilgrims and Indians discuss the lines for the game tonight.

This game could be one of many things tonight.
It could be rock bottom with a 8-0 loss.
Or maybe it could serve as catalyst for the Pens to right the ship.
Or it will be another frustrating 4-2 loss that leaves us with nothing, but heartburn.

Whatever it is. We are just thankful to have a hockey team.


Michel Therrien hates your life. [ Press Conference ]




We would like to pass on some nice Thanksgiving day posts.

This one from Loser Chris over at [Taking One for the Team]

Paul Stanton - The kind of player every successful team needs a couple of. Stanton was pretty much the defensemen version of Bob Errey. Never flashy, he just went out and did his job game after game, and for that I am thankful.

Amen to that.


Tony from the [Confluence] goes on a nice little Thanksgiving day rant.


Happy Thanksgiving Glen Hanlon.

You're fired.
[ On The Frozenblog ]

Some joke was hired in the interim.
Go Redskins.


Go Pens


The Hebrew Hammer said...

I'm scared, hold me.

wilsmith said...

Hold me close now Tony Danza... count the headlights on the highway...

PittHockey said...

sorry MAF, time for sabourWIN

Lloyd said...

did anyone else notice that the skid began the day the WWGRD wristbands were shipped out?

Anonymous said...

almost famous......tonights broadcast was started off with "What would Gary Roberts Do.........." line from Steigy. Really made me smile!

Jonny V said...

I really can't stand playing each team in our division 8 times. It is truely teh gay.

Looks like we're playing fairly well so far, although I don't see why Meeshell switched goalies so quick. And the ref that called Ruutu for the second dive should be forced to watch two girls and a cup during his turkey dinner.

JImmyMO said...

happy thanksgiving guys...

but this season is OVER..

please prove me wrong

Anonymous said...

if i had a nickel for every time the pens got screwed, i be rich. like that ruutu diving call. effing ridiculous.

do we have a power play? wtf?

go pens.

Lana said...

Seriously, relax.

Brett said...

@ jonny v

you might only have to deal with 6 divisional meetings soon, the new Gary Bettman plan calls for 6 in-division games , 4 inconference games, and then at least one game playing each of the opposing-conference teams.

This is the most exciting and intense game we've played since last season fo'sho

Steeltown Mike said...


Sarah said...

Ruutu looks so chill
GO PENS!!!!!!!!
"it's like a big pumpkin pie to the face"

Iron Nucca said...

Jarko Ruutu's a feisty Fin. He's always getting under someone's skin.

Anonymous said...

okay all you bracelet burners. Steigy gave the blessing and it worked. What a game!

Jonny V said...

Brett, for that I give thanks...AND THE HUUUGE WIN TONIGHT!!11! Whatever got into these guys tonight, battling back twice from two goal deficits, dishing out almost as many hits as they took, Jarkko undressing Gerber in the shootout...what a game to take us out of thanksgiving.

One request staff, unless there is something yinz aren't telling us, I believe the threat has been neutralized. Perhaps disable the comment moderation? I think that's a small thing that takes away from this board.

Anonymous said...


The Hebrew Hammer said...


The Hebrew Hammer said...


PittHockey said...

what a great game.

hopefully this is the turning point in the season

The Seeker said...

There's no goalie controversy in Pittsburgh....Sabu IS our #1.

Ruutu's winning goal was karma.

Teej said...

WHAT A WIN!!!!!!!

For your viewing pleasure, part of Maxime Talbot's time in the broadcast booth last night...

the general said...


did anyone else pee a little bit when MT put out the throwback top line (army-crosby-malone)?

great game for the pens' confidence. not a pretty win, but a good win. sydor was missed, but i still can't imagine who would sit for him on D.

malone had the best game of his career, even better than his hat trick game

staal=still garbage
recchi=best when in the stands

and most importantly, im glad steiggy recognizes the power of The Wristband.

p.s. - danny p. needs to step his game up

Anonymous said...

tho he says he doesnt care, how can you not write in Sarge on your all-star ballot?? shame on you for six weeks if you don't

Anonymous said...

For your viewing/listening enjoyment, the original version of the Ottawa Song. Double your pleasure, double your fun. Because there are just that many ways to make fun of them.

wilsmith said...

Okay people stop being retarded. Tonight doesn't say anything about any goalie situation.

The Seeker said...

"Tonight doesn't say anything about any goalie situation." only PROVES what we've seen and said all season.


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